A binding encounter. Part 1.

Chapter 1.

I was 23 and just starting to explore my naugthier side.

I had recently gotten togeather with some people who were into BDSM and I really liked what I saw.
One night I got told by one of the "masters" to go to a specific bar in the center, wait at a specific table and order myself a glas of white wine.
I was to wear everyting black. Skirt, bra, tank top, jacket and tights. No panties though and the highest heals I had avalible. Use alot of make up. Dark eyes. Red lips. My light brown hair up in a bun.
I felt super sexy and was getting wet just thinking about what was going to happen.

After the first glas was empty I didn't really know what to do with myself. No one had told me what to do if I finished the glass and I didn't know how long I was supposed to wait. I decided to do nothing.

My mind was in a whirl and I was getting hornier by the minute. I had no idea what was going to happen and it turned me on a great deal.

Half an hour went by without nothing happening. Then all of a sudden the man at the next table moved his chair to my table. He was fairly good looking, maybe 30-35, no older than 40 at least. Dressed to the nines in a light grey suit, with a powder blue tie that almost matched his eyes.
"You have been very good. It surprised me when you didn't order another glas of wine. Few girls are so naturally submissive."

I was shocked! This guy knew everything! And he had been sitting next to me for more than an hour without saying anything! How exciting!

I started to talk but he sushed me.
"No. Now you will get up and walk out the door. I will pay for your wine. Wait for me at the bench outside."
I did exactly what he said and when he got out, he put his arm over my shoulders like we were already lovers and we walked a short distance to his house.

Once there he took my jacket and told me that he would like it very much if I didn't talk, except to ask him to do things to me. I could ask him to lick me, fuck me, spank me and such, but nothing else. I was to call him master at all times. He didn't want to know my name. I was his slavegirl and that is how he would adress me.

He took my hand and led me to his bedroom. There was a king size bed with no bed posts, but several electic cords had been tied to the frame of the bed. The sight of it made my pussy gush a little more and my clit started to swell.
"Lie down in the center" he said.

"Shouldn't I... " I started.
"NO TALKING!" He snapped at me.

It was scary! And it got me all hot for him. He was starting to show his dominant side.

"Lie down"

I did just so.

He started to caress me, stroking my toes, calves, thighs. Sending shivers up my body but not going anywhere near my pussy or ass.
He stroked my arms, shoulders and stomach. But not my tits, leaving my hard nipples crying for attention.

He reached down and took one of the electical cords. He tied the end securely around my wrist, stretching my arm over to one side of the bed. He walked around and did the same to my other arm, then my leg.
Again he walked around and took my other leg and wrapped the cord tightly around it.
"Electrical cords leave no marks" he said.
"No matter how hard you squirm and pull, no one will know in the morning"

It was fasinating and frightening at the same time. Would I have to squirm?

"The safe word is "teapot". If you say it, I stop everything, untie you and leave the room. If you say it, you will gather your things and walk out the door. You are safe with me."
I could only nod. My evening of naughtiness had begun.

Chapter 2.

He stood by the foot of the bed an looked at me.
"I'm going to blindfold you" he said and walked over to the dresser next to the bed. He pulled out a satin soft, midnight black blindfold and slid over my eyes.
It was strange to be in total darkness, devoid of my visual sense, and I could only think that it was going to be pure pain not knowing what he would do to me. Not knowing where he was standing and not knowing if he had any toys ready to use on me.

"Now, there will be no more talking unless it's me telling you what a good slave you are, or if it's you begging to be fucked!"
I nodded.

He went out of the room, leaving me there, bound in total darkness.
He came back seconds later, lit some candles and turned of the harsh overhead light that had been on.

I heard him take his clothes of. It was strange not seeing it. Not knowing what his body looked like.
I thought about his cock. Was it big, small, bent, lots of vains, smooth?
What about his body, was he muscular or soft? He looked rather well toned in his suite, but clothes can hide a lot of flaws.

When he had taken of all his clothes he crawled up to the bed where I was lying, fully dressed except for my jacked. I even had my shoes on.

I felt something cold and hard on my arms and he stroked me with it. What is this! Does he have a knife!? OMG! I'm going to die!
I felt like screaming and was on the verge of yelling Teapot, teapot, when he stopped. He must have felt how my body tensed because he wispered:
"You are safe, they're scissors"
I relaxed a bit. Scissors? Why?

He pulled on the material of my tank top and cut a hole in it, right over my rock hard nipple. He did the same on the other side and then slid the scissors over the material of my bra, making my breasts tingle and tighten, before he did the exactly same thing to it.
Now only my rather small, pink nipples were showing through the small holes he had cut.
He breathed on one nipple then the other, making them even harder if it was possible. I felt like they were being pricked with needles, the feeling was crazy, good and bad at the same time.

I waited for him to put his lips around them, sucking and licking them, releasing some of the tension he had built up.
But he didn't.

He slid down the side of the bed and ran the scissors up from my knee to my thigh, slid the cold steel under my skirt.
I was sure he would cut the skirt of me, but instead he lifted it up to my waist.
"At least I'll have something to wear when I go home" I thought. I wouldn't have minded if he would have cut it of me though. He owned me. He could do anything he wanted and I would welcome it all.

I felt the cold scissors at the crotch of my tights. He slid them up and down between my legs, occationally hitting my clit and sending electric currents up my body.
I felt like all my nerves came togeather in my clit and I could neither hear nor speak.

For a moment he stopped and then cut through the thin material hiding my soaking wet pussy.
I felt like I had just resurfaced after being under water for a long time and drew in a sharp breath.

He was setting me free.

Chapter 3.

My heart was beating so fast and my breaths came in erratic spurs.
I was going to orgasm and he hadn't even touched me!
Was this even possible?

He stood up from the bed and started to lay things on the bed next to me.
I was still blindfolded so I could only guess what he was doing and the only thing that came to mind were dildos and vibrators.
Not that he would need them. A touch of his finger on my clit would have been sufficient to send the avalance rolling.

He came back up on the bed between my legs.
"Now my little slavegirl, you can not come unless I say and if I tell you to come, you must do so right away"
"What? That is not possible!" I wanted to cry out.
But his words of silence were as binding as if I was wearing a gag.

He leaned over me and breathed on my clitoris.
This was pure agony! I was going to come!
But just as I couldn't speak, I felt I wouldn't come without his permission.

Again he breathed on it, a little closer this time.
I felt all my conciousness being drawn into my clit. It felt like there was nothing in the world except my pussy and his warm breath.

"Now you can come" he wispered and no sooner had he said the words than the most powerfull orgasm of my life came crashing over me. My fluids started leaking out of my pussy and wave after wave of pure bliss washed over my body.
The muscles in my pussy spasamed again and again for what seemed like an eternity, sending electic currents up to my nipples, who got hard enough to cut glass with them.
There is a very fine line between pleasure and pain and I went over both sides at once.

As my orgasm subsided, I could feel that I was alone.

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