Planet of the Gigantic Schlongs

Planet of the Gigantic schlongs

By The Iceman

It all began in a place not too long ago but in a faraway
place. There was a planet way out of the galaxy
that no researcher ever discovered and most likely
never will be. The story begins on a planet called
Weenus. Nobody knows how the planet got
its name. Perhaps we’ll never know…..

Although not very much is known about the history of the planet Weenus, there was something very unique about it. There was no war, pollution, crime or poverty that existed in any form. The inhabitants lived peacefully. But what was so unique about this planet?
The planet’s population was inhabited entirely by women. Every woman on this planet was perfect. From the texture of their skin, the silkiness of their hair, their waist line, breasts and legs were all perfect. Some of them were so unashamed of their bodies they were free to go nude if they wished. This was the first group of women who populated the planet. The other group was almost the same but had a few different features.
The other group of women had perfect bodies like the first group of women. Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect breasts, but had something else. Below their waist, this other group of women had penises instead. Most studies would classify them as transsexuals or shemales, but this species of women were born with these penises. The only thing about their sexual organs were that they were larger than any penis recorded in the galaxy. Every one of these women had a penis thicker than a liquor bottle and were more than three feet long when erect. Most of these women went nude since they rarely went limp and wouldn’t fit in their clothing.
This story begins when one woman is e****ted to the queen’s castle by two strong and well hung guardswomen. She was told she was under arrest and her presence was requested by the planet’s queen. The woman was shoved into the throne room before the queen and four guardswomen surrounding the throne.
The beautiful Queen Peenatricia remained seated while ordering her guardswomen to put their swords and spears away. Queen Peenatricia had the biggest penis on the planet making her the queen of the planet. She was softly rubbing the glans of her penis while glaring at the woman brought before her.
The woman was tall and blonde and had a beautiful body like any other woman, but why was she arrested and taken to see the queen. She had done nothing wrong.
Queen Peenatricia did not appear to be happy. “What are we going to do about you?”
“I’ve done no wrong, your Highness,” the woman said as she bowed down and remained on her knees. “Your guards took me from my home, arrested me without an explanation and told me you wished to see me.”
“Yes, my girl,” she nodded toward the guardswomen standing behind the woman. “Undress this woman immediately! Rip off her clothes!” The guardswomen obeyed the queen’s orders and then she took a long look at this woman. “Let’s see here. You’ve got lovely hair, a pretty face, succulent lips, beautiful firm breasts, a flat stomach, a tight ass, long and smooth legs, but you have one flaw.” She looked at the woman and then between her legs. “It’s your schlong. It’s too small. I’ve received a number of complaints about it.”
The woman’s penis was not thick or long like the queen’s, the guardswomens’ or any inhabitant with a penis. Her’s was thick like a sausage even without an erection and was almost reaching her knees as is hung before the queen.
“What are the charges, your Highness?”
Queen Peenatricia stood from her throne. “I have the list of charges right here. First, your schlong is too thin. An individual’s whole hand can wrap around it. Second, on your records, it reads on your last measurement your penis was only 14 and a half inches long when completely erect. Third, your sperm count when you ejaculated measured only 10 tablespoons. The average volume for an ejaculation is three gallons. Fourth, you aren’t circumcised. All schlongs are required to be presentable and that means the head must be seen at all times.
“Fifth, your schlong can fit into a woman’s mouth. Sixth and Seventh, it can fit into a woman’s vagina or anus. Eighth, your schlong can impregnate a women by inserting it into a vagina and ejaculating inside. This whole world knows the proper method of pregnancy it to ejaculate into the fertility tank and then for the ripe woman to bathe in it. And finally the ninth charge is your schlong is limp more than half the time. I wouldn’t even classify your penis as a schlong. With a woman of your size, we classify is as a weenie. I find you guilty on all charges!”
“Wait! I can’t help it! It’s not my fault I was born abnormal. I can’t believe anybody would label me an outcast. Give me a chance, your Highness.”
“My decision stands! You are guilty and I sentence you to be exiled to a planet called Earth. There you and your little weenie will live your life as no longer be a nuisance. You are exiled right now!”
The guardswomen standing behind her f***ed her on her knees as Queen Peenatricia approached her as well as the rest of the guardswomen. “Commence the stroke!” Her and the guardswomen began rubbing their large schlongs with both hands and chanted some words unknown to the woman. Their penises erupted all around her as she was covered with a river of hot sticky sperm.
The woman opened her eyes and looked around. She was somewhere else. She was standing in front of a building that read ‘STUDIO’ and took a long look at it. The woman was fully clothed and had a purse in her hand. She looked inside the purse and found lots of money.
A few other women passed her and entered the building labeled ‘STUDIO. ’ The woman stopped the last woman and asked “Where am I?”
“San Paulo, Brazil,” the beautiful olive skinned woman replied. “You trying out for movie.”
“Yes,” the woman decided to follow. As she entered the building she spotted a woman who looked like a movie director. All the lovely ladies waited for the director’s instructions.
“To be considered for the role, I want you all to first undress.”
The woman went along and took off all her clothes as the other women did. They all had penises too. Her jaw dropped when she saw them all naked. “What the heck? Look at all those schlongs! They’re so tiny,” she told herself, “and I thought my penis was small. If Queen Peenatricia wants weenies, those are all weenies.”
“YOU!” the director shouted at the woman. “My office! I want to interview you first.” She followed the director and remained standing as the director took a seat. “Look at that cock of yours. I’ve never seen one so big and you aren’t even hard. Mind if I touch it.”
“I guess so.” The touch of the director’s hand made bl**d rush to her penis. She let the director stroke it for awhile and allowed her to give her shaft and glans a few licks. “Feels so good!”
“Can you come for me?” the director asked. She placed a towel on top of her desk. “Have at it!” The woman began to frantically pull at her schlong while the director spoke intimately to excite her more. Then she felt her whole body shake as her sperm shot all over the desk. “That was beautiful!” the director exclaimed. “You are perfect for my movie. Big dick! Hot body! Lots of cum and you’re uncircumcised! I want you in my movie! Please don’t say no! I’ll pay you double at least!”
“What do I have to do?”
“Play with that dick of yours in front of the camera, have sex with men and women and of shemales and you’ll be paid handsomely.”
“What are shemales?”
“They’re just like you, silly! What planet are you from?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“You got the part! I’ll see you tomorrow,” they shook hands and the woman gathered her clothes, ready to leave, “and I didn’t get your name.”
The woman smiled at the director, “Mariana Cordoba!”

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3 years ago
Hahaha very funny story. Mariana Cordoba is smokin hot. loved it!