My new ladyboy- LittleLi - Part 1

It was nice to meet my new freind littleLi. I met her at the library at college one day and was immedietly attracted to her. Her long dark hair and big brown eyes, with a lovely sweet smile. She was wairing a little cropped T shirt with a hello kitty picture on it, showing off her smooth honey coloured tummy, cut off denim shorts, white frilly ankle socks and black patent pumps. I thought to myself, only an asian girl could wair little frilly laced ankle socks and mary janes and get away with it! I had known for ages i was bi, so i was not suprised that this fanatastic girl standing in fron of me was turning me on. We got chatting, we were both in the Geography section, so it gave me somthing to start up a conversation! It turnes out she was working on a project about rock formations, I told her I has all last years work on that subject and if she wanted to, she could drop round to my room in halls later that night. She agreed!
I had not put on any of my silky underwair, no stockings, no satin panties under my clothes, i had decided to be just a regular guy. T shirt, jeans, tube socks and trainers.
At 8 o'clock she arrived, she had changed into a white tennis dress, making her petite body look even more horny. I noticed she did not wair a bra, I could make out her flat little tits through the fabric. She still had her frilly socks and MJ's on, she obviously loved wairing them.
We settled down, LitteLi had bought a bottle of wine and we had a few glasses and went through the geographic papers. Some of the maps were big so we put them on my bed to view them. We both sat down and looked at each other, moved forward and kissed. Such a sweet kiss, I took her in my arms and she jumped on my lap. I looked into her eyes and we deeply toungue kissed for ages, I Hitched up her tennis dress to reveal a lovely set of satin panties, with a bulge! LittleLi was a ladyboy! No wonder I was so attracted to her. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked if i wanted her to leave. I put my finger to her lips to shush her then kissed her harder, this time feeling her cock through her tight satin panties. It was only little but it was hard, she made little squeeky noises at me as i wanked her little cock harder and continued to kiss her. Then finally i could feel her little cock pulse inside the panties and see them get wet. I lay her down and took off her tennis dress to reveal her lovely honey coloured skin and tiny titties, just like a young girl. LittleLi was so beutifull, she lay ther panting in her white satin panties, wet with cum, her little frilly ankle socks and her MJ's. Her black hair across my pillow and her skin shining with sweat. LittleLi looked at me and said 'now your cock, i want your cock', I lay down on the bed and LittleLi got in the 69 position on top on me, she undid my jeans and pulled them down to reveal my cock and started sucking it, she was so good. While sucking me off she backed up her petite bottom and planted her wet panties on my face, i could smell and taste her cum, it really turned me on and i blew my load into her mouth. She sucked and sucked and drank it all in and swallowed it all down. She looked at me licking her lips and said 'yummy'.
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2 years ago
made me cum all over myself
2 years ago
Soo lucky
2 years ago
Super Hot! More please.
2 years ago
Pretty decent. I had a real life simular experience once. It bought back some good memories. Got me hard.
2 years ago
yuummmmy i love the storie
2 years ago
Lovely, a great experience. Hope there's more.