Tied Mom 5

I returned to Mom and loosened the upper leg tie. Her thighs instantly clamped around the vibrator's bulbous head and her whole body jerked as her pelvis thrashed about. I depressed the button and Mom went wild. She moaned loudly so I stood up and clamped my hand over her mouth. Panicked, I reached down to remove one of my socks and stuffed it into her mouth, then threw my arms around her to take some of her weight so she didn't hurt her wrists. Still, I thanked God and Mrs. D****r for the padded cuffs.

In the heat of battle, I forgot that I was naked except for the one sock. When I realized my cock was jammed between Mom's rampant cheeks, covered only by the robe and her panties, I knew it was wrong and that I had to pull back, but I didn't want to. It felt so good. Instead, I thrust my condomed cock against her and closed my hands over her breasts, so thrillingly loose under the nightgown. As Mom began to come, reason found a foothold in my brain and I let go of her tits and then, a few seconds later, pulled my cock away from her ass. Mom sagged under the cuffs, gasping but body barely flinching. I hoped she hadn't realized, or at least didn't remember, the feel of my hard cock shoving between her cheeks or the clutch of my hands on her tits.

With my hands lightly on her shoulders, I whispered to Mom, keeping well back so she didn't realize I was naked.

"I'm going to check on Dad."

I kissed the nape of Mom's neck and brushed the heaving sides of her breasts. There was no response or demand that I let her loose like I expected. If Mom hadn't been hanging from the ceiling, I would have said she was either sl**ping or passed out

"I'll be back," I muttered in a bad Arnold inflection.

I almost forgot to put my robe back on. I don't know where my mind was. Thank God I remembered because I was on the stairs before I saw Dad coming up.

"Hey Dad. You going to bed already?"

"Yes," he replied wearily. "I should have joined your mother an hour ago. I fell asl**p in my chair."

I slowed down, reluctantly passing by Dad a few steps, struggling to find a reason to keep him downstairs or to rush back up. Too late, I realized I hadn't closed my door completely and I had left Mom hanging with the vibrator still going. At least it was on the low setting.

Dad shuffled up the stairs. What would he do when he didn't find Mom in bed? If her heard the vibrator, would he follow the buzz to my room?

"Hey Dad?"

He stopped and half turned toward me.



I turned as if to continue down the stairs but stopped when Dad's back was to me. He topped the stairs and shuffled down the hallway. I climbed a stair and then two, just enough so I could see down the hallway. Dad went into his bedroom without looking at my room. I guess the buzzing on the lowest setting wasn't audible even that short distance away, at least, fortunately, not to my weary father.

I started to climb the stairs, then turned around and rushed downstairs and into the kitchen, grabbed a glass from the cupboard and splashed some milk into it, then rushed back upstairs. I almost collided with Dad coming out of his room.

"Have you seen your mother?" he asked. "She's not here."

"Oh, she's downstairs in the kitchen," I lied. "Didn't you see her?"

"No. I thought you said she was in her room."

"That was an hour ago, Dad. Before you fell asl**p."


"Did you need something?" I asked, passing by Dad and standing between him and my room.

"No. I better say goodnight to your mother."

"I told her you were going to bed."

"You did?"


"Oh, good. Thanks. Goodnight."

"Night, Dad."

Dad turned to go back into his room. I proceeded on to my room but turned around before entering.



"Dad?" I called again.

"What is it?" he appeared in his doorway, looking at me impatiently.

I backed into the door, pushing it farther open, and stepped into my room. Mom was hanging in renewed appreciation of the buzzing vibrator. I grasped the edge of the door and leaned back into the hallway.

"I'm charging some equipment for work tomorrow. Will the buzz from the charger bother you?"

"What buzzing?"

I disappeared behind the door, turned the vibrator up a click with an immediate reaction from Mom, then leaned back into the hallway.

"That buzzing."

"No, that's fine. It won't bother me but you better ask your mother when she comes up. She might not like it."

"Okay Dad. Thanks. I'll ask her when she comes."

"Okay son. Don't forget."

Dad disappeared into his room and closed the door most of the way. I smiled, rejuvenated by my audacity, and turned back to Mom. I closed the door.

The first thing I did was turn the vibrator off. I undid the rope securing Mom's ankle and then unwound the one holding her wrists aloft and, with my arm around her waist, let it go slack. It trailed thought the ring as I half carried, half walked, Mom to my bed where I lay her down on her back. After spreading her arms and securing her hands near the corners of my headboard, I tied her ankles in a similar manner, leaving her spread-eagled. She was still blind-folded.

Removing my robe, I let it fall to the floor and took off my one remaining sock. Naked, I walked to the end of the bed and surveyed Mom, re-hardened cock ensconced in new rubber jutting out at a sixty degree angle. Mom lay quietly, breathing not quite normal but subdued, waiting.

"What am I going to do with you?" I wondered aloud.

A smile appeared on Mom's face but quickly disappeared. She stretched, first her arms and then her legs, the smile making a brief reappearance. She was one sexy woman and, now awakened, clearly too sexy for my father.

But not for me.

I would allow her one more orgasm before sending her to bed. Tomorrow, I would have to buy another box of rubbers.

Mom was squirming around on the bed. I arranged her robe so that it was wide open. The belt still kept Mom's night slip pinned around her waist, leaving her lower pelvis covered only by the black, lacy panties. Funny how I hadn't noticed their color before.

I turned the vibrator on its lowest setting and laid it on the bed between Mom's legs. She immediately closed them in search of it but couldn't close her thighs enough to reach it. I reached under the bed and retrieved my next toy. The whip.

I switched on my bedside lamp and then turned off the main light, leaving the room bathed in a soft, yellow light that faded to semi-darkness just feet from the bed. Mom squirmed in anticipation. I knew she was expecting me to push the vibrator up the bed until it made contact with the quivering pussy between her legs and that made the sound of her breath sucking in, exposing her total shock when I smacked the front of her panties with the paddle, all the more thrilling. I almost came right then.

I smacked her pussy several more times in rapid succession, then held still. Mom's breath was so ragged, so excited, it made me feel the same way but more so, if that was possible. Down came the other end of the whip, landing the tassels on Mom's panties. Slowly, I dragged them up the curve of her mound and onto her belly, letting the tails pool in her navel, and then slipped them away.

Several times, I pushed the vibrator up to Mom's panties, teased her briefly, then pulled it away. I kept this up for quite some time, occasionally smacking her panties with the paddle, or dragging the tassels across her mound, before landing the vibrator on her sex and depressing the throb button for a long grind. She almost came and growled when I yanked it away.

The paddle landed on Mom's erect nipples next. A half dozen slaps to each one ensured they were fully extended, each one standing up like a miniature cock. I dragged the tassels around Mom's face and neck and she preened underneath, caressing them as much as it caressed her. The tassels trailed down Mom's neck and between her breasts. Three quick paddles followed on her panties and then the vibrator was applied.

I pressed and rubbed the vibrator on Mom' panties for five or six seconds, withdrew for ten or twenty, over and over again. Every once in a while, I would depress the throb button, or smack her pussy, or tickle it with the tassels. Mom never knew what was coming.

Eventually, and much later, I decided to let Mom come. I dropped the pussy whip and applied the vibrator to her pussy, keeping the throb button constantly depressed, rubbing all over her panties. As Mom wrenched her body about, desperately trying to pull away while at the same time attempting to capture the vibrator's tip, I did something that shocked me.

I leaned over Mom's writhing torso and closed my mouth over an erect nipple, sucking it and its covering night slip deep into my mouth. Despite all I had done, this was an incredibly overt, sexual act, performed by my body on hers, not by a baton, vibrator, paddle, tassel or other piece of equipment. This was my mouth operating directly on Mom's tit.

Mom started coming with the first suck and I began filling the condom at the same time. The ropes strained as Mom tried to put her arms around me and, upon failing, arched her back to thrust her nipples even deeper into my mouth. Both of Mom's tits were soaking by the time we were done and when I rose up to a sitting position, I could see two large wet spots surrounding her nipples.

I pulled the belt free from Mom's waist and dragged her night slip down until it covered her thighs. After untying Mom's ankles, I did her wrists, then removed all the cuffs. I pulled the robe closed around Mom, slipped the belt through the loops and cinched it tight around her waist.

Then I did something else that surprised me. I leaned over Mom and kissed her on the lips.

After that, I pulled Mom to her feet and walked her to the door, then gently nudged her into the hallway, said goodnight and closed my door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I slept in the next day. I realized it was Tuesday but instead of rushing down for breakfast, I smiled lazily, turned over, and soon fell back to sl**p. When I did get up, I showered and put on my uniform before sauntering downstairs. Dad was long gone and Mom was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping from a half-empty coffee cup. The breakfast dishes were still on the table, with Mom's plate holding the crust from her toast. I always wondered as a c***d why I had to eat my crust and she didn't.

"You don't need to mow the lawn today, dear," Mom commented without bothering to look up.

I surveyed her for a moment without replying. She was dressed in her most fifty-ish outfit yet. A starched yellow blouse was tucked into a high-waisted, long brown skirt and her toes, peeking through the ends of her shoes, were covered by hose. I couldn't discern any darker color underneath the blouse and all the buttons save one were done up. No black, lacy bra today.

"No, I think I'll mow it," I answered, "and do my laundry too."

Mom looked up at that and frowned. "Suit yourself," she replied as she turned her attention back to her Kindle. She drained her coffee cup and held it out, obviously expecting me to refill it.

I took the cup but set it down and retained a grip on Mom's wrist. She looked up sharply, brow furrowing. I pulled.

"Come with me."

"What? No Hector, I'm reading..."

I tugged Mom's arm, forcing her to lean forward. I stepped farther away from the table and Mom turned to follow her arm, resisting, but started to stand up as I pulled harder. She stumbled to her feet and let go of her Kindle which clattered onto the floor.


Instead of answering I backed up with Mom in tow, out of the kitchen, dragging Mom into the middle of the living room.

"Hector, really!"

I ignored Mom's protests. She was facing the TV and I stepped around her to gather some things I had thrown on the couch when I first came downstairs. I was surprised that Mom didn't turn around to look.

"No Hector," Mom protested as I snapped the padded wrist bracelets on her arms.

Despite her complaint, Mom didn't move or try to stop me while I kneeled behind her to attach the ankle bracelets and remained mute when I placed my hands on her shoulders and firmly pushed down. Eventually, she succumbed and dropped onto her knees. Offering no explanation, I brought Mom's right hand behind her back, passed a rope through its integrated ring, and then passed it through the ankle bracelet on her right leg. I repeated this with the left hand and leg.

Mom was now on her knees, leaning back slightly with a hand secured to each leg. I pulled the blindfold around Mom's head but let it drop to her neck and tied it off using a knot that wouldn't tighten any further. Using another short length of rope, I secured the blindfold's tails with one extending to each ankle bracelet. Acting as a collar, it had the effect of arching Mom's back so it would be difficult to lower her head. When I was done, I turned on the TV, set it on the nostalgia channel, and abruptly walked away.

In the kitchen, I set about making my breakfast. I made eggs over medium, toast, and hash browns, then ate it at a leisurely pace while I listened to the dialogue from "Father Knows Best". I always thought that Robert Young guy was pompous twit.

When I was finished eating, I walked into the living room and stood behind Mom. Possibly angry, she ignored my presence and kept her eyes fixed on the TV instead. I checked the ropes and picked up the baton. I rubbed it up and down the outside of Mom's arms and legs, lightly probed each side of her waist, slid the shaft along each shoulder to her neck and up each cheek, pushed it down over her solar plexus, between her starch-covered breasts, and then let it drop onto the rug. Mom turned her eyes sideways to look at it, but only briefly.

I left Mom and returned to the kitchen where I washed and dried the dishes. After that I visited Mom again to check the ropes. Gathering more, I kneeled beside her and tied a length around each calf just above the bracelets. Sliding the hem of Mom's skirt up her thigh, I reached underneath and passed the left rope around Mom's thigh, then fed it back to her lower leg, pulling it tight so that Mom had to lean farther back. I put several more loops around both calf and thigh for effect, then did the same thing to the right leg. I left and went outside.

I didn't spend a lot of time mowing the lawn. I just wanted Mom to hear the mower going for a while. When I came back in Mom was still watching the TV. It was "Have Gun Will Travel", one of my favorites. I had always liked Paladin, probably because he looked cool in his black outfit.

I watched the rest of the show with Mom and then went into the kitchen to slice up an orange. I returned to feed Mom just as "Wanted Dead or Alive" started. Josh was even manlier than Paladin with a hint of the smart-alec in him, quite unlike Robert Young or my Dad for that matter.

As I watched the show with Mom, I fed her slices of orange, teasing her lips with brief touches of each slice, sometimes sliding it from side to side, before letting her suck it into her mouth. On the last two slices, I let my finger push into her mouth too.

Near the end of the show, I checked the ropes using the baton. The ropes I tested last were the ones tying Mom's thighs to her calves and I left the baton between her legs, resting on top of the cross-rope tied to keep her ankles from splaying too far apart. Pushing the baton forward, I pried it between her knees. With the handle on the cross-rope, the baton exerted a light pressure along the underside of Mom's skirt. I left to do my laundry as soon as the show was over.

While the washer was running, I checked on Mom again. She was sitting on the shaft of the baton. Mom's shoes, which had been on when I left, were on the floor. Mom was flexing her feet, digging her toes into the rug and using the back of her ankles to press the cross-rope upward, thus exacerbating the pressure the baton exerted on the bottom of her skirt. I smiled when I noted how strenuously Mom's calves flexed to work the baton up to where she wanted it. Very resourceful.

Before leaving, I pulled the baton out from underneath Mom's skirt but replaced it with the vibrator which was almost as long. Cupping the side of Mom's face in a tender caress, I switched the vibrator onto its lowest setting before going downstairs to switch my clothes from the washer to the drier.

Mom was breathing heavily when I returned with a basket of warm clothes fresh from the drier. I adjusted the vibrator's position and turned it up a notch. When I knelt in front of Mom, she closed her eyes. Pushing her skirt higher, I reached between her legs, found the tip of the vibrator, and tugged it up until it made contact with Mom's panties. A low moan immediately signaled her pleasure. I looped a short piece of rope around the back of Mom's neck and the shaft of the vibrator to hold the pleasure stick in place, then sat on the couch to fold my laundry.

When that was done, I knelt behind Mom and jolted her with the throb button periodically over the course of several minutes. Then, I turned the vibrator onto its highest setting and carried my laundry upstairs. When I returned, Mom seemed to be in the throes of her first orgasm. When she settled down, I turned the vibrator off, removed it and loosened the backstay so Mom could lean forward more.

Squatting in front of Mom, I fed her another orange. She kept her eyes closed except for a couple of times when I paused longer between slices, barely opening and quickly shut them when she saw I was still in front of her. I followed up the orange with a glass of cold water, holding it to Mom's lips so she could drink. I tipped the glass up too rapidly near the end and spilled water down the front of Mom's blouse. Unfortunately, I had the same problem with the next glass too.

I fit the vibrator underneath Mom's skirt from behind but before I positioned it through the loop I pushed her skirt way up on her thighs until I could see her panties peeking through. I used the lowest setting again. I left Mom but returned quickly with a towel. Making a big production of it, I tried to dry her blouse.

"This isn't working very well. Shit, you're wet inside, too."

On that note, I slipped a button undone and dabbed at Mom's upper chest. Of course, I had to undo another button and then another.

"This work is really making me hot," I muttered.

I didn't hide the fact that I was removing my shirt and I'm sure that Mom knew, without looking, which item of clothing I was taking off.

Upper body now bare, I picked up the towel and continued drying Mom but first slipped two more buttons undone. Her blouse was now open to her waist. Without saying a word, I tugged the bottom of the blouse completely out of Mom's skirt. There were two more buttons to undo. I quickly slipped them loose and pushed the sides of Mom's blouse back. Leaning over her, I pushed it over her shoulders and down her arms to her elbows. I sat back to admire Mom's chest, now covered only by the conservative, white bra.

I wished it had been the black, lacy affair she'd worn a few days ago. That one was made of thinner material which displayed the form of her breasts, and he placement of her nipples, much better. The material of this bulky, white thing was so thick I couldn't locate them.

"This just won't do," I muttered.

When I fiddled about with the front of Mom's bra, she looked alarmed but didn't open her eyes. The usual twist didn't free the halves or make it obvious where the hooks were. Frustrated, I got up and went to the kitchen. When I returned, I knelt behind Mom and turned the vibrator up a notch, moved the handle about a little, then returned to squat in front of her. Mom's eyes had closed the second she saw me coming around. Well, "The Walton's" was on and it was boring anyway.
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