Becky the Hocky Captain

Becky is the Head girl at my school. She is 18 and I am 16. She is very sporty being the captain of the hocky, netball and Lacross teams. I go to watch all her games. When i joined the school, i just got a bed in the dorm with all the other girls. But the older girls like becky have there own rooms and are allowed to have a best freind to 'room' with them.
When I joined, Becky was my mentor, the first time i met her was on a sunny afternoon, i had been dropped off by my parents and was feeling a liitle bit scared. She was wairing her hockey kit, white top, blue skirt and white knee socks. She took me in her arms and gave me a cuddle. She said i had the prettiest big brown eyes and she would look after me. As she cuddled me i looked up at her, her blue eyes and blond hair in a pony tail. She was so powerfull, i am only 5 foot tall, she is 5 foot twelve. I felt like a little baby girl in her arms. It turns out that Becky had acces to all the photos of all the new girls and had chosen me because she loved my big brown eyes and long brown hair.
Well after settling in for a few weeks, Becky really looked after me, she invited me to her room and would take off my shoes and blue knee socks and kiss my feet and comb my long hair. She said i was her little princess. It felt so nice to have my toes in her warm wet mouth. The only thing was the other girls in the dorm got jealous i was getting such good treatment and thet started bullying me. When Becky heard about this she moved me into her room straight away.

It was then that I really became her little princess. There were two single beds but she moved them together. So we could cuddle up together. On the first night, she undressed me, slowly, she took of my tie, and kissed me, she took of my blouse and kissed me, she undid my pleated skirt and kissed me. I was left in my bra and panties and blue knee socks. I knew how much she loved my feet as she often took of my socks and kissed and sucked my toes.She took my head in her hands and kissed me. She moved down to my feet and pulled of my knee socks, she kissed the soles of my feet, calling me her princess, she sucked on each of my toes, moving up my legs, kissing my thighs, kissing around my panties, sniffing my panties, kissing my belly button, moving up and taking off my bra.
Becky took of my bra and my little budding breasts were exposed. My nipples were hard as she had exited me. She laughed at my little breasts and said she had been waiting to kiss on them for ages. She held me and sucked on my nipples and thrust her fingers into my panties, I had never felt such pleasure before, her fingers worked my little pussy, it got wetter and wetter, she kept moving her fingers inside me while she kissed me. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to drink the honey from my little pink rose, the more honey the better, never touched before, just pure honey dripping out of my little rose. I moaned with pleasure as she moved back down my body and took my panties off. Becky parted my legs and said it was time for Becky the bee to visit the softest little pink rose, part its petals and drink in its sweet honey. She moved in with her tounge, licking me and parting my lips with her fingers, i could feel her tounge inside me, she put a finger inside me and licked at my clit, I moved back and forth with extasy. My pussy got wetter and wetter but Becky kept drinking up my pussy juice. All of a sudden I could see stars and i felt fantastic pulses moving through my body, I screamed with pleasure as my pussy gave out its juice all over Becky's face. She licked it all up.
I lay back on the bed and Becky kissed me. We cuddled up together. Becky told me to say that I was her little girl. I told her that i was her little girl. Becky told me to say i was Becky's little princess, I told her I was Becky's little princess She moved my head down towards her pubes and made me kiss and sniff her there, while saying i was her little princess, kissed her pussy, kissed her feet. All the while saying i was Becky's little princess.
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Very hot little story.
Please check your spelling, thanks!