My boss discovers my love of stockings

I love to wear stockings, I really enjoy the whole experience of them. Choosing a new pair, what colour? what denier? Im always a hold ups man as I like to wear them under my trousers to work. My favourite colours are always natural black, or any other shades of black at 15 or 10 denier and then Ivory white, I love to order stockings from Bridal websites that offer such fantastic sheer ivory stockings, that are extra silky for 'her special wedding night' with lovely lace tops. I love to wear those under my trousers when I go to management meetings.
One time I was at a boring conference at a small hotel and had to meet with about 8 people, the conference started at 8pm and finished at 10pm. The girls and the younger men left to go to a club, that left me with a little fat faced boss at the hotel bar.
As I sat on the bar stool my trousers rode up and he noticed my stockings. I thought Oh god, he is going to tell everyone.
He said, Your wearing tights
Actually, Im wearing stockings.
He said, why?
Because I like the feel of them.
He said, I want to sniff your stockings and suck your toes.
I said Ok
He called the barman over and said send 3 bottles of Champagne to my room and a bottle of whisky!

I went up to the fat little boss's room. He did have 3 bottles of Champagne, I got on the bed and took my clothes off, but he wanted me to keep my shoes on.

I lay on the bed drinking Champagne, in only my stockings and black leather loafers as he crawled up to my shoes on his hands and knees with the bottle of whisky in his hand. He took off my shoe and started sniffing at my stocking, kissing, tasting the scent and the sweat. He was moaning with pleasure and as he was naked, I could see his little dick was aroused, he continued to kiss the soles of my feet and kissed each toe. He took of my other shoe and I pressed both stockinged feet into his face, he moaned with pleasure and fell backwards on the floor, I sat on the edge of the bed and placed my stockinged feet on him. I pressed the soles of my feet harder onto his face, over his nose and mouth. He looked up at me and I started to wank my hard cock. My feet completely covered his face, he sniffed and kissed and opened his mouth, I inserted my stockinged foot and he took it in, sucking away.

Take one off, he moaned, so I started to roll one of the stockings down my leg and decided to put it on my hand, so I could have a stocking wank. As he was on his back, I told him to beg like a puppy dog, 'put your little front and back paws in the air as if you want your tummy tickled' I said. I placed my bare foot on his nose and mouth and he began to sniff my bare toes. I told him to get his puppy tongue between my toes and lick out all the sweat. His fat little toungue flicked between my toes like a slippery snail. I put my other, still stockinged foot, on his tiny little cock and started to rub it. At the same time, the silky feeling of the my hand with with the stocking was bringing me to cum

He got very exited

I could see his little pink dick pumping away, for a little fat man, he produced a massive amount of cum all over my foot! probably the first orgasm he had in years. He moaned with pleasure then fell into a stupor. I took off the stocking soaked with his cum and the one on my hand full of my cum and put them into his clammy hand. I left him on the floor, snoring away, got dressed and went to my room.

The next morning, I went down for breakfast. I ordered a full English and a cup of green tea, sitting there reading the papers, the little fat boss appeared, he sat down with a big smile on his face and said, 'don't worry, I wont tell anyone you wear stockings under your trousers'!!!

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