Lunchtime Special

The presentation had been going on for hours and Baz was bored beyond belief. The five men in the conference room sat staring at the whiteboard and projector screen in apparent abject misery as the director droned on about the new product being launched. Besides it was getting close to lunchtime and Baz had a date with his gorgeous secretary Sarah that he didn’t want to be late for. Sarah meanwhile was pacing the floor outside hoping the meeting would be over soon as well – she was famished and in need of something substantial to eat, and soon. She quietly cracked open the door and peeked in. She could see Baz sitting slouched in the chair closest to the door, drumming in fingers on his notepad and twiddling a pen round his fingers. With all eyes facing away from the door Sarah had a sneaky idea. Dropping to her knees she crawled into the room and under the table until she was just inches away from Baz’s crotch. With fingers as deft as a pickpockets, she found the metal track of his trouser zip and before he knew what was happening she had unzipped it, reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. Baz started but luckily managed not to cry out in surprise. Sarah giggled to herself as she lifted his limp prick and held it to her lips. Kissing it, she felt a tiny stirring in its limp length. Then his cock began to rise. Soon it was about half-erect. No fucking tool yet, it was on its way. She decided to hurry his prick along. Licking and kissing the entire length was nice, but sucking was even better medicine for it. She stuffed the tip into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Baz groaned and almost dropped the pen he was holding. She immediately gave his prick all the attention it could stand. Baz’s cock stiffened immediately and stood tall and proud from the front of his trousers. She looked at it in pride for a moment. She had caused it to rise up like that. The shaft of his prick gleamed with her saliva. The purple knob on the very end of his prick was pulsing with desire, desire she had brought to the surface. Digging inside his pants, she pulled his hairy balls out into the open. Then she really began kissing and licking his cock and balls. She kissed up one side, stopped for a moment to give the, glands a special sucking, then went back down the other side until she came to his balls. Baz was shifting his weight from side to side in the chair in his nervousness. She knew what passions must be rippling inside his groin. He wouldn't be able to say a single word, though. He couldn't tell her how much he loved the feel of her soft, wet lips on his prick. She sucked and took in a mouthful of hairy balls. Pressing her tongue against the side of the bag, she could feel his balls tumbling and lurching in their heavy stew of jism. It wouldn't be long before she could sample the creamy load held inside. "Good, very good," he said in a low, choked voice as if applauding something the director had said but she knew he was talking to her. This spurred her on. He was enjoying it. And she enjoyed the feeling of power she had over him. He was on the receiving end and he couldn't do a damned thing about it. She loved the sensations of power so much her cunt began churning and oozing out its thick oils. How she needed a cock fucking her! But she would have to be satisfied with sucking the boss off. Not that she didn't get her kicks from that. But it wasn't anything like feeling the prick dig between her pinkly scalloped pussy-lips to plunge balls deep into her steamy cunt. The thick, musky taste of an aroused man coated her tongue. She burrowed her nose into the man's bush and smelled his excitement then. Everything about him signalled to her that he was getting off on this mouth-love in a big way. Probably as much of his excitement came from the fact it was in public, in front of his colleagues, as from the fact that she was expert at giving blow jobs. She'd never had any complaints from any man on the receiving end. And she didn't figure that Baz would complain. Not the way her mouth was gobbling up his cock and balls. Sarah jockeyed for position to be better able to take the man's cock entirely into her mouth. She was going to really give him head this time. All the way down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down a few times sending a cascade of her rich, blonde hair across the man's crotch. She was getting ready for the big plunge which would take her all the way back to his balls-with his cock spearing into her mouth. Finally ready, she pursed her lips in a tight 0 around his prick and sucked. He groaned. Her head moved a little lower. More of his prick went into her hot, humid mouth. Using her tongue to roughly cradle his cock was a stroke of genius. It was stimulating the most sensitive portion of the man's cock. And then she felt the rubbery tip of his cock bounce off the roof of her mouth. It was sliding down into her throat before she knew it. Once, it had almost hung up at her tonsils. A quick swallow and then the ugly red shaft was all the way down into her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace but she knew how to take a mans cock - all of it - into her throat. There was a trick to it. She swallowed hard a few times. Then she had to move her head off his cock. Her air had been shut off all during this wonderful example of mouth love. When only the thick purple glands remained inside her mouth, she heaved a few gusty, sobbing sighs. It was good to have air gusting into her lungs again, but it wasn't so good losing that lovely prick which had been buried all the way down her throat. She decided to make up for the loss by really face fucking herself on his cock. Her lips tightened around the huge cock and then she shoved her face downward towards his crotch. She didn't get all the way, nor did she want to. Just far enough to give them both the utmost in stimulation was her goal. Her tongue dashed and flew all over the man's prick until he was practically dancing along with it. She started really driving her head down on his prick. This was the most fun she'd had all day. She loved feeling him squirm in nervousness. The power she held over him was supreme. No matter what he said or did, he couldn't escape her. And there was no way he could ever tell the others what was going on. He'd look like a sex-crazed fool. No one would ever understand how a hot secretary had sneaked into the room on her hands and knees just to give her boss a surprise blow job. That was stretching the imagination to the breaking point. That was part of the power she held over him. The rest was in her sucking mouth. She held him a prisoner as long as her lips were‚ curled around his turgid, jerking cock. He was about ready to come. That was an added factor in her slavery of the man. She controlled him not with a whip but with her sucking mouth. And they both knew it. She really got into the face fucking. His prick split her lips wide and drove toward the back of her mouth. She didn't allow him to go all the way down her throat this time. Her tongue controlled him perfectly. She used that rough, wet flail to make certain that he wasn't going to choke her at the wrong time. She didn't mind swallowing him whole. She just didn't want him to do it at his convenience. She wanted to be ready for it when his prick descended into her throat. The pink tongue swirled with an erotic fury that few men, have ever known. It lightly touched on the underside of his prick then drove mercilessly into his jap’s eye. They both knew it wasn't possible to shove her tongue down that pin-prick-sized hole. That didn't matter. Trying was enough to give them both a big thrill of sexual electricity. Her mouth churned around the man's cock until they were both breathing heavily. Her hot wind gusted out and through the thick bush surrounding his balls. Every little whisper of breath made him that much more aware of what was going on. She felt his cock give, a tell-tale jerk. Her tongue flashed to the end of his prick. Beaded there was a bitter drop of pre-cum. She licked it off and savoured its tangy flavour. Even better was to come. A torrent of creamy white jism was on its way! Sucking with her might, she felt his cock begin to swell even more. She hadn't thought it possible, but it happened. Her lips were strained to the breaking point when a fountain of pearly come blasted into her mouth. She quickly pressed her tongue over the end of his spewing cock. She didn't want to miss a single drop of that precious man-seed. The salty taste thrilled her more than she cared to admit. She was the one responsible for this outpouring of jism. She had sucked his prick until he was no longer able to keep control. And she savoured the taste treat she had brought on. The gallons of cum filled her mouth. She swallowed then swallowed again. And it was all over. No more came from the end of his prick. Sucking as hard as she could but failed to produce any more. She had milked his balls dry of their creamy load. Sarah scooted out of the room before anyone noticed her leaving Baz to put his now flaccid cock away. When the Director finally called a halt for lunch Baz found Sarah leaning against the wall in the next room smirking self satisfactorily. It was so easy to keep her boss happy – and under her thumb.
They left the building separately to avoid any hint of impropriety and met up at a secluded restaurant hidden away down a side street. The low level lighting inside made the seating area appear in total darkness after the bright midday sun, but after their eyes had adjusted they could make out the U-shaped booths along both walls, seating designed to give the maximum amount of privacy to the diners. Baz led Sarah down the length of the room to the last booth only just reaching it before she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly. In return, he put his strong arms around her waist and spun her in a wide circle. "God, it's only been a couple minutes since I saw you and it seems like hours!" She kissed him again to let him know just how much she had missed him. Her lips parted and her tongue came fluttering out to grapple with his. For a moment, the world stopped around them. They were locked in each other's arms and that was all that mattered. They were both panting with excitement. She felt his prick rising between their close-pressed bodies as she rubbed her crotch across his. He would have fucked her right there, in public, if she had given him the chance. He was that hot for her. She shoved her tits firmly against his chest. Then she began wiggling back and forth enough to stimulate them. She sighed in reaction. Her nipples were taut and felt as if they would explode at any moment. Excited bl**d had rushed into her tits, expanding them to the breaking point. And then she felt his fingers squeezing her bum cheeks. She moved a bit closer. This was deliciously sinful. Him fondling her ass in public! And then his hands burrowed under her skirt. She tried to stop him, but his embrace was too strong. She buried her face in his chest and wondered what he was up to. She could still feel his cock pulsing strongly between them. Whatever it was, it excited him immensely. Then she got excited, too. His fingers looped under the elastic band of her panties. He began tugging on the flimsy underwear until he had it pulled down over the flare of her ample ass. Then be quickly shoved the fabric down her slender legs. "Kick them away," he ordered. "Do it!" She did it. She didn't want to sit there on the leather bench with only her thin summer skirt between her and coldness, but it didn't seem she had any choice. He told her to sit down as the waitress neared with the menus. Sarah did as she was told. The leather seat seemed even colder to her, but that was all in her mind. She kept telling herself that it was purely psychological that she felt more uncomfortable now than before. Those flimsy panties were hardly any protection against anything. But they did cover her naked pussy. Now she had to be careful crossing her legs so as not to expose her nakedness to the approaching waitress. Sarah vaguely heard Baz give his order, then he said, "What will you have, honey?" As she opened her mouth to answer, she felt the instep of a foot working up between her thighs. Baz's foot was stroking and fondling her leg under the table. She gasped as his big toe rammed into her cunt-lips. He began toe-fucking her under the table. She didn't dare let on that anything was happening. She felt the foot stroking against the softness of her inner thigh. She hated Baz for doing this to her. But she realized there was nothing she could do about it. She was held prisoner by the very absurdity of what he was doing to her. Sarah ordered and she couldn't even remember what. Baz's educated foot had found her clit and was stimulating it. She felt a bolt of sexual electricity blast into her belly as his toe began diddling her. He had found her clit and was now rolling the tiny nubbin around like a marble. He pushed it to one side, let it spring back erect, then moved it in the other direction. She was gasping and red in the face when the waitress returned with their order. Baz's toe was finding all the right spots to make her squirm and wiggle with desire. She cursed under her breath when he stuffed his toe back into her gooey cunt. She should have been able to hold back her desire. She couldn't. The man knew all the right things to do to her to make her quiver with lust for him. His toe working its way deeper into her cunt. She felt his other toes wiggling against her pussy-lips. She was approaching the point of orgasm. She didn't want to scream and cry out her joy, but it was going to be hard keeping it in. She came. She was wracked by shuddery sobs. She bit her lower lip so hard bl**d started welling up to dribble down her chin. But she didn't scream or attract attention. She couldn't let anyone know her boyfriend had taken her panties off and was fucking her with his big toe. As soon as the world came into focus again, she brushed a strand of hair from her eyes and turned to face Baz squarely. He wasn't in his chair. Then she found out why. A wet, rough tongue started licking up the inside of her leg. She tried to move away from, the pussy-eating man, but it wasn't possible. He gripped her ankles firmly and kept her from escaping his eager tongue. She licked away some of the, bl**d still oozing from her tormented lip and rocked back on her seat. She opened her cunt widely to him. It was the only way she could get him to stop. If he had his fill of pussy, he would surely stop tormenting her in public like this. It was humiliating! She didn't dare cry out. She would attract unwanted attention. People would come over and ask what the problem was and then see she didn't have any panties on and that a man was avidly eating her pussy. She didn't dare go that far! The tongue worked all over her pussy mound until her pubes were soggy and wet. She felt her cunt churning out her flick fluids and knew that she needed his mouth clamped firmly on her snatch. Nothing less would do now. He had lit the inner fires, now he would have to put them out - with his questing tongue! The tender flesh of her upper leg rippled with desire. She felt her belly tighten as the tongue worked its way closer and closer to her cunt-lip. When the tongue lightly flicked across her turgid pussy-lips, she came. She was almost ready for it this time. She gripped the edge of the table with a ferocious grip until she thought the metal would bend. Then her raging passions subsided a little. And then she was riveted to the seat again as his tongue began slipping in and out of her juicy cunt. He was tongue-fucking her with all the precision and speed of a machine. He hit all the right places, touched all the nerve-endings in an attempt to make her respond. She was openly crying now. The tears ran down her cheeks as she hung onto the edge of the table for dear life. That tongue was reaming her out good. It flicked across her clit, then passed down the entire length of her sex gash. When it plunged into her cunt-hole again, she felt the sexual tensions building to the breaking point in her young body. She opened her eyes and saw the waitress standing there, a puzzled look on her face. The waitress shrugged and walked away just as Baz's driving tongue shot up far into the gooey cunt. Sarah shivered and settled down a bit more in the chair to give him all the cunt he could possibly want to eat. His tongue-fucking was driving her to the brink of orgasm once more. This time, when she came, she spilled `her soup. It hardly seemed important that it ran off the table into her lap. He slurped and gobbled up her cunt until she was writhing like a fish out of water. She was gasping and panting enough to attract attention. But she didn't care. That tongue deep up her cunt was all that mattered to her now. She came again, this time with less intensity. Weak, exhausted emotionally and physically, she sagged down into the chair. When she opened her eyes, Baz was sitting across from her as if nothing had happened. "Wipe the cunt juice off your lips, darling," she said. He lewdly licked it off with just the tip of his tongue.

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