My Date with the late Porn Star Kitty Foxx

It was back in the late 1990s when I was dating several of the Dancers at a GO-GO club called EL WEST on Troost ave in KC,Mo[its now a Walgrens].
Anyone who has ever dated a stripper knows that they are not stable individuals in any capacity and can up and leave in a moments notice;well the Dancer I had been seeing at the time had to go to NewYork,she left without saying goodbye[but did tell me she was leaving.
As I stood in sadness at the club,I noticed a longline of guys;I was so in a hurry to see my dancer that I came in from the back,but up on the front billboard Kitty Foxe's name.
Being that the bouncers and owners knew me,they allowed me to skip the line,and immediately I introduced myself;Kitty smiled and asked me why was I so special that I could just cut in line in front of everyone else;I snapped back,'Because Im a guy who knows a real lady when I see one';She called me a sweet talker and a charmer then charged me $5 to take a picture with her,as I grabbed the picture she took a marker and wrote her hotel room number on the back of the photo,then whispered in my ear to be at a taping of a Gangbang for her at a swank hotel in a district called Westport;she then told me the Alias she was using while staying at the Hotel.
Kitty let me know that she was first going out to dinner with her photographer and the El West owners/managers after her shows that evening but asked me to wait in the lobby for her until she arrived.
I arrived at 15 til 7pm and waited in the hotel lobby for two hrs,I was starting to feel stood up[the concierge kept saying why he knew I was there and kept quoting bible scriptures,he was really annoying me]finally Kitty strolled in somewhat tipsy but co-herrentwith her photographer and another guy;I stood up to greet her and she told me to wait for her another 15 min[she remembered my name]
Finally ,Kittys photographer came down to tell me she was ready for me,when I got to her room Kitty had on an outfit that looked like Wonder Woman and for a Woman in her 50s,she was smoking hot and had the body of a 30 yr old.
She told me to sit on the bed and I was shaking like a leaf;she asked me had I ever done something like this before,I lied and said ,NO ! As she sat next to me in that outfit,my cock swole like a giant banana,she started to stroke it[the camera man just watched]I removed her hand and then said I didnt want to participate in her gangbang but watch,I then asked where were all the other guys;she told me I was early and that I was in luck and that she thought I was cute and fuckable the moment I laid eyes on her.
I thanked her,but told her I was a married man[even though to a cold hearted bitch]she told me she was married too and her husband approved of her actions[at the time I didnt know of her status and legend,she was just a sexy old lady to me and I like more mature females].
As we chatted on the bed about various things awaiting the other fellas,Kitty told me that there was enough time to film she and I for an episode of her Route 66 series,at first I told her know and repeated that I just wanted to watch,but then she took her top off and her huge,sexy tits slammed into my mouth as she started kissing around my neck;she then took my cock out and started swallowing it;;at that point I wanted to fuvk this grandma into oblivion,but I stopped her because it was during this time that Local boxer turned moviestar[Rocky 5] and grandson to the actor John Wayne,World Champion boxer Tommy Morrison had caught HIV,I was scared of stds and I use to see Tommy getting into limos with 6 to 7 girls at the same timejust down the street from the hotel.[I didnt want to give my wife anything either,so I asked Kitty when was the last time she had had an std test;then her photographer gave me a medical sheet that was a week old that cleared any doubts I might have had.
Kitty and I ended up fucking for hours[the guys never did show up,at least while I was there. That old dame could outfuck half the 20 yr old chicks today,but she couldnt make me cum and her cameraman[who had the lense practically under my balls the whole time] needed a cum shot. I dont know I couldnt cum,Kitty licked and ate my cock like it was the last bratwurst on a grill at the cookout and she rode me like the winning jockey at the Kentucky derby,but I just couldnt cum;maybe it was because I felt like a louse cheating on my cold hearted,sexless,money grabbing bitch of a wife[surely she would understand guys cant and wont pass on fucking a Porn Star].
So as the hours grew later,Kitty came up with the idea of putting vasoline on my dick so it would appear that I came as she blew me,we tried it but Ive never seen my film on the market under the Route 66 series name.
I went home that nite to a waiting wife around midnite,she wanted to know where I had been,I told her I had been fucking a Porn Star,she said 'yeah right' and rolled over and went to sl**p;and I layed up all nite remembering how nice smelling Kitty was and her perfect wonderful old lady ass and tits.
Kitty and I maintained correspondence,I even called her at home in Vegas;I kept up with her through her publication of OVER 50 MAGAZINE,but lost contact with her years before her death. Kitty was the grand dame of them all[I did meet a few more pornstars ,thanks to Kitty. Memories,lol.
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1 year ago
Kitty one of the best
1 year ago
I liked your story anymore true stories from your past?