Sissy services her football player (part 1)

Every Sunday, my smooth bodied, muscular,gorgeous, tasty big cocked, brown haired, brown eyed man would leave his doting wife and two c***dren, with his bag packed with his football kit to play 5 a side football with the 'lads'. His way of relaxing at the end of the week, getting away from the wife and k**s for an afternoon. His wife would kiss him goodbye as he left, she did not mind, she liked the fact he had a hobby that pleased him, he allways came back on Sunday evening in a good mood, probably the couple of drinks he had had after football.
The only thing she noticed was that on the Sunday and sometimes the Monday, he was not interested in making love to her.
I know that, because he told me.
He could not stand her droopy tits and saggy thighs, two c***dren had taken its toll on her body, her pussy was a bucket. She was just a boring, pain in the arse obsessed with the c***dren. When he did fuck her he was thinking of me.
Thats what made him cum.
I did things for my man that his wife would never dream of.
Back to the Sunday schedule, he would leave his house but not head to the football pitch, he would come to my house. I would be dressed in his fave clothes. White Satin panties, black 10 denier stockings, silk petticote, black pleated skirt, white satin blouse and 6 inch patent black heels. He called it my 'sexy secratery' look'. I would lube up my bottom and insert a but plug to open up my sissy vagina for his pleasure. The anticipation would make my little sissy clit throb with pleasure as I walked around the house, clip cloping in my heels, with the rasp of my silky petticote against my stockings.
When the knock at the door came, i would grab him in and kiss him. He would look at me and run his hands up and down my legs. I would feel he was getting hard and we would run upstairs to the bedroom.
I liked to undress him and kiss his smooth muscular chest, take of his boxers and suck his hard cock. He liked me to sit above him 69 style so he could rub his hands up and down my stockings and kiss my heels while i went up and down with my mouth on his hard cock. I loved sucking on a proper mans hard cock, it made me feel even more of a sissy as my little sissy clit hardened against the satin panties.
When i could feel my man was about to cum, i would move round so he could see me. I like to receive my hot spunk all over my mouth.
I would sit between his legs as his cock pumped sperm all over my mouth and nose. I would sit there and slowly lick it all up and taste the lovely salty man sperm and swallow it down like a proper sissy should.
My sissy tummy should allways have proper man sperms swimming around inside!
Its at this point that my man would allways fall asl**p, so I would get his kit out and get his white football socks out. Gently I would kiss the toes of my sl**ping man as I put on his white football socks. They were not washed from last week, as I had asked. I put my nose deep into the arch of the sock and sniffed up the man smell. My man woke up from his sl**p and put the rest of his kit on. I would await his return, hot, sweaty and my sissy bum would be so ready for his big cock to fuck me hard.
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1 year ago
love your sissy storie honey