Fucking My 11th grade English teacher. pt 2 (A Mus


I awoke with the sudden urge to use to the rest room half awake I turned my head my eyes got wide open and I realized what had happened the previous night. So many thoughts raced through my head at that moment watching her lay there I went and took a leak than layed back down. My mind was racing thinking how lucky I was and how it had to be a dream.

I was awaken but a strange feeling eyes have open I look down my body to see Ms. Smith sitting criss cross with no pants on fondling my cock which was already fully erect. I was still kind of half awake when I really woke up by Ms. Smith kissing and licking my shaft I sat up and sat on the edge of the bed. Ms. Smith got on her knees and started going to town. She could suck a dick like no other I have no idea how being her lack of sex life but goodness hearing her gag on my raging cock she started to play with her pussy while she was squatting and started to moan mixed in with the gags. This sent me over the edge I started thrusting my hips in to her face she loved hit she started sucking harder and fingering her self faster and faster. I felt myself cumming she could feel my dick started to throb. I started cumming she took my cock all the way down her throat she was trying to suck ever last drop of cum out of me she kept sucking all the way up to my tip. She was still squatting massaging her pussy with cum falling out of her mouth it was quite a site to see. We ended up getting room service watched some tv while we ate and hung out for awhile caressing and teasing each other. We both needed a bit of rest after that blowjob (it was by far the best one I have ever had nothing has ever even come close.)

We had finished eating and were watching tv when I decided it was time for a second breakfast. I stared into her eyes and she had a certain look like she thought exactly what I was at the same time. Before I even started to touch her she let out a huge moan. At this point I am just amazed this is the most horny woman of all time and I have came so many times by now I am surprised I am still horny. Back to the story though I start to massage her feet kissing and sucking her toes she had gorgeous legs and feet her feet had some wear and tear on them but were still quite soft. She started to rub my cock with her feet. However this isn't what i was after. I spread her legs apart rubbing her legs as I got closer to her absolutely perfect pussy. I started to rub the inside of her thighs getting closer and closer eventually I started licking her inside thighs and gently rubbing her slit just the right amount not to hard not to soft. Then I started to dive into her delicious tasting pussy it was so amazing words cannot describe. Her pussy lips weren't to small weren't to big they had a little meat on them same goes with her clit. I spread her lips and started to slowly very lightly rub her clit going further up and down faster and faster. I then slip my fingers in good thing she was so wet this whole time because damn for a lady in her 50s she had a tight pussy. I progressively started going faster rubbing the inside wall of her whole. Starting to really finger fuck her I decided I wanted to taste that again I kept fingering her while I started eating her out. What an amazing site looking up this gorgeous woman body eating her amazing pussy while she plays and sucks on her own tits. The night before I had been a little more gentle. But I could tell she wanted it a little rough now she had a look of seriousness in her eyes that she needed it hard and fast and now. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands smashing my face into her perfect pussy moving it up and down up and down. I was in heaven she was just dripping wet by this point the entire bed was soaked and I had a raging boner this was just so intense words cannot describe. She wraps her legs around my head squishing my head between her thighs she starts to thrust her hips up and down. She raises her hips in the air and started to absolutely scream I grabbed her perfect curvy hips and shoved my face into her pussy exploring her cave with my tongue. She collapses starts twitching and pushes my head away from her I tried to massage her pussy but she lets out a high pitched moan and twitches insanely pushing me away further. I layed my head on her stomach and we just layed there for a moment while she was in her post orgasmic bliss.

I still had a raging boner I looked her in the eye, she grabs my cock and pulls actually quite hard I wasn't expecting it what so ever and guides it to her pussy. She gets on her back legs up in the air and puts my cock in her pussy, well she at least tried to. I am fairly well hung around 8 inches and pretty wide. She had tightened up over night and we had some difficulty getting me in her eventually I gave a huge push and the both of us let out a collective sigh. I grab her legs up in the air and start pumping. At first nice slow and deep I was having a hard time even getting all of me inside her but I started going a little harder and forcing the issue haha. I got all of me inside her and it kind of hurt can't imagine how she was feeling. But it couldn't have been that bad she looked at me straight in the eyes with that look again what was with this chick goodness I don't even know how to express how fucking horny she was I guess 10 years of no sex gets you to that point. I really really started to pound her now my balls slapping up against her. She was rubbing her pussy so hard I could feel it. We fucked like that for a solid 30 minutes I didn't want to move it was so good I could have died happy at that point. I needed a breather after that I let go of her legs and pulled out laying next to her. Rubbing my eyes I thought she knew I wanted a break however this was not the case. She gets on top of me while squatting grabs my dick and sits on it. Like I said in part 1 of this story she could ride a dick like a pro. I have watched a lot of porn and never have I seen a woman of that age especially a plump one bounce on a dick like that. I grabbed the underside of her ass helping her make sure my dick didn't fall out and get fucked up. She started going slower and stoped bouncing just
started to make forward backward and side to side movements she was about to cum she was going to cum before me. Nope I felt it too I looked her in the eyes my eyes must have been the size of dinner plates she could tell we were about to cum at the same time. She kept moving back and forth started to go really fast rubbing her pussy I started to thrust my hips and then it happened I shot my load we both let out a huge moan. She fell on top of me her soft boobs felt so good on my chest. I was still inside her we layed there and kissed for a very long time me still inside her my cum dripping out of her pussy. We got dressed I started to pack my suitcase.

I ordered some take out I left to get it took me about 30 minutes. I get back and there laying on the bed is Ms. Smith laying on the bed with a banana half way up her pussy. My cock got hard instantly She got up I knew what she wanted I unzipped my pants and started fucking her from behind. We fucked like that for awhile, We took a breather I realized that I had just fucked for like a day straight and I did not smell the best I told her I needed a shower and that we would finish up when I got out because I had to leave for my flight soon. I got in the shower was in the middle of shaving and I hear the door open. At this point I am just in fucking shock I have to be dreaming right this woman is fucking crazy. She gets in the shower with her panties on which I though was actually really fucking sexy. I get on my eyes she raises puts one leg up on the tub and I start eating her out. That went on for a little bit I get up and start fucking her from behind while I play with her tits and she plays with her pussy I pull out because I was about to cum and she knew exactly what I wanted she got on her knees and I started stroking my cock while she was licking my tip I exploded all over her face got what an amazing site we both washed up and got out. We both got dressed talked a little bit I could actually barley think at this point my entire body hurt including my cock which felt like it had been sandpapered. We talked a
little bit more and it was time for me to leave. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and winked then she left. I went to check out and realized how fucked up I was walking my dick hurt so bad. I checked out and went to the airport I was in such a daze of disbelief and awe. I didn't even think about sex for quite awhile and had blue balls for a solid few days. I like to think about Ms. Smith every now and then she was the best fuck of my life nothing will ever compare.

Thank you for reading I hope you all enjoyed
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1 year ago
DUDE that is so fuckin epic and cool! I remember some teachers from high school.....DAM...and you got to do that very thing....AWESOME MAN JUST AWESOME
2 years ago
2 years ago
part one got my dick rock hard but part two was a good follow up nice story :)
2 years ago
Thanks for part 2, Ms. Smith sounds dreamy, teachers are fun away from classrooms!
2 years ago
Great story,Ms Smith sounds perfect an older cum dump
2 years ago
Awesome part 2, I loved part 1. Love the banana in the pussy and the shower fuck which ended with a nice cum shot. You should try to write in shorter paragraphs as sometimes it is hard to read.