Party MILF

Hubby was working away from home (as usual) so I'd arranged to go out with a friend for a few drinks and a meal.

She had invited me to stay over as she stays a good distance from me. I told my s*******n year old son that I wouldn't be home.

After the meal we decided to go to a club. Club was really lively but after a couple of drinks my friend began to feel unwell. We got a taxi and dropped her at her flat. After seeing she was OK and in bed I decided to take a taxi home.

The house was rocking when I got home. My boy had obviously decided to take advantage of an empty house to have a party.

I started to get angry but decided to chill as I'd had a few drinks and a party is a party after all.
When I got in he house wash awash with teenagers! Mostly d***k or whatever, and in various stages of dress or undress.

Got quite turned on actually.

Has to be said I was dressed quite milf like myself and immediately, after the shock of a parent turning up began to attract some laddish attention.

I was offered a drink and some other substances. Stuck with the drink!

My son was apparently upstairs with a girl – so I was informed!

One of his friends , who I've known for years. Nice black boy called Derrick was looking very longingly at my legs and tits. I know I was flashing a bit.... well a lot actually so who could blame him!
After a drink and some boring teenage chat up I said I was going to bed. I kind of knew Derrick would follow!

I went to my bedroom and stripped.

A soft knock at the door followed. I said come in and Derrick was confronted with me nude except for my boots.
Swear he nearly came at the sight! Young boys!

I told him to strip and was impressed to see a sizeable cock fully at attention!

I had him in my mouth when the door opened again and my son came in.

It was too late to stop and Derrick shot off almost immediately.

What could I do? With the cum dripping down my chin I told Derrick to leave and my son to go to bed.

I found the whole thing so exciting!!

My son hasn't mentioned it again but I'm looking forward to his next party!

I'll post a pic of what Derrick saw when he opened the bedroom door!
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3 years ago
Hot, hot story, and wonderful in the telling!
4 years ago
i feel so for the boy, didnt get the chance to fuck a lovely mature women,mind you at least he got to get a blow job! more then i`ve ever had!i`ve not even had a hnd job or a fuck!!
great story...short and
4 years ago
so where is the pic???
4 years ago
that is a sweet hot short story
4 years ago
Nice. I can't see the pic, unless you accept me as a friend. Please?
4 years ago
You dirty girl! What a great story! xxx
4 years ago
looking forward to what Derrick saw.
4 years ago
very very nice mom lol
4 years ago
so fra so good
4 years ago
Brief and to the point(Party MILF),but no less enjoyable for that-don't stop,keep writing...
4 years ago
let's hear more
4 years ago
Great but somewhat short story! So wish that some of my friends had a mom like you!!
4 years ago
if you was my mum id have made you suck me two i uesd to sleep with my mum if she came home drunk when she was out of it i always had a play that turn you on let me know and ill tell you more
4 years ago
very nice