my wife a old friend and a new cuckhold who is me

While i was under the kitchen table driken coffee and sucking the old man tom cock there was a knock at the front door been tell's sarha to get it. so sarah puts on a silk night gowen and opens the door as ben is taken a set at the kitchen table. Sarha opens the door and it's my Great uncle rob my uncle rob was a big man about 5'5 and 280 pounds he see's sarha and say's o did i come at a bad time and before sarha could say anything ben yell's no man come on in were just haveing brekfest. i go to get up and tom say's no bitch suck and push's me back down sarha takes off here silk gown and hag's it up my uncle is just looking and eyeing sarha my uncle asked for me and ben told him to have a set. sarha brought him some coffe and i could seen my uncle rock hard cock from seeing sarha walking around in nothen but heels.

tom starts grunting and my uncle asked if he was ok about the time a big grunt comes out and ben says he fine his just cumming. and you could hear me slurping tom's cock all up. ben say's here bitch and shakes his cock at me as a crawl over and start sucken ben's cock sarha rubbing his chest ben tell's my uncle everthing. my uncle just sit's there and when ben was done ben asked him well what do you think. my uncle stood up and looked at sarha and me and said this is what i have to say. he undid his pants pulled his pants and underwear down then just toke them off all togather gets sarha by the arm and says suck my dick my ucle lens back and sarha sucking his ols fat cock good as i am ben ben gets up and brings sarha to the liveing room and tells my uncle to fuck her my own uncle said not yet and yells come here bitch looking at me and tell me to get on my kness and suck his dick and i do after i sucked him a good 5 min he has sarha on her hands and knees as he fuck her doggie he did not last long he shot his cum deep in her fast. and i was just in shock ! my own uncle anyway tom and ben toke there truns and what happned out of pure luck truned out to be a all day thing back and furth my uncle was done and went home after a day of sucking and fucking

tom and ben had us set up the poker table and said they had friends come over tonight for poker. we were told to get some rest because were the bets tonight and the winner gets us.

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