Four Best Things In The World

This isn't a story and I don't see a catagory for it but I have a question for all of you out there: If you had to choose FOUR (4)things that are the most beautiful to you in this world what would it be? This excludes f****y, Lovers,etc, those area given. Just to your eyes what are 4 beautiful things...
FOR ME: 1. I love looking at nice (fairly big to large) naturally firm Breasts.
Mine are big, and I love seeing a woman with nice firm breasts,tits or boobs whatever you want to call them. 2. A nice rock hard fully erect fairly large n thick cock. I want to put my mouth and tongue all around them..n suck n deep throat oh and don't forget the balls love sucking balls. i love when I make a man squirm n moan while I am oral on him. I'm getting so horny right now..m m m m...
And to squeeze the balls when he is cumming..WOW..and they twitch at the same time.. m m m Baby.I'm getting carried away.. ok next 4. A nice firm wet nery wet pussy..and swollen clit. A woman with spread legs over her head. or high up doggie positions with pussy lips n clit exposed eady to be eaten or fucked.. I like that.. now 4. Cum oozing (a lot) out of the vagina down the pussy lips over the anal and getting eaten up by a tongue n lips .. what a turn on. I of course love to watch (and do)fucking hard n fast with a lot of moaning and screaming (smell also)of GOOD Sex.. What do you like?
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Posted by ibMel1
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2 years ago
1- A woman reaching a mind blowing climax and squirting. My favourite position (I find it most effective) is if you're on all fours. I insert 2 or 3 fingers and pull into your g spot. Even better if you like your ass being kissed and licked.
2- Massive breasts and big nipples to play with and suck. Love my cock between them too.
3- A natural pussy and ass. Don't get me wrong I've seen many beautiful shaved pussys but I love a natural hairy pussy. I love the smell of sex too and everything that goes with it, all the better with a real natural woman.
4- Last is 1 I've not been lucky enough to see. My long, fat, hard cock penetrating your pussy and ass
4 years ago
1. Big natual breast with erected nipples.
2. Women with Big fat arses and wide hips.
3. Puffy wet pussies with big clits.
4. Women with full dick sucking lips.
Bonus ibMel1! x
sorry but I had too include you.
4 years ago
mmmm..what about 69..face sitting..titty fuck..mmmm...
4 years ago
Have a woman take a limp short cock and making it big and hard. Stroking it and jerking away.
How about being on all fours and being milked while she finger fucks your ass.
Also going down on a beautiful cunt and eating till it's nice and wet. Having her fuck your face and cumming. Best position is sitting on top, no 69, because you both can't concentrate on what pleasures you more eating or being sucked.
Both guy and gal masturbating in front of each other and talking dirty about fucking in every hole and then doing it again. Sweaty messy sex.

Sucking nipples, I don't care what size the tits are, all tits are great.
4 years ago
I am with you on the big tits...I love'em and cannot stop thinking about them. Especially when the nipples are hard! Second, a nice ripe, juicy ass in a tight pair of jeans...gets me going hard! and not on skinny girls either. Fucking skinny, scrawny girls is like fucking a bag of coat hangers. third...A woman's eyes...they are windows to her soul. Doesn't matter what color they are...the eyes have it. Lastly, the feeling of my load shooting deep into a hot, wanting pussy, and the possibilities that could happen with that.
4 years ago
for me its seeing your beautiful breasts every time i cum online.
2 its me masturbating to your pics
3 its me cumming so hard its sprays everwhere
4. it be placing my cock and balls between ur tits and fucking them with my tip of my cock entering ur mouth with each thrust
4 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts..I really enjoyed all of them...m m m m m
4 years ago
When a tongue is on my clit not licking jst lightly playing on me than slowly every so slowly lick and suck my clit than my pussy and the most beautiful of all is when they eat out my ass the last best yet is when you penetrate my ass with your cock and fuck me into obeliven. thanbk you
4 years ago
my favorite things to see are

Two women kissing. really kissing though. No porn show kissing that's all tongues slapping each other. just real honest tender kissing

The female body when it's properly proportioned. I love the old Italian sculptures. That's an almost perfect shape to me.

A pretty face giving head to a nice cock

and lastly a beautiful natural scenic vista (bonus if it doubles as a great place for sex in the great outdoors!)

My least like sight is 2 men kissing. I don't know why I love giving head and even enjoy getting a good ass fucking, but can't stand a guy kissing me, but it's usually a real turn off. There have been some exceptions though.
4 years ago
And number 5?
My feelings of shy hesitation when touched by a woman
4 years ago
A nip on the bottom lip - mine to his or his to mine

The feel of a hand cupping my breast

That moment when a cock first slides into me

The roar when a man comes - sends me right over the edge