Bree woke up in the middle of the night, feeling something lightly touching her breasts. Just trying to shake herself a little, she was suddenly wide awake as she realized she couldn't move... opening her mouth to scream she realized that it was already open and stuffed full with some kind of clothe. Her mouth was dry as she saw a figure looming above her in the dark... it was that figure's hands which were so lightly touching her breasts with his fingertips, raising goose bumps over the large expanse of flesh and making her nipples hard.

Each of her wrists and ankles were bound to a bedpost, so that her body made a large 'X'... completely terrified, she sobbed a little as she realized she was about to ****d, her precious virginity taken from her in the most awful way possible. Tears leaked from her eyes as she tried to see the person who would do this awful thing to her... but all she could see was the outline of his body, although she got the sense that he was smiling very happily as he played with her large breasts. She shuddered a little as his head came down to her chest, mouth closing over one pink nipple and sucking it deep into his mouth. It felt good.... it shouldn't have felt good but it did. His hands squeezed her breasts roughly, kneaded her teats, smashing them together as he sucked and bit on her nipples. More and more excited he got as he played with them, sucking harder and chewing on her tender nubs, making her cry out behind the gag as her nipples slowly turned a raw shade of red.

Suddenly he was off of her, and she felt a stab of fear go through her, thinking that now he would take off her pajama pants and **** her... instead he went over to her drawers and started opening them, looking for something. After a few tries he found what he wanted and returned to her with a pair of pantyhose.


Using the stockings he made figured eights around the base of her boobs, wrapping them tightly so that they bulged straight out from her chest. Bree watched horrified as they stuck out, turning a slight pinkish color and tingling a little painfully. When he was finished he tied the ends of the pantyhose together and then sat back on her stomach to admire his handiwork.


Her body jerked and she tried to scream as he slapped her right boob, making it bobble and bounce, smacking against her other one. With it bound like it was it hurt even more than it usually would have, the bl**d had pooled into her large titties. He smacked the left one, and then the right, playing her like he would the bongo drums, watching them bounce and flop on her chest and slowly turn a bright pink. It was absolutely delightful, how springy they were, and the pained look on her face just made it even better.

Pinching her nipples hard between his two fingers he pulled upwards so that her back arched in an attempt to lesson the stretching. Rolling the tender nubs, his dick jerked as she twitched and struggled underneath him, huge boobs wobbling on her chest. They looked so pretty, their rosy red color with her tender nipples on the top. Lowering his head he began to suck on her flesh, making her shriek as the sucking caused sharp jabs of pain to shoot through her... it was even worse when he began sucking and biting on her nipples again. Her body squirmed and wriggled beneath him, trying to escape even though she couldn't, the pain in her boobs was just so bad.

Pulling back he started stroking his extremely hard dick with one hand, slapping her abused tits with the other. For every stroke he applied a slap to her body, getting more and more excited as he abused her mummeries, turning them bright red as his dick twitched in his grasp.

Finally he bellowed and tensed, thick strands of ropey white cum began to spurt out of his dick, onto her sobbing body. White streaks on her heaving, red tits. Fascinated by the color differences he rubbed his cum into her flesh, kneading her globes as he did so.

With one last pinch to each of her nipples he untied one of her hands and then was gone out the window.

As Bree untied herself, releasing her poor breasts from the bondage - whimpering as bl**d rushed painfully through the abused melons - she wondered why on earth he hadn't ****d her. She considered going to the police... but what would she say? 'Oh yes officer, he broke in and m*****ed my breasts but no he didn't actually even touch me below the waist...' Somehow that was more shameful than the actual **** would have been. Instead she just went directly into the shower to wash his cum from her red chest.
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i love y story