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My name is Jack. I live with my mom. My grandparents live right around the corner so I go there a lot. My grandmom has very big tits (36DDD) and most of the time she shows cleavage. It ALWAYS gives me a boner. I"ll usually go to the bathroom to jack off and relieve myself. Well this is a story about the one time I couldn"t take it anymore.

Let me describe myself. I"m 18, 7 and a half inch dick. Six pack. That"s about it. Now let me describe my grandma. She"s 51. She"s skinnny. She has, like I said, 36DDD tits. And for a 51 year old, she has a pretty nice ass. So anyway, she came over unannounced the other day.

She"s moving, so she came over to get all of her stuff from my house. It was very hot out, and she was wearing a long sleeve shirt. As she was looking in my closet for her stuff, she came across my Yankees jersey, and asked if she could wear it. I said "Go ahead." she took her long-sleeve shirt off and was only in a bra.

I was staring at her tits. When she bent over to get something, I got an instant boner. I thought "Enough." and pulled out my dick, walking up to her. She looked up at me and said "What are you doing?" I told her "Your tits got me so horny, I had to relieve myself. Can you please suck me off?" She stared at my dick, admiring it. After a minute she looked back up at me and said "Wouldn"t you rather fuck my tits?" I stared at them.

"Yes!" I said. She unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. I finally got to see the tits I"ve been jacking off to for years. She pushed me on the couch, and jacked me off, getting me nice and hard for her tits. She played with them, getting her nipples hard. She then wrapped them around my dick and started jiggling them on it, and going up and down. She was actually jacking me off with her big tits! I was so horny, and started humping back.

After about a half hour of fucking her big tits, I came all over her chest and face. I jacked off watching her lick all the cum off her tits. "Did you like that?" She asked. "Yes!!" I exclaimed. "Well.. maybe we could do something like that on a regular basis. Would you like that?" "I"d Love It!!" I shouted. She finished by licking all the left over cum off my dick, and wiped her face off with a towel.

She then got dressed, got her stuff and left. She conviently "forgot" her bra. Which I jacked off to and came in the cups; filling them.
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