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[Story] A bad friend!!!

This is a true story and I won't people opinion on what happen and what I did... all day I look at him and I think what I did and I feel horrible... but here goes!!!

Well I share a place wit 3 other roommates and the dude I share a room wit has a gf and me and the other 2 don't... well last night we all went out to the movies and he brought his gf and she is okay lookin but from what he tells us.. she swallow loves anal sex... being cum on being piss on and she a total freak.. sooo I guess that makes up for her look... well after the movies we came back started d***k and kickin b... Continue»
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[Story] Today on my lunch break

Everyday I work there this beautiful milf of 3 k**s 10 13 and 18 comes in.. and I'm 22, anyways she comes in and I said "hey my favorite person is comin to see me" and she responds yes I love ur dimples and I love to talk to u.. so we talk for 15 mins till she found what she was getting and left.. and I said no bye and she said she will see me soon... well I always take my lunch breaks at 730 and for some odd reason she was in her car.. I dk if she waited or she was coming back. She said u on luch and I said yea I got a 30.. she said hope in let's go to wendys.. soo drivin... Continue»
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[Story] Man dream!!!

All the guys might think I'm bullshitting and all the girls might thing I'm a dog but here

Well I was dating my girl at the time for 4 years and into my 3 year I cheated on her, and it was once and twice and the every other day.. well I was cheating on her wit this girl name melanie and she had an amazing body and skinny, and but I'm into the big girls I love bbw.. anyways it came to a point were ill spend the morning when one and afternoon wit the other.. anyways let me get to the best part.. I got a room wit my gf and I just left melanies and I didn't know but... Continue»
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