an unexpected night

Well last night i decided to go out since i havent been out in a while. I shower and shave like any other guy gettin ready to go out on the town. i left the house with a bottle of gin a blunt and a beer, so i dont have to spend that much money to get a good buzz. on the way to the club my friend calls me and tells me its his s****rs birthday (she's the one in the blue thong in my pic in my profile) and they're goin to the bar. well me and his s****r have a long history and we kinda ended on a bad note. well i use my green and liquid courage to go to the bar they are at. its not very packed but its quite a few ppl there, so i go to the bar a get 2 more beer and just check out the scene. halfway through my 2nd beer i spot her goin to the dance floor. she looks so sexy tonight wearin a short black dress barely coverin her ass and black heels. well i see a few friends now and i go talk to them tryin to get my mind off that beautiful ass of her's. so after another beer i'm headed to the bathroom and she's' commin out. She looks at me and smiles, which i am suprised about cause she told me she HATED my guts. So i smile back and tell her happy birthday. well eventually we were on the dance floor together bumpin and grinding. I can tell she's pretty d***k and i ask her if she knew what she was doin. she said hell yeah i do! i say ok no regrets right! she said no. so we continue to dance until last call. she then asks me if i drove there i said yeah i did knowin whats comin next. she asks for a ride home which i am happy to do ccause i know somethin good will come out of it. we get to her house and sit on the couch still smokin and drinkin. then she stands up in front of me and bends over. thats short dress rides up her ass showin her black g string. i cant help but reach out and slap her phat ass cause i havent seen it in so long. she then sits on my lap and starts grinding her ass against me. with my joint in one hand and my other hand down her panties i felt like heaven. she was so damn wet i couldnt believe it. after i was fingering her pussy for a few mins she stands up and starts to undo my belt. she reaches her hand in my boxers and pulls out my now rock hard 8 1/2 in dick. now she never gave the best head but tonight was different she was doin shit she never done with me before. after about 10 mins of head she lowers herself down on my cock. she so wet i can feel her juices runnin down my cock and onto my boxers. we fucked in a few more positions and she eventually passed out. i tried to get so pics of her but no luck. i might go chill with her tonight, if i can get some pics i'll post the on here. this is my first story, i have more just tryin to work them out in my head first.
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4 years ago
Good story
4 years ago
yeah she remembered i think we gonna start our fuck friend relationship again
4 years ago
mane, you are one lucky ass nigga think she remembers what you did after she wakes up?
4 years ago
good story but more details