Electric Operator

(Note: This is a follow to Morning Becomes Electric which was short; this is long; sorry. Although the story did not generate that many comments or votes, several people sent messages requesting as one so delicately phrased it, “Nail that operator [chick].” So, tack hammer poised…)

“…the operator immediately rang with my wake-up call commenting on the pointlessness of it. Her voice was husky, thick and throaty; she chuckled incongruously as her words came to me with excess breath, and her speech was slightly halting. She seemed reluctant to disconnect. The effect trumpeted her wet, clenching pussy which I began to lick and suck thru her panties cock in hand (as she hung up).”

As I lay contemplating, teasing my cock lightly along the shaft with occasional circuits of its seeping head the vision of my anonymous benefactor before me along with the rest of the morning and day, not to mention the frustration of the previous night’s pub crawl, the phone rang again. Reluctantly taking up the receiver, the same voice greeted me perhaps a bit more haltingly. “Sir…uh…I was wondering…could I speak with you…privately…?” Certainly she could, but what prompted this? Quickly reviewing, I hadn’t said anything out of line however much I might have wanted to. “I’ll be happy to speak with you. When and where do you want to meet?” Her shift would end in a few minutes, and she could come to me if that weren’t a problem. “It’s not a problem for me, if you’re comfortable. Just give me a couple extra minutes to clean up a bit, and I’ll be happy to see you.” So, in a bit of a rush, I started the coffee maker and began to effect “presentable.”

When the knock came I was just able to grab the bathrobe on the way to the door and still tying it as the door swung open. She was a significant improvement over whatever I might have imagined. Probably mid-twenties with shoulder length auburn hair dressed in a blue pullover something and loose grey skirt ending about the knee, she was a most comely vision. She had a welcoming if nervous smile and was slightly flushed as if having been jogging, though I suspected that any “perspiration” was limited to the area of my own greatest interest. Unhesitatingly she accepted my invitation entering with a delightfully fluid grace. In all, she was a vision of loveliness, a pleasure to behold.

She declined the offer of coffee as she accepted the armchair opposite mine sitting comfortably despite the apparent lack. “So what did you want to talk to me about?” After a pause and a couple of more smiles as she gathered her thoughts she said, “Well…I’m concerned that…what I mean is that…ohboy…I think you know that…I listened in…on your conversation this morning.” Nodding, I told her that I was pretty certain that she or somebody had listened to some of it. “I listened to…most of it…pretty much…all of it to be perfectly honest.” Here there was a long pause as reddening she attempted to marshal her thoughts; of course, I was enjoying this and had not the slightest intention of interrupting (or helping) her. “I want to apologize to you…and to assure you that I don’t listen in…that I…never have listened to…”

“If you’ve never listened in on a conversation before, why did you listen to ours” said I slightly more sternly than intended. “Well, it…I mean…I’m sorry, but the answer to that should be fairly obvious!” Not to me it wasn’t. “How did you know to listen to this of all conversations?” She began to stammer a bit more but said, “The fact that your…friend…called so early…something in her voice and manner suggested…caused me to suspect that…I mean something about her voice, the timing…I really don’t know. I just knew that there was something diff…unusual about this call….And I gave in to my curiosity….” Then in a rush, she began explaining that she was so sorry; she never would do it again, never had done anything so outrageous; she really wasn’t a nosy or prying person; she wouldn’t ever tell anyone…and similar. Finally, after a pause she said almost tearfully, “Please, I need this job; and if you report what…they’ll fire me immediately; and I won’t be able to find another job that fits my needs. So, basically I’m begging you not to report me.”

In what I hoped were reassurance with a reassuring smile, I said that she need have no fear; that I had no wish to exacerbate the unemployment statistics; that while I couldn’t imagine what had fired her imagination, it was most likely that with a reversal of circumstances I’d have listened too. She thanked me saying, “I really can’t say what made me do it.” I laughed at that. “I understand what made you do it. It was the same thing that would’ve made me or maybe anyone do it! What I can’t understand is how you knew to listen to us.” Pleading she said again that she was so sorry. Of course I assured her that her apology was sufficient and accepted.

“So…did you enjoy what you heard?” (Now you’ll pay my pipe[r]!)

At this she blushed and momentarily was speechless. Finally, she said softly with a nod, “Yes.”

“Was it exciting for you?”

A darker shade of blush and a throaty, “Yes.”

“I have to tell you that I heard you gasp at one point. That was very exciting for me.”

Softly, huskily, “I was sure you had heard me.”

“The fact that you were there listening to us greatly increased my excitement. It almost felt as though I were talking to you.”

“I felt as if you were talking to me…” Blushing more deeply now and more softly: “I…I wished you were talking to me…I wanted you to say those things to me…”

“And you were very excited…?”

“Yes, I was very excited.”

“At least some of your excitement flowed from the knowledge that you were exciting me with your presence, our shared secret…and you loved it.”

Whispered now “Yes.”

“From the look on your face, the way you keep crossing and uncrossing your legs, you’re still excited.” (I give you high marks for keeping me from seeing all but the briefest of views of your lovely thighs though—damnit.)

“Oh…God…yesssss…I’m that obvious…?” She hadn’t even realized that I was up and had closed the few feet separating us until I took her hand and pulled her up to me. Holding her to me I felt more than heard her sigh of relief as her arms went around me one chest height the other a bit below my waist. Kissing her gently I accepted her invitation and pressed my hand to her ass holding her to me as her pelvis tilted up to meet me. Initially our tongues met tentatively, feeling, acquainting but quickly intensifying; mine explored beneath hers, over hers then deeply claiming her mouth for my own. In turn hers pushed into my mouth for her own exploration, claim. It was awhile before I became aware that her hand was firmly, surely learning my ass, and I wasn’t even sure when my own hand had begun to trace her cleavage but we both clearly were enjoying it as she moved against me even as u*********sly I moved against her. Breaking our kiss, briefly sucking her lower lip while looking into her dark eyes, I pushed her hair away from her face, up from her neck giving her a kind of nakedness and vulnerability. Her soft moan acknowledged, acquiesced in that nakedness.

Fighting our shared urgency, I raised her skirt registering the silky slide up her leg, briefly caressed the underside of her ass and slid my hand to her crotch. When I pressed firmly between her parted thighs she sounded almost wistful. Her panties were damp (and the Titanic encountered a bit of ice). Deliberately my hand glided forward and back in her crotch the fabric sliding with me over her ripened flesh. She extended her hand up my sleeve to my elbow and lightly down to my hand where she rested as I felt her. She was participating, sharing rather than offering suggestion which quickened my cock against the back of her hand. Smiling at me through parted lips, her other hand pulled the tie of the bathrobe. Now I was naked, vulnerable and my arousal glistening on the back of her hand as we teased her.

Joined thus we floated(?) to the bed where she sat briefly before leaning back as I raised one of her legs onto the sheets. Kneeling afforded an unobstructed view of her open crotch covered by the thinnest layer of silky, shiny blue fabric. Quietly inhaling her scent, I tried not to linger or be too obvious though she was watching me. Forsaking the view, I placed my open mouth to hers my tongue demandingly pressing into it feeling the fabric pulled down her furrow. Licking, pushing, teasing her pussy as my tongue strained with, against her panties I felt her other leg rise against my head as if she were caressing my ear with her thigh. Licking lightly while sucking her excitement from, through the fabric excited by her movements in reply I satisfied my earlier fantasy of tasting her arousal then went in search of the other flowers of her garden.* My tongue traced the tops of her open labia in turn before exploring her valley from mouth to labial junction pausing almost incidentally at her clitoris notwithstanding her vocal acknowledgement of that incident.

Needing direct experience of her, I reached for the waist band of her panties as she obligingly raised up to facilitate their removal while repositioning herself on the bed still open to my kiss. Lying on my side next to her with her leg over me, I began to devour her, my face on, in her like a man starving. Initially my tongue explored the slick textures of her wet lips, her salivating mouth, her urethra which seemed particularly sensitive and finally the little soldier standing guard in the boat. Her, my tongue greeted with every salute of my imagination. I caressed her exposed head, her short length, her underside; I licked her with the smooth underside of my tongue, its tip and sucked her inside my mouth licking concertedly as her superior began rocking and exhorting me to let her come. Feeling her contract, I pushed in my fingers firmly pressing them at the floor of her pussy as she squeezed me breathily. As my fingers stroked shortly in and out of her, she began to squeeze them in response. Automatically I pursued those sweet spots provocative of response with my tongue as she began to lurch toward fulfillment announcing “…com…COM…fuuu…FUCKING COMING!!! Ooooooooh…cooooooommmminnngg…”resulting in my shifting focus as I lapped at her relief and all of her cunt claiming her and her come for my own. After a time she inquired with a tantalizing lilt, “So, ya wanna FUUUCK…?”

Accepting her new invitation, I reversed my position beside her pulling her to her side with her lower leg up to my waist and lay on top of it with her other leg over me and slid my cock easily home. Slowly entering her warm wetness in that unsurpassed joy, I was thrilled further as she grasped along my invading length. Lying thus joined we kissed slowly, deeply. At one point she seemed to breathe me in and paused to comment that previously I’d smelled of shampoo. I admitted that ordinarily I shampoo the beard as part of the morning ablutions. She said, “I like you better this way, smelling of me” and giggled, giggling again as my she felt my cock swell inside her in response. Growling, “You like me redolent of ripe woman…” She caught her breath as her cunt involuntarily slid in fuck.

During this temporary respite, I helped her remove her top though for the time being her skirt had to be left in place, and she helped me remove the robe with the movements adding to our excitement. Essentially skin to skin now her warm breasts against my chest, I eased my hand down her open lips and to her mouth. Feeling our junction, I collected her copious lubrication and tracked it back to her clitoris which I began to stroke in light, wet movements. She flushed smiling at me eyes deepening. As we kissed, I continued teasing her clit, caressing, feeling along her sulcus, pushing the top of her vulva to slide her sheath along her clitoral shaft and generally enjoying the exquisite intimacy of her as my cock deep inside her wetly expressed my intense enjoyment even as she squeezed me in reply. Our tongues deeply exploring the other’s mouth by turns, we moaned into each other as urgency took us. When her fuck rhythm increased in speed and length my caress concentrated in time on her clit. Shortly she took her mouth from me and put it to my ear moaning then panting into my depths her heat…”fuckingcuntcomecomingcuntfuckfuckfucking…Owooohhfuck…fuck…fuuuuck…aaaahh…ohfuck…”

Momentarily exhausted she held tight against me as her tremors diminished. At length, she looked at me in surprise and said, “That’s the first time I’ve come with a cock in my cunt.” For reply I said that it was the first time I’d been a woman’s first anything to which she said with a knowing look, “That you know of.” When I laughed her cunt grabbed me, and again surprised she said, “You didn’t come!” I told her that I was so caught up in hers that I could think of nothing but sharing it. Also, I pointed out that I’d started two ahead of just this morning; added to that the previous night—“Solo?”—sadly yes, and despite the stupendous excitement and enjoyment of her, my own relief understandably might be delayed a bit. “Well, Mister, you owe me, and I aim to collect.” Said I, “Assume the position; Lady’s choice.”

Holding tightly to my hips as I held her shoulders, we rolled her onto her back as she pulled up her legs wrapping them around my upper back. Withdrawing from her, I stopped as she held up her hand. “Is it a fuck for you if you don’t come?” Her giggle hit the base of my cock as I growled, “I’ll show you fuck!” and rammed into her warm, syrupy cunt driving her breath from her. Never having understood the term “powerfuck,” I think this might’ve been close. Pulling her knees into my chest I proceeded in long, hard, deliberate strokes to open her cunt to swallow me whole, consume me. Gasping for breath she demanded, “GIVE ME YOUR FUCK! Fuck my cunt, take my cunt and give me your fuck! Ride me motherfucker…come in me now…fuckmefuckefuckmefuckme…” As I quickened and it became obvious that my come was imminent she urged me quietly to come in her, fill her…fill her cunt…give her my come…As I groaned and otherwise noisily trumpeted my come into her in long desperate streams, she demanded, “Don’t stop! Keep fucking, keep fucking me, froth…our…fuck…in my cunt…You’re not done yet…fuck me…!” Obediently I continued until collapsing exhausted on top of her.

When I’d caught my breath, I looked at this winsome example of wholesome all American pulchritude beneath me and marveled, “Where did you learn to talk like that?!” Without missing a beat she said, “From you…I’m a quick study, don’t you know” at which I laughed to tears.

Intromission to intermission and, ‘What do you do?’ “I’m a visiting fireman.” What does that mean? “Not a helluva lot. Basically I put out fires.” Where’s the fire? “It’s less simple than that that. Sometimes there’s a fire, sometimes there’s an imminent threat of a fire and sometimes as now, there’s a more distant threat.” So when there’s an imminent threat…? “I come marshal the troops, limit the fuel, check equipment, etc., show the flag.”

“You have a come to jeeeeezuss moment?”

“Considering that we’re in the buckle on the bible belt, a very apt expression.”

“So what happened today?”

“Everything fell apart leaving me until late afternoon and evening to deal with the opportunities as they knock.”

“Ok, so you put out fires…Sounds more like a hitman to me…”

“They probably are a bit more circumspect. Besides, you’ve seen my gun…” At her hearty laughter, “Hey! It’s not THAT funny!...So what makes the night shift so important for you?”

“I’m finishing my degree then heading to grad school. I just got divorced after four years…(Noting my cloudy look) No, it’s cool. We were best friends from about eight years old and mistook that for something to base a marriage on. We’re still good friends and better friends than spouses.”

But working the hootowl shift dovetails with both my time constraints and financial requirements.” Unfortunately I commented that I thought the “owl” shift was four to midnight at which she said we were having our first argument.

“No, Dear, because I withdraw. I know only what I’ve been told and have no way of knowing the accuracy or even whether I recall it correctly...or reason to care, really.”

“Coward. Put up your dukes!”

“And risk losing to a woman?—hell no!”

What’s she going to study in grad school? She’s not sure so she’s taken the GRE, LSAT and some other acronym to cover all her interests which her double major permits. Quick study, indeed! And her plans for the rest of the day…?

“You’d better not be trying to get rid of me. I still have plans for you right now.” To the suggestion that her “plans” might be a touch optimistic, “Oh, I’ll get him back” as she began kissing me and otherwise taking in hand the necessary.

Some invitations really are compelling. As I luxuriated in her attentions, she paused before moving her hand to her clit and below. Entering herself she began to tease effectively as her mouth went taut and her breath came a little faster. Then she brought her fingers dripping our fuck to her mouth watching me gravely as she took them inside demonstrably licking and sucking them. Satisfied she returned her hand to her crotch saying, “I’ve never let anyone see me do that. I got that from you, too. (then giggling) Another first! (and) Oh look at our friend! Clearly he liked that! Maybe another taste…” This time I moved my hand to hers resting it on hers, my fingers d****d over hers as they disappeared inside sharing as she had done earlier. When she withdrew her hand, I kept mine with hers as she took it into her mouth and stroked as again she tasted us. The effect was all she might have hoped for as she noted.

“I think he needs a kiss, don’t you?” Before I could respond, she’d moved to take possession of my cock. As it stood, she leisurely licked the underside from bottom to top and back. Licking her way back up, she paused at the sweet spot just below the head and sucked, her tongue pointedly teasing. The effect was instantly apparent an inch or so above, and as it caught her eye, she vocalized her appreciation into my cock causing it to jerk. Holding her position she smiled as my come flowed to her lips. Her eyes burning into mine, she licked her lips then to the source which she took into her mouth momentarily fucking her mouth fiercely with my cock. As I moaned and squirmed, she looked at me inquiringly. During her pause I asked whether this was her ‘plan’ to which she replied, “Nope, but I do want some more of this.” Despite having already assured her that I was disinclined to argue, I repeated my position and my willingness for whatever continuation of this she had inclination. She smiled broadly.

“I want you to use our frothy fuck and take my ass. Further, (she said teasingly) I want you to consider the matter from a new vantage as I continue my kiss.” So saying, she knelt straddling me providing the most stunning view of her ass and pussy in open invitation as she returned to a slower version of what she’d been doing previously with my cock.

“Your wish, my command, M’love. Just so you know, I have a superior lubricant for later. But I so love the way ‘frothy fuck’ carries on your voice,” an excitement she felt in her mouth. Then I pressed my fingers into her cunt exulting in the feel of her slippery interior surfaces. Sliding in and out of her, feeling, pressing, searching, learning her until she moaned and squeezed my fingers my entire hand wet to dripping with us. Removing that hand, with the tips of my fingers I circled the outer edge of her anus as my other hand filled her vacancy. Slowly around till she winked at me expelling air around my cock. Lightly my fingers worked to the center of her most private mouth wetting her, thrilling us. I moved against her anus with my hand soaking her in our froth then pressing against her resistance as she groaned or moaned or both. Teasing her with varying pressures completely encompassing her anus, I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and teased her vulva. As I lightly slid along, over her clitoris, she contracted again which was when my finger penetrated her ass to her gasping accompaniment. A moment’s rest then my intruding finger went deeper into her ass again receiving a vocal response from her. Moving out slowly, she clenched my finger, and I went deeper into her. This time she jerked arching her back and pushing against my hand moving my finger deeper still. When I asked how she was, she groaned, “I wish you could feel this…how good it feels…your cock in my mouth, the taste of you and us…your finger in my ass and on my clit…Would you put another finger in me?” I told her that being able to feel what she did was a fond desire but that I wished she could feel and see what I did, then slowly I slid another finger into her ass as she bucked; still slowly I moved them in and out as my other finger slid over her clitoral head. Shortly she said, “I could come very easily this way.” When I asked whether she’d like to, she replied, “I want your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck my ass!” So, I invited her to choose her position at which her expression suggested a limited experience. When I asked whether she’d had much experience, she acknowledged that it was very limited.

It was her choice that she kneel on the side of the bed as I approached her standing behind. Reaching for the lubricant on the nightstand, I got up as she turned. While admiring the view, it occurred to me that her skirt bunched around her waist provided an interesting visual perspective to this exciting presentation. How strange that neither of us had thought to remove it. Appreciating her vulnerability, I spread the lube on her and my fingers which I slid back inside her continuing to stroke her clitoris with my other hand. It appeared that her orgasm continued to hover near, but she wanted to wait for my entry. I explained that I would go slowly but the key was for her to relax as much as possible and to be sure to tell me of her comfort level. Before introducing my cock to her ass, I added that the initial entry would be the most difficult.

With my left hand, I wet the length of my shaft and head then more to her ass which seemed to add to her excitement. Removing my fingers, I rubbed the tender flesh of my head over her tender ass teasing us. When she was ready, slowly my head pressed into the firm, tight ring of her ass till it was completely inside. Her groan or grunt was both exciting and concerning; exciting as it was, I always felt regret at this stage. She assured me that she was alright and squeezed with a moan. After a delay, I pushed further to a new groan at which I paused. When she said hoarsely, “More,” I obliged waiting briefly before withdrawing slightly to her expression of pleasure. Then I reclaimed my entry and more until she groaned again. This time instead of pausing, I withdrew before gently pushing forward. All the while I teased her clit slowly. Soon most of my length was inside her before I withdrew and gently pushed back into her taking her breath. Another stroke or two and she said breathlessly, “God that feels good! I’d never imagined this intensity of pleasure. More…please…” She arched her back, pushing against me as we gradually increased our pace and length of stroke until we found ourselves in earnest fuck. Her orgasm clearly was near and as she repeatedly squeezed my cock it was equally clear that she soon would have mine as well. Suddenly she began to moan and cry out excitedly her ass gripping me, milking me in the first throes of her come and we fucked in almost desperate rhythm before she screamed and took my come from me. As the last of my streams was expelled into her, we collapsed on the bed together, and my final spasms completed our fuck.

Lying on top of her exhausted I yet had a need for her however flaccid, passive and kissed the back of her neck. Unfortunately my kisses resulted in her spasm that spat out my dying dick giving her still another giggle. For the next considerable period we lay together laughing and kissing. At length she said, “You know I really wanted that, but at first I thought I wanted it for you. Very soon it became for me…I wanted it for me and was surprised at the intensity and pleasure I felt. I still wanted to give you pleasure and was excited by your enjoyment, but the greater pleasure was my own and it became almost a single minded determination. I’ve never experienced anything like that.” I told her how wonderful it was to share and agreed that it is a unique, intense and intensely intimate experience.

We lay together reveling in our shared joy awhile longer before she announced that it was time to catch her pumpkin and see to the mundanities of life. Regretfully I agreed that something of the sort had call upon me…So we parted sweetly sorrowfully to be sure in pursuit of our separate existences.

When I returned from dinner that evening there was a message on the phone. She called to tell me that she’d spent the day enjoying the aroma of ripe, fertilized woman, but sadly she now had to shower for work. Missing her call by minutes, I quickly returned it hoping to speak with her. Unfortunately she apparently was in the shower, so in my best phone sex voice, I said, “I want to breathe fucking into your ear……..until my voice drips from your cunt.” Suddenly the emptiness of the room was oppressive, claustrophobic. I left for the bar to salve the loneliness. On returning there was another message. She said in retributive tone, “Fortunately I wasn’t wearing my panties” then her cock quickening naughty little girl giggle carried me to the disconnect.

*For Mike

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2 months ago
I read it again and enjoyed it as much as I did the first time.
4 months ago
I enjoyed your story.
2 years ago
yes...oh so very enjoyable...anamalistic and erotic. thank you
2 years ago
amazing graphic discretion ...sensual hot ..!!!!!!!
3 years ago
I agree with the "put up your dukes" line. Very cleverly plotted. I did like the sense of humor as well- classy. But my fav lines is “Assume the position; Lady’s choice.”
well done, Eric!
3 years ago
A very dirty and funny story at the same time. Nothing better than dirty talk. And good for you for fucking the Operator up her ass. That made me rub the little soldier that stands guard in my boat.
3 years ago
Coward.Put up ya Dukes!.....Very very good yarn Ian a lovely detailed build up.I really enjoyed it.
Thanks for sharing....5 outa 5
3 years ago
what a fantastic and outstandingly descriptive piece of erotic writing..
3 years ago
I agree with Peter, the last paragraph was the best part
3 years ago
Well written.
3 years ago
Nice work Eric, fav piece has to be the last paragraph.
3 years ago
outstanding hot sweet very naughty & sexy just like me
3 years ago
Excellent...raw yet sensual..Thanks for sharing.