Uncle Darrens Farm

Summers are so fun in my part of the world. Always with friends, watching
movies or going swimming or even going to camp. But at the end of every
summer, my older b*****r and I always spend a month or more at uncles
ranch. It's massive and there is a heap of things to do. Swimming and
riding horses are at the top of the list of things to do. This year my
b*****r and I headed to our uncles ranch earlier than usual. We decided not
to go to a camp and we both thought spending time at our uncles ranch is
much better than spending it at the same camp we do every year.

My name is Dean and I am 14 years old and I am a very athletic boy for my
age. I am a tall but well built and I am what the girls call me a buff
specimen. But I have a little secret that only my best and I will ever
know. I am gay and I am loving having a cock in my ass when ever
possible. My best friend and I decided to experiment one sl**p over before
the start of summer last year and he sucked my cock and I loved it, I knew
a bit about gay sex and I talked him into fucking my tight ass and oh boy
was it the best pleasure I have ever had. I was lucky enough to be able to
fuck his as as well and he loved it. We have been fucking each other ever
since. No one knows about it and we are going to keep it on the hush hush.

My b*****r Craig, he is 17 and is going to start his final year of high
school in 3 months. He sort of like me. He is the captain of the football
team and he is the captain of the debating team as well and he is really a
intelligent guy. He has all the girls he wants, but he has the most
beautiful and smart girl friend you would ever want. He is really my best
friend and we have been good friends all our lives. We normally tell each
other everything and I do feel bad that I haven't told him my little secret

Uncle Darren is the coolest guy you would ever want to know. He bought this
ranch when he finished college and has built it up nicely. He isn't married
and he is happy with that. We arrived at his ranch early on the first day
of summer holidays and I went riding on the horses straight away. I grabbed
my favourite horse that I use every year. She is a gentle thing and is easy
to ride. I was able to name her and everything, I think uncle Darren got
her for me and to have fun with. Darren has a farm hand that works on the
ranch to help out out uncle Darren with the live stock and the horses. This
guy is a stud and I would love to have his cock in my ass at one stage in
my life. He decided to go for a ride with me and he took to places I have
never been before. Craig decided to stay back and work with uncle Darren

The ride was a good long journey up in the mountains and we found a river
and I went and had a good swim. Trent joined me and I was so keen to kiss
and play hot and heavy with him. But I decided to go against my
urges. After a good swim, we headed home. I rode in in and led my horse
into her stall and I went looking for uncle Darren and Craig. As I was
walked past the stalls, I could hear moaning and what it sounded like uncle
Darren telling someone to fuck his ass hard coming from the last stall in
the stable. I peered in and to my shock horror I saw Craig laying on a
couple a bails of hay and uncle Darren sitting on his cock riding it
hard. It made me feel fucking horny as a frog and I need of what they were
doing to each other. Luckily the stall next to theirs was empty and a
sneaked in and dropped my shorts and briefs to the ground and started
wanking while listening to Darren telling Craig to fuck him hard. I wanked
good and hard and as Craig yelled out he was about to cum. I shot a good
load as well and fuck it felt good. . I watched uncle Darren remove himself
from Craig and he gave him a passionate kiss and he told him same time
tomorrow studly.

Dinner was a quiet affair and I wanted to say something, but I couldn't
muster up the courage to tell them what I saw. After dinner, Craig rang his
girlfriend and he could stop telling her how much he missed her. Felt very
sick in the stomach. I went to bed early and my room is next to uncle
Darrens and he went to be before Craig and I and again I heard him telling
someone to fuck his ass hard and this time I looked in to see that it was
the worker he has on his ranch. When I left my b*****r caught me and his
words were, do you like what he is doing and all I could do was avoid the
question. As I entered my room, I looked back and saw uncle Darren take
Craig into his room and I knew what was about to happen and I wanted what
they were doing so bad.

I was up early and headed for a run and I went past uncle Darrens room and
I looked in and I saw Craig and Jason the guy who works for uncle Darren
and Jason was holding a peaceful looking Craig and they looked like they
were very satisfied with what they did last night. While I was about to go,
I got a tap on the shoulder from uncle Darren and he took me by the hand
and led me to the stables and into the stal he and Craig were in yesterdsy.
"i know you watched us yesterday Dean". I wasn't surprised to hear that,
because I was moaning pretty loudly when I was wanking my cock off. I was
wondering what he wanted with me and than he put his hand down my shorts
and start playing with my cock and I knew I was in for a very good
morning. "so you want to fuck you favourite uncle" I smiled and nodded my

Uncle Darren dropped to his knees and pulled down my shorts and jock strap
with him. He looked at my cock and said "gee you have a monster cock mate,
as big as your dads" I thought he must have fucked dad as well. Uncle
Darren started sucking my cock with some good vigor and gee it was so nice
to. His mouth was doing a fantastic job on my cock and I was in heaven and
not feeling weird on bit. Uncle Darren sucked my cock for a good 10 minutes
and I was ready to fuck his ass but uncle Darren had other ideas . "lean
against the stable door Dean. I am going to fuck your tight ass". What he
didn't know was my ass has been fucked plenty of times

I warched as uncle Darren guided his cock into my ass and it went straight
in. "whoa my studly nephew like having his ass fucked". He started fucking
my ass hard and fast straight after those words. "oh fuck that feels
fucking great uncle Darren". He started fucking my ass even harder after
those words and fuck I was loving have a mans cock in my ass. My moaning
and groaning with every thust, just got louder and louder and I was in
heaven and the moment of truth was apon us and uncle Darren says "i'm
cumming baby. I hope you like it in yur ass like your b*****r" and I took a
deep breath and said "i love having cum in my ass" and with a couple of
good thrusts. Darren dumped a good load of cum into my ass.. it felt really

The rest of the day was just having a good swim and riding horses.

That was clearly the best sexy I have ever had and Uncle Darren knows his
way around a mans ass and his cock was massive and it gave my ass a good
work out. Late in the afternoon after my morning fuck from uncle Darren, my
b*****r, Jason.
and I were sitting by the pool and craig and Jason were very hot and heavy
and I really love looking at guys having sex sometimes and they didn't care
I was sitting and watching them give each other hand jobs. I was wanting
to join them so bad and I don't really know how Craig would take me joining
in the fun with them. So I decided to play with my cock instead and enjoy
viewing these 2 having a hot and heavy moment. Uncle Darren came and sat
next to me and placed his hand down my shorts and started playing with my
cock and I placed my hand in his shorts and played with his cock. I think I
am going to have a great summer now

Tonight the rodeo was in town and uncle Darren had tickets to the event and
he decided to take Craig and I along. He said he is going to be competing
tonight as well and he really is a good bull rider. I went and sat in the
stands and watched the riders do their stuff and there are quite a few
studly looking bull rider tonight, I won't if uncle Darren had fucked them
yet. I bet he has fucked a few. I was sitting by myself for most of the
evening and uncle Darren didn't get to ride sadly. He will get his chance
tomorrow and tomorrow night I was told. But to my surprise I saw Craig have
a go at bull riding and gee he is really good, tonight must be for the
juniors. Of course after the even Craig had all the girls hanging all over
him and he acted like he going to give them the night of their lives. Craig
won his age group and we headed home. Uncle Darren was proud of Craig and I
know Craig will get a nice present tonight.

As soon as we arrived home, I went to bed and as soon as my head hit the
pillow, I was out like a light. When I woke in the morning to go for a
run, I checked in on Craigs room and I was right. Uncle Daren was in his
bed with him and he was holding Craig tightly. I think they have been
fucking each other for a while now and I wish Craig had told me he was
interested in guys, I do hate it when we keep secrets from each other. When
I started my run, the sun was just coming up and the air was crisp. I just
went for a run around the property and I love a good ealry morning run. I
saw Jason drive into the farm and he was ready for work or maybe fuck
Craig. I want to fuck one them sooner rather than later..

uncle Darren had to go qualify for the big bull riding event tonight and he
asked Craig and I to help Jason out today and I have a feeling Craig and
jaso will be doing more fucking than working. Well we all started cleaning
out the horses stalls and I looked in the stall uncle Darren fucked me in
and gee I wouldn't mind have a roll around in the hay with Craig right
now. But I have a job to do and I have to take my mid off what I want to do
later. God am I a horny young man and I wish my best friend and lover was
here with me. I would be fucking him every night. After a long day of
working, I went for a good long swim and I saw Craig and Jason go off some
where and I know they will be fucking each other soon. So I went and
followed tham and I was right. The went out to the paddock and I saw Jason
fuck my b*****r good and hard. I really can't believe my eyes when I see my
b*****r get fucked so hard and absolutely love it the way he is.

After a long day of working in the hot sun, we went to the rodeo to see
uncle Darren ride in the bull riding contest. Uncle Darren ride well and he
was on the verge of winning ti all and I went and saw him before his last
ride. He was in the dressing room and he was getting a blow job from one of
the other bull riders. It was really hot watching Uncle Darren getting a
blow job like that. He saw me watching and he gave me a wink and smiled at
me. I hid in the hall just after he cummed in the bull riders mouth and I
went and saw him. "good luck tonight Darren". I patted him on the back as I
said that "win lose or draw Dean, I want you to fuck my ass tonight ok" I
smiled and said that would be great. I went back into the stands a happy
person. Uncle Darren really rode well again and he won his age group and he
was a happy man

craig and Jason went to be together as soon as we got home and uncle Darren
was busy chatting on the phone for a couple of hours. Darren finished up on
the phone and took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom and I was
finally going to fuck my uncle and I have been wanting to do this for a
while. Darren unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans and oulled them down
with my jock and he started sucking my cock straight away and fuck it felt
really good. Uncle Darren gave my cock a good sucking as well. Darren
stopped sucking my cock and stood up and removed his jeans and he was ready
to be fucked.

He hopped on the bed on all fours and I knelt behind him and guided my cock
towards his glory hole. I paused for a few seconds and than shoved my cock
into his ass and started fucking his lovely ass straight away. I wasn't
going to go easy either on uncle Darren and I fucked him hard and fast and
just the way I love it. I kept fucking Darrens ass hard and fast and I was
loving this and so was Darren and he kept yelling out "fuck my ass you
stud. Cream my ass you stud" I kep fucking his ass and it wasn't too long
before my climax was about to be reached and with a couple of good
thrusts. I dumped a good load of cum into uncle Darrens ass and fuck I felt

Uncle Darren collapsed forward and fell asl**p. I left his room and went to
my room and went to sl**p. Fuck I felt very good and wanting my b*****rs
cock sooner rather than later

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The fuck I just gave uncle Darren will always be my most favourite fuck I
will ever have with a boy or a man. I am hoping I will get to fuck him hard
again before the summer is out. I think he and my dad have been fucking
each other since they were k**s as well and I wonder if dad will come up to
the farm for a few days and maybe fuck uncle Darren, my b*****r and I while
he is here. Before that to happen, I need to fuck my b*****r and he to fuck
me. I am desperate to get a hold of his cock and suck it and let him fuck
my glory hole. Of course I want get hold of the farm hand as well and his
cock looks massive and I wonder if I can take it. Uncle Darrens cock is
rather large and I was able to take his cock rather well and I am sure
jason would love to fuck me as well.

The night after I gave my uncle a good fucking, Uncle Darren had some mates
over and I had this feeling he was going to let them take one of us back to
a stall and fuck us really good and hard. I was right, but I was left out
for some reason. I was allowed to watch and fuck it was hot watching these
older man fuck my b*****r and Jason as well. One of the men asked if I
should be here and Craig and uncle Darren said he loves this stuff and he
wouldn't mind being fucked by a grown man as well. I unbuckled my jeans and
dropped them to the floor and stood in my jock strap and pulled my cock out
and started jacking off as I watched these men fuck my b*****r and
Jason. One of the men that wasn't doing anything came over and said this is
how you do it and he started jacking my cock even harder and when I was
about to cum, he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock and took all my
juices and one big gulp. He stood up and patted me on the head and said
"hmm nice juices son". After all the men were finished and gone home, we
all went to bed.

I woke the next morning all refreshed and ready for another day of work on
the farm and maybe today I will finally get to fuck either Craig or
Jason. I looked at my alarm clock and it was 12pm and I thought shit, I
have slept through my alarm and everyone will be disappointed in me. I
pulled back the curtains in my room and I saw why I didn't wake when I
should have. It was pouring rain and no work or any fun was going to happen
today. I got dressed and headed towards the kitchen, I looked in Craigs
room and I could see what he was going to do today and Jason was that thing
he was going to do. I stood and watched for a while and Craig did look back
at me and smile. Craig was really fucking Jason hard. After Craig dropped a
decent load of cum into Jasons ass, they just lay in bed together looking
at each other and it looked quite beautiful

the rain just didn't let up for 4 days straight and I wasn't able to fuck
anyone, even Uncle Darren. He had one of his mates stay at the farm for a
few days and god they fucked like rabits and they sounded like they were
enjoying fucking each other as well. Craig and I would stand outside uncle
Darren's room and listen and it seemed to us uncle Darren was doing all the
fucking and his friend was loving it. I wasn't the only one who wasn't
getting a fuck as well. Jason and Craig had a fight and Jason left the farm
and I doubt he will ever come back and maybe the guy uncle Darren is
fucking and why the guy is loving it so much, is because he will be staying
for good and working on the farm for uncle Darren. We haven't seen him yet,
but I reckon he would be a stud. I know Craig would love to get in bed with
him and fuck him hard

It took 5 days and the sun was finally out and I was time to do some work
and we finally got to see the new giuy and god was I right, he is an
absolute stud. Uncle darren warned us off him and told us that he will on;y
be for him to fuck and not us 2. but he did whisper in my ear saying that I
will get to fuck him in the very near future and I was rather excited about
that and Craig was nearly distraught at the news and we were also told we
will be having more guest tonight and it wil,l be the same guys from the
other night. He also told us that we will be waters tonight and it's his
poker night. We wondered what he meant by us being the waiters
tonight. Than he said I hope you have clean jock straps in your draws and I
knew straight away what he meant by that. We will be waiting on them in
our jock straps and probably a bow tie and I think it's hot

uncle Darren knocked on my door while I was just reading a comic book and
he came in and asked me if I want to do this tonight and I said yes I
do. He also told me that these guys will want to to fuck me at the end of
the night if your are a really good waiter. I told him, I want to be part
of this and I want my ass fucked. He smiled and gave me my bow tie for the
night. He also gave me cuffs and I was right for the night. I looked in my
draw and found a black jock strap and it was nice and clean. I put them on
and they were nice and snug and made sure my cock looked rather large in
them. I put the cuffs on and the bow tie and I waited until we were told to
come out.

Uncle Darren knocked on my door and said they were here and told me to head
to the kitchen and I will be told who I will be waiting on. I walked past
the guys at the table and the guy that gave me a semi blow job was there
with another 3 guys. I saw him go and talk to uncle Darren and it looked
like he asked for me. Craig, Nathan and I waited for uncle Darren. Nathan
is the new farm hand and he is looking studly tonight and I have a feeling
he will be fucked hard by someone tonight. Uncle Darren came in and
allotted the guys to Craig and Nathan and Darren had a chat with me before
I headed out "ok stud, you're waiting on Drew. He has the hots for you and
he well off. You might be able to get a job with him and have plenty of sex
with him in the process if you're lucky. Now if you don't want to do this,
tell me now". I just smiled and walked out.

I served Drew straight away and he looked ay me with a huge grin on his
face. Before he dealt the card he grabbed my cock and squeezed it and asked
did that feel hot. All I could do was moan., so he squeezed it some more
and I was about to dump my load there and then. Drew was doing well and
winning plenty of hands and he didn't mind playing with my cock and he
asked me more than a few times to turn around with my ass facing him, so he
could stick a finger in my ass and he loved it. After about a few hands,
the game slowed and the guys were more interest in us than the game and
that is quite understandable. Uncle Darren took Nathan and one of his mates
outside and we all knew what they were going to do Craig took his mate with
him to his room and Drew and I were wondering where we should go. We
decided to go to the barn in the back paddock. Drew told me Darren had
fucked him there quite a few times.

We opened the barn door and our luck, no one was in here. Drew pushed me to
the ground and I was sitting as he pulled his cock out and he said, "suck
it stud". I was more than happy to start sucking on his monster and fuck it
tasted good in my mouth. I haven't given a blow job in such a while and I
have been wanting a cock I my mouth for so long. I gave Drews cock a good
work out and Drew was in complete heaven by the looks of. Of course I gave
the usual deep throat and choked on it and loved it. After giving Drew a
good blow job. Drew stood me up and said "time to finish off what I
started". Drew dropped to his knees and pulled my cock out from my jock
strap and started sucking. Fuck this guy is a great cock sucker. This
really felt great, I haven't had a good blow job in a long time and Drew
was perfect and did a great job of satisfying my urges. He gave my cock a
good work out and I was ready to pop. He removed his mouth from my cock and
sat back on the ground and went and lay on his back and said "time for me
to fuck you son". I removed my jock and slowly slid down his shaft

I the sensation in my my ass was so intense, I had naver felt that
sensation before from a monster cock and I just started to rock back and
forth and fuck it felt great. Than Drew started to fuck my ass harder and
faster and oh fuck it was great. He really didn't have a care for the world
when he was fucking my ass and I was in heaven. This certainly beat the
fucking I got from my friend every day after school. He started fucking my
ass slowly for some reason and with a couple of hard thrusts he started
fucking me harder and harder. All I could say was "oh fuck me fuck me
harder Drew" and he certainly did and with in seconds he dumped and load of
cum into my ass and fuck was it a great feeling.. he helped me off his
monster and said tlets find some where nice and warm to sl**p.

We walked back to the house and we saw the horses all in the cordoned off
area and we thought everyone was in the stable and when we arrived at the
stable. We found uncle Darren and his 2 partner for the night sl**ping
peacefully in one stall and Craig and his partner in another. We found an
empty stall and a blanket and lay on the ground with me being held close to
Drew as we drifted off to sl**p. Oh what a night

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