So every year we have an auction at work to help raise money for either new equipment or for a non-profit organization. Every year the guy that gets sold for the most amount can be the king of the station and bust everyone else’s balls. So we are all dressed in our uniforms and get brought up on stage to be sold off to the people in the audience. What people are buying is us for one day of household chores or taking the person out for dinner at the place of their choice. Which can get a little pricey, but it’s for a good cause so it is fun. So a co-worker was recently sold for $500.00 which was a record for the year. My best friend was up next and sold for $150.00. I was up next let me tell you a don’t get nervous very easy but defiantly didn’t want to get beat by my friend. So opening bid is $50 good start but have a long ways to go to beat $500. I have a couple ladies bidding on me, I get to $300 and I get a smile on my face, knowing I just doubled my best friend. All of a sudden someone new shouts out $1000.00, my mouth drops everyone in the audience is stunned and trying to find out who just bid a $1,000. The next thing I remember is hearing SOLD! With applauds all around for the sell. The winner was a new female resident of the area. Not knowing who she was or anything about her was making me think what I would be doing for her! At the end of the auction I was the highest selling. So I found her in the back of the room and introduced myself to her. She said her name was Shelly, nice to meet you and thank you so much for spending so much on my at the auction. She smiled and said it was for a good cause and liked that I was tall, blonde, and had blue eyes. Making me smile even more, she was saying that she was a single mother of two boys, and was recently divorced from her husband. She went on to say that she had recently bought a house and a never knew how much work it was and how hard it was to do as a single mom. So now knowing that I would be doing housework and doing yard work for her, we agreed on a Saturday a couple of weeks from the auction. I arrive at Shelly’s house and see how over grown the yard was and the amount of weeds they were waist high and being over 6’7, realized it was going to be a long day. Knocking on the door it was 6:45am I was a little early. Shelly opens the door a little surprised I was there this early and has a robe on and tying it as she opens the door. I apologize for being so early but I have a thing about being late and wanting to be places early. She smiles and I say “it’s a good thing I am here a little early looks like I have a lot to do outside.” She smiles and says that the lawn equipment is in the shed in the backyard and she would be out later to check on me. I get to the shed and find a new mower and edger and weed eater, thinking to myself guess she just bought these. Three hours later I have the front yard mowed, weeds pulled and edging done. The front of the house looks amazing and making me proud of my work. Knowing that the backyard is smaller and won’t take as long, it’s a little after 10 and starting to get warmer outside, so I take my shirt off and realize that I am covered in dirt and grass and weeds and sweeting like crazy. Just then Shelly walks out with a Gatorade and a towel. Saying that it looks like I could use these, taking them I smile and say thank you. I walk with her to the front yard and show her what has been done. She is in awe and so happy with how it looks. She then frowns and I ask what’s wrong she says she isn’t sure if she can ever make the yard look like this again. I smile and says it’s not hard. She comments that she just bought the lawn equipment last night. This makes me start to laugh, saying at least you took them out of the box and the tags off of them; she giggles and says they delivered them all setup. I say that I can show her how to do this next weekend. She agreed to it called it a date, asked when I would be done with the backyard and said I should be done by lunch. She said ok and stated she would have lunch ready for me. I go back to work to finish the backyard. I finally get the last weed pulled and go knock on her back door letting her know I was done. She answered the door wearing a spaghetti strap shirt and cut off denim shorts. For the first time I realize how hot she really is. I thought she was cute but always had layers of clothing on, but now seeing her in less was a nice surprise. She was 5’6 brunette hair and brown eyes. She had a great set of tits, nice round ass.
I asked what she would like me to do next; she said she has some inside the house work replacing some lights and faucets in her bathrooms. I said no problem that should be an easy enough. I asked if she minded if I quickly washed up, she didn’t mind, so she showed the bathroom. We walked by her boys’ room and bathroom, and asked where they were and she said with their father. He walked into her master bathroom and told me to use hers since it was a better shower. I said thank you and shut the door and started to shower off all the dirt and grime off of me. Feeling better, I shut the water off and reach for the towel that was on the rack but it was gone, I look around for it and notice Shelly standing there holding it out for me. I walk out of the shower and I see her eyes move down to my slowly getting erect penis. She is still in her clothes, and I ask if she likes what she sees, she doesn’t say a word just shakes her head up and down. I walk up to her still dripping wet, and pull her close to me and bend down and kiss her on the lips lightly and then a little harder. We break off the kiss and she says I am not normally like this but I have been watching you all morning and I am so horny and wet I couldn’t help myself. I tell her don’t worry and that I was flattered I had that influence on her. I pull her close to me and wrap my big arms around her and pick her up, and carry her to her bed and gently lower her down on it, I slowly take off her shirt and start to kiss and suck on her tits. Started with the left nipple slowly sucking on it and playing with it in my mouth, then moving to the right one kissing all the way over to the breast. Kissing and sucking on it, moving my way to her nipple. Sucking on it making it nice and hard, biting the nipple causing a little spasm and moan from Shelly. I move back and kiss her on the lips this time a little harder and a little longer. I feel her start to move her tongue inside of my mouth. My cock is getting a lot harder and harder. I push her back on her bed, and start kissing my way down her body. Stopping at each nipple spending the time to get them each hard again, and then continue my way down to her belly. Kissing my way down, stopping at the shorts and undoing them. Slowly pulling them down to reveal a red lace thong, which was soaking wet and clinging to her pussy. Getting them off, I start to smell her scent and couldn’t wait to taste her, so I start to lick her suck on her panties. She had the most amazing pussy I have ever had. She had such a sweet taste, hearing her moan as a start to lick and rub her clit thru her panties put me over the edge. I grab the panties and pull apart and rip the panties off of her. Causing her to be surprised and tell me to start licking her now. I happily oblige and start to stick my tongue as far in as I can. Loving every minute of it, she is getting wetter and loader with every passing minute. I move to her clit and start to lick and nibble on it, and slowly insert my finger inside of her pussy. She is so wet and tight it was heavenly. I start moving my finger in and out of her and I hear her say I am about to cum please do not stop. Don’t worry I won’t I go back to licking and sucking her even harder. She starts shaking and moaning and groaning, loving every minute of it. I can’t get enough of her juices. It was so intoxicating, I feel her grab my head and pull it off of her clit, and saying FUCK ME NOW, I move my way up her body and kiss her she hungrily kisses me and sucking her juices out of my mouth. I slowly start to put my now rock hard cock inside of her tight harm and wet pussy. She is so tight and I slowly enter her, causing her to moan into my mouth. I have my cock head inside of her, and slowly work the rest of my cock inside, of her. I am not huge but I am 7” and thick, and she says OMG I have never felt so full in my life. My ex had a pencil dick and this is amazing. I told her I wasn’t all the way inside of her yet I was only half way. I feel her lift her legs around me and all of a sudden wraps her legs around me and pulls me inside of her. Causing me to enter her the rest of the way instantly. Her eyes are huge and a huge smile comes across her face. I don’t move letting her pussy stretch out and get use to my cock. I slowly start moving in and out of her, it feels so amazing to be fucking this pussy. It is so tight and feels so incredible, I want to enjoy this as long as possible. I see her eyes close and feel her pussy getting even tighter and knowing that an orgasm is so close I start to move my cock in and out of her a little faster. Pulling it almost all the way out of her and slamming it back into her. Feeling her starting to spasm I continue to fucking her pulling my cock almost completely out of her pussy so just my head is in and the pushing it all the way back in her. A little harder and faster with each thrust, I feel her orgasm starting to die down, but not slowing down and forcing my cock back into her wonderful pussy. Faster and harder, feeling her orgasm starting to build once again, she is moaning and having a great time, I hear her say, cum with me. I realize I don’t have a condom on, and start to object and pull my cock out to put a condom on, but she puts her legs back around my waist and holds on tight and says place fill me with your cum. How do you object to cumming inside a beautiful women’s pussy and with her begging me too? So I agree and starting pumping even harder and faster, I feel my orgasm start to build, my cock is getting bigger and even harder. Causing her to go into another orgasm, feeling her orgasm puts me over the edge and I start to fill her pussy with my cum over and over again moving in and out as my cock continues to fill her pussy with my baby making juices. I have never cam so much in my life. I feel our juices leaking out and kiss her one more time. I keep my cock inside of her as both our orgasm die down. My cock is not going soft so, I start fucking her again. I have never had this before but was not going to waste another chance of fucking and filling her again. She is moaning and screaming out in pleasure. I am not sure of how long we fucked but I felt my orgasm starting to build. I lost track of how many times Shelly had cum. But I felt my balls start to tingle and cock getting hard. I start filling her already full pussy even more with my cum, I pull my cock out of her pussy and watch all of our juices start to flow out of her pussy. It was open wide from my cock. Still seeing her spasm, I move to her head and have her suck my cock clean. After she licked and sucked my cock and balls clean. She says she has never swallowed anybody’s cum before. She said she loved it and wants some more. I told her to keep sucking and she would get me hard and I would gladly fill her mouth up. She worked so hard and I finally rewarded her with my cum, she hungry swallowed my cum not letting any fall out of her mouth. I put my arms around her and cuddle with her, she drifts off to sl**p and I see it was after 6, so I let myself out of her room and get dressed and go get some food. I walk back into her room, and see her still sl**ping with cum still all over her legs, pussy and ass. What a wonderful sight, making my cock get hard once again, so I strip off my cloths and start to push my cock back inside of her cum filled pussy one more time. She wakes up surprised and happily smiles. Telling me to hurry up and cum inside of her because she isn’t sure how much more she can take. She says her pussy is throbbing and has never cum so much in her whole life. I pull my cock all the way out, and see her ass, and seeing it covered in cum and my cock is covered in our juices I smile and start push my cock into her ass. I barely get my head in there and she begs me to stop because she feels like I am tearing her apart. So I stop and move back to her pussy. After a short time I fill her pussy once again full of my cum. I pull my cock out of her and tell her to suck me clean again which she happily does. She says she is so hungry, I show her the bags of food. We eat the food and talk, after we were done eating she asks me to spend the night which I agree to. But with one rule I had to leave her pussy alone. She couldn’t take any more of my cock tonight. I agree, we change the sheets that were covered with all of our cum, and fall asl**p with her in my arms.

To be continued ………
Hope you enjoy

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Have you ever heard of paragraphs?
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very good read...can't wait to read more.
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Hot story. Thanks
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Hot story, would love to read more if you have them!can you add me?
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she wanted to eat your ass...........Sweet
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Awesome..Sometimes auctions can pay off...
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great story
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