Omegle Taboo

*notes this is a chat form omegle i had with a random women, it devolves quickly at the end but o hope you enjoy*

You: hey s*s
Stranger: hey there b*o, you ok?
You: yea
You: just a bit well never mind
You: *i look nerves*
Stranger: no, come on, tell me
Stranger: *sits on bed next to you*
You: my friends at school think your hot * i cover my legs with a pillow*
Stranger: aw, well, what's the problem sweetie?
You: i do too *i blush*
Stranger: aw, baby, there’s nothing wrong with that :) *Winks*
You: really * a big smile appears on my face*
Stranger: of course not :D i think your pretty fit too *blushes*
You: really.....none of the girls at school think im anything special....* i now move the pillow to cover my crotch*
Stranger: well, i do! i really do :) *laying down with my head on the pillow*
You: *you can feel my erection through the pillow* really!?!?!? i...i....*stop once i realize where your head is*...s*s......
Stranger: baby, you don't need to be nervous, i feel exactly the same way. *Sit up to take my school jumper off*
Stranger: *unbuttons the top three buttons, showing off clevage, before returning my head to the pillow on your crotch*
You: *i sit there stuned**i place my hand on your shoulder and start to rub slowl*
Stranger: *starts moaning under my breath* you feeling any better now?
You: a...a...bit..*you can feel my erection plusing under the pillow, start to move my hand slowly towards the open space in your jumper*
Stranger: lear
Stranger: *leans upwards, and presses lips to yours* come on baby, i know you want to ;)
You: * i kiss you hard and then break suddenly* but we are b*****r and s****r * you can see the yearning in my eyes*
Stranger: so, it doesn't change how we feel about each other!
You: * i lean in slowly and whisper in your ear* are you sure * i start to kiss your neck softly*
Stranger: never been more sure of anything before. *i grab your head and hold you close*
You: *i continue to kiss on your neck passionately, i move my hands slowly towards the rest of the buttons on your jumper...and i start to fumble with them trying to un do them*
Stranger: *i throw my head back allowing you to kiss my neck, then reach my hands under the pillow and down your pants
Stranger: *
You: * i jump a bit but then settle down, i start to kiss down your neck now towards your breast, i have finally managed to get the rest of the buttons undone*
Stranger: *i start to groan, and i get very rough massaging away at your cock*
You: *i moan softly as i kiss down* that feels good *i take a hand and place it on your leg close to the opening on your skirt and start to rub gentaly*
Stranger: *i start moving up and down with your rubbing actions, I close my eyes, and get more and more rough, feeling your cock pulsing in my hands*
You: *i move my hand under your skirt now and start to rub your pussy through you panties, i now kiss the tops of your breasts*
Stranger: *i grab onto your hair and push your face closer into my boobs. I start squeezing you so hard now, i hear you moaning in pain, yet pleasure*
You: *i start to rub hard then i stop and stop you, pulling your hand out of my pants* lay back i want to make happy * a devilish grin appears on my face*
Stranger: *i lay onto your bed, waiting to see the evil and rough side of you* ;)
You: *i pull your bra over your breasts and genitally pinch your nipples, the p lift your skirt and pull off your wet panties* are you sure *i say half unconerned with your awnser*
Stranger: of course i am baby, this is what i want, i want you
You: i want you too *i then drop to my knees and start to kiss up your legs avoiding your pussy on purpose, i take a finger and start to rub your clit slowly, i thank my free hand and message your breasts*
Stranger: *i just sit there, spreading my legs wide, i start to moan with pleasure* harder *i murmer under my voice*
You: *as i message i start to pinch your nipples again teasing them, i message your clit hard, and slip a finger in you and start to make a come hither motion with it*
Stranger: *i am in heaven You feel my pussy throbbing, and i start you groan out loud now* HARDER!!
You: * now stop rubbing your clit and start to lick it faster and faster i now add a second finger and go hard as you demanded, i take my other hand away form your breasts and place it on your butt, rubbing*
Stranger: OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! keep going baby, keep working at it. *I have started thrusting my hips slowly, moving with your tongue and fingers, i start playing with my nips now, and you enjoy it*
You: * go harder and faster with my tongue, and add a 3rd finger, i move my other hand and spread your butt checks and start to run your hole sloftly* i hear girls likes * i manage to say*
Stranger: *i start to move faster and harder.* add the fourth, add the fourth! *i just keep screaming* YOUR A GOD!!!
You: * add the 4th finger and go harder still, i slip one finger in your butt and star the same come hither motion* cum for me s*s * i beg*
Stranger: (i am) :D *i start to groan and scream, you can feel me throbbing harder and harder, and finally i cum* for you baby
You: (:)) *i slow everything down and start to like your juices* you takes great
Stranger: :D *i then flop down onto your bed, exhausted but still wanting to carry on*
You: * stand up you can clearly see my erection now, i lay next to you and kiss you deeply* (start to get a bit ya know lol)
Stranger: *then return my hands to down your pants, picking up where we left off ;)*
You: *i moan softly* so whats next *i say with a coy ton of voice*
Stranger: *i slowly unbutton your trousers with one hand, still working away with the other, and you take hold of my tits again*
You: *i squeeze them and tease your nipples*
Stranger: *i start to kiss down your body, then reach your cock, i tease at the end with my tounge*
You: * i sit up enough to continue play with your tits* tease
Stranger: 'i then place my mouth around the end of your cock, but you're getting impatient with me* i like it rough baby!!
You: * plaace both hands on your head and start to push you all the way down* if you say so
Stranger: *i start sucking away, moaning and my eyes widen, surprised at how big it is*mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
You: mmmmmmmmm fells so good s*s * start to move my hips faster*
Stranger: **I suck harder and harder, moving my lips up and down your cock**
You: * pump faster* im going cum soon *i moan near the edge of cumming*
Stranger: *i keep getting harder and harder moaning louder and louder*
You: * i pull your head all the way to the base of my cock* GOD IM CUMMING * i moan cumming deep in your mouth*
Stranger: *i have a mouthful, struggling to breathe, but you just keep pushing it further in*
You: * i let of your head and let out a sigh, a bit of cum is still come out of the tip* that was....great * i say breathless
Stranger: *i am stuggling to speak, struggling to breathe* mhmmm *i say, laying in a starfish position on your bed*
You: * i look over at you* s*s....can i...i...* i can seem to manage to speak*
Stranger: cum on, spit it out ;)
You: can i have sex with condom * i blush hard*
Stranger: i thought you'd never ask ;)
You: * i get up and kneel between your legs, already rock hard again, i lean over you pushing my cock righ tot the lips of your pussy* ready?
Stranger: mhmmmm, *i say, laying with my hands at either side of me head, closing my eyes, ready for the magic* fast and rough, that's how i like it
Stranger: thrust that bad boy in there, fast and hard,
Stranger: hear me scream with pain and pleasure
You: *slowly slide my self in you feel tight, but i make sure you take it all the way to the base, start slowly but i make sure that each thrust back in is hard and deep* ( still enjoying)
Stranger: (definately) *i decide that i am just going to go with it, i throw my head back into the mattress everytime you thrust back into me.I just move with what ever you do to me*
You: * make one deep thrust and stop i lift both your legs over your hear and start to thrusts much hard than before* (good :), getting off some too, dont need to awsome just wondering)
You: * make sure each thrust is as deep as possible*
Stranger: *i groan and scream out load at each thrust* please, harder baby, PLEASE, PLLLEEEEEAAAAAAAASEE!!
You: * thrust harder and harder* can i cum or do you want more * i ask moaning*
Stranger: *you can cum baby!!!!!!!!!* harder still, harder!!!! BABY, PLEASE, FUCK HARDER AND HARDER!!
You: * i lift my self up with my arms on your legs and start to pound you hard all of my weight behind each thrust* gonna...
Stranger: OH BABY! OHHHH BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! i am screaming now *as you thrust down onto me, i thrust back up, forcing your cock to go very deep in*
You: *with one last deep thrusts i lose control and cum hard i keep trushting wanting to make sure you get every drop of my cum*
You: * i moan loud* ohhh god s*s you feel great....i have never cum so hard in my life
Stranger: *I just scream, feeling your warm fluid rushing into me* I have never felt so good baby!!!!!
You: * keep going, still cumming finally i slow to a stop, i stop deep in you, you can still fell my cock pulsing* i love you s*s *i gasp*
Stranger: *we just lay there, with you inside me.* wanna do it against the wall baby????? you are the best lover in the world!!
You: sure * i start to pull out slowly*
Stranger: ;) *i try to stand up, but i am shaking cos you were just that good*
You: *i manage to stand, i lean down and pick you up so that you are straddling me*
Stranger: i wrap my legs around you, either side*
Stranger: *clinging on for dear life*
You: *walk us to a wall and slide you down on top of my cock again, then i lean you agains he wall and start a slow thrusting motion*
You: *you can sence im still a bit worn out but i pick up the pace*
You: (masterbating?)
Stranger: *it hurts more that last time, because instead of being thrusted into a soft matress, i am being thrusted to a hard wall*
Stranger: (and no, you want me to pleasure myself thinking of you ;) )
You: (sure:) )
You: you ok s*s *i says as i pick up the pace some more*
Stranger: (how baby - tell me exactly what to do)
Stranger: *i nod my head, because i have trouble speaking for moaning*
You: (slip a finger in your pussy and start to finger yourself slowly)
Stranger: mhmmm (okay, done that baby)
You: *i kiss you and start to thrust hard, i appear to have gotten my second wind*
Stranger: ( can you just tell me everything, what we're doing in the roleplay, and what i should do to myself, i might not reply, cos i am working away and have no free hands ;)
You: (ok add a second and do the come hither motion, fast)
Stranger: mmmmmmhmmmmm, sorry, do you mind if i don't reply, it's easier for me ;) i will cum for you though baby ;)
You: please do
You: *i thrust harder and harder going deeper every time*
Stranger: you want me to reply, or you want me to cum for you??
You: cum
You: stop finger and get a hair brush and put the handle in
Stranger: ok, sorry for the no reply then, keep telling me baby, don't stop ;)
You: dont supose i could get a pic when this is all done ;)
You: push the handle as deep as you can, once you get there go hard and fast
You: take your free hand and rub your tits, pinch and tease your nipples
You: add a finger to the brush handle and go faster
You: reply when you cum
You: stop with the brush and add 3 fingers
You: do the come hither motion until you cum
Stranger: ohhhhh wow!
You: good?
Stranger: mhmmmm
You: :)
Stranger: :D you're a god ;)
You: no just a guy with a twisted mind
Stranger: haha :P
You: im glad you enjoyed
Stranger: thanks :D
You: welcome :)
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