Slut Bad Gurl on The Run

I checked into the motel with two suitcases, one for the traveling man and one for Victoria. Vicki likes to come out and play in strange cities where she can be herself in complete anonimity. She is a slutty, smoking sissy gurl!
I run the bath and put in some girlie bubbles. As the hot water fills the tub I unpack my sexy clothes, black lace bra and panties, stockings, waist cincher, 6" black open-toe pumps, and lay them out on one bed. I unpack my make-up and jewelry.

There's something so sexy about a seedy motel room!

The bath gets my skin all pink and girly and my clitty is ready for fun.
I sit at the desk and begin applying my Vicki face. Mmm, it is so delicious to watch in the mirror as my femme self emerges once again.

I light a VS 120 Menthol and take a deep drag, I just love being a sissy smoker.

I think it may be because I was raised in a f****y of only smoking women. I loved it when I was taken to restaurants for dinner in NYC where all the elegant ladies would smoke so sensually.

I came to crossdressing rather early trying to fit into my mother's bra and sneaking her cigarettes into the attic to smoke while her bra lay on my chest ( she was too small a size alas, a lass).

In the attic there were piles of paperbacks and many seemed to have real sexy covers with hot babes often smoking. These used to excite my young mind.

Back at the motel I am now fully Vicki, with pouty, hot glossy red lips ( taking another sexy drag on my 120 ), dark rimmed eyes and long, thick black eyelashes, long rhinestone dangling earrings and a matching choker that spells out S L U T , which is what I am.

I attach my 2" long red fingernails and take a long drag, watching myself in the mirror, my clitty getting so aroused.

As I stand and look in the full mirror I am overwhelmed by the sexy feelings coursing through my now very femme looking body. The big falsies give me an amazing figure in my tight pink spandex dress. I stand there and light a fresh 120, a Capri Menthol this time. The slimmest slim and most sissyish of all cigarettes. I am now so horny that my engorged clitty makes a nice sexy bulge in the front of my dress. I rub it with the hand that holds my Capri. If I'm not careful I might spill something.

No, tonight I want to make this last!

I steel my self with a glass of Vodka and another cigarette, loving the lipstick that stays on the filter.

I know of a club where gurls like me gather called the Queen Mary and I drive there in a haze of smoke and emotions. It is scary to go out dressed but ultimately sooo exciting! I park in the back and light another VS 120 for my slut walk to the club. I love the sound of my high heels on the pavement. A couple of guys are talking to a tranny at the door as I wiggle past. I give them a coy smile and the one guy made a little whistle which made me feel happy.

Inside the dark smokey room loud dance music was pounding out its sensual beat. It was not too crowded and seemed to be about two thirds sheboys. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.
I sashayed up to the bar and ordered a martini from the cute ladyboy bartender I had my Capris out and was about to light one when a long-nailed hand extended a lighter. I took a deep drag and turned to see a gorgeous shemale with long blonde hair and a voluptuous build, and smiling sexy pink lips.

"Hi baby, you're new, aren't you?"

I exhaled a thin white stream of smoke toward the ceiling and offered her a cigarette.

"I guess I am. Hi, my name's Vicki, what's yours?"

"I'm Samantha" She said as she lit her Capri 120 and mesmerized me with her slutty eyes.

We touched glasses and drank. She rubbed her leg against mine. Oh my poor clitty.

After a few more drinks and flirty touching we made our way to a dark corner of the club where we found an empty booth.

We smoked our 120s as we started to make out. It was so hot, so hot. I rubbed her clitty through her dress and felt it get long and hard , as was mine with her manipulations.

I caressed her cheek with my long red nails as we did a tongue dance.

I slid down to my knees under the table and freed her beautiful pussy stick.

I licked and licked and then I sucked and sucked and sucked. Mmm, so delicious as her precome glossed my lips. I wanted it so bad, so I licked her balls and ran my tongue up her hard clit.

I went back to sucking, and sucking. She smoked as I sucked, and moaned "oh baby baby baby" as she squirted her scrumptuous cum into my eager mouth.

I licked my lips as I sat up again like a lady and took out a fresh Capri.

She lit it for me and we shared a smokey cummy kiss.

"We should go back to my place" Samantha said as she took a deep drag on her cigarette.
I smiled and did the same.

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