after the dance

pure fiction

it had been a lovely night, the dinner was fantastic, the live band had everyone on their feet and now the DJ had slowed the music down, most of the people had left but we were still on the dance floor holding each other close meandering around as i softly kissed your neck time after time, your sweet perfume floating in the warm air, my hands slide down your soft skin and onto your bum, the subtle change from skin to satin as my hands drift down your spine, your backless dress showing off your tanned body, the low cut front revealing a deep cleavage that my eyes explore constantly, as we move gently to the music your dress flows and the satin hugs your sexy contours, throughout the night men have been mentally undressing you and you have been using your sparkling eyes to seduce them knowing there partners have them under control, crossing your legs and allowing the split up the side of your dress to fall open teasing with your smooth skin showing about your hold up stockings, watching the bulges grow in their trousers as you cross and uncross your legs giving deliberate flashes of the new silk panties bought specially for the night. As we smooch around my hands caress your bum and stroke your back, your breasts push into my chest causing your nipples to slightly harden, our thighs rub together then i pull you closer rubbing my hardening bulge against you, your eyes still sparkle although your imagination drifts further into the night.
The song finishes and you take my hand and float off the dance floor, your jewelry sparkling, mens eyes peering through the darkness at you wishing they could be taking you home tonight, i follow silently knowing i will be taking you home. As we get back to the table we take a drink of our wine, you kiss me softly on the lips with a long sensual kiss, diamonds flash from your eyes followed by a slow sexy wink, "let's go home" you whisper, i nod and we collect our things and head to the door, the doorman waves down a taxi and we snuggle in the back, only the noise of the drivers radio breaks the silence, we hold each other close, your hand slowly slides up my thigh and rests on the bulge at the top, we start to kiss, my hand slides around you and cups a breast through your dress, the nipple hardens as i run my fingers around and over it, you bite my lips gently and stroke me through my trousers, the bulge growing as you do, i move my hand across and inside your dress feeling the heat of your skin on my hands, i tease the nipple gently, you let out a gentle moan and squeeze my now hard cock, after a few minutes i slide my hand down and through the slit onto your thigh, your stockings smooth to the touch as move slowly upwards, stockings turn to skin and then skin to silk as i gently brush over your panties, your legs part slightly and my hand moves between your legs, the silk slightly damp to my soft touch, my cock twitches with excitement as i rub over your lips tracing along the crack, you push down in the seat and spread your legs further before sliding your hand under the waistband of my trousers and take my cock in your hand, slowly stroking along its length. i glance at the drive who is oblivious to our fun, humming along to his radio so i guide my finger inside your panties and into your wet pussy, your eyes melt and you take in a long gasp of air, your hand cups my balls as i wriggle to give you more room, i want to get my cock out and take you there and then but fight to keep control. My fingers slide in and out easily as your pussy becomes wet so i increase speed and rest my thumb on your clitoris feeling it throb as i work your pussy, your hand moves back onto my cock rubbing the smooth head, as the street lamps pass i notice your nipples distended through the satin i want to suck them hard, your breasts barely hidden with the dress moving as the driver turns the corners allowing your breasts to peep from behind the satin. I realise we are almost home and push a third finger inside you, pounding them in and out your panties soaked with your warm juice which must now be soaking into the seat, your panting gets louder and faster until you burst into orgasm, your body convulses before going limp on the seat. I remove my hand and cover your legs with your dress just as we pull up outside, i pay the driver and follow you to the front door.

Once inside you grab me and kiss me hard, your hands fumbling with my clothes, my jacket and tie are thrown to the floor, my belt and trousers are unfastened and let fall before you unbutton my shirt and your hands run over my chest I peel the satin off your shoulders and down over your arms, your breasts and nipples heaving as you try and get your breath, i drop the straps and the dress falls to the floor, you stand there in just stocking and panties, before i can move my hands to pull you towards me you fall to your knees taking my cock in your hands, slide them down and caress my balls, your eyes run up my chest and make contact with mine, deep dark eyes sparkling with desire, without a word you guide my cock into your mouth, tongue licking and swirling as it disappears down your throat, my knees weaken to your touch, my hands rest on your silky hair as you slowly slide backwards and forwards down my shaft.

After a few minutes you stand, grab my hand and pull me towards the stairs and up to the bedroom, throwing your self on the bed, you put your thumbs inside the top of your panties to remove them but i say "no leave them on" i move forwards and spread your legs wide, pull the damp silk to one side and push my tongue inside you, your hips push to meet my tongue and a loud moan fills the room, my tongue darts in and out the over your clit, your hips dancing to my rhythm my hands reaching and playing with your breasts and nipples pulling, tugging, pinching and twisting as you moan and encourage me to do more.

"fuck me!!!" you cry "fuck me NOW!!!" i move my body over yours, you lift your knees wide and high as you grab my rigid cock and pull my towards your pussy, "now please now" you moan as i slide inside, moving your hips to help me sink inside you, your knees move up to your chest your beautiful pussy wrapped around my cock glistening with juice, i start pounding into you as you sink your nails into my back and bum, harder and harder i pound you the room filled with moaning, slurping and sounds of skin hitting skin, your legs wrap tightly around me back as you f***e me deep inside you, moans change to soft cries of "yes oh yes please yes " as you gasp for air, your cries get louder, your pussy clamps my cock and another orgasm stimulates your body, i slow down allowing you to get your breath then pull out moving you into the doggy position, your sexy bum covered in silk sticks in the air, i pull the panties to one side and slide back into you, my balls resting on your pussy before starting to fuck you again, you push back onto me wanting me deeper, your hand slips between your legs and rubs your clit and my cock, i grab your hips and pull you back, the feeling of your fingers touching my cock is overpowering, before long i am fucking you with short hard strokes, you feel my cock thickening and clamp your pussy around it i let out a loud moan as i release my sperm inside you, slamming in with every spurt , your tight pussy milking every drop from me before we collapse on the bed exhausted.

I wake hours later we are both in the same position as we fell, the night chill makes your nipples hard, i stare at your body for ages, asking myself why does this beautiful woman want me? i take a spare blanket from the cupboard and put it over us both, snuggle behind you and drift off back to sl**p.
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