my wife , a old friend and a new cuckhold who is m

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monday came and ben got us up like he did the past week by fucking sarah and me sucking him clean and cleaning sarha at 7 am . We all got dreesed to go to the airport to pick up bens friends nick and jim . ben made sarha wear a loss low low cute top were her tits would fall out if she just truned a mini skrit he had a thing for them no panties and some open toe pick heels on my pic they are the real one's she wear that day. I drove and ben and sarha got in the back.

we got to the air port pick up nick and jim and jim's dad tom came with them. ben said quilty shit jim's dad. we get all there stuff put it in the trunk and got in the car. we were all quit and thinken the same thing and tom jim's dad says hello ben how are you, this must be sarha set up on ben lap and put ur feet in my lap ur cock sucking hubby want care well you BOY. oh i thought nick and jim just laughed. jim said you guys did not think i would bring my dad and not tell him . we all just laughed to even me i liked this. tom removed sarha heels and told her to work his cock with her toes and feet because that boy of her's is gone be sukcing it as soon as we got to the house. and he was not jokeing as soon as we got into the has and got things put away jim call's me to the living room HEY BOY come here ! i did i seen sarha with nothen on but her pink heels sitting between nick and jim rubbing there cocks . tom said boy take off my shoe's and my pants , and when u pull my under wear down do it slow.yes sir. no tom said you and sarha were call me daddy you understand . yes daddy we both said. tom sat down with just his socks on and said alright boy suck daddys cock. his ball's were kindy big and he was hairy and his cock was laying to the left. i started sucking and in the middle of the slurps' and has grunns of o o ya boy . tom told the rest of them to get naked and to sit around us, that i was gone suck all of them hard, sarha was gone ride all them tell they cummed and i was gone go back around and clean them and then lay in the middle of the floor for sarha to set on my face. i was sucking sarha was fucking and they were all cumming hard and deep in her pussy. i was uscking them clean and the messyer they got from the cum dropping, jim was the last one he had all there cum on his cock and balls i had to lick and suck for a while. sarha was tired her legs were hurting so they let her lay on her back while i lick her clean.

I was so happy i could noy help me my cock was like a rock i eased it in her pussy and started fucking her . ben jumped up and yelled for me to stop but i just stayed with it. ben grabed my balls and said boy what are u doing. she is our whore right not ur's. i yelled and jumbed but it was to late. ben had his dick head in my ass. and yelled dont move BOY. and then ben fucked me in my ass. i cryed it hurt and ben yelled that well teach u bitch as he cummed in me.

sarha just looked and went to help me she got mad and the guys told her to sit down nik got up and said well since ur offering he got down on me to and it really hurt bad as he sunk it to the balls in me. he fucked me hard and grunted as he cummed in me to. tom got up and said now this is fun hu. tom went on to say look now we have 2 cum slut whores to fuck and suck us nice. tom said lets go out and we did we had a nice lunch

part 3 comeing soon
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