Well me and wife decided to book a hotel to turkey on the net some relaxation and fun. Now my wife is tall blonde great body with lovely ass . Now she has not had many lovers before me and we married eaand I was delighted as she was so hot . She is pretty shy in bed and does not believe she is fit anyway we got to turkey a little resort weather was hot on our first night we had a few drinks I mentioned as we were mid sex about her having sex with someone else as I have done in the past she got wet but never said yes or no anyway the next day during breakfast the waiter flirted with her I felt my Cock leap of my leg into a semi but he didn't hang around long after breakfast she went to the pool I went to the bar where I saw s sign for massage I asked barman where does it happen he said they can do it in your room so I went over to the guy who does it early twentys tanned tall and I asked him if he was busy he said all day but not at night so I booked him for nine that night anyway dinner came and went and I told my wife about massage she said that would be nice and asked a man or a women I said not sure anyway we went to the room at half eight my Cock strained in my shorts at thought of another man rubbing oil on my wife there was a knock at door he arrived armed with oils and a white towel she got out of her clothes in bathroom and appeared with towel wrapped around her I put cd on that was in the room and watched as she lay on her back and he started massaging oil on her back he massaged for ten min she looked relaxed I seen him going lower to thighs she slightly spread her legs a little he rubbed I'm sure I could see her pussy getting wet but was not sure he got close to her pussy on couple occasions but pulled away I went over to my wife said Il be in the bar so I left mid pint I thought wonder what there doin so went back up slid the card in the door and slightly opend it he saw me winked she was still on her back then I heard a slight moan as he slid a finger up her he then turned her over massaged her oily nipples she now had her legs up wide open I thought fuck look at her slut . he kept massaging and I could see her cheeks flushed he then took his trousers of and his semi hard Cock sprung out a b**st of a thing easy nine inches big head big balls she grabbed it and licked end of it she was in total lust she slurped it then massaged his big balls my sweet innocent wife he moved slowly between her legs rubbed his Cock on her wet cunt she moaned heavily he then pushed his Cock head in she cried out oh Fuck then he pumped in balls against her ass held it I heard her say I'm cummin I thought already he eased back she had creamed his large Dick he pulled out and stood up and said ok whore clean it she looked shocked but licked his Dick clean its then I thought he was in her bareback he then said get on all fours he held her hair eased up her she moaned like never before as she let a unprotected large Cock in her married cunt he pumped her hard she cried out Fuck its big he pulled her hair hard she said its too much he slapped her ass saying shut it then he said I'm gonna cum in ur cunt slut she pleaded no on my back he moaned and spasmd deep inside her he came for what felt like forever I watched ad his Dick fell out of her covered in cum her hole stretched like a cheap slut he wiped his Cock on her hair pulled his trousers on and left I went in she was still on her stomach I said how was ur massage she was quiet I undid my shorts my Cock was hard pre come covered it I slid right up her I whisperd I saw u honey I grabbed her hair and I came up her dirty used cunt I pulled out my Cock which was covered in his cum she moaned I'm sorry I whisperd don't be he's here all week
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1 year ago
I had a similar experience in Turkey a few years back myself:- No cock, but hands everywhere, lovely x
1 year ago
Nice story, looking forward to more! :)