Fucking grandma

This is the a story of me and my grandma bernie.  It started out as a normal day i went out. to my grandparents house to help load up our pulling tractor my f****y. takes this very exspensive. tractor around the nation for tractors pulls.  Anyway i could not go because i had school the fallowing monday and they would not be back till monday night.  So it was my grandad my dad and both my uncles that were. going

After they had. left i decided that i would stay with grandma because. i never really got to stay over there very much and i love my granda to death.  We. walked. in the house and she asked if i wanted a plate for. supper i said yes because my grandmas cooking is to die. for.  after i got. done eating i decided i needed to take a shower because i was. dirty from getting everything ready.  So i went a got a towl and went into the bathroom.  From the kichin you can see the entire. bathroom it has see through shower doors so that you can see. who is taking a shower. if the door is left open. 

So as. i walked in i left the door open just a little bit so that she might look in and see me.  My granma is a very sexy woman standing about 5 feet 10 inches with 38d breast and tan legs. very slim for a 62 year old.  As i got. in the shower. i noticed that she was peeking in the door so i washed myself off and. began stoking myself i placed my back against the back side of the. ahower and my cock to the see through doors.  I kept my eyes open just enough to see. if. she. was wathching and she was.  So after about 5 minutes i shut the water off and got out. of the shower.

As i walked out fully clothed she asked " did you have nice shower" i said why yes i did and walked. on past.  A few. minutes went by when she said " im going to hop in the shower now" i said ok because i knew she told me that for a reason.  As the water turned. on i slowly crept. to the kitchen to watch my grandma take her shower she. was. so hot after about 10 minutes the water shut off and i kept on stoking as she got. out. she saw. me and i ran back into the living. room and. sat on the couch.  She. walked. out. with only a towl on and. said " i saw. you watch me. would you like a close. up" i was. stunned and the only thing to come out. of my mouth was "yes".  As she walked. over she. droped the. towl on the. floor and. walked. over. to me.

She nelt down and grabbed my cock and asked " would you like grandma to suck on this" again i said "yes" as she slowly licked. from ny balls to the. tip of my cock all i could do was. moan im not a small guy god gave me nine great inches to work with.  She. slowly started. sucking. my cock and after. about five minutes she drove. her head down on my cock gagging from the length.  She poped back up and gasped. for air she did this again and again until she got up and pulled my pants.

She then turned around and placed her pussy right above my cock slowly rubbing the tip on her g spot then she slowly slid my cock into her pussy and said " god you have grown since you were a little boy" and put all nine inches in her pussy.  She rode me that way for a good ten minutes bending over every once in a while to let me see my cock going in and out of her pussy.  She then got off and got on all fours and said " i want you to fuck you grandmother like you have never fucked. those young sluts of yours" i agreed and put my cock deep in her pussy.  It was so warm and slipery my cock just glided in and out. of her with ease.  I was. pumping. my hips as hard. as. i could when she. screamed " yes fuck you grandmother!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!".

As she screamed it made me have to cum so bad.  So i pulled. out. to relax the orgam away.  Then i went right back to work pumping that pussy as hard as i could.  My legs started to get. tired. so i rolled her. on her back and stuck my cock in her. pussy but. as. i did she said " no i want that cock in my ass right now young man" so i caressed her asshole with my cock and shoved. it in i was not nice about going a fast as was before.  As i did i felt my orgasm coming back and yelled " im going to cum" and no more i got it out she yelled " yes fill you grandmothers pussy with that sweet juice" so i pumped as. fast as i could and came all in her ass.  Asi fell off to the side she said " well im going to go bake a. pie now and since your staying here tonight. you can sl**p with grandma and we will do this in a more comfortable spot"

Isaid " yes i would love that and can you make that pie apple" ( its the best pie in the world) as she walked away i could see my cum running down her leg.  It made me hard again but she said later that night i could have more so i didnt say anything and turned back to the tv and waited for what was going to happen to me that night

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2 years ago
Great account of your Naughty experience with Gandma. I don't know how you wer when this all took place but with me and Grandma she began teasing me when iwas 11 and a full year went by before she sucked my dick and I Fucked her...
Grandma Pussy is Sooo "special" but then it was with my other family members too i.e., Mom, Sister, Brother and later, My Daughter...
Johnny in Los Angeles... still seeping drops of Goooo from my tiny cock slit, after Cumming!
2 years ago
Very hot ,,,mmmmm love older pussy,,,thanks