My day with Maggie

I kissed my wife jumped in the car. As I turned out of the driveway I dialed in work and called in sick for the day. As I drove to Maggie's I could feel my rock hard cock beg for relief. I tried not to think about it but my cock stayed hard the entire drive. As I pulled into the hotel and walked to the room number she had text me I felt nervous, excited and so horny all at the same time. No matter how many times we have sneak off together I always feel the same. Maggie opened the door and I quickly slid into the room put my arms around her as our lips touched. The kissing turned to passion as tongues intertwined.

As our kiss broke I admired her choice of sexy shoulder length light red hair. Tight black dress with thin shoulder straps. Her dress was so short it just covered her panties and I could see the top elastic on her silky black thigh hi stockings just below the hem. She had dark black heels with a little gold anklet of a heart. Her brows were sexy and tapered, she had long dark eyelashes with dark eye shadow and deep sexy red lips. My lips tasted her neck with sweet soft kisses as we fell on the bed. I pressed firmly on top of her as our mouths and tongues met. We kissed and tasted each other unit my lips nibble her ear and moved down her neck as I slid one of the straps down her shoulder exposing her flat smooth breast as my tongue darted around her nipple. I sucked and tasted her nipple as my hands caressed the side of her thigh. Moving back to her lips I slid up the bottom of her dress. As our tongues intertwined I could feel her silky panties were wet from her hard cock. I rubbed her cock thru the panties as we continued to taste each others mouths.

She broke our kiss to pull off my shirt. She sucked my nipples as I unsnapped my jeans. I pulled of my pants laying on top of her naked. The straps on her dress puled down just enough to reveal her nipples her dress pull up just enough to expose her black silky panties. My tongue and lips attacked her nipples tasting sucking and licking each over and over as my rock hard cock was covered in pre cum. I slid her panties off one leg and moved my head downwards. My lips tasted her exposed thighs until my tongue encircled the wet tip of her cock as the head of my tongue mapped the outline of her shaft slowly encircling the head as my lips parted and slid down her rigid shaft Maggie moaned. As I took her cock deep in my mouth gently sliding my wet lips up and down over the shaft she continue you to moan. As her cock became soaked in saliva I stroked my own shaft a couple of times releasing the pent up pre cum. I moved my hand oiling my cock with the cum. I broke my mouths grip on her shaft and moved my lips back to her nipples. I tasted each nipple as my lips moved up her neck to her lips. We kissed deep and hard as I placed my pre-cum coated cock against her saliva covered cock. I pressed tight into her and moved up and down letting our hard wet cocks slide back and forth against one another.

I could feel our hard cocks becoming stickier with our pre cum as we faux fuck, cock to cock. My lips would exchange her mouth with her neck and nipples as our shafts moved back and forth against one another in our passion. Maggie whispered to me to slide my cock in her mouth. I stood by the side of bed the as she slid back on her panties and lubed a hard glass dildo from the night stand. She laid silent as I rubbed the tip of my cock between her lips. I continued to rub her lips with my my cock head only stopping to gently hit them with the hard shaft as she pulled her panties to one side. She let out a light wince as she slid the hard dildo into her sweet ass as I part her lips and slid my shaft into her wet mouth. I stood there sliding my hard cock in between her lips fucking her mouth as she slid the hard glass dildo in and out of her ass. As I fucked her mouth I looked down at her shoulder length red hair, her sexy eyelashes and painted lips, her tight black dress pushed down to show her cute nipples, her black high heels, sexy black thigh highs with dressed pushed up around her waist exposing the outline of her hard wet cock with the dildo sliding in and out I felt like I was going to explode. I pulled my cock from her mouth. I wiped a large bubble of precum from the tip and painted her lips with it as she sucked my fingers. She pulled the dildo from her ass as I covered and lube my cock.

She moved laying on her side as I gently slid my hard cock in her pre-worked ass. I slid in and out kissing her neck and shoulder as I gently fucked her. She rubbed her nipples and hard cock thru her panties as my shaft slid in and out of her ass. I fucked her harder as I shifted on top pushing her legs all the way in in the air and fuck her sweet hole harder and harder. My cock slipped out and she moved to her hands and knees as I slid into her from behind. I grabbed her waist as I pounded her ass with my rock hard solid cock. She moaned and winced over and over as pounded her sexy pantie covered ass. I fucked her until she couldn't take it and broke my hold. She pushed me onto the bed, freed my cock from the condom and sat on my waist. She pulled her hard wet cock from her panties placed her shaft against mine. As she sat on top of me she stroked us cock to cock. She stroked our cocks together until we were both moaning and I could feel we would both be exploding any moment. I broke my cock free moved down to the side and slid my mouth over her worked cock as she slid her lips over mine within moments as our mouths moved up and down each others shaft we exploded together.

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7 months ago
nice story very hot!
7 months ago
I liked it..more.. more..
7 months ago
I got my dildo out and fucked my ass pussy while I finished your story made me cum so hard