Sarah woke with a start to the sound of her mobile phone chiming. A new text message from Baz, her internet lover had come through. Check your email it said. Sarah pulled her laptop off the bedside cabinet and switched it on. What could be so important that he’d wake me up so early on a Saturday morning she thought? There was only one message in her inbox – A Little Night Reading was the title in the subject box. Any thought of a stern rebuke was instantly forgotten as she clicked to open her message. She knew what the text would contain … something she had been waiting for a long time … another of his erotic stories, the ones that got her so wet between her legs with want.
Opening the message she began to read and soon realised the story was based loosely on one of her own favourite seduction scenarios, the piano scene from the film Pretty Woman. As she read, the image in her mind of Julia Roberts and Richard Gear faded to be replaced by her and Baz, all alone in the deserted hotel restaurant.
This was the first meeting for Baz and Sarah after nearly 4 years of talking on-line and both were very nervous. The dining room pianist had been tapping out a soulful melody on the baby grand piano when Baz mentioned that he loved to play the piano, especially when he was stressed -so when Sarah came out of the bathroom and found him missing from the bed they were to share she knew where he would be. Pulling on a thick white towelling dressing gown over her short black negligee she slipped down to the deserted restaurant and sure enough there he was tinkling with the ivory keys. She moved to stand behind him wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. There was no words spoken, there were no words that needed to be spoken. They hugged for several minutes, and then an almost physical weight seemed to lift from Baz’s shoulders. He reached up, and, grabbing her arm, he pulled her round to stand in front of him. With her leg between his, her hands on his shoulders and her bum resting on the piano keys they looked into each others eyes with a look of love that spoke volumes. Sarah bent down and started to kiss Baz passionately, a kiss he returned with ardour. His hands reached up to grasp her hips and pull her towards him, then moved to caress the back of her thighs and buttocks over the thick robe. Pulling on the draw cord, the robe fell open and Baz stared in wonderment and delight. Sarah was perfect in every way and Baz was entranced. His hands continue to caress her body as his eyes took in the sight in front of him, her small but perfectly formed breasts, her slightly rounded stomach which he found endearing, her shapely legs. Sarah could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy begin to moisten as his hands roamed her body making her skin tingle beneath the satin and lace covering of her negligee.
With surprise the real Sarah found that her body was echoing that of her imaginary counterpart, and her nipples were starting to harden. She cupped a breast with her hand and gently squeezed and tweaked the nipple, causing the tingling feeling spreading through her body and the dampness between her legs to increase.
Suddenly Baz was standing and at the same time lifting Sarah to sit her on the edge of the Grand piano, her feet dropping noisily onto the keys. Pulling off the robe he gently pushed her back so that she was lying on the polish wood surface and parting her knees, stood between them. From here he continued to caress her, with his right hand her arms neck face and chest, with his left her thigh, calf and ankle. But there was places in between that were aching for his attention. Sarah arched her back as his hand moved across her chest trying to put her breasts in his path. Her nipples were swollen hard as bullets and the need to have him touch them; to squeeze twist and rub them was almost painful. As his left hand swept slowly up her thigh her legs parted even further inviting him to explore the heat and wetness of that most sacred part of her. Baz was not to be rushed and slowly ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, gathering the hem of her negligee as he went. She lifted her bum to easy the thin materials passage up her body. Planting small light kisses up the inside of her thighs Baz worked his way up towards Sarah’s pussy. Baz notice her lips were puffed up and already starting to part, little droplets of pussy juice forming on the edges. He planted a kiss in the centre of her pussy and Sarah squirmed and wriggled with pleasure. He then ran the tip of his tongue up and down the length of her crack, parting the lips further, tasting the hot wetness as she groaned out her excitement to him. He lifted her legs up and out, exposing her whole nether region for his inspection. He cupped her buttocks in both hands and, using his thumbs, spread her vaginal lips far apart then thrust his probing tongue deep into the searing liquid depths of her pussy. Sarah’s cries of a****l pleasure filled the empty room and her bum jerked and spasmed beneath his plunging hot tongue. He alternated his with quick flicks of his tongue and gentle sucking on her engorged clit as he brought her nearer and nearer to the ultimate pleasure of orgasm.
Sarah’s hand had slipped smoothly down her body as she read, to trace the lips of her own wet and gaping pussy and now her fingers where stroking her own inflamed clit in time with his lapping. It was getting more difficult to read the computer screen as her excitement grew with each stroke.
Baz could sense that Sarah was on the verge of cuming so changed the point of his attack. He brought his licking tongue downwards to the secret forbidden ring of her anus, totally lost in the sensual pleasure of his oral lovemaking. Sarah sucked in her breath in a gulping swallow, moaning in rapture, and flung her loins up at the older man as hard as she could as he brought his tongue into seething wet contact with the tiny constricted opening of her rectum, thrusting it into the tight rubbery hole, slitting it wide to accept just the small worming tip up inside. Her body quivered uncontrollably now beneath the overpowering assault, and her body was spasming furiously with torrent after torrent of sensual pleasure, straining to cum. Abruptly, Baz withdrew his tongue from the writhing young woman’s anal passage and returned it to her now saliva-drenched pussy furrow. He paused for a brief moment to stare up along the sweat-slick valley between her trembling breasts at the twisted grimace on her lovely wanton face, then lowered his head and resumed his slaving once more. Sarah writhed and squirmed beneath the insanely licking tongue until she thought she would surely go mad from the sheer ecstatic rapture in her loins. Her head continued to flail loosely from side to side on the highly polished surface , grinding her crotch up into Baz’s lusting face and tongue, as she pawed and kneaded her breasts and nipples, she felt the gathering billows of her orgasm rising, rising, cresting, and then she was there, she was cumming, she was cumming like a wild woman!
"Aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed in rapturous delight and she locked her hands hard in Baz’s hair, drawing his face into her exploding young cunt with all her might. Her juices began to flow from her widespread young pussy, inundating the older man's face and tongue, flowing down along her climatically flexing little rectum to pool in fragrant stickiness on the wood beneath her. She screamed again, and again, and Baz sucked and licked until, at long last, her cumming was over and she sank back with a long, satiated sigh, releasing his hair from her fingers and opening her orgasm drenched thighs to allow him to remove his head from between her limply collapsed legs.
Sarah sat up and planted long passionate kisses on Baz’s lips, savouring the taste of her own cum on his tongue and face. As Baz held her with one hand the other was busy unbuckling his belt, nearly frantic to release his rock hard straining cock from the confines of his trousers. Pushing the offending articles on clothing down past his knees he lifted Sarah up, and then sat back down on the large piano stool, depositing Sarah in his lap. Sarah reached down between their bodies to grasp his aching swollen cock and guided it to the waiting, lust-soaked opening of her young pussy. He grabbed her around the waist and f***efully pulled her downwards as he rammed upwards brutally, splitting apart the thin vaginal lips, shoving all his huge hardened length deep along the wet, hot walls of her tight cunt, slamming it hard off her cervix and causing her to cry out as fresh tremors of ecstasy overtook her. Her hips smashed down to meet his upward thrusting ones, and his heavy sperm-bloated balls nearly smacked against the cheeks of her satin-soft buttocks as Baz sent his thick shaft even deeper into her hungrily clenching channel, feeling the inner-vaginal muscles nibble at it hungrily, and his own pelvis was grinding in a rapid revolving motion against her, sending his great cock soaring into her young pussy in harsh, rapid strokes, slapping into her with increasing f***e. He lifted her to draw his bl**d-engorged cock nearly out of the tight, moist sheath clasping it so hungrily, then plunged her down again until his heavy testicles once more slapped hard against her backside. The pressure was mounting, mounting, in his billowing scrotum, and his head swam wildly with the impending knowledge of his cumming, of his filling of this wanton woman with torrent after torrent of his rushing hot seed ...
Sarah could imagine every stroke of Baz’s thick hot cock penetrating her body. She rolled over onto her stomach bent her knees to raise her rounded arse in the air and snaked her hand between her spread legs to find her sopping wet pussy again. Instantly she sank two fingers deep into her wet hole and began to wank furiously. She had to work to concentrate on the story before her as her fingers squelched in and out in time to Baz’s imagined thrusting.
Sarah began to toss her head from side to side in frenzied abandon, impaled on Baz’s rock hard shaft filling her better than any cock had filled her before. Baz fastened his mouth on a wildly bouncing nipple and sucked hard on it as rapturous little moans bubbled from Sarah’s throat. He milked her breast as her pussy was trying to milk his pistoning cock, driving down on him harder and harder. They could both feel Baz’s cock getting harder – a sure sign he was about to explode his cum inside her and Sarah could feel her second orgasm approaching fast. She strove to bring both their climaxes to conclusion, grinding down on him as he thrust harder, deeper and faster into her. Baz felt her pussy walls begin to secrete their warm gushes of wet sticky fluid once again, this time hotly around his plundering cock. She was cumming and he had to cum too, now, right now . She jerked wildly, spasming, the mouth of her cunt sucking at him feverishly, her breath spewing against his face in short, ragged gasps and then his climax struck fully and his balls erupted burning fire from within them, causing his body to tremble in wild, uncontrolled ecstasy. His juices spurted from the opening of his prick head far and deep up into her violently quivering recesses ... a never-ending flow which caused Sarah to moan in spasmodic, indecipherable cries of delight as her belly quaked with the unleashed pool of heated male sperm he was emptying into her, their orgasmic fluids mixing together and flowing out around his spasming cock to mat in his pubic hair and to form tiny white droplets on the tile floor beneath them.
Sarah wasn’t far behind the imaginary pair as her fingers continued to pound into her saturated pussy with increased ferocity and her thumb flicked and rubbed on her clit. When her orgasm came in hit like an express train. A wild rapturous release took hold of her and she gurgled and squealed reaching a pinnacle of pleasure so great that her mind threatened to burst from the sheer pressure of it. Her juices flowed out of her pussy, soaking her hand and arm and the sheet beneath her. Her pussy walls rhythmically clench and released her fingers gradually subsiding as she removed them. It was quite a while before she was able to compose herself but … what a way to wake up!!

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