Telephone advice on a cold, rainy day...

Awhile ago, a woman I'd known slightly at a site I hadn't been to in some time wrote me that she had some problems she'd like to discuss with me. I gave her my number and invited her to call. When she called, we had a lengthy conversation. Her problems were significant enough but not that difficult to sort out. After the initial discussion I did most of the talking with occasional questions to her. Otherwise she made brief comments expressing understanding but was fairly quiet.

Eventually she said softly that she really liked my voice and that she found it (pleasant? comforting? soothing...?). I said something like "thanks" and paused being unable to think of anything else to say. Then I heard her sharply take in breath, and she asked whether it would bother me to know that for a long time she had been playing with herself while listening to me. Surprised (flabbergasted actually that I hadn't noticed anything), I said something like, "Do you mean...?" She said, "I've had my fingers in my pussy and been lightly stroking my clit. I nearly came several times but wanted to wait...and it just felt so good listening to you and feeling my cunt respond as though your voice was washing over it." At this I was startled and said something like I was glad she'd decided to share this with me; please continue; and that I'd love to share her come. She asked me if I could talk to her; unsure what she meant, I told her that I was not alone so limited in what I could say. She said that she wanted me to talk dirty to her, to tell her that I wanted to fuck her--and I certainly did!--to see her pussy, to lick and suck her pussy, to taste her excitement, drink her....Her voice was getting deeper and her breathing was becoming quick. She moaned and said, "You really do want to see my cunt don't you?! And you DO want to fuck me!" Of course, I assured her that I did, that I couldn't think of much else at that moment. Then somewhat breathily she told me that her pussy was dripping wet as she fucked herself, she was fucking her pussy fast and wetly stroking her clit and was “about to......about to.....GONNA...”groaning and moaning then crying out "COME....COOOOOOMMME….....cooooooommmminng..............OH GOD!....." Then she went quiet but her breathing came in gasps and a kind of jerking or choking with occasional light whimpering sounds until finally she sighed long and longingly. I said softly, deeply huskily "That sounded wonderful." When she said that I'd made her pussy clench, I was beside myself, nearly coming too.

After a few minutes she asked if I'd mind if she got her "rabbit" and came again. Of course, I had no objection(!!!) and told her that I'd love to share more. When she returned, she told me that she'd brought her rabbit and a "cricket" which was just for her clit. For the next half hour or so she fucked herself with the rabbit describing what she was doing and telling me all the things she wished we could do together. She knew I couldn't jack off with her, but she wanted to know several times that I was hard and straining and swelling and that my cock was oozing come as I listened to her. Several times I assured her that my cock was hard, throbbing and oozing with come in tribute to her that I wanted to paint her lips with my seeping cock, paint her nipples, her clit...At one point she laughed throatily at which I assured her that she'd just made my dick jerk very wetly again.

As I said, I don't know how long this went on but she came noisily another couple or three times. There wasn’t reason or opportunity to talk to her again she presumably being too busy with husband and boyfriend(s?), and other than to write of her enjoyment (and that she just didn't know what had gotten into her!---I was pretty sure what had got into her!), I haven't had contact with her since, except to assure her that it'd been a most enjoyable experience for me. Needless to note, this continues to be a most pleasurable recollection.

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2 years ago

call me ...hear my cries of pleasure you voice gives me ...xx
3 years ago
Hello, 911, this is an emergency. Get me “iansearchof”. I need to cum and i need to hear his voice when i do it.
3 years ago
Very hot..(better than nice?)