Becky introduces me to the puppy club

Once i moved into Becky's room. She taught me a few things about what really turns a girl on. She would pull her pussy lips back and she would tell me where to lick and where to insert my toungue. Her fave thing she tought me was for me to put two of my fingers in her pussy and push them inside her, while i licked her clit. I would speed up my fingers as I felt her clit begin to throb and she would start moaning with pleasure and then flood my face with pussy juice. As her obiedient puppy, i would sit between her muscular thighs and lick up every last drop. I would then move up to give her my special kisses, she liked to grab my long black hair and f***e me towards her, her toungue inside my mouth, while she fingered my little pussy.

As Becky was the Captain of the Hockey team and older then me, she knew all the other older girls. The Football, Lacross, netball and Rugby teams captains.
I had been Becky's puppy for a month before she mentioned the puppy club. I had no idea what she was on about. She explained that every sporty girl had a younger girlfreind and they were called puppies. Every week the older girls would meet up and bring there puppies! Becky told me tonight was my first night!

Becky told me to wair my pleated black skirt and the white knee socks with the heart pattern on them. She said they made me look cute.
She took my hand and we walked across the long path to the gym block. Becky opened the doors and I could not believe my eyes!!

There were girls everywhere, on the floor, kissing, licking pussy, cuddling.
It was amazing. Becky sat down with me in front of her and started playing with my pussy, another girl came up to me and asked Becky if she could taste me, Becky said yes and the girl pulled down my panties and sniffed and licked my pussy.
Lots of the older girls loved my cute knee socks,one girl held me down and took my socks off and sucked on my toes, while another girl kissed me with her tounge.
I got so wet, my pussy was tingling with juice, i opened my legs wide and the girl kissing me moved down to my pussy. She lapped at my clit and I came so hard, my juices were dripping down her chin. But she drank it all up with a big smile on her face.
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