Uncle Dave

I had just turned 18 and finished school. I was at a crossroads in my life not knowing whether to go to University or try for a job.
I wasn't sexually unaware – I'd had some fun times with boys.

My parents hadn't been to University so they couldn't help me.

Dad suggested I ask his b*****r, Uncle Dave, for advice.

Dave had been to University, travelled the world, made a fortune or two it was rumoured.

He'd also been married twice. My Dad reckoned he was a bit of a ladies man although he was now 50. Most times I'd seen him he had female company – some older, some his own age and many younger.

It was all arranged. He would show me around the university, take me for lunch and, as my parents hoped, persuade me to go for University.

Dave was charming. He showed me the sights, introduced me to some academics and generally let me see what it was all about and what the advantages might be.

We went for lunch. No hard sell. He thrilled me with tales of this travel and the jobs he'd had.

We had champagne and some wine and I was beginning to want the lifestyle he had enjoyed.
He suggested we went back to his flat for coffee and to look at his photographs.

His flat was amazing!

Over coffee he told me the greatest skill he'd learned at University was how to please women.

Light headed and intrigued I asked him to show me.

In no time I was naked in his bed and almost before I knew it had my first orgasm as his expert tongue flicked my clit like a lizard. He hadn't even undressed by this time!

When he did I almost melted. What a cock. Long and fat – he was totally shaved – I hadn't seen that before. Before he entered me I was so wet I could feel rivulets of juice running from my pussy.

He took me expertly. So strong, so confident, so big!

He could last for ages. He skilfully manoeuvred me into positions I hadn't even imagined and his cock was so deep inside.
I had multiple, multiple shuddering orgasms.

I finished him off by taking his huge cock in my mouth and letting what felt like a pint of cum gush down my throat. Heaven!

Needless to say the result was I enrolled for University.

Parents were proud and happy.

When he is in town I continue to visit Uncle Dave for er,,, advice.

We've moved on twenty six years now. I'm married with a daughter of my own who has the same University dilemma.

Think we should both visit Uncle Dave for advice?
90% (30/3)
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4 years ago
loved the story xxxx
4 years ago
love the story...awsome
4 years ago
Another great story... very kinky thought... he'd love it, I am sure!
4 years ago
i wish it was uncle mikey but no luck as i am the only one to have daughters
4 years ago
Yes, Uncle Dave is the right man for advice !
4 years ago
Love it...sweet
4 years ago
hey i love a good tale xx
4 years ago
sweet story
4 years ago
Very very nice.