Sissified for three cocks

I think you are about ready my wife “Jen” exclaimed and she rotated me towards the mirror. My cock was already rock hard and sticky soaking the silky panties as I looked at my reflection. I gazed at my blonde shoulder length wig bounded into two braided pig tails, my face heavily coated in foundation, my eyebrows and lashes painted dark, around my eyes multi shades of blue and my lips a glossy pink. I could feel the silky tiny cup bra as it rub across my nipples, I could feel the top of the multi colored leggings clasping my thighs with the feeling of the tiny skirt that just covered my panties. The sensations were too much and I wanted to just start stroking. “My little slut don’t you even think about about your little dick clitty” Jen commanded as the doorbell rang.

I was nervous beyond description as I heard Jen answer the door and begin chatting with Ricardo a Bi guy she waitressed with. I had been dressing since pre teen and Jen had been supportive by dressing me and taking me with a strap on but I had never had a real cock. Nervous thoughts and feelings were flowing through my body when I heard Jen’s voice yelling to me “Debbie get your slutty little ass in here”. I entered to see Ricardo a dark handsome Hispanic guy sitting on the couch and two handsome white guy’s next to him. This is going to be your night my little bitch, cause Ricardo brought a couple of friends, Terry and James and you are going to take some cock. I wasn’t ready for this and wanted to run for the closet when Ricardo started to pull out his cock. “you like my cock little Sissie, you want a taste” Ricardo asked? Seeing his nice thick cock was to much and I knew it was meant to be as I knelt in front of him.

Blocking out everything around me but his cock I savored the head with my my tongue. I started to lick and taste it all over with a passion that had built for so long. I was in heaven touching another cock for the first time. I was going to do my best to give Ricardo the blow job of his life, touching his cock with my lips, tongue and mouth the way I want my cock touched. “bitch we are here to use you not make love” Ricardo said as he shoved my mouth to the base of his cock, I gagged and gagged but he kept ramming his cock hard in out and out of my mouth. He just kept fucking my mouth harder and harder and harder as my gagging started to subside, I felt my panties being tugged to the side. I felt fingers move in and out of me “lets loosen your ass up bitch” Jen shouted at me as I felt our familiar anal dildo slide in.

Jen fucked me with the dildo as Terry and James pulled out their cocks and moved to my sides. “Suck our cocks you whore” Ricardo commanded I grabbed the first cock with my lips, it was Terry’s and he wasted no time grabbing the back of my head pushing it into his cock until I gagged. He slid his shaft in and out hard while holding the back of my head. As Terry fucked my mouth, Jen slid the plastic cock in and out of me and Ricardo place one of my hands in his crotch and commanded me to stroke him. Terry broke his rhythm pulled his cock from my mouth and smacked my face with it and shoved my head to James who slid his thick shaft between my lips and started fucking my mouth hard. As James fucked my mouth shoving my head to his base over and over Jen announced “she’s ready” as she pulled the plastic cock from my ass and traded places with Terry. As Jan sat next to Ricardo his fingers moved to her pussy and began massaging her clit. I felt Terry’s lubed rubber coated hard cock slowly slide into my dildo fucked ass. As he pushed forward an intense pain built, I was at my breaking point when the tightness of my ass gave way swallowing his hard cock deep inside and the pain released to pleasure.

Terry fucked my ass hard pushing in and pulling back almost releasing his cock from my tight hole. As he fucked me in and out over and over hard and harder. James broke his pounding of my mouth pushing my head to Ricardo’s cock. “We all know what a little whore you are, now just be a little slut and suck me nice” Ricardo commanded. Ricardo was still fingering Jen’s clit as they watched me. Terry eased his pounding of my ass into a nice smooth rhythm as I started to taste Ricardo’s cock once again. I licked the sticky precum from Ricardo’s cock as I moved my tongue down the shaft to the balls, back up and then parted my lips and slid my mouth over the head and shaft. I began sucking his cock they way I had always dreamed tasting it, savoring it as Terry fucked me nice and easy. Jen began moaning from Ricardo’s fingering as I moved a hand around each James and Ricardo’s shaft. I stroked their shafts moving my mouth back and forth tasting their hard cocks, savoring them as Terry kept up his pleasurable rhythm. Everyone was moaning and I was in heaven with a rock hard cock sliding in and out my ass, while taking turns tasting the cock in each of my hands while my wife watched and moaned. Terry broke the moment with a loud moan as his rhythm broke and he thrust a few times, I felt his cock twitch as he came. He pulled his spent cock from my ass.

With only two cocks left to satisfy Jan told me to Go lay in the bed. Jan laid next to me as Ricardo pushed up my legs and slid his greased rubber coated cock in my fucked out ass. Ricardo slid in and out fucking me nice as James stood next to me at the side of the bed with his raging hard on at mouths reach. Jen started fingering herself and playing with her tittes as I parted my lips for James. I sucked, licked and tasted James cock as Ricardo slid in and out of my loose hole. As I tasted James savory cock, stroking it with my hand and sucking it deep my lips touching the base. As I sucked him he moaned loud, pulled it from my lips stroked it a few times as his warm cum covered my lips and cheek. Jan moved the hand from her tits and began swiping James cum from my cheek “suck my fingers clean” she commanded. As Jen pulled her fingers back and forth from my lips thin lines of spent cum could be seen connecting us. As I worshipped the cum on her fingers, Ricardo shouted “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” he moaned as his hard cock penetrated my ass harder and faster until he became motionless as his cock twitch inside me. Jen commanded Ricardo to keep his cock in me as she rubbed my aching hard on thru my soaking wet panties as waves of pleasure over took me and I filled the panties with my hot cum almost instantly.
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7 months ago
Such an amazing story, you are really lucky!
10 months ago
So fucking hot
You lucky girl :D
11 months ago
Fantastic..Loved To Be You.mmmmm.I Came.....
11 months ago
Fucking hot loved to have been there
11 months ago
mmm love to be that lucky and well used,thanks for sharing
11 months ago
sizzling hot
11 months ago
Nicely sexy encounter!!