Senior Moment

I'm 60, recently divorced and horny just about all of
the time. It rained today; the tale end of Hurricane
Ivan passed over the Cape. I needed to get out of the
converted cottage in Eastham where I've lived for the
past year. I retired, left Boston and my selfish k**s
after the divorce. IThe cottage, some small savings,
my car and my pension are all that survived the
nastiness. I drove the short distance over to the
ocean and parked just beyond a now-closed restaurant
where the surf was easily visible. Another car,
empty, was parked at the far end of the rather small

The rain beat on the side of the car and the
windshield and the noise was something to hear. The
ocean was magnificent in its fury with gray green wave
after wave crashing and white foam spewing up into
the air. My hand strayed to my crotch and I began
stroking my 7" uncut cock in rhythm with the wipers.
I loosened my belt, unzipped my genes and pulled it
out. It's thickness filled my hand, the loose
foreskin rolled easily back and I gently began
massaging the fat, dark red mushroom head. My other
hand worked my chest. This had been just about my
only sex in the last year. I had had two brief
affairs with women my age after the divorce but when
they mentioned the "M" word, I went, no ran in the
other direction. I was in no hurry and this was my
first time doing anything in a public place. I
continued stroking for several minutes when something
moving at the edge of my vision caught my attention.
There was a slight rise to the left of the car and it
was covered by some rather thick scrub pine. I moved
slightly so that I could adjust and then see out of
the side mirror. I wanted to know if the movement was
wind, a person or perhaps a coyote or other wild
a****l. I continued working my cock.

A moment or two later a yellow slicker covered head
peeped through and then down through the bushes. It
was the face of a k** or young guy. At this point, I
did not know if I should quit or continue. Something
in me responded to the challenge and I slid my pants
down and pulled my T shirt up to my neck. For all
intents and purposes, I was now naked. I'm 5'8" tall,
weigh 165 lbs, and I work out frequently. I shave
my head and I don't look all that bad; but, I am 60.
I have a good, but not great body with moderately
hairy pecs, abs and ass. I could see the eyes of the
voyeur following my every movement. Without thinking
too much about it, I pressed the window switch and
said, "Get in this car." The head ducked, and then a
few moments later it appeared again. I continued,
"Come on, get in, the rain's coming through the open
window and it's warm in here."

"I'm not queer." was the quiet response.
"neither am I; let's talk about it."

With that, he climbed down, walked around and got in.
He had to be close to 6' tall, dark haired, and looked
to be in good shape. He looked me in the eyes and
smiled, blushed, and said his name was Mike. I told
him that mine was Bill. I had not stopped stroking
through any of this. Mike's eyes went to my slow
moving hand.

"Take off your rain gear." I told him. He had on a
thin shirt, and underneath the yellow rubber treated
pants he wore a pair of thin gym shorts. They were
tented. I reached over, took his hand and put it on
my cock and held it there. Mike did not struggle to
pull away and soon picked up my rhythm, or that of the
wiper blades. I sighed and then moaned. Mike looked
at my face and then back at my cock. Turning sideways
on the seat, pushing one leg behind his back and
placing the other over his lap so that it pressed his
boy cock against his belly, I reached over and pulled
his face to mine and stuck my tongue in his mouth; or
I tried to. He resisted, "No, I said I'm not gay."

"How old are you?," "18." he answered.

"I just got divorced, I'm horny and I'm lonely. So
are you. This is man to man." I pulled his head
again into mine and this time his lips parted. Soon
he began sucking on my tongue. After a few moments of
this, I let my tongue wander over to his ears; first
one and then the other. I played with the hair on the
back of his neck and then pushed his head down so that
his mouth met my hairy nipple.

"Suck it Mike, lick it like it belonged to your

"Don't have one, never have. Never been with
anyone." he moaned.

Pre-cum was now oozing freely from my slit and Mike,
lifting his head, looked at his hand.

"Taste it!" I sort of growled and he did. I kissed
him again for several moments; reaching into his warm
mouth with as much tongue as I could produce. Gently
then, I took his head and began pushing it slowly to
my crotch. "Kiss my cock, baby, kiss my cock" I

Very slowly, Mike did just that. "Now the shaft." He
followed my directions. Some time later and I don't
know how long, I lifted his head back to my throbbing
mushroom and almost in a begging voice, I whispered,
"Suck it all." Mike began slowly and then worked
faster and faster and swallowed more and more of me.
He began fucking his 8" thick boy cock against the
inside of my calf as he leaned over me with one knee
on the floor and the other pressed hard into the seat.

I can't remember ever feeling this excited. I had
had a few blow jobs from a guy, the resident dorm
cock-sucker in college and later from two or three
women. Nothing I had ever experienced compared to
this. I could not hold off any longer....

"AGHHhhhhh AGHHHhhhhhhhhh AAAHhhghhhhhh!" I think I
was screaming. Mike's cock exploded against my leg
and I felt the heat of his juice streaming down my
leg. He swallowed mine and continued nursing like a
baby. I finally pulled his face to mine and tasted me
on his lips. I held him close as the heat and passion
of our kissing slowly subsided into something much
more gentle and affectionate.

"Come home with me, please?" I whispered again in his

With tears in his eyes he answered, almost sobbing,
"I'm not gay, I'm not."

"Come home with me; even if all we do is talk. You
should not be alone." Mike nodded, and I pointed to
the other car... "Yours?"

"No, I live near here."

I chuckled, "Hope whoever it belongs to is still down
on the beach. Let's go."

I've not written anything in a few years. If you want
to know what happened later, let me know...

Mike began to pull up and then down his clothes that
had been rearranged during our frantic sex. I
suggested that it was't necessary as my place was not
even a mile from where we were parked; it dawned on me
that Mike and I were neighbors. He did not look at
me; instead, he staired straight ahead into the rain.
I asked where he was staying and he told me it was at
his great aunt's. On taking a closer look at him, I
doubted that he was only 18 and asked about it. He
told me that he was so nervous and that he had meant
to say he was over 18, not 18. Not that I cared, but
I asked how much older and he responded. "24". Hell,
that was the same age as my youngest daughter. With a
wry smile, I then asked if he had forgotten to tell me
anything else and asked if he indeed had been a
virgin. Mike nodded in the affirmative and then

By then we were entering my garage and all
conversation was on hold.
I led him into the great room which was kitchen,
dining and living space. When I had become sole owner
a year ago, I had renovated the place; doing as much
of the work as I could myself. I had been an
instructor of design at the junior college level and
had some talent. It was really quite hansom,
masculine, with deep reds and navy contrasted against
white walls and lots of natural wood. The furnishings
were minimal, the windows large, and I had left a fire
burning in the glass-front stove. The view was across
the salt marsh and the ocean in all its fury could be
seen at some distance. Mike seemed to react
positively to the place; he finally turned to me and
said something about it being quite wonderful. I
really did not care about that at this point, I wanted
his body again, but thought that I had best go slowly.
I offered him some wine and we sat on the hearth rug,
feeling the heat warm our semi-naked bodies.

After several minutes I took the initiative once
again. "What were you going to tell me?" I asked.
Mike was mute. In my best parent/teacher voice I
urged, "Come on, boy - out with it!" It can't be that

In a quiet voice he began, "I'm on leave from St.
John's Seminary; I have a decision to make about
joining the priesthood." I guess my mouth sort of
hung open. "Shocked you I guess?" This time I
nodded. "Given the recent problems here in the Boston
area," Mike went on, "I don't want to heap any more
problems onto the church. I've been having thoughts,
dreams about being with a guy for years. I guess I'm
no longer dreaming about it." There was some sadness
in his voice and also some sense of relief. He
explained that his grandmother and her s****r had
raised him and that it had been their desire and his
that he be a priest. Mike had been an "unfortunate
accident" when his mother was 16 and his father was
17. I remembered then my daughter talking about Mike
in general terms over the years; he was someone that
she knew. He paused after giving a bit more of f****y
history, and looking straight into my eyes, he went
on. "I guess I know now that even if I'm not gay, I
sure as hell liked what we did." This time Mike
smiled a bit and once again blushed. Damn, that was a
turn on.

Without another thought, I reached over and drew him
to me. I began kissing his sweet face. My tongue
went everywhere. I traced his eyebrows, the tip of
his nose and then I outlined his mouth with my tongue.
Mike began to breathe more rapidly and his arms went
around my body. I then began working on his ears. A
soft moan escaped and I could feel hard boy cock
pressed against hard man cock, my cock. Our lips met
once again and we began exchanging tongue. Half
sitting, half reclined, we were not comfortable.
"Let's go to bed." I urged and standing, pulled Mike
to his feet.

"If I do this, there is no turning back, is there?" he
half asked and he half stated.

"No, not for either one of us I guess." was all I
could say. I was dealing inside with my own questions
or issues regarding sex or more accurately this time,
making love with another man. Once again, Mike came
into my arms; his body shivered and there was one
quiet sob and then he whispered, "Make love to me,"

I did not feel any guilt, there was no hesitation. I
took him to my bedroom. I undressed him. There was
little to remove, only a thin, worn T shirt, a pair of
very worn but clean jockey briefs, a pair of running
shorts and torn nikes. His body was thin and I
wondered if he had been eating enough. I would feed
him later and get him some decent clothes I thought.
That thought was very brief. Mike's hands went to my
clothes and he undressed me as I had undressed him.
Both of our cocks were stiff, standing at attention.
I pulled him against my hairy chest and his arms went
around me and then his hands were on my bare ass. I
liked the feeling of them as he began kneading my
flesh. Still standing, he began a slow, delicate
pumping of his boy tool against my belly. I liked
that, too.

I turned us so that his back was to my big, soft bed
and leaning into him, I half f***ed him down onto his
back. I extended my body the length of his and
placing the soles of my feet against the tops of his,
I began a slow, steady fucking rhythm of cock to cock,
cock to belly. Pre-cum oozed from both. My mouth
once again found his and my tongue probed, pushed in,
going deeper and deeper. I had never taken a guy's
ass but figured it would not be any different than
pussy. I began a slow kissing down the length of
Mike's body. I sucked and licked boy tit and it was
GOOD! I worked his hair trail with my tongue down
lower and lower, slowly teasing. I brushed the tip of
his cock with my tongue. I hesitated at first, but
then all doubts fled my mind. It seemed to be the
most natural thing in the world. My mouth took his
head into it as if it was acting on its own accord.
The taste was sweet, the smell of boy was better than
any women I had ever experienced. Mike was moaning:
his body was vibrating: his cock was pushing up into
my mouth. In less than a minute I felt it spasm, cum
shot from it and his hands grabbed my head as he
f***ed himself deeper into my throat and my mouth. I
let him do it. This was a primal urge; the boy was
becoming a man. A low, gutteral sound came from deep
within the man c***d still underneath part of my body.
I swallowed his cum. I continued slowly caressing
his cock with my mouth and my hands went back to his
chest, stroking, rubbing. Mike reached down and drew
my face to his. Looking into my eyes, he whispered,
"I think I love you." We kissed for a very long time,
each taking pleasure in the other.

That "love" word scared me and I made no immediate
response. I did not want or need that kind of
responsibility. Instead, I continued slowly stroking
Mike's beautiful body and let my tongue explore his
face, ears and that soft spot at the base of his
throat. It was now about 4:00 in the afternoon, the
sky had cleared and the late afternoon sun was playing
across the golden salt hay of the marsh. Clouds were
moving swiftly; the sky was magnificent. I called his
attention to what was in front of us. He told me that
he would rather look at me. Damn, I was flattered and
maybe falling in love myself. Again, my hands played
with his chest and the few thin hairs that were
centered between his brown nipples. It was not long
before I could feel him hard again, pulsing against my
gut. I drew back and looked him in the eyes, "Mike, I
want you, I want you to stay with me; but if you do, I
intend to take your virgin ass."

"Do it now!" and with that he pulled me over on top of
him. I rested on my elbows.

"I want you to think about it; I want you to be sure."
I myself needed the time too. I pushed up from the
bed. "I'll get us something to eat; I need some
energy." I said as lightly as I could manage.

Mike got out of my bed and came around to me, hugged
me and began to dress. "I need to go back to my
aunt's cottage and get my stuff if I'm going to stay.
"I'll be back in an hour." I smiled and bowed from
the waist; Mike laughed and left. I went to the
kitchen and began to assemble a fish chowder. In the
last year I had become quite adept at cooking and
cleaning. After the chowder was on the stove, I made
the bed up fresh and clean. I waited for Mike's
return. After almost an hour and a half, I had just
about given up and felt that he was a no-show. I then
head his footsteps softly tread across the deck and
the slider opened. He was a bit breathless, With a
look of guilt, he mumbled, "I'm sorry, it took me
longer to pack than I thought it would." I looked
again and there was this beautiful young man with a
large back-pack that looked as though it was full of
books, a computer carrier and a Macy's shopping bag
full of clothes standing in my kitchen. "Where do I
put this?" he asked. It dawned on me that he thought
my invitation was for him to move in. Good God, I
thought, What have I started.

I told him to take whatever space he needed for his
books and computer up in the loft where I did my own
occasional work and I carried the bag of clothes into
the bedroom. Hell, winter was coming on and the
company would be good. My neighbor and friend Tony
would be going to Florida in three more weeks and I
would be alone on the Point. I knew that Mike was
finishing his PhD in ancient languages at Harvard and
had been working on it at the same time he was in
classes at the seminary; he had been and would be
busy. This is one of the few things we had had time
to talk about. He had until April to submit his

By the time I was back in the kitchen Mike had come
down and he was setting the table. At least, I would
not have to wait on him. Mike took advantage at
several moments to bump into me, to touch me, to make
me feel him near. I finally laughed out loud, "Damn
it, boy! If you keep this up, we'll never get to eat.
Stop it!" He caught my laughter and said something
about not needing food; that he could live on my pure
protein." I thought to myself that for a non-gay, he
sure had a way of telling me what he wanted. I pushed
him over to the table and down into a chair. "You
mind your manners, k**, or I'll have to punish you."

"Is that a promise?" he asked. For one who had seemed
so shy and backwards not more than 4 hours ago; he
sure had done an about face. Immediately upon
finishing the meal, he grabbed my hand and yanked me
towards the bedroom. "Come on, sweet old man, make
good on your words." The room was filled with the
soft glow of the sun set as it reflected off of the
distant water. I thought it fitting.

In just seconds we were again naked and lying on our
sides, arms and legs interlaced, mouth to mouth and
cock to cock. Mike managed to stumble over the
following, "I wasn't late because I was packing; I was
reading on the net about what you are going to do to
me. I got myself ready." His face was dark, almost
red. I had no idea what he was talking about. "What
did you do? I questioned. "I rigged up an enema, the
web site explained that it was the polite thing to do,
to clean yourself out. I used a shampoo bottle with a
pointed nozzle!" he said with a soft chuckle. All of
this made my cock go limp. "Yuk" was my silent
reaction. "I didn't mean to upset you; I'm sorry!"
Mike said with obvious upset in his voice. Very
nervous in spite of his f***ed bravado, he was on the
verge of tears I thought.

"Awww Mike, I want you so bad; I don't know as much
about this as you do." And I again reached for him,
drew him close and gently kissed his eyes and then the
rest of his face. He shivered with nervous excitement
and I could feel him begin to relax. "Don't worry,
whatever happens happens and neither of us should have
any fear or embarrassment, OK?" He sucked my tongue
deep into his mouth and I think he moaned "OK". I
started moving south on his body, following the trail
I had established a few hours before. This time, my
mouth and tongue explored his pecs, his nipples and
then his pits. I kissed his arms and then his hands
and fingers; sucking each one. Mike'e breath was
rapid and his cock was bouncing, dripping. It would
be nice to be that young again, I thought to myself in
admiration. I Moved back over him so that we were
face to face. "You do want this, Mike?" I said

"Yessss," he hissed and with that opened his legs
raised them and clamped them over my back pushing me
hard against him. I separated myself from him and
said, "Lie still. boy, lie still." I moved him to the
foot of the bed so that his torso was even with the
edge and I reached for a tube of KY that had been with
me since I had left my wife. It had made jerking off
easier. I stood and Mike watched me as I lubricated
my hard-as-hell cock. His eyes widened; I don't think
that he realized how big it was. I'm not huge I
should say. It's just about 7" long, uncut with a
loose foreskin, and I think as cocks go, quite thick.
"Pull your legs up and back!" my voice just a whisper.
I then knelt and bent over; I wanted to see that boy
cunt. Without much thought, I put my face close; Mike
smelled so good, clean. Acting almost on its own, my
tongue reached out and probed the wrinkled pink flesh.
Mike gasped, and then moaned as I began probing him
with the tip of my curled tongue. My wife had liked
this so I knew he would. I reached up and stroked his
cock with one hand and with the other I pulled gently
on his full sac. He was bigger than I was; he had to
be an inch or more longer and just as thick and his
orbs were larger, too. They began to draw up so I
knew he was once again close to climax so I stopped.
I stood. I placed my throbbing cock head against his
ass ring. "Relax, baby, relax, let me in." I pushed
gently at first and then harder. Mike had excellent
muscle control; he was an athlete. He did as he was
told and I felt my cock pass into his hot, tight
canal. I nearly ejaculated then. I had to stop,
stand still. In just moments, I began pushing deeper
into Mike. He moaned and I began to pull out.

"No, NO, you're not hurting me. It feels so damn
good!" he almost cried out.

In just seconds my balls were against his ass and I
could feel his mashed against my abs. The sensation
was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was much
hotter, tighter, far more intense than women cunt.
His ass seemed to surround, clutch at every part of my
cock, my being. Mike began to move on me. I began to
slowly and deeply fuck myself into him. I reached,
grabbed his ankles and used my hands on his legs to
give me more leverage. Mike began to bounce himself
up and off the bed; at times I thought I would lose
that contact that felt like fire. I needed this; damn
I needed this! I leaned further into him to prevent
separation. I drove in harder. The air was filled
with sounds, crude words, guttural moans, sighs, yelps
and love words. Intensity was building quickly, I
knew I would not last much longer.

"FFFFUUUUCKKKK MMMEEEEeeeee" my lover screamed. With
that, he began to cum all over himself. The clamping
down and throbbing of his release sent me over the
edge and I jammed myself into him as deep as I could
go and held onto him as I spent pulse after pulse of
cum into his ass. I think I screamed myself; I'm not
sure. In another minute, maybe more or less, I
collapsed onto my Mike. His cum cemented me to him
and my mouth went to his as though drawn by a magnet.
His hands slapped gently on my back as he spent the
last spurts of boy juice between us. I pushed up on
my elbows so that I could see his face. He was

"Did you enjoy that?" I muttered into his ear.

He grinned, his boy smile lighted up his face even

"You know I did, sweet old man!."

Thanks for the positive feedback. If you are near
Boston, let me know. :))))))

"Did you enjoy that?" I muttered into his ear.

He grinned, his boy smile lighted up his face even

"You know I did, sweet old man!."

I then went to the bath, cleaned myself off quickly
and returned with a hot, wet towel to do the same to
Mike. As I did, he purred - cat like. His beautiful
boy cock was once again hard. I bathed him gently.
"I can't compete with that!" I said, half laughing.

"We'll see. I may be able to do something about
that," and once again took me into his mouth. In just
seconds, I was standing tall. "See, MAGIC!" he
exclaimed. In just the few hours we had been
together I had seen in him a charming but somewhat
c***d-like sense of humor emerge. He must be Celtic,
Scottish or Irish I thought. I am a Scott.

"Aye, Laddie, see what you have done to the b**stie!"
I answered.

Before I knew what was happening, I was flat on my
back and Mike was sitting astride me with my cock
resting between his ass cheeks. He began a slow back
and forth slide. I tried to pump myself up into him;
needing increased contact. "No, let me do it my way!"
was all Mike said. He kept pressure on me so that my
movement was restricted. The sensations building were
intense and I began to moan. Mike asked, "You like
that, Dad?"

My cock went flat. I don't know what the word "Dad"
did, but I was dead. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Mike
whispered, tears in his eyes once again. "I won't say
it again."

I grabbed his face and pulled him to me. With my lips
against his ears I choked out the words, "Call me
whatever you want, baby, whatever. All I know right
now is that you are the best thing that's happened to
me in years." He kissed me once, and then Mike freed
himself from my hands and slid so that his mouth once
again was on my swelling cock. I could not resist.

With boyish excitement, he almost yelled, "Lie still,
lie still, Dad!" I did as I was asked to do.
Reaching for the KY, he climbed on top of me and using
a hand full of lube, he soon had both of us well
covered; we were all covered. Muttering, "guess a
little bit of that goes a long way;" he raised his ass
up and with one swift move, impaled himself on my

"AHAGAGHHGHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I almost ejaculated at
that instant.
Mike began a very slow and steady fucking of himself
on me. I reached for his cock and he grabbed my
hands, forcing them back above my head, and with a
side to side shaking of his, indicated that I should
not touch. I think by this time we were both grinning
from ear to ear. I know my boy was. I concentrated
for a moment or two and was able to bring myself back
from the edge; I wanted this to last. Mike began to
quicken his pace and shorten his strokes. My body
reacted to the tightening and release of those well
controlled muscles. Damn, he had some moves on him.
I was finally able to answer his strokes with thrusts
of my own; meeting him in an ever increasing frenzy.

"I'm going to cum, I'M GOING TO CUMMMMmmmm!" and my
head began tossing from side to side, I had lost all
self-control. With that, Mike began to cover me with
his boy juice. His cum shot over my chest and face and
mine went deep into his ass. We continued climaxing
together for what seemed ages. Mike finally lowered
his face to mine and softly caressed me with his sweet

"Thanks Dad! I think I like this, I like it very
much," he whispered just before his tongue went into
my ear. We stayed like that for quite some time I

The next thing I remember was waking to the smell of
coffee and the faint sound of someone using a
keyboard. It took a minute or two before my foggy
mind remembered everything that had happened the day
before. My cock was now hard and just a bit sore. I
wondered what this day would bring. I headed for the
double shower and on the way past the mirror, noticed
the dry, somewhat white evidence left by last nights
passion that was still evident in the hair on my pecs.

"You dirty old man." I chuckled. I was not in the
shower more than a minute or two before Mike joined

"I've been able to write a lot this morning. I've
been waiting for you. I didn't want to wake you up.
You need your rest, old man." He laughed out loud and
took my soapy cock in his well muscled hand, squeezing
it not too gently. I groaned and he let go. "Ahhhh,
poor baby," and was on his knees, examining it. "Did
I break it?"

"Let go of me!" and I pulled him up so that I could
kiss him. I did so gently and began to bathe his
beautiful body; once again marveling at what a perfect
specimen he was. "Do you work out?"

Mike flexed, posed and then said, "Yoga only; It's all
I have time for and it relaxes me." He hugged me to
him. My cock began to jump just a bit and he pulled
back; "Well, well, well; look whose come to call!"

"I'm hungry; let's have breakfast first; and we need
to talk." With that, I began to towel him off,
avoiding contact with his nice hard tool. "Put that
thing away for now," I suggested and handed him my

"No, I like this one," and he pulled on the one that I
often wore back from swimming or from working out with
Charlie next door. "It smells like you; I like that."
He had had it on I guess while he was working
upstairs. We headed for the kitchen and Mike watched
while I cooked some bacon, eggs and toast. "You'll
make me fat, Dad." He watched my face carefully
waiting for my reaction.

"No, laddie, I'm gonna work it off of you." My robe
had fallen open and he could see that I had a
semi-erection. He started to get up out of his chair.
"You sit still, boy, later!" I said in my best Dad's

"Yes Sir," he chirped. We ate in silence and just
enjoyed the company; I know I did. In less than just
one day, we had become so comfortable with each other.
Time passed and it was time to clear. As I stood, my
robe fell open. I paid no attention and began washing
dishes. Mike was close behind me and I soon felt his
hands inspecting. My cock stood to attention.

As I turned to face him, I asked, "Mike, Is that all
you ever think of?"
I kissed him hard and fast. In seconds, he was on his
knees, his lips pulling on my foreskin. He stopped
for just a second, looked up with that twinkle in his
eyes and nodded a yes. It felt so good, so hot. What
little discomfort I felt earlier seemed to vanish and
my appetite for climax took over. With my hands on
his head, I began a fast fucking of his face. I
didn't want to do it this way; I cared about this k**.
Within a matter of minutes, I exploded a load of cum
against the back of his throat, His hands that had
been massaging my ass dropped to his own cock and he
spurted quickly; it landed on the cabinet behind me
and on my legs and feet. I secretly marveled at the
amount of juice that he could produce each and every
time thinking that it had been stored up for years, I
knew that was not so, but it brought a quick smile to
my face. It was then that I heard Felix bark. He was
Charlie's dog and if he was there on the deck, Charlie
was close by as the two were inseparable. I glanced
over to the open slider and saw a shadow move off of
the deck. Shit, Charlie had seen Mike and me in

Charlie is a distant cousin of my wife, a retired
spook, an excellent carpenter, workout coach, cooking
teacher, fisherman and had become my best and almost
only friend. We shared tasks around each other's
homes, meals, walks on the beach and lots of
conversation. I'm not sure that I would have survived
the loneliness and getting used to living alone
without his help and company. Now he had seen me
doing something that he would not like. Of this I was
sure; Charlie was the ultimate man. At 65, he was as
fit as anyone could be; he was intelligent,
sophisticated; but again, a total man. We checked on
each other daily unless he was having visitors. I was
pretty sure still did some government work. I had
never been invited to meet any of his "friends."

I slowly withdrew from Mike and gave no indication
that I thought we had had company. I suggested that
he clean up his "mess" and get back to his school
work. I told him I needed to see the guy next door.
I dressed quickly and walked over to Charlie's. I did
not even try to think of anything to say; I knew I
would read the disappointment in my friend's eyes.
Sitting on his porch, he was watching the gulls over
the water. Seeing me approach he stood and started
towards me. I could not look him in the eye.

In his best command voice, my friend ordered, Look at
me!" He came closer and put just his index finger
under my chin and pushed up. When our eyes met, I saw
laughter. It was not what I expected. "Did you think
I would scold you? he asked. I stayed silent. He
dropped his fingers, put his arms around me and gave
me the biggest bear hug I had ever had. I could
hardly breathe. "Welcome to the club buddy, welcome
to the club!" and with that, he released me just a bit
and kissed me on my forehead. I just about passed
out. We talked for a long time and I still did not
learn much more about Charlie. He did tell me that he
was bi-sexual and that he had believed that I was
totally straight and that was one of the reasons he
had not let me become closer to him. I had to admit
that up until yesterday, I had thought the same thing
about both of us. He asked if he could meet Mike and
I invited him for lunch.

"Did you enjoy that?" I muttered into his ear.

He grinned, his boy smile lighted up his face even

"You know I did, sweet old man!."

I then went to the bath, cleaned myself off quickly
and returned with a hot, wet towel to do the same to
Mike. As I did, he purred - cat like. His beautiful
boy cock was once again hard. I bathed him gently.
"I can't compete with that!" I said, half laughing.

"We'll see. I may be able to do something about
that," and once again took me into his mouth. In just
seconds, I was standing tall. "See, MAGIC!" he
exclaimed. In just the few hours we had been
together I had seen in him a charming but somewhat
c***d-like sense of humor emerge. He must be Celtic,
Scottish or Irish I thought. I am a Scott.

"Aye, Laddie, see what you have done to the b**stie!"
I answered.

Before I knew what was happening, I was flat on my
back and Mike was sitting astride me with my cock
resting between his ass cheeks. He began a slow back
and forth slide. I tried to pump myself up into him;
needing increased contact. "No, let me do it my way!"
was all Mike said. He kept pressure on me so that my
movement was restricted. The sensations building were
intense and I began to moan. Mike asked, "You like
that, Dad?"

My cock went flat. I don't know what the word "Dad"
did, but I was dead. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Mike
whispered, tears in his eyes once again. "I won't say
it again."

I grabbed his face and pulled him to me. With my lips
against his ears I choked out the words, "Call me
whatever you want, baby, whatever. All I know right
now is that you are the best thing that's happened to
me in years." He kissed me once, and then Mike freed
himself from my hands and slid so that his mouth once
again was on my swelling cock. I could not resist.

With boyish excitement, he almost yelled, "Lie still,
lie still, Dad!" I did as I was asked to do.
Reaching for the KY, he climbed on top of me and using
a hand full of lube, he soon had both of us well
covered; we were all covered. Muttering, "guess a
little bit of that goes a long way;" he raised his ass
up and with one swift move, impaled himself on my

"AHAGAGHHGHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I almost ejaculated at
that instant.
Mike began a very slow and steady fucking of himself
on me. I reached for his cock and he grabbed my
hands, forcing them back above my head, and with a
side to side shaking of his, indicated that I should
not touch. I think by this time we were both grinning
from ear to ear. I know my boy was. I concentrated
for a moment or two and was able to bring myself back
from the edge; I wanted this to last. Mike began to
quicken his pace and shorten his strokes. My body
reacted to the tightening and release of those well
controlled muscles. Damn, he had some moves on him.
I was finally able to answer his strokes with thrusts
of my own; meeting him in an ever increasing frenzy.

"I'm going to cum, I'M GOING TO CUMMMMmmmm!" and my
head began tossing from side to side, I had lost all
self-control. With that, Mike began to cover me with
his boy juice. His cum shot over my chest and face and
mine went deep into his ass. We continued climaxing
together for what seemed ages. Mike finally lowered
his face to mine and softly caressed me with his sweet

"Thanks Dad! I think I like this, I like it very
much," he whispered just before his tongue went into
my ear. We stayed like that for quite some time I

The next thing I remember was waking to the smell of
coffee and the faint sound of someone using a
keyboard. It took a minute or two before my foggy
mind remembered everything that had happened the day
before. My cock was now hard and just a bit sore. I
wondered what this day would bring. I headed for the
double shower and on the way past the mirror, noticed
the dry, somewhat white evidence left by last nights
passion that was still evident in the hair on my pecs.

"You dirty old man." I chuckled. I was not in the
shower more than a minute or two before Mike joined

"I've been able to write a lot this morning. I've
been waiting for you. I didn't want to wake you up.
You need your rest, old man." He laughed out loud and
took my soapy cock in his well muscled hand, squeezing
it not too gently. I groaned and he let go. "Ahhhh,
poor baby," and was on his knees, examining it. "Did
I break it?"

"Let go of me!" and I pulled him up so that I could
kiss him. I did so gently and began to bathe his
beautiful body; once again marveling at what a perfect
specimen he was. "Do you work out?"

Mike flexed, posed and then said, "Yoga only; It's all
I have time for and it relaxes me." He hugged me to
him. My cock began to jump just a bit and he pulled
back; "Well, well, well; look whose come to call!"

"I'm hungry; let's have breakfast first; and we need
to talk." With that, I began to towel him off,
avoiding contact with his nice hard tool. "Put that
thing away for now," I suggested and handed him my

"No, I like this one," and he pulled on the one that I
often wore back from swimming or from working out with
Charlie next door. "It smells like you; I like that."
He had had it on I guess while he was working
upstairs. We headed for the kitchen and Mike watched
while I cooked some bacon, eggs and toast. "You'll
make me fat, Dad." He watched my face carefully
waiting for my reaction.

"No, laddie, I'm gonna work it off of you." My robe
had fallen open and he could see that I had a
semi-erection. He started to get up out of his chair.
"You sit still, boy, later!" I said in my best Dad's

"Yes Sir," he chirped. We ate in silence and just
enjoyed the company; I know I did. In less than just
one day, we had become so comfortable with each other.
Time passed and it was time to clear. As I stood, my
robe fell open. I paid no attention and began washing
dishes. Mike was close behind me and I soon felt his
hands inspecting. My cock stood to attention.

As I turned to face him, I asked, "Mike, Is that all
you ever think of?"
I kissed him hard and fast. In seconds, he was on his
knees, his lips pulling on my foreskin. He stopped
for just a second, looked up with that twinkle in his
eyes and nodded a yes. It felt so good, so hot. What
little discomfort I felt earlier seemed to vanish and
my appetite for climax took over. With my hands on
his head, I began a fast fucking of his face. I
didn't want to do it this way; I cared about this k**.
Within a matter of minutes, I exploded a load of cum
against the back of his throat, His hands that had
been massaging my ass dropped to his own cock and he
spurted quickly; it landed on the cabinet behind me
and on my legs and feet. I secretly marveled at the
amount of juice that he could produce each and every
time thinking that it had been stored up for years, I
knew that was not so, but it brought a quick smile to
my face. It was then that I heard Felix bark. He was
Charlie's dog and if he was there on the deck, Charlie
was close by as the two were inseparable. I glanced
over to the open slider and saw a shadow move off of
the deck. Shit, Charlie had seen Mike and me in

Charlie is a distant cousin of my wife, a retired
spook, an excellent carpenter, workout coach, cooking
teacher, fisherman and had become my best and almost
only friend. We shared tasks around each other's
homes, meals, walks on the beach and lots of
conversation. I'm not sure that I would have survived
the loneliness and getting used to living alone
without his help and company. Now he had seen me
doing something that he would not like. Of this I was
sure; Charlie was the ultimate man. At 65, he was as
fit as anyone could be; he was intelligent,
sophisticated; but again, a total man. We checked on
each other daily unless he was having visitors. I was
pretty sure still did some government work. I had
never been invited to meet any of his "friends."

I slowly withdrew from Mike and gave no indication
that I thought we had had company. I suggested that
he clean up his "mess" and get back to his school
work. I told him I needed to see the guy next door.
I dressed quickly and walked over to Charlie's. I did
not even try to think of anything to say; I knew I
would read the disappointment in my friend's eyes.
Sitting on his porch, he was watching the gulls over
the water. Seeing me approach he stood and started
towards me. I could not look him in the eye.

In his best command voice, my friend ordered, Look at
me!" He came closer and put just his index finger
under my chin and pushed up. When our eyes met, I saw
laughter. It was not what I expected. "Did you think
I would scold you? he asked. I stayed silent. He
dropped his fingers, put his arms around me and gave
me the biggest bear hug I had ever had. I could
hardly breathe. "Welcome to the club buddy, welcome
to the club!" and with that, he released me just a bit
and kissed me on my forehead. I just about passed
out. We talked for a long time and I still did not
learn much more about Charlie. He did tell me that he
was bi-sexual and that he had believed that I was
totally straight and that was one of the reasons he
had not let me become closer to him. I had to admit
that up until yesterday, I had thought the same thing
about both of us. He asked if he could meet Mike and
I invited him for lunch.

I thought about telling Mike what I had seen and
decided not to. He had started dinner by the time I
returned. I went to him, and from behind, hugged him
hard and kissed his neck. I told him, without sex
this time, that I loved him. Turning and looking at
me, he knew something had upset me. Being smart, he
did not press the issue.
We continued the tasks of meal preparation working
smoothly together. It occurred to me that we had, in
just two days, become very familiar with each other.
After eating, Mike went back to work and I cleaned up.
Sometime around 8 PM, he came down from the loft and
began rummaging through the fridge. I turned off the
TV and told him that if he was hungry that I had
something he could munch on.

With soft laughter, he took my hand, shut off the
lights and led me to the bedroom. I wanted to be led,
believe me. As before, we started with kissing,
hugging and stroking. We all know that there are only
so many ways to begin foreplay so I'll not bore you.
As the tension built, images of the beach scene I had
witnessed kept flashing through my mind. The
brutality of Charlie's assault on Paul had frightened,
disgusted and greatly excited me all at the same time.
I saw a different man then I had known; he was
someone other than the good friend and confident that
I had experienced over the last 20 months. I also
was angry. I was angry at myself for being interested
in cock sizes, for being excited by watching one guy
fuck another guy and by my being in bed with a k**
young enough to be my grandson. I was angry at
Charlie for his having fallen off the pedestal that I
had placed him on; he was no longer my super-hero. I
had always thought of myself as kind, caring,
compassionate, honorable, a boy scout and now I was
just another dirty old man and for all intents and
purposes, a p*******e i thought.

My "love making" became more and more excited and
demanding. I'm not sure if Mike became Paul, or if in
my mind, I became Charlie; or was just I an angry
"DAD" punishing his son. My cock driving against
Mike's firm belly became increasingly more insistent
and my hands on his pecs began squeezing and my thumb
and forefingers began pinching and twisting nipples.
They had minds of their own it seemed. My tongue
pried its way between his lips and began thrusting
down his throat as far as it could reach. Mike, by
this time, was aware of a different atmosphere. He
did not pull away or ask me to slow down or stop.
Lust took over his facial expression.

"Turn over boy, put that ass in the air!" I ordered.
He quickly complied and buried his face in the pillow.
"Take your hands and spread your cheeks!" My cock
was slick with pre-cum and I rammed it into Mike's
waiting hole. I hit bottom on one thrust and he
collapse onto the bed, he gulped air, and buried his
face in the pillow. I heard a soft moan, his body
deemed to shiver. I guess I was aware that I had
caused him pain. I was in pain; I wanted Mike to feel
some of it. I pounded my cock deep, fast and hard
into his stretched ass. Slowly Mike began to respond;
he began meeting my thrusts with his own. I slapped
him not too gently on the shoulder. "Lie still! Lie
still!" I did not want him to enjoy this. Again and
again I thrust myself into him. The need to climax
became more and insistent yet relief seemed to draw
father and father away. Finally in frustration or
whatever, I pulled away, out from him and jerked
myself off. My cum spewed all over Mike's back and
ass. He turned his head so that he could look up at
me. "Don't look at me." I whispered, I turned and
went out into the dark living area and stood facing
the marsh and the ocean beyond the cold, closed glass
door. Tears ran down my cheeks.

I heard Mike coming up behind me. "I'm sorry your
angry at me. What did I do wrong? Please Dad, don't
be mad at me.? Talk to me. Don't leave me alone; I
never want to be alone again." He hugged me to him.

"It's not you alone; it's no more your fault anymore
than it's mine or even Charlie's." I'm sorry I hurt
you." I turned to him and folded him in my arms.
With his being that much taller, my head rested on his
well-muscled chest. He stroked my back, and then
kissed me gently.
I kissed him back. Damn, damn, damn, I needed him in
my life; I did not want to be alone either.

"You didn't hurt me all that much. I kind of liked
it." Mike said softly.
"I wouldn't like it like that all the time, but it was
different and very exciting." And laughing once
again, he took hold of my sticky, limp cock and pulled
me back towards the bed.

"We need to talk." and I put my hand on his, trying to
lift it off of me. He then told me in a much more
grown-up voice that he would rather we do that in the
morning and all he wanted was for me to spoon him so
that we could go to sl**p. When we climbed back into
bed, my hip settled in a pool of boy juice. Lying
there still, Mike had shot his load. I smiled to
myself, maybe he did like it that way, harsh, and it
occurred to me that probably Paul had liked it too.

On Friday, Mike and I had easy gentle sex in the
morning, made breakfast together and he went to work
up in the loft. I took my coffee out onto the deck
and found a sheltered corner in which to relax. I
took off my shirt and laid face down on the lounge.
Shortly I heard Charlie and dog padding across it and,
in a moment or two, I opened my eyes to see his body
bent over and his face inches away from mine. With a
scowl on his otherwise hansom face, he told me that it
was not gentlemanly to spy on others when they were
making love I responded that I was sure I had not
been watching two gentlemen and that I also doubted
that there was much love involved in the brutal
fucking I had witnessed. I asked him if he spelled
lust and love the same way?

His fingers traced the ridge of my spine and he said
something to the effect that I had much to learn. I
smiled a bit and answered, "Don't ever ask me to make
a bet with you, buddy. I have no desire to pay the
winner." Removing his hand, Charlie laughed and sat
on the floor near me. He began to tell me a bit of
history with Paul. He explained that he and Paul
often engaged in "rough sex." I had an idea what that
was having recently experimented a bit with it myself.
That I did not tell Charlie. Paul had been assigned
to Charlie's unit when he graduated from the academy
and served under him until Charlie retired and then
with Dave, another Marine buddy. I asked and Charlie
told me that the unit focused on embassy safety,
secure communications and espionage. Dave, the other
man in the bird the day before, was a colonel and was
due back Saturday morning. Charlie wanted me to meet
him and the two other men he was bringing with him.
Charlie continued explaining his relationships in a
guarded way at first. I gathered that Dave, 41 years
old, had been at Norwich with Alex, Charlie's half
b*****r. I did not even know Charlie had any living
relatives. It seems that Charlie's folks had divorced
immediately after WW II and that at some point his dad
had married a woman just a few years older than
Charlie himself. I knew his dad was dead but had no
idea that Charlie had a stepmother and that they had a
warm relationship. Charlie, for the first time in
almost two years, talked openly about himself. Yet,
there was something he was not telling me; that I

After an hour or two, Mike appeared and asked if we
two old men wanted some coffee. Charlie rose, strode
to the door, but his hands on Mike's waist and lifted
Mike easily up off the floor and spun him around over
his head. Mike laughed like an awe-struck c***d.
When Charlie put him down, I went in to make coffee
and the two of them started chatting again like they
had the day before. Their conversation about the
ancient Cyrillic alphabets and characters, and
possible code writing and breaking techniques left me
out. I dozed off. Mike woke me to tell me lunch was
ready, Charlie was long gone, I guess. Mike soon was
back at work and the rest of the day and the the
evening passed without any major problems. I did yard
work and then read while Mike worked the keyboard up
in the loft. We made sweet, gentle love after going
to bed for the evening.

Saturday morning was more of the same; breakfast, love
making and then a late lunch. I noticed a change in
Mike's behavior. His shoulders slumped, his head was
down and there were few smiles; he was again the boy
that had come home with me a few days before. "I'm
going back to the cottage." was all he told me.
Answering my why question, "I need my bike." Again I
asked why. "I have to go to church." Now I knew I
had a problem. I offered to drive him and he
reluctantly accepted.

When we arrived in the parking lot, Mike directed me
to the side and asked me to let him out. Just as he
opened the door, a middle aged priest came down the
steps of the side entrance. "Good Michael, I need
your help. Father Mac is ill. I drove over to your
place now, but would you not be missing when I needed
you, boy." Mike introduced me to Father Liam Sullivan
who then greeted me in a deep voice accented with a
delightful brogue. Mike explained quickly that there
had been some problems at his aunt's cottage and that
I had taken him in. Father Liam urged Mike to hurry
and get his vestments on; that mass was soon to start.
Mike hesitated. Turning to me, "Now won't you be
staying Bill and then you can join me for a taste of
the creature. Just a wee one; I have a wedding to do
at 7:00." Turning to Mike, he urged, "Hurry now
Michael, and won't you be helping me again at the
wedding and then the masses in the morning." Hurrying
off himself, I watched Mike; he did as he was told. I
sat in the last row and left when communion was
served. I waited in the hall and after the last
parishioner left, Father Liam and Mike came to me. I
was invited for a light supper as well but declined
that and the drink. The good Father said that he knew
Mike had made plans with me and that he was sure I
would understand his not being able to go with me.
Mike said something to the effect that helping Father
Liam was part of his job. Charlie would be
disappointed that Mike would not be joining us and I
knew better than to be late.

I arrived back at Charlie's and was introduced to
Colonel Dave, to retired Colonel, Frank, and his
business partner and friend Nate. The last two
designed programs and adapted hardware for Colonel
Dave's unit was all that I was told regarding the
three men. Paul lingered in the background and soon
offered a round of drinks. When I was alone for just
a moment, Charlie asked about Mike. Swallowing an
almost full glass of straight scotch and very little
water, and with a cough induced by the high-powered
alcohol, I replied "The church has him."
Tears filled my eyes. I blamed them on the whiskey.
Charlie frowned and told Paul to bring me another
drink, a double. I proceeded to get very d***k very
quickly. I did not drink often and could not remember
the last time I had felt like that. Sometime shortly
after dinner, around 8:30 I think, I nodded off and
then spilled something all over myself. Charlie
called Paul over and told him to take me home, clean
me out, clean me up, and stay with me till Paul
thought it safe to leave me alone. His face showing
keen disappointment, Paul acknowledged the order,
"Sir, Yes Sir, I'll do as ordered, Sir." This was not
the duty Paul had been planning on. I think that he
and the other guests were intent on having a small
orgy from some of the conversation I had heard when
they thought I had passed out. Charlie just smirked
and blew him a kiss, Charlie was under the influence;
such an overt gesture was completely out of character.

Paul left the room and returned shortly dressed in
fatigue sweat shirt and shorts. He picked me up like
I was a sack of flower, slung me over his shoulder and
headed for the door. I insisted, "Put me down, you
big bastard, put me down!" The guys broke out in
gales of laughter. In order to keep from sliding off
of his shoulder, I grabbed onto the bottom edges of
his shorts. They rode up quickly and exposed his
magnificent ass muscles. I hung on with one hand and
began slapping
his cheeks with the other. "Put me down, you ox, put
me down."

Paul smirked at the men watching him. "This might not
be too bad after all." And with that, we went out
into the night. I again grabbed on with both hands,
but this time I held onto flesh, not fabric. On
entering my place, Paul asked where the bath was and I
pointed. He sat me on the throne and immediately
removed what few clothes he had on and then began
stripping me. I tried pushing his hands away.
Laughing, he told me, "Why don't you behave; I'm going
to do as Charlie ordered with or without your help.
He's a man to be obeyed, you saw that the other day."
I stood when it came to taking off my slacks and
then I sat again when he removed my shoes and socks.
By then, I was feeling sick to my stomach. Indicating
the need for the sink, I stood and then began to slide
down. Paul grabbed me with one arm and, "Open your
mouth!" he ordered. I complied only to have him shove
two rather long fingers down my throat. It took only
a second and the first part of Charlie's orders was
completed. Paul turned me and sat me back on the
hopper. Reaching down, he took a vial of something
from the pocket of his shorts, snapped it and told me
to swallow. Knowing now that resistance was futile, I
did what I was told.
Paul adjusted the shower heads in the large stall
shower and then pulled me in with him. He held my
back to his chest and then began to wash me all over
with his one free hand. He started with my hair and
went slowly down my chest. He squeezed my man tit and
I instinctively pushed ass back, hoping to free myself
from the pain. I felt a hard cock slap up against my
lower back. being 6" shorter than Paul, That's about
where it landed. His hand continued lower and lower
and soon he was washing my cock and balls. These he
did with exquisite tenderness; I was soon at full
staff and enjoying every second of what was being done
to me in the name of cleanliness. I was pretty much
sober by then. Paul turned me around and told me to
put my hands on the shower wall. He began at the top
of my head; his hands made soft swirls all they way
down to my ass. Then Paul knelt behind me and I felt
his tongue in my ass crack. His big hands were busy
too; one was stroking my cock and the was on my belly,
massaging, playing with my fur. I pushed my ass back
into his face, wanting more of his tongue in me. It
then dawned on me where all of this was leading. I
turned around and Paul stood and stuck his tongue in
my mouth.

"You'll have to **** me if you want my ass; I don't
want to be fucked by you or anyone else." I managed
to choke out.

"I've never f***ed anyone; I'm an officer as you know
but I understand that you told Charlie that neither of
us is a gentle man." He laughed.
Pulling his head down to mine, I stuck my tongue into
his mouth and
and grabbed onto his cock. Damn, I wanted sex with
this man, this magnificent man. He lifted me into his
arms and carried me to the Taking a towel, he began to
rub softly on my body. I relaxed almost immediately
and soon began to moan softly. For such a huge man,
his touch was exquisitely delicate. My body was soon
on fire and my mind also was on fire with lust,
desire. My cock was rigid. Paul wet it with his
tongue and then climbed over me. He rose up and
placed my cock head at his ring and then just took me
inside of him without any hesitation or difficulty.
Paul then began to flex his ass muscles in a slow
steady rhythm while his hands played softly with my
chest. He bent over and began licking my face with
his long tongue. He was an expert at doing these
things, of that I was sure. I began to arch my back,
meeting thrust of ass with thrust of cock. Soft
screams came from deep within my soul; Mike excited me
but not like this. It took only minutes before cum
spurted from my cock. Paul could tell what was
happening; he sunk down on my cock and stayed
absolutely still. Still that is except for the
milking sensations of his pelvic muscles and then,
without saying or doing anything else, he shot man
juice all over me. Rope after rope of hot white cum
shot from his thick, throbbing cock. I felt it on my
face, my chest, my belly. Paul again bent down and
taking some on his tongue, fed his nectar to me. My
head tossed from side to side, trying to get more of
him inside my mouth.

Just then, headlights from a car coming up the drive
shattered the passion and the afterglow. Paul took a
robe from the hook on the door, Mike's robe and tossed
me mine. "I don't know who that is." I managed to
gasp as I came back down to earth. By the time car
stopped, we were at the slider. I watched as Father
Liam walked around to the passenger door opened it and
then struggled to get Mike out of the car. Mike
slipped to the ground and Paul, barefooted and just
barely covered by my robe, went out to help. I heard
Father tell Paul that Mike had had too much to drink.
Father followed Paul in.

"Michael had to get d***k to tell me what has
happened. I could not risk having him stay with me,
nor did he want to. Indeed, Bill, I have to tell you
that I am a gay priest but I've been celibate for 35
years; I am true to my vows." His brogue had almost
disappeared it seemed. I'll want to talk to you both
on Monday morning, I'll be here just after mass."
Introducing himself to Paul who was holding Mike in
his arms, just like a baby, and glancing down at
Paul's exposed body, Father Liam shook his head and
left. Paul looked at me, shook his head, and headed
for the shower.

Now awake, Mike looked at me, and with tears in his
eyes, cried out,
"Dad, make him take off my robe, it's mine. You gave
that to me!"

"Don't be such a damn cry baby, stud. I', gonna take
it off and I'm gonna take all your shit off too."
Paul grinned and grunted as he put Mike on the toilet.

I honestly did not know if I should laugh or cry. I
did know that I had a mess to deal with.

I watched Paul strip and then undress Mike. Mike
could not take his eyes from Paul's magnificent body
and I was jealous. Paul examined Mike pretty closely
too now that he had some light.

"Who is he?" Paul questioned. The look on his face
seemed half amazed shock and half admiration. Not
being sure what he wanted to know I just told him
Mike's whole name and that he had lived near by and
was now staying with me. Paul knew about Mike,
Charlie had not spared any details regarding Mike's
and my living arrangements.
"NO, NO! I know him, or someone related to him, Paul
He looks like Charlie's half b*****r Alex and a great
deal like his s..." and then Paul closed down. His
Marine spook background kicked in.
I told him that Charlie had said he was related to
half the people in town and that Mike's mother's
f****y were also from the town and that I knew that
this women was a distant relative of Charlie's.
Otherwise, the great aunt would not own property on
the point. Paul's face still a mask, he started
washing Mike who was now more awake. Mike, now
stretched out on the shower floor, had a silly,
alcohol inspired grin on his face as Paul ministered
to his cock and balls with a cloth and a bar of soap.

Jealousy did rear it's ugly head. "You really enjoy
your work there, Paul; maybe you had best leave that
to me." I suggested with as much sarcasm in my voice
as I could muster. Paul laughed at me and handed me
the cloth and told me to give him a holler when Mike
needed to be moved.

"Hey Dad, there's always room for one more!" Mike told
me. I thought to myself - not now, not here and not
in my bed. I tried moving Mike myself but gave in and
called out to Paul who had stretched out on the couch.

"That's right, call in the MARINES!" Paul responded
and then picked Mike up by himself and deposited him
naked and cock-hard on my bed.

"Gee, Dad, look at that." Mike giggled and began
stroking his boy tool. Paul took it all in and
excused himself.

"You two, need to be alone, I think." I heard the
slider open and close and so I climbed over Mike,
trying to get him onto a side of the bed rather than
in the middle where he had landed. Mike reached up,
put his arms around me and began to cry."

"I'm sorry Dad, I'm sorry, I've spoiled things. But
you should not have been with Paul. This is my
place." And then Mike kissed me and his hands soon
found my still sticky cock. He pulled his hand away.
"I knew you were with him, I knew." he moaned.

"I thought you had really left me; I didn't think you
were coming back. The look on your face when I left
you with the father was one that said "Good Bye."
It's you I love, silly." And then, I kissed him
softly all over his wet face.

"Make love to me, then." Mike wrapped his legs over
mine and his arms around my back and pulled me down on
top of him. I did as I was asked to do with little
difficulty. It was done so slowly with as much
tenderness as I could muster. My tongue bathed his
body from head to toe and then I turned him over and
began at his neck and worked my way down his spine. I
could not seem to stop, my tongue began exploring his
crack and boy hole. Mike began pushing his beautiful
ass up into my face and my hands found his cock and
balls. I feathered them with the lightest possible
strokes while my tongue probed deeper and deeper.
"Now, Now, do it now!" Mike's voice entered my lust
covered brain. I rose up on my knees and crawled
forward on the bed till my cock head was at the gates
of paradise and I pushed gently. Mike relaxed, sighed
and I was inside of his ass; my pubes began brushing
his ass cheeks. I laid on top of him, pinning him to
the bed and once again began licking his neck and
shoulders. His face turned and I reamed his ear and
then twisted till I found his mouth with mine. Lust,
love, who knows; perhaps a healthy combination of
both. I raised up and began slow deep fucking that
beautiful boy ass. It was not long since my tryst
with Paul so it took longer than it had in the past
for me to climax. Mike stayed with me,
"Deeper, deeper, do it harder and deeper. Make me
yours, Dad, take me." Finally, relief came. I filled
my boy's ass with what little juice I had left. Mike
had climaxed before I did; his spasms helped send me
over the edge. I pulled from him and he turned over.
We both stretched our bodies out and relaxed. Kissing
was sweet and before long Mike fell asl**p underneath
me, "Thanks Dad, can we do it again in the morning?"
he asked with a soft laugh, and the he was off.

I could not sl**p; thoughts, guilt, excitement, what
Paul had given me, whatever the reason. It was then
that I heard something in the other room. My pulse
quickened and I slipped out of Mike's embrace and
crept into the great room. Paul was struggling to get
comfortable on the sofa; I had not heard him come back

Seeing me, he explained that the rest of the guys had
gone playing in Provincetown and left Charlie's house
locked up tight. He asked, with a smug look on his
face, if I had enjoyed Mike's ass as much as I had
Being in the state of mind I was, I answered honestly,
"It was entirely different. With you, it was the most
passionate sex I've had since I was first with my ex
wife 35 years ago. With Mike, it's softer, sweeter,
just as good, but different. I don't regret what you
and I did, Paul - not one bit."

"Good, do you want to do it again?"

"Good grief, I'm 60 years old. You are asking for a
miracle. He laughed and pulled me down on top of him.
His hard body welcomed me. He took my head in his
large strong hands, kissed me and then pushed it down,
down, down.

"I'm 41 and ready again. Can you do something about
that?" His cock, on closer inspection and in the
light from the almost full moon outside, glistened in
pre-cum. "I watched you and Mike; that was hot, man."
My two hands just about encased the length of his big
man shaft. He was almost bigger that Mike and me
added together. He and Charlie would probably make a
matched set, I thought; and then my cock began to
stir. Paul saw this happen and turned me around so
that my cock was over his mouth and his under mine.
"I'm going to take you on a round-the-world trip, old
man. Miracles do happen I see." He swallowed me. In
one gulp he took it all in. I gasped and then tried
to take him. I managed his mushroom cock head and
maybe a 3rd of his shaft before I began to gag.
"Rather new at this you are. I should have
remembered. Work the head, old man, just work the
head. Let me show you." I mirrored Paul's movements
and before long we were both close to shooting our
loads. Well, he would; I assumed mine would be dry.
It happened for Paul first. I had a hard time
swallowing anything but it was either swallow or
suffocate. Paul reached up and found my ass ring. He
pushed a finger in and found my ass nut. With just a
few gentle massage strokes, he had me cumming; I just
moaned in ecstasy.
Paul turned my body so that we were face to face and
lips to lips. We exchanged whatever we had left in
our mouths and I thought that I had finally "done it
all;" well, almost all. He had not tried to get his
massive cock up my ass. I knew I could not sl**p and
asked Paul if he wanted me to leave him alone.
Kissing me again softly, he murmured; "Do you want
to?" I shook my head and told him that I wanted too
talk if that was OK; that I had some questions. "I'll
answer you honestly about almost anything but there
are things you have no need to know." I understood
and my first question was about his relationship with
Charlie. That was strange.

"Charlie and I go back almost 23 years; I first met
him when I was a freshman and in a dorm suite with
Alex and Rod." We went to his place in Florida for
Christmas." When I asked who Rod was, Paul hesitated.
'He was Charlie's son." I sat up straight. I had
not known that he had a f****y of his own. Years ago
my wife had introduced me to Charlie when we were
visiting her aunt and uncle, the previous owners of
the cottage where I now lived. They were also
Charlie's great aunt and uncle. He had been alone
every other time, not frequent, that we had seen him.
He told me that Charlie's wife was his step mothers
younger s****r. Charlie's dad had met his second
wife-to-be at Charlie's wedding and they soon became a
couple and married quickly as she was pregnant. Less
than a year later, the two s****rs had had sons within
a week of each other.

Paul began again, "I'm breaking a confidence here; but
you need to know. About me, I've always been mostly
homo-sexual. I occasionally have a women, but I prefer
men. Not long after the three of us began sharing
quarters at the academy, I began sucking both Alex and
Rod's rods." Paul laughed. "They had had some teen
stuff and were not virgins with either males or
females. It relieved stress for all of us and we were
as close as b*****rs. I was closer to Rod, though,
then Alex. When Alex wasn't there he would fill my
ass and suck my cock, too." Charlie was entirely
straight back then; almost a homophobic, I guess. He
did not learn about the three of us, or about Rod and
me till almost 7 years later. By then, the three
stooges had graduated and were working in Charlie's
unit. Charlie's dad passed away and we went to
Florida for the funeral. Rod and I got careless one
night and did not shut our bedroom door tightly.
Charlie discovered us making love. He had a shit
hemorrhage. He called us both every name he could
think of and actually punched Rod when he came to my
defense. He thought it was all my fault. By then
Rachel, Rod's mom had come along to see what the
problem was. She was angry more with Charlie than
with Rod and me. I guess she sort of suspected the
truth. Anyway, Charlie ordered us out of the house
the next morning and then said I was to stay. I was,
after all, his aide. He had decided to not expose us
to the Corps; the scandal would have devastated our
unit. Rod and his dad fought again with words and
fists. Rachel intervened and insisted that Rod fly
back to Washington with her that afternoon. Their
plane crashed on the way back; their were no
survivors. You can imagine what torment Charlie has
lived with; they parted with angry words and never had
a chance to say 'I'm sorry". For almost a year, I
nursed Charlie through a d***ken haze. When sober, he
was fine; but, when we were alone, he was verbally and
physically abusive which I took as my 'deserved
punishment'. One night, just about a year later, I
screamed in physical pain and mental anguish. I hit
him back, again and again. I loved Rod, God help me I
loved him and he loved me. I hate you, you killed
him, I didn't. It was you, you and your code of
ethics, your fucking Semper Fi attitude. He looked at
me, turned away and fell on his face. I picked him
up, much as I did you and Mike last night. I cleaned
him up and then put him to bed. I was about to leave,
thinking it would be the last time. I would demand a
transfer and then resign from the Corps. Charlie must
have sensed this, struggled out of the bed and
followed me. He ordered me back into the bedroom."
Paul stopped here; tears were streaming down his face.
"Charlie was just about an even match for me
physically 15 years ago. He pushed me down on the bed
and began tearing at my clothes. He almost ****d me.
It would have been **** but I wanted it to happen. We
have been frequent lovers ever since. You saw him in
action the other day; we still do it that way now and
then. Anyway, by morning, we had come to an
understanding; we both sucked and fucked the night
away. Yeah, Charlie lets me have the General's ass.
Now you know."

I did not ask any questions or make any comments. I
guess we had compounded the mess. I still did not
understand what was happening to me. I pulled Paul up
off the couch saying, "Let's go to bed; but you sl**p
on the outside and I in the middle and you don't touch
Mike. Is that understood?"

Paul sounded like a teen and laughed quietly, "Yeah,
Dad, I understand, but what if Mike touches me?" He
kissed me and squeezed my ass. We went to bed.

After a few moments of becoming comfortable, Paul
spooned me; asking first if it was OK. He then
whispered in my ear, "Bill, I've never told anyone
about my first time with Charlie: please don't talk to
anyone, including Charlie about what I told you. I
guess it was the things that happened earlier, I don't
know." And, in a more serious tone, " I like and trust
you; don't disappoint me." I took his hand, squeezed
it and put it on my heart. The last thing I remember
was Paul kissing the back of my neck, saying, "Thanks,

I woke lying face down with someone on top of me,
blankets and sheets between us. A tongue was sticking
in my ear. "Mike, cut it out. I have to pee." I
tried to get up. A soft voice I did not recognize
told me, "I'm not Mike." I again attempted to turn my
head to see who was "bothering" me. "Quit it Paul. I
had enough of you last night. Let me up!" Again a
low laugh and a teasing tongue paused long enough to
say, "Not Paul either." With that, the weight was
lifted from my body and I quickly twisted and saw
Charlie standing there at the foot of my bed, a
mocking smile on his face. He grabbed my hand, come
on, I want you to watch this. I turned beet red,
"Charlie, I'm sorry about Paul; I didn't mean to move
in on you." He shushed me. "Paul and I are not
monogamous, we are very careful and our group is
exclusive though; or I thought he was anyway. Guess
I'll have to have a word with him." He emphasized
WORD. He continued pulling me towards the partially
open kitchen sliders. "Look, look at that!" he spoke
softly. Some 300 feet away, Paul and Mike stood stark
naked, at the top of the rise behind my place. They
were doing some sort of exotic Asian style dance or
exercise; it was erotic and fascinating to watch.
While Paul was more developed;with huge muscles, Mike
was in almost perfect condition as well. Muscles
rippled, contracted, it was almost a very masculine
ballet. Mike mirrored Paul's motions, moving just a
fraction of a second after. Now and then, Paul would
reach out to adjust Mike's arm or hand and speak to
him in what I thought was Chinese; then they would
again face the east The morning sun highlighted
Paul's tan but Mike's body appeared almost bronze and
it was a color that went from head to toe. After 3
days of being so close, i was still seeing new and
different things about this boy; this boy that I had
started to fall in love with. They seemed obvious to
the cold, the slight breeze, or to the fact that they
were being watched. I started towards them. "No,
they have about 10 minutes more before they are
finished. I shivered and Charlie opened his jacket and
standing behind me, hugged me to him. He was warm and
a few moments later he was hot. or his cock was. As
it began to rise against my back, he abruptly pulled
away. "Go grab a quick shower and I'll clean up for
you." I protested only a moment, Charlie pushed me
towards the bath and slapped my ass none to gently.
Again, with a big smile on his face, "Just do it!"

"That hurt!" I protested.

"Bill, I'm sorry and he came towards me. I don't ever
mean or want to hurt you." He took my face in his
hands, yet again, and kissed my forehead. "Just do
what you are told, please." I did.

Charlie gathered towels, bed linen, underwear; things
s**ttered in a path from door, to bathroom to bedroom
and back again. The washer was in the bath so I was
aware of what he was doing. I had a hard on and
waited for him to leave before I came out of the
shower. It was stupid for me to do that; Charlie
could see through the steamed covered glass. "You are
a horny old man. Get your tired ass out here." The
boys are coming down and will need the shower. Brunch
at my place is in 15 minutes. He turned and left.
The boys met him at the door. Charlie said something
in Chinese and both boys bowed to him.
Then smiling and talking, the both stopped long enough
to say "Good Morning Dad!" with just enough smart ass
tone to make me laugh. "I wont touch his little
dick!" Paul teased the both of us. Mike answered
with, "Dad, make him stop teasing me." I have to
admit; I watched them. If Paul had started anything I
was not sure what I would do. The two man-c***dren
scrubbed each other's back, laughing and playing like
young k**s. I had to remind them that Charlie was
expecting us.
Paul, with just a flicker of something in his eyes,
commented that it was not wise to be late for anything
having to do with Charlie, "The General has a hair
across his ass about time! And a few other things

This would be the first time the group would meet
Mike. He was at ease; Paul had quickly become another
good friend. When he entered the room, conversation
stopped and then quickly resumed but all eyes were on
Mike. He is good looking but the reaction did
register with me. Dave and the two others made their
way to us and we felt welcomed. Dave took Mike to the
side and I heard just a bit of conversation. "You
were right, Paul. He does indeed look like the two of
them, only darker. Did you mention it to the
general?" Paul nodded, "Yeah, he either can't or
probably won't see it. He told me that they were
distantly related about 3 or 4 generations back." By
then, they were aware that I was listening.

Dave scowled at me. I walked closer to them and made
no apologies for listening, asked "What's that you
were saying about my Mike?"

Bristling, Colonel Dave drew himself to full height
and told me that I did not have a need to know. Paul
cleared his voice, attempting to head off any

"Dave, I'm new at all this. But, if you and I have an
issue here, let's get it out in the open. I don't
want to interfere or be anyplace where I'm not
welcome." Dave thought for just a moment, "Bill, you
are welcomed here and Paul and I were careless talking
so openly. I reacted too quickly." I knew there was
more to it. "Dave, I'm not a Marine but I'm also not
a fool. Something is going on here; I sensed it the
moment you and the guys saw Mike. Best tell me what
it is or we'll leave."
Dave smiled, "Well, if you are not part of the Corps,
I guess we'll have to adopt you. Come with me."

I followed Dave into Charlie's study; he closed the
door. "You know, Mike told you, he was at the academy
with Rod and Alex. He didn't tell you that I was on
staff there at the time. He took from his briefcase
at small photo album and opened it. I looked and my
mouth began to open and close. At a quick glance, I
thought there was a picture there of Mike. "That's
Alex. the next one is Rod." I nodded. Paul knows
that they both were dicking the same girl here on the
Cape the summer before they came to Annapolis; she was
right here on the point. Anyway, Charlie's dad,
Rod's grandfather and Alex's father, found out about
it after she became pregnant and she disappeared
rather quickly. The boys did not think much about it
come September but they did tell Paul about it.
Charlie was out of the country and I know he was never
told; he would have been all over both boys if he had
known. You know his "rules." We think that Mike may
be the c***d of that summer. We want to have some
tests taken. Alex's mom is a research physician at
Duke working in DNA and genetics; and after seeing
Mike myself, I think we have to talk to her. I hate
dumping this on you, but..."

Being quite upset, angry, I interrupted him, "This is
like a fucking night time soap opera, my whole God
Damn life has been turned upside down and been shaken
like salt. Are you k**ding me? I'm getting Mike and
we're leaving."

Dave blocked the door with his also huge and very fit
6"4" body. "I would think about that, Bill. And
also, watch your mouth." This time, the steely
officer look was back.

I stood still for what seemed an eternity. "I'm
sorry," I apologized. "The last four days have
turned me upside down. I'm not usually so emotional."
Dave relaxed, hell, he hugged me. I was beginning to
get used to being hugged by huge, strong, masculine
men. I understand, Paul and I understand. Maybe
Charlie does too." he laughed. Let's go back out
there before we cause even more questions.

I began looking at Charlie and then at Mike, trying to
see any similarities. They were there. About the
same height, Mike's build was slighter. The
expressions on their faces were a give-away. They
were both intense and as I thought about it, their
minds worked in similar ways. Both were so quick,
decided things easily, and were focused at tasks on
hand. I wondered to myself, what would be left of my
friendship with Charlie if it turned out that I had
seduced his grandson. I didn't know for sure, but
questioned if he had even now come to terms with his
son's involvement with Paul. Well, it was too late

About an hour before the Marines were due to lift off,
Dave asked Mike and Paul to join him in Charlie's
office; I gathered that when he was there, it became
his. As they walked past me, Dave made sure I heard
"I want to talk to you about your theory on the
terrorists possibly using ancient languages for
communications. They may well still be using them
amongst themselves." Dave winked at me and shut the
This lasted about 20 minutes.

During all this time, Charlie had said very little to
me. Finally, he was beside me. We had all had a fair
amount to drink; that's except for Dave who only had
soda water. "The group has voted, you and Mike can
join." He laughed. I told him that I wasn't ready
for that kind of sex. "OH no? and what would you call
what Paul and you did last night?" I blushed and
stammered, "That's different." Charlie taking hold
of my hand, looked me in the eye, and told me that
maybe in the future I would want to; that the offer
was open and that he knew why I was hesitant right
now. "You are in love with Mike. That's beautiful.
When it changes to just 'loving him', like I do Paul
and Dave, maybe you'll feel different. The truth, my
friend, I would like a piece of you myself."

"Stop teasing me. You know, you can be a bastard
sometimes." I squeezed his hand back and Charlie
laughed, saying, "Yeah, I was teasing you."

He turned quickly, went to the office door and
knocked, "Time to leave, Dave."

Mike and Dave came back into the room and their
conversation ended. Dave told Mike he would be in
touch and thanked Mike, saying he had been of far
greater help than he could possibly understand.
Goodbyes were quickly said from the lawn and Charlie,
Mike and I hurried back inside to avoid the dust storm
caused by the lift. Mike excused himself saying he
wanted to get some work done and I helped Charlie put
things back. Damn, he was addicted to neatness and
order. Finally, I made my excuses and headed for the
door. "Can't you leave that poor boy alone?" Charlie
teased again. And then in a more serious manner, "Do
you need any of my salve or have you developed
callouses?" Not thinking that funny, I, like a k**,
stuck my tongue out at him. Not to be out done, he
did the same saying. "Mine's longer and thicker."

"I've seen your tongue, thats what scares me.!" and I
left before he could answer back. Mike heard me come
in and came down from the loft quickly.

"Hey Dad, let's take a nap." He giggled. Grabbing my
hand he led me to 'our' bed. You could bounce a
quarter on it; Charlie had left his presence even
here. Mike was aggressive. He pushed d me down onto
the bed, face up and fell on top of me. "Sweet old
man, I love you." he said so softly I hardly heard
him. I answered in the same words, changing old to
young. Mike undressed me and asked me, no told me to
lie still. He began at my neck and worked his tongue
and lips down across my shoulder and down my arm. he
licked into my pits, chewed softly on the flesh of my
inner elbow and wrist, and then began sucking on my
fingers one at a time. He then worked his way back up
and stayed on my nipples for several moments and then
did my other arm. By this time I was thrashing,
grinding my cock up onto the parts of his body that
held me pinned flat to the bed.

"Where did you hear about this?" I panted.

"Paul told me what to do; he's an excellent teacher."
And he stuck his tongue in my mouth to shut me up.
Mike then sucked gently at the base of my throat and
then quickly went to my navel with his tongue and lips
while his hands played with my chest. My cock was
straining against his chest and he began to wiggle so
that my head rubbed against his boy nipples. He
moaned softly. The next thing I knew, he had both of
my balls in his mouth and was ever so gently caressing
my swollen dark red mushroom head. It was so slick
with pre-cum.

"I can't last much longer, I'm so close!" I cried out.
Mike took all of me into his mouth, breathing deep.
I hoped that Paul had only told him how to do this and
had not showed him. Damn, I told myself to forget all
that. What mattered was only this small time, this
very moment that Mike and I were sharing, the now...
I Finally worked myself out from under Mike and turned
us both so that we were mouth to cock and cock to
mouth. I figured if Mike could do this, I could too.
Taking a deep breath and telling myself to relax, I
swallowed almost all of Mike's 8" long tool. It just
a fraction of a second, maybe it was minutes, I'm not
sure; we both reached that magic moment, that paradise
that happens when two who love climax together. I
swallowed all that he had to offer and then genly
licked the rest of him clean. he did the same to me.
Soft, quiet words mixed with sighs and gentle gasps
echoed in the room. I can't remember how long we were
there in that position; we might have fallen asl**p
cock to mouth. It was dark when I woke up and Mike
was there beside me. Everything was right with the
world; at least, for now it was.

Thanks for the many positive responses; I enjoy them.
This was to have been a brief story; but it now seems
to have taken on a life of its own. I'm enjoying
writing it and hope that it brings you some small

Mike woke when Colonel Dave and party left in his
bird; the noise was really quite loud. after making
something to eat, we sat there talking. I reminded
Mike that Father Liam would be by in the morning.
Mike explained that he usually went to Cambridge with
the Father; did research, spent the night at the
seminary in Brighton where he would meet the next day
with his professors and then would return that night
with Father Liam. The father spent those days with
f****y or friends I was told. I asked Mike what he
would say to those in charge at the seminary and after
several moments of silence, he responded; "I'll not
lie; I think Father Liam will tell them what he knows.
I did not speak to him in confession and he has an
obligation to protect the church. It will be
difficult." I offed to go with him and Mike declined.
I indicated that Father had told me that he himself
was gay and celibate and this quite surprised Mike; he
did not know. Mike was clearly troubled and rose from
the table. I went around and hugged him telling him
that I would say or do whatever he needed. "I need to
go out and run." Mike did just that; he was gone for
quite a while. I did worry a bit, wondering again if
he would return.

When he did and giving me just a sad smile, Mike went
straight to the loft and began working on the
keyboard. I went to bed. Mike was very quiet when he
came down and joined me; I pretended to be asl**p. He
curled himself around me gently and then whispered, "I
love you, Dad."
In just moments I was asl**p but awoke a short time
later and stayed awake for the rest of the night.

The morning was busy, we had no time for much of
anything other that breakfast. I saw Mike's computer,
his book bag and what could only be almost all of his
clothing in a pile by the door. It occurred to me
that I would be without love and my lover for two long
days and maybe longer. I drew Mike to me, "I'm going
to miss you, boy. I'll miss you something crazy.
Come home to me no matter what. If you want to change
your mind about living with me I'll understand, but at
least tell me. Come back even if it's just to say
Good Bye."

Mike kissed me hard, cupped my crotch with his hand,
saying, "Don't worry so, sweet old man. You won't get
rid of me that easy. You rest up cause when I get
back, we'll make up for last night - all night" I
laughed but felt only slight relief.

After Mike and Father Liam left I went to see Charlie.
He was exercising and urged me to join him as I did
most mornings. With his guidance and almost
insistence, I had become reasonably fit over the last
18 months. As we worked our routine, and when able, I
sort of gasped out what had taken place since we had
last seen each other the day before. Charlie said
nothing. When he began swimming in the enclosed lap
pool, I begged off and collapsed on the double chase
next to the pool.

I remember Charlie covering me with a huge towel,
bending over me and, thinking I was asl**p, kissing me
on the head and spoke softly, "Poor baby; it's all
getting to you, isn't it." He had that right.
He woke me a few hours later and served us lunch by
the pool.

He asked if I wanted to talk. I told him I had a few
questions regarding his life in the Marines, and how
readily Paul and Dave were accepted and wondered what
my life would be like in the closet. "I'll answer
that quickly, cleanly and to the point," Standing
up, he began. "In regard to the being in the closet
situation: This is something that is highly
controversial both in the civilian as well as in the
military, and certainly in our Marine Corps world.
You are now deep in the closet and may well choose to
stay that way. Paul and Dave are not nor have I been
for the last 14 years. We have very little to which
the three of us can relate to you on this ground. The
three of us being very much out are extremely well
protected by our Marines. Beyond the other two men
who joined us this weekend here, there are others that
you may eventually meet; one will probably tell you a
lot about his sons who have grown up and rightfully
earned their place as well decorated Marine 1st
Lieutenants and whom he has given unselfishly to the
Marine Corps. I feel towards Paul and my nephew as
does he to his sons. I admit that I have shed tears
of fear, alone at night worrying myself sick about
them when they were in combat. We, the other dads and
I, also have unshakable faith that our Corps will
take good care of them. Paul, Dave, these others have
done a world of good, especially in rallying many of
our younger b*****r and s****r Marines, and c.o.'s to
full understanding of what it means to have and rely
on gay Marines who close to all of them. As a net
result, we have an incredible system of protection in
place up to and including staff at the Pentagon and
personal staffers of the Commandant in residence at
our Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. This umbrella
of protection, very unlike what you often read in the
tabloids and media, has been slowly extended to more
vulnerable members of our Marine community. It seems,
my friend, that you have been adopted, been asked to
enter into this community. It is not very often that
any of us in my circle allows a man or men outside the
Marine Corps or Navy SEAL world to approach closely.
I have little idea as to how close, other than Paul,
that the others will allow you in ; however, judging
from my conversations with Paul, he especially seems
to have been let you come closer than any other has
been allowed in the past. I know for certain that I
have let you into my life. Dave is working on it. In
your mind (and heart), you must not allow your
experience with us to mar your understanding of The
Corps ideals. We are merely only a SMALL
representation of the Corps f****y. We are also
although Dave himself, and I in the past, would
ABSOLUTELY INSIST to anyone that even being human is
NO real excuse for less than perfection in the
execution of duty and responsibilities. Truly, if you
allow the earthy expression, I know I was among the
top of the hardest asses among us all in this respect,
Believe it or not" Charlie laughed quietly to himself
for just a moment. "Once again, Bill, we have allowed
you into our joined lives; I trust you to honor that
and be faithful to that trust. Can and will you do

My tears began flowing; it seems that this had
happened several times in the last few days. I tried
to tell myself "grown men don't cry." I stood.
Charlie walked towards me and I grabbed him to me and
hugged him as hard as I could. "You, General, Sir,
are the best friend I've ever had. I honor and trust
you my friend, I love you."

Bending his head so that his lips touched my ear, he
whispered, "Semper Fi, Bill, Semper Fi." I leaned
into him, needing his strength. I felt his hands
slide down to my ass and cup my cheeks, pulling me
harder and tighter against him. My man tool began to
rise as did Charlie's. I wanted him. My arms reached
around his body and then to his face and I pulled it
to mine. I wanted to feel his lips on me but not on
my forehead this time. I wanted him to kiss me on my
mouth; I wanted to feel his tongue in me. Rather
roughly, he separated us. "You're not ready for this,
Bill and neither am I. Maybe someday..." I exhaled
slowly telling him that I was. "When and if it
happens for us, it will be just the two of us; without
Paul and more importantly, without Mike." I think I
understood. I nodded acceptance. Once again, Charlie
drew me to him and held me close for several minutes.
"I think I'm going to stay here for another week or
two; till I know you are settled. Is that OK with
you?" That did irritate me a bit; after all, I am a
60 year old man. I started to give him an argument;
and hearing this, and feeling my again hard cock, now
tenting my shorts and pressing into his thigh, he
picked me up easily and tossed me into the pool. "You
and that nice cock of yours need to cool off. Swim
for 15 minutes while I clean up here."

"Sir, Yes Sir!" I saluted and did, once again, what I
was ordered to do.
My shorts and shirt were wet when I climbed out of the
pool. Charlie handed me a set of utilities, a Corp
utility cap and told me to dress. "Now you look like
a man." he chuckled.

"As long as I don't look like one of your boys, that's
OK!" I retorted.

"one thing you've learned in the last several months
is to have a smart mouth." Best be careful there,
buddy. It can get you into trouble!" I understood
the double message in that and returned his sassy
smile. Charlie went on to tell me that he would need
my help moving and putting up his 36" sailboat. He
intended that we sail it from Eastham to Chatham where
it would be stored. He went on to say that the "Easy
s****rs" would be joining us. These were the Snow
twins, in their mid 40s, very attractive divorced,
wealthy and in constant need of sex. They were also
in prime physical condition with lean, tight, well
developed bodies. Charlie had introduced me to them
when I had first moved onto the point. They were
again of an old Cape f****y and probably distant
relatives of his. I indicated that I had no interest
in getting laid. He just laughed at me. A short time
later we were at the dock and Candy, Charlie's
favorite, and Nan, my sometimes partner, joined us.
Candy made a few smart-ass remarks about Marine
Hotdawgs. Nan was quieter, more reserved and easier
to take; that was for sure. In the process of getting
the boat ready to sail, I let Nan know that I was "out
of commission." She asked no questions and announced
that she had decided to drive to Chatham and that she
would meet us there with the car. She let them think
that she had things to do on the way and that in this
way our return transportation would be assured. I was
Charlie looked at me and said quietly. "You've also
learned how to maneuver behind the lines, I see." I
faced in the other direction, fearing that the broad
smile on my face would incite him to some further

About 20 minutes into the run to Chatham, Charlie told
me to take the wheel and he and Candy disappeared
below. They only went down into the salon which was
before the helm. Charlie soon had his and Candy's
clothes off. He kissed her once, maybe twice, and
then he positioned her on the floor so that the back
of her head faced me and so that his eyes were on
mine. He winked, and without any further thought or
word, knelt, lifted her legs back and thrust his hard,
well lubricated cock into her waiting pussy. I heard
her gulp, and then say "Bastard!" She then took both
hands and slapped his ass as hard as she could. She
continued doing that with every thrust he made into
her wet hole. Charlie continued staring into my eyes.
My cock reared its head and I was a bit sorry that
Nan had stayed behind. The intensity of the mating
ritual I was witnessing rose. My hand wandered to my
own cock and I began stroking through the camouflage
patterned cloth. With a nod of his head, I think
Charlie indicated that I should drop them. That's
what I chose to interpret as anyway. I did just that
and began jerking off. Charlie's smile broadened and
he fucked Candy harder and faster. My hand rhythm
matched his thrusts.
Right now, I honestly cant tell you if I wanted to be
Charlie or Candy. In just minutes, I ejaculated all
over the deck and seeing that, Charlie gave one last
deep final plunge. The woman below him screamed in
ecstasy, spouting truck-driver words of lust. He
pulled from Candy's grasping cunt and shot rope after
rope of man juice all over her belly, tits and face.
Winking at me once more, he lowered his body onto hers
and began licking her face and neck. Securing the
wheel, I retrieved my shorts and put them on. Some
few minutes passed before Candy and Charlie came back
up on deck. Candy pointed to the wet spot that my
draining cock had left on my shorts and laughed.
Charlie tossed me a rag. "Grunt, swab the deck; I
don't want that left there over the winter." I began
following "orders" and shortly, Charlie brought Candy
and me something to drink. Candy excused herself to
use the head. "Did you enjoy yourself, Buddy?" he
asked. With that, he grabbed my cock and gently gave
it a few tugs. I, or it, quickly stood to attention.
We heard the pump work and I tore myself from his
grasp and faced the water; my face was beet red by

"Boys will be boys!" Candy spouted. "Billy, don't be
so uptight. It's OK!"

I wondered if it was ever going to be OK again.....

Nan met us in Chatham and we stopped in Orleans for an
early supper and returned to Charlie's. I begged off
of a card game and returned home; hoping that Mike
might call. Then I remembered that he probably would
not; I foolishly had not given him a phone card or any
money and I knew he had very little if any cash of his
own. Damn, I would have to give him an allowance.

Sometime after 8:00 pm I climbed into bed. Unable to
relax or sl**p, I began playing with my cock. Since
my divorce, I had resorted to this form of relief
often. With just the pointer and middle finger of my
right hand, I began a gentle massage using my loose
foreskin. With my left hand, I stroked my shaft and
then began to gently work my balls. I prefer a
"light" touch. I don't usually last a long time, but
for some reason, climax eluded me. Fleeting visions
of Mike, Paul, Charlie, Nan, Candy all chased across
my eyelids. At times there were any number of
combinations and activities. My finger wandered lower
to my own ass crack and I raised my legs up and back.
I toyed with my ring; teasing it with just the tip of
my finger. My stroking became more vigorous. Speed
increased and my grip tightened. There was still no
relief. I was truly "beating my meat." I could feel
my heart rate increasing; there was almost a sensation
of pain along with the throbbing in my temples.
Groans and moans came from deep in my chest and my
body writhed on the sheets, twisting and turning.
Just then, the phone rang.
Out of breath and cross, I answered, somewhat
breathless, "Who is it?"

"Hey Dad, how are you? What are you doing? How's
Mike? What happened in Boston this morning: I know
Mike was worried." It was Paul, not Mike. "What's
wrong? You sound different." There was one question
after another and then silence while he waited for me
to answer.

I laughed. I continued to laugh till tears rolled
down my cheeks.

"I"m not that funny, Dad. What the heck are you
laughing at me for?
His voice sounding low, deep and somewhat peeved, Paul
again waited for an explanation.

"I haven't heard from Mike. I thought this call might
be from him except he has no money that I know of and
I was trying to jerk off with very little success. I
was pounding myself into oblivion when the phone

This time Paul laughed and said we would return to
that subject later. He wanted to know what I had done
all day. Without much detail, I told him Charlie and
I had put up the boat and that Candy had sailed with

"Did they give you a show?" he asked. I answered in
the affirmative. He asked about Nan and I told him
that she had met us later. "If I had been there, I
would have taken care of her!" he chuckled.

"Do you do women?" I blurted out.

"Hey Dad, I'm a hot-bl**ded Marine Stud! I could not
help myself and told him he was full of shit. "No
need to use foul language Dad; we don't do that." He
scolded me. "The only time we use four-letter words
in when we are making love," He giggled. It was not
a feminine giggle; it was all man. "I'm lonely
tonight dad; it was a 12 hour day. I want you to do
something for me, OK? Lay back down on the bed and
put the phone next to your ear." I had an idea of
where this was going and told Paul I would do as I was
asked. "I'm going to put you on speaker phone now."

"Are you listening Dad? I'm taking off my sweaty
clothes. I smell MAN smell. After I left the office,
I walked back here. I want you to smell me." I
inhaled. I could almost smell Paul. Perhaps it was
my own oder, but I thought of it as Paul's. "Kiss me
Dad, use your tongue on me. Pick at my ears with it,
Chew on my lobe, and then lick my neck."
I made sucking sounds; I licked my own arm. I could
hear the bed creaking under Paul. "AGgghhhhhhhh, Dad,
That feels so hot."

"I want to lick your pits, boy; raise your arms for
me," I whispered.

""Doing it Dad, work my man tit. I like rough tit
play Dad, do it rough."
I growled as my left hand began stroking my cock; my
right hand played with my own now rigid nipples. I
decided I did not like it rough; I like a soft,
butterfly touch. It was working though. "Dad, lick
my belly, please Dad?" Paul's voice was even deeper,
almost harsh. I told him I would lick more than his

"I'm going to lick your big cock head, boy. I'm going
to stick my tongue right down your piss slit!" I
growled. "with a hushed voice I continued, "And I'm
gonna stick my fingers in you man hole."

"Take as much of it as you can Dad, take it all!" he
panted. The sounds of bouncing bed spring and hands
slapping cock shaft and head were ever increasingly
louder. "Fuck me with your fingers, Dad, work my ass
nut!" Paul panted. "Do it!" "Do it!" "Dooooo
ITTttttttttt." "I'm Cumming." " AAHGHHHhhhhh, Fuck
me DAD, Fuck me hard. Grab my balls and pull em Dad!"
" AHHHHhhhhh AHHHHhhhhhh AGGHHhhhhh!"
I made the same sounds as my man cock splatted juice
all over me. Relief came.

I lay there breathless, panting slower and slower. I
finally sighed, relaxation took over.

"Dad, are you OK?"

"Everything is perfect, Paul."

"Did you like that?"

"It's my first phone sex; yeah, I liked it. Thanks; I
needed it bad."

"Not anymore than I did. Anytime Dad. Tell my k**
b*****r I'll call him tomorrow to see how things went.
"I'm headed for the shower."

"Son, I loved it; and I care about you too."

"Dad, that's the first time, I think, that you called
me 'Son". Good night, Dad." Paul's voice was
emotional. Damn, he was, next to Charlie, the most
masculine guy I had ever met; yet, there was a
tenderness and valunerabilty there. The phone clicked
off. I hung up and fell asl**p.

I heard chatter in the kitchen the next morning; it
woke me. One of Charlie's personal business ventures,
as opposed to f****y business, was a training program
for corporate or personal protectors and servers.
Those in the program were usually college age or just
out of college, very fit and very smart. The boys
were usually orphans, or from broken families, poor,
and of mixed or other than white race. They learned
to cook, clean house, drive evasively, install bugging
devices, use all kinds of recording equipment, enter,
leave, plant evidence or gather it, and search through
stuff without leaving tracks. Uncle Tran did that and
Charlie worked on their stealth, fitness and fighting
skills in the gym he had had built in his old barn.
Their college and living expenses were provided;
graduates were highly sought after by those people
needing this type of service. As I understand, the
graduates were very well paid. Charlie's partner was
Tran Nugyen, a k** he had found or rescued in Viet Nam
in the mid 60s. Early on, I had agreed to be one of
their guinea pigs; it got my home cleaned free and
lots of great meals prepared. Uncle Tran or Charlie
would plant things, leave things, or give the guys a
list of things to look for or find. How quickly they
accomplished these tasks led to rewards.

Carlos brought me my breakfast in bed; a rare treat.
I sat up in bed and stretched. He took one look at me
and laughed out loud. "Mr. Bill, I think you need a
shower." There were dried cum clumps in my chest
hairs. I told Carlos I would tend to that later and
asked him to stay for a minute. I asked him to do a
small job for me; we were encouraged to use their
services freely. I told him that I wanted him to buy
Mike some clothing; I had no idea of what a young guy
would like. He needed slacks, socks, shirts,
underwear and a decent jacket. I had checked what he
had left in a single drawer; it was old and worn.
"Ahhh, the young man that is now staying with you?" he
asked. I blushed a bit and nodded. "I shall be happy
to do that for you today and bring it back later. He
is very handsome and big." Carlos was no taller than
5'7" and had not one ounce of body fat. He was a
handsome miniature. Today, I noticed for the first
time, his tight fitting pants. He had a full basket,
or so it seemed. He excused himself and began to
gather laundry, etcetera.

I Finished my breakfast and left the crew to do their
thing. Telling Carlos I had left $200.00 on my
dresser for his shopping, I went over to the gym. I
often joined the classes; but, I always was in the
last row.
Theses were beautiful to watch; especially now that I
had begun to develop a "taste" for the male form.
Eventually, we broke for lunch. Charlie and I, still
in Speedos, ate alone. We talked about Mike's home
coming, etc. One would think we had been apart for
months, so great was my enthusiasm or need.

Tran had asked to speak to Charlie privately and they
moved to the back of the room. When Charlie returned
he was very quiet. I noticed that Tran had pointed at
me during their conversation but I asked no questions.
About an hour later, Carlos came into the pool area
where Charlie and I had settled in to read. He was
followed closely by Uncle Tran. I sensed trouble.
Charlie stood, walked over to Carlos and slapped him
hard across the face, twice and then used just his
fingers in a jab under his breast bone. Tran grasped
Carlos from behind, taking an arm in some lock-type
grip, and f***ed Carlos to his knees.
I can't tell you if it was Carlos or I who was most
shocked. "You took money that did not belong to you."
was all that Charlie said at first and then he
continued with a tone of disgust, "You were warned
before. This is your last chance; you will be
punished now."

"I took nothing!" Carlos gasped. "I took nothing."

"We have photos; the money was on Mr. Bill's dresser."
I began to say something, but Charlie looked at me
and ordered, "Silence. This is not your affair."
There was a look in the boy's face. He was angry. He
shook his head at me, indicating I should say nothing.
I was unsure.

"You choose to believe me or not; I give you my word;
I took nothing."

"Take of your clothes!" Charlie ordered and he sat on
a bench. Tran held out a short whip type thing.
Again I tried to say something.

"Mr. Bill, please be quiet. Carlito, you are a coward
as well, I see." was Tran's taunting response.

Carlos turned towards the door; "You and Mr. Charlie
are assholes."
He slammed the door. The silence that followed was
Moments later, the door opened and Carlos walked back
in. He was naked. "I am not a coward." He walked
over to Charlie and taking the whip from Tran's hand,
gave it to Charlie. "Make me cry, big man. You think
you own this world." Charlie sat on the bench, placed
his hand on Carlos' neck and bent him over so that his
body was across Charlie's lap.

"NO!" I shouted.

"Mr Bill, this is not your concern." Carlos spoke
quietly. "Stay if you wish, but say nothing."

Again I started to speak. Tran's hand went over my
mouth and he spoke quietly into my ear, . "Be silent,
Sir, or leave."

Whack whacK whacKK WhacKKK WHACKKK... the blows
fell fast and furiously. Carlos made not a sound; he
did not whimper, he did not exhale loudly, he laid
perfectly still and stared at the floor. Welts rose
on his beautiful camel colored ass flesh. It turned
the sound echoed in the room. Tears streamed down my
face; I saw them now in Carlos' eyes.
His body began thrusting down into Charlie's lap with
each stroke of the whip.
There was a new expression on his face; one I did not

Charlie's face showed even more rage."You lying,
sniveling, little fucking cock-sucker!" he roared.
Standing, he dropped Carlos on the floor. Carlos'
very thick 6" long boy cock was at attention,
quivering, and ropes of cum continued spurting from
his piss slit landing all over the floor. Gobs of it
stood out on Charlie's Marine red bathing suit. "You
fagot bastard! Clean that off of me." Charlie was
beginning to show signs of excitement himself, his
general's weapon stretched the fabric tight. Bending,
he grabbed Carlos head and jammed the boys mouth
against his body, ordering, "Lick your shit off of
me." Carlos began doing just that. He breathed hot,
short breaths against Charlie's ever enlarging wedge
shaped cock. Soon, the head emerged from the top of
the suit, seeking its own freedom. Not touching
Charlie, Carlos ate him up. Charlie pushed the trunks
down, allowing his man flesh complete freedom. Carlos
struggled a bit but swallowed the 10" long cock that
was before him. Charlie cried out. "I'm cummmmmmming
you cock-sucker. Eat it all." He grabbed Carlos head
and held it still; you could see the obstruction
blocking his throat. Carlos could not breathe.

"Stop IT, Stop it!" Let him alone you bastard."
Charlie let go of Carlos. I broke free from Tran and
pulled Carlos to me. My voice shaking with anger and
excitement, i screamed, "Why didn't you let me tell
him, Why?" I turned to Charlie. "I left the money
for him. He used it to buy clothes for Mike. God, I
asked him to do it. Charlie, what have you done? Who
were you beating? Am I a 'Fagot Bastard" too. With
my arms around Carlos, I headed for the door.

"Bill, wait, wait!" Charlie came towards us. The
look on his face was like death, he was ashen.

"Get the fuck away from me. Leave us alone." Once in
the locker area, I helped Carlos dress.

Uncle Tran followed us into the locker room. "Carlos
you are a very brave and a very foolish boy. You had
the chance to explain. I understand you wanted us to
believe you." And, turning to me, he said "Carlos
needs to tell you why we did not believe him. I will
tend to him; Captain Charlie needs his friend."

I turned and went back into the pool area; Charlie was
staring out at the ocean. "Charlie, tell me what all
that was about." He shook his head indicating that he
would not. I walked over to him and grasped his
shoulder, "Tell me who you were beating. You weren't
here, it wasn't Carlos, that's for sure."

"Leave it be, Billy." he whispered.

"I can't. Do you hate me now that I've had sex with a
man; do you hate yourself?"

"Get out, Bill, get out of here." His body stood
taller and his shoulders squared; he assumed parade
rest. The Marine in him took over.

"Was it Paul?" I asked, "or someone else?" I wanted
him to tell me about his son.

"You and your dime store psychology; get your fucking
ass out of here before I hurt you!" he shouted. "GET

Hearing the commotion, Uncle Tran was there
immediately. He handed me a tube of ointment similar
to the one Charlie had used on me a few days ago.
"You need to go, Mr. Bill, go now," I left quickly
and took Carlos back to my place. When we arrived, I
suggested that Carlos drop his shorts and bend over
the table. His ass looked ugly and red; the welts
were darker and there was a drop of bl**d on his ring
where one of the lashes had torn that tender flesh. I
slowly worked the ointment in; Carlos shivered and
then blushed; his boy cock stood erect.

"Pretty good stuff, isn't it." I told him as I then
stroked his well-muscled back with the flat of my
hand. I was taking great pleasure in having warm,
muscled flesh under my hands. "Don't you think it's
time to tell me what Tran was talking about?"

"I took something of yours." Carlos began.


"A pair of sweaty, stained briefs. Uncle Tran caught
me sniffing them back at camp." Carlos' head hung
down onto his chest. "I'm sorry Mr. Bill; I had no
right. I just wanted to..."

I stopped him. "I'm flattered. If Mike were not due
back and if I didn't think I was in love with him; I
would show you how flattered I really am. My hands
continued exploring boy flesh. I don't really
understand the reasons why Charlie and Tran were so
angry about a pair of old briefs." My hands, on
their own, now stroking his thighs and scrotum. My
own cock stood erect. Carlos explained that the
taking of anything without express orders was a
violation of trust. Carlos pulled away from me saying,
"I'll not lead you into temptation, Mr. Bill."

After that, we talked for almost an hour about many
things, especially about what his life had been like
before meeting Uncle Tran through his nephew.
Finally, I suggested, "Why don't you get dressed and
then lie down on the couch. I think Mike will be
along anytime now and I want to check on Charlie." I
met Tran as I walked up to the ridge. He asked if
Carlos had told me about his "failure," as Tran called
it. Once again, I said that it was insignificant and
that it did not merit the beating that Carlos had

"That is not for you to decide, Mr. Bill, not for you.
Charlie is in bed; I gave him something. Please,
never again ask him about things in the past. They
are best left buried deep. Please. I will take
Carlos home if he will come." I followed him back
down to my place. Carlos was in the bedroom putting
away the things he had chosen for Mike. Bowing to
Carlos and looking down at his feet for several
moments, Tran then raised his eyes and looking
directly at the boy, he offered, "Carlos, I am very
sorry. I should have listened with my heart. I care
for you and want to do only that which is best for
you. Will you accept my apology? I know that Captain
Charlie is very sorry for what has happened. He will
have great difficulty telling you that, but he will do
it I think. It may take some time; he is a too proud
man like you. Will you come back with me?"

About that time I heard what had to Father Liam's car
stopping outside. Mike came in followed by the
Father. Both carried a box and a green trash bag
which they unceremoniously dropped on the clean floor.
Carlos clicked his tongue and shook his head; he had
a grin on his face. I introduced Tran and Carlos to
Mike and Father Liam who then left quickly and
quietly. I continued explaining to Mike that they
were part of Charlie's business and that Carlos was
responsible for some of the great food we had eaten
and certainly for our living in a clean place with
fresh laundry. Realizing that Carlos must know of our
"living arrangements," Mike blushed.

Carlos tried to put him at ease, "Hey b*****r, anytime
you get tired of living with this great Dad, just let
me know cause I'll be on my way in as you leave.
Come, Uncle Tran, these two want to be alone." He
laughed and took Tran's hand, "Uncle, I ask for your
forgiveness for my pride." Tran ruffled his hair and
led him out. Tran turned to me and said that he would
be back later to check on Charlie.

They were out of sight for less than a second when
Mike's arms were around me, hugging me tight to him.
"Dad, I don't think I'll ever get tired of you." He
kissed me. I kissed him back. "Let's go to bed!" he
said in a boy voice. I asked if he wanted to tell me
how it had all gone and he indicated no saying,
"Later, I've thought about nothing else but doing this
since we came over the bridge." By then we were
standing next to the bed and I began to take off my
clothes. "No Dad, let me, please?" At that point,
Mike could have done anything to me that he wanted; I
was putty in his strong, lean hands. In seconds we
were naked with hands, legs and tongues entwined and
our bodies thrusting hard into each others flesh.
Mike fell back onto the bed, pulling me with him. He
took both cocks in hand and began a gentle stroking of
our combined flesh. My tongue probed his mouth and my
hands grabbed his shoulders, pulling us together as
tightly as possible and leaving space for the magic
his fingers were working on both throbbing cocks.
There was little finesse, there was little patience;
both of us were driven to complete the act. It was
sex; it was passion; it was part love.
I don't think it took very long and we let go of our
pent-up love at just about the same time. There were
grunts, groans, love words, and finally sounds of
release. "Ahh Dad, you can't believe how much I
needed that; you've made an addict of me." I asked
what he thought he had done to me and then after
several moments of soft, gentle kissing, hugging and
playing with boy and man juice, I asked him to tell me
what had gone on. In just a few sentences, Mike told
me that he was no longer a seminarian; that it had
been difficult but not ugly and that he was happy. I
accepted that. He then asked about Charlie.
I told him about the events of the day leaving out the
most graphic parts regarding the brutal spanking and
Charlie's ugly words. "Bill, there's more to this
than what you're telling me. I can see you are very
upset." I shook my head and Mike knew I could not say
more. "It's OK Dad, when you are ready. Well, I
guess I'm here to stay with all my worldly
possessions. Maybe I should put the stuff away; I
don't want to upset Carlos or give him any reasons to
try and get rid of me." He laughed. I thought about
how little Mike had. I told him I had cleared some
space in the closet and in the dresser. When Mike
opened the door to the closet the new clothes were
immediately obvious and I told him there was more
stuff in "his drawers." He was like a k** at
Christmas; there were tears in his eyes. "Nobody has
ever done anything like this before for me." He began
to cry.

"Don't boy, don't. It's just clothes." I tried to
comfort him.

"It's not the things; it's the idea of thinking enough
about me to do something like this." I explained
that I had help from Carlos and Mike, cheering up and
with that devilish gleam in his eye that was becoming
increasingly more apparent, answered "Maybe I'll have
to think of a special way to say thanks."

"If you collect anymore friend like Paul, I'll not
have room in my bed for you." I could tease too.

By then, Mike had finished and fallen back down onto
the bed. "Want to do it again, sweet old man?" I
joined him, closed my eyes and pretended to snore. I
fell asl**p. It was dark when I woke; there was a
scratching and yelping at the door. It was Charlie's
dog. I opened the door but he would not come in.
Instead, he tossed his head and started off the deck.
When I did not follow, Felix came back and continued
yelping and pointing back to Charlie's with his nose
and paw. Hearing Mike on the keyboard, I yelled to him
that I was on my way to Charlie's and that I would be
back shortly. He told me that he had lots of work to
do and laughing, also that I need not hurry; we would
have plenty of time later to pick up where I had
fallen asl**p on him.

I had difficulty keeping up with the dog. Felix was
an older Shepherd and usually did not move too
quickly; I sensed that something was wrong. I
followed Felix into the house and then he started
upstairs. In the 18 months I known Charlie, I had
never entered this part of his home; there had been no
reason to and I had not asked or been invited. I
followed Felix through a large bedroom that had been
trashed. We went into a space difficult to imagine.
It was, I figured, over the 3 bay garage. Bizarre to
say the least, it looked exactly like a military tent
with canvas stretched to rafters and beams. There
were 6 cots, footlockers, lanterns and other Corps
things. Then I saw Charlie's naked body. It looked
as if he had tripped over a locker or perhaps a rifle,
and had fallen with or on an empty whiskey bottle that
had broken open. His head also was gashed, but his arm
was badly cut and there was bl**d everywhere. He had
been able to fashion a tourniquet of sorts with his
Speedo but his strength must have eroded and he was
barely conscious. "Sorry to bother you Billy; Felix
you did well." The dog howled. I grabbed a knife
that on the locker and used it to twist the bathing
suit tighter on his arm. "Push the red button on the
wall phone there; it will bring help." he whispered to
me. Stretching as far as I could, I could just reach
the communications box. I did or tried anyway to
follow orders; not noticing I had pushed the wrong

"Major Paul Allen," was the sound I herd.

"Paul, It's Bill. Charlie's hurt..."

He interrupted, "This is not a secure line, Sir. If
you will push the red button, please." and the line
disconnected. I pushed the red one.

"Tran is on line too, Bill. What are you doing in the
barracks?" Paul asked. I quickly explained that Felix
had come to get me and what I had found. Tran asked a
few questions and said he would get his nephew, the
doctor, and be there immediately. I said something
about an ambulance and Tran said, "Not necessary, Mr.
Bill. Please don't leave him. We will be there
immediately." Paul asked a moment or two later,
"Bill, are you there?" I could hardly talk, I nodded.
"Bill, talk to me!' Paul ordered, again sounding like
a Major. I told him then what the day had been like.
"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!" Paul said. Neither Paul or
Charlie used words like that. "I'll be there as soon
as I can get out of here." I asked Paul if he could
contact Mike and tell him I would be a while and to
please not come looking for me. "Will do! Dad,
thanks for being there and I'll see you later
tonight." The sound of a line closing echoed in the
vast space. I was alone with Charlie and frightened.

It must have been no more than five minutes later when
I heard Mike calling my name. "Dad, Paul sent me and
told me to tell you he made the decision." I told him
to follow my voice. He gasped when he entered the
tent. "Wow, this looks like a movie set." Then he
saw Charlie. "Sweet Jesus, help him." That's what
Mike prayed. I joined him.

Mike knelt beside me and started acting like a doctor;
he took pulse rate, examined scalp, checked pupils.
After a few moments, I asked if he knew what he was
doing? "When Paul called, he sounded very upset. He
answered a few questions and that's when I told him
about spending 3 years in med school. That's why Paul
then told me everything that had happened." I looked
at him with amazement in my face . "I graduated from
high school at 16, did -med at Georgetown, and then
went on at Tufts. I thought I wanted to be a medical
missionary but you have to love medicine and I came to
realize that I didn't; not enough anyway"

"And you didn't think that was important enough to
tell me?" I asked in a peevish voice; I was
immediately ashamed. "Forget that last question Mike;
I'm a bit upset here." We were interrupted by Tran's
voice from an overhead speaker. He asked if Mike was
there and Mike answered yes. Tran's nephew, the
doctor, then took over and explained to Mike that Paul
had spoken with him and then went on to tell him that
there was a small dispensary at the other end of the
hall from where we were and that in it, Mike would
find what he needed to begin taking care of Charlie.
There was bl**d in the freezer that probably needed to
be thawed, and that it would be another 15 minutes
before he and Tran arrived. They signed off and then
Mike told me what to do, I followed his orders now. We
moved Charlie and I helped as much as I could.

At one point, Charlie opened his eyes and seeing Mike,
he called out. "No no, no, I'm not ready to die, no
Roddy, no." When the other two arrived, the nephew
took over, the Doctor asked Tran and me to leave. Tran
protested; he was very emotional and on the edge of
breaking down. Mike gave him a hug and said Charlie
would be "OK!" I then told Tran what Charlie had said
when we were moving him. I took Tran's hand and led
him out; we went downstairs.

"I will tell you some things now that you need to
know. Charlie saved me; he saved my two s****rs. We
owe him everything. In Viet Nam, I became his and
Bruce's hooch boy. I cleaned, cooked, ran errands and
provided other services. They quartered inside the
embassy walls. I was 12 or 13 when I started. Our
mother was Viet , our father was French, a business
man. When the war began to go badly in the north, he
ran off further south and we, being of mixed bl**d,
were outcasts. We fled to Saigon where my mother hoped
to find our father and to work for the Americans. She
was well-educated and spoke 5 languages. We soon
learned that my father had been killed; probably by
the uncle who took us in. He was my dead aunt's
husband. My oldest s****r, 14, he turned into a
prostitute. My mother was his concubine and began to
drink too much; she tried to blot things out. By doing
what she did, she fed us and kept a roof over our
head. My little s****r, Marie, was then only 8. I
spoke English and French so I was sent out to pimp.
Bruce and Charlie were assigned to the embassy; I
solicited there, just outside. Those two thought I was
"cute." Maybe a month after I began working for
Captain Charlie and Captain Bruce, I introduced Bruce
to my s****r and they became involved very quickly. He
would visit Michelle often at my uncle's place. He
paid my uncle to keep him from making money off of
her. My mother had died by then; the uncle was our
keeper. Charlie never went nor did he ask for me to
find him someone for comfort; he loved his wife. One
of their duties was to entertain visiting people of
importance. Maybe a year, almost two perhaps, later,
Bruce asked me to find a girl for a visiting
congressman from Texas. He would bring this man to my
uncle's that night and while he stayed with Michelle,
that other man would be taken care of. My s****r was
now working in the embassy and saw no other man but

Bruce and the congressman had been bar hopping and
were quite d***k when they arrived. This Texas man was
very huge. He was taller and bigger all over than
Charlie and fat. When he took of his pants the girl I
had found ran away. His cock was too large. He was
very angry at my uncle and at me. He saw my little
s****r and said something about her being too small.
Then he looked at me; his eyes were filled with evil
lust. He pointed at me and asked, "How much for the
boy?" It took only a minute for my uncle and the fat
man to agree on a price for my body. "I tried to beg
but my uncle said it's you or your s****r. I then
tried to run to Captain Bruce; I called to him but he
did not hear. My uncle and the fat man caught me and
pulled my clothes off. The fat man bent me over the
table, face down and told my uncle to stuff my mouth
with his cock. My uncle, a strong man, took both of my
hands in one of his and used the other to push my face
into his crotch. He became erect and then pushed it
into my mouth. He did that very quickly and I was
gagged by his flesh. I struggled to breathe. I felt
huge hands on me; they pulled and grabbed me all over.
Then the Texas man pushed one finger, then two into
me. I almost passed out. I screamed but the cock in my
throat prevented any sound from being heard. He held
onto my waist and spread my legs with his knees. His
huge prick ripped into me. I screamed in silence. The
pain was unbearable and I passed out for a few
moments. When I came to, my uncle was grabbing his
crotch and screaming too. I had bitten down on him and
his manhood was hanging onto his body by bl**dy
threads of flesh. I yelled to Marie to get Bruce. She
ran. My tormentor was pounding his huge cock into my
body. The pain, although less, was intense; I still
remember it. Tran's face was covered with his tears as
he told me this. Marie could not wake Bruce but was
able to tell Michelle what was happening. Michelle ran
to get Charlie. The fat man, having cum once and
paused for only a second, was intent on again. He was
still tearing at my ass with his prick when Bruce, now
awake, came through the door. I was sobbing in pain
and fear. My uncle had picked up a meat cleaver and
was coming towards me. Seeing this, Bruce spun towards
him and turned the cleaver around quickly and it went
deep into my uncle's belly. The Texan did not notice
anything going on around him; he continued to fuck me
as hard as any man could do that to another human
being. Then Bruce hit the congressman over the head
with a kettle. He went u*********s. He yanked the fat
man from me. As he pulled from my ass, his huge cock
erupted again and again covering my back with his
yellow cum. His cock was covered with cum, ass slime
and bl**d. A mix of all three ran down my thighs.
Bruce told Michelle to take Marie and he carried me in
his arms like a baby back to the embassy. Quickly
explaining to Captain Charlie what had happened, he
asked Charlie to tend to me. Charlie told Bruce to do
that; then Charlie grabbed his camera and went back to
my uncle's place. He took pictures of the still
u*********s congressman. He placed my uncles bl**dy
cock in the congressman's mouth and took that picture.
He took one of the congressman with the cleaver in his
hand. He turned my uncle over the floor and rolled the
congressman on top of him and took that and then he
reversed the two and took another. He put my uncle's
mouth on the congressman's ass and took that and
finally he took pictures of the Texas huge cock
covered with everything. I know about these pictures;
I destroyed them after the congressman died a few
years ago.
Charlie pulled the fat, naked man outside of my
uncle's place and then he set it on fire. He got a
Marine, one that he knew, who was then passing by to
help him bring the partially conscious fat man back to
the embassy. He ordered the Marine who helped him to
be silent forever on what he had seen and helped do.
When Charlie came back to quarters, he sent Bruce to
be with my s****rs and he himself bathed and dressed
my wounds. He was so very very gentle for such a big
man. I fell in love with him at that moment and I love
him still.

Charlie's father, also a general in the Corps, was
stationed as well. Charlie told him everything that
had happened I believe. The next day, the congressman
and my two s****rs were on a plane back to Washington.
The congressman, after seeing Charlie's quickly
developed pictures, became our "best friend." He was
of high rank in the senate and all immigration
problems were quickly taken care of. The s****rs went
to Charlie's father's wife, Sylvia. She became like a
mother to them. I stayed with Bruce and Charlie in
their quarters. I was not able to travel that quickly
and the congressman did not want to see me at all; not
then, not ever. He knew what he had done and there was
great guilt in his heart. My s****rs wrote to me
often; Sylvia had them both in school and they were
happy. Michelle was in love with Bruce and he with her
even though thousands of miles separated them.

I stood then and walked towards Tran, thinking to hug
him. "Please sit, Mr. Bill. I am not finished. "Bruce
was very lonely for my s****r. I loved him almost as
much as Charlie. One night, after he came in after
drinking quite a bit. Charlie was away for a few days
and we were alone. I was so lonely and I was cold. I
waited for him to undress and get into his bed and
then I climbed in under the covers with him. I reached
down and gently took his beautiful cock into my hands
and began to rub it so softly. Bruce at first tried to
push me from the bed. I begged, "Captain Bruce, let me
do this for you. I love you and you love my s****r."
He was hard by then; he was under the influence of
alcohol, and my hands were very talented. He stopped
resisting and I lowered the covers. I twisted my body
down and took him into my mouth and sucked him with
great loving care. I explored his shaft with my tongue
and then his huge scrotum. He was like a water
buffalo." Charlie smiled at me and laughed then. I had
a hard on that he could see easily. I licked and I
sucked and I his belly, his cock, his balls and then
his ass. Finally his hands reached down to my head and
he pulled me up and hugged me to him. He kissed me
many times. HE called me Michelle and I did not mind
that at all. If that is what he had to do for his
conscience, I did not mind. He put me over onto my
back and he lifted my legs and spread them apart. He
entered me with his big cock. It did not hurt me. I
loved him. That night we made love many times.
Finally, he took my small boy cock in his hand and
brought me for a third time to eruption. The first two
times I had cum and not even touched myself. Bruce was
gentle and loving man. We continued this many times
but only when Charlie was not present.

"One night, Captain Charlie caught us. We thought he
would be out a long time drinking but he came home
early. We were naked on top of the bed. Bruce was
fucking me hard and we did not hear Charlie come in.
He grabbed Bruce and beat him and beat him and beat
him. Bruce was not a big man; he was strong but not
anything like Charlie. Charlie called him every dirty
name that you have ever heard. Bruce finally curled
into a ball and tried to protect himself from the
punishment Charlie poured down onto him. The officer
in the next room tried to come in but Charlie shoved
him aside and told him to get out and mind his own
business he wanted some the same. Then Charlie
grabbed me and put me over his lap. He beat my ass.
You have seen him do that. It was me that he was
beating the other day, not Carlos I think. I took it
silently knowing that it was deserved. I became erect
and my cock went between Charlie's huge, muscular
thighs. He was even bigger then. Charlie himself had
by then an erection. You understand, he was d***k?"
Tran asked me, looking straight into my eyes. I
nodded. Tran continued, "His nickname then was , 10.
He then put me down on the bed, face down, dropped his
pants, and rammed his huge cock into me. I was not
ready. It all happened too quickly. I screamed and
screamed. Charlie fucked me hard, so hard and all the
while swearing and calling me names. Bruce tried to
pull him off of me and Charlie knocked him
u*********s. By then, the Marine next door had gone to
get General Putnam, the father. He came with his
Gunny. Gunny was also a huge man, Black and bigger
even than Charlie or his father. The general was fit
and as big as Charlie. Gunny broke down the door. The
general took one look and exploded. He told Gunny to
get Bruce and me to the infirmary and that he would
deal with his son. Gunny took Bruce first. By then,
Charlie was aware of where he was and what had
happened. He stood naked by the bed. His father told
him to stand at attention and then the General started
on Charlie. He hit him first in his gut with both
fists. Then he started on his chest and face. Charlie
stood absolutely quiet, still at attention. His father
quietly called him a dirty ass fucking and every
other word for queer that you have ever heard. General
Putnam told him that he was a disgrace as a Marine, as
a man and as a father. He asked Charlie what he
thought his son would think of a father like Charlie
were he to find out. Charlie said nothing and the
General continued pounding his son. By the time Gunny
returned to take me, the older man had run out of
words and anger and strength. He turned to Gunny and
said, "I want no record of this. I want Bruce on the
first plane out of here. I want you to forget this
happened as shall I." He then turned to Charlie, "I am
in you. My heart is breaking. Damn you Charlie, Damn
You." With that, he turned and left. Gunny started to
pick me up to take me away. "I begged him to leave me,
"I need to take care of Captain Charlie. Please.
Please let me do that. I am alright. He will not hurt
me again." Charlie still stood. His mouth was bleeding
and the bruises from the punches his father had given
him were beginning to appear. Gunny nodded and left. I
went to Charlie and managed to get him to sit; I think
he was in shock. I got towels, soap and I bathed him
and put him to bed. I did that again today. I don't
know even now how his mind works. One thing I do
know, Charlie loves you and he may be in love with
you. Please, Mr. Bill, be careful of him and be good
to him. I love him."

I went to Tran; I hugged him to me.
Tran then called home and asked for Carlos to come out
to help. I had questions. I asked where Bruce was
now and Tran told me that he was married to his s****r
Michelle, retired from the Corps, had two c***dren one
of whom was also a doctor and that Bruce was still a
friend of Charlie's. I next asked what happened the
next day in the General's office.

Tran started, 'It was all very polite and reserved; it
was very Marine. The General asked Charlie if having
sex with men or boys was a habit and Charlie told him
that it had never happened before. The General
accepted that and I believe what Charlie said was
true. the General then asked me the same question and
I told him that I was doing it with Bruce who was then
still in sick bay. I told him how it had started; that
it was my fault. The general was quiet for a moment
and then asked if I thought I would like to join my
s****rs in the United States. He went on to say that
I must give him my word that I would not have any
homosexual involvement from that day forward and that
he would have me sent to a military school with the
intent that I would join the Corps on graduation. I
promised acceptance of all he wished and he said I
would be on the next plane out of Saigon that had an
empty seat. He then indicated that I should say my
Good Byes then and there to Captain Charlie and that
he would leave us alone. Charlie hugged me to his
chest and with a broken voice, told me how sorry he
was for what he had done. I told him that I was glad
that it had happened; that I wanted him to do that to
me. He spoke quietly, "Tran, I rid you of your uncle
hoping to free you from that life. I was so angry at
Bruce for doing that to you and at you for letting
him. I may have wanted you for myself, I guess and
was afraid to even think about it. Alcohol is no
excuse for what I did to you. Will you forgive me?"
I went to him and hugged him as hard as I could. "You
promised my father, now promise me that you won't do
it with any man again." This I did, I was sobbing
like a baby. "Now go quickly. I still need to talk
to the General." and with those words we parted. It
was a few years later before I saw Charlie again and
we spent only a few minutes talking about the past.
He briefly told me about the rest of that morning.

Charlie gave his father, not the General this time, a
very hard time. The first thing Charlie said was that
if his father ever put a hand on him again in anger,
that he would not be responsible for what happened.
Charlie threatened to kill his father if he ever
struck him again. This shocked the General I am sure.
I believe that Charlie told him that as a Father he
had failed him all his life; that he was a failure in
every way as a father. The General was not around
Charlie as a young boy because of the war and he and
Charlie's mother divorced a few years later. When
Charlie spent any time with his father during an
occasional vacation, the General was always busy and
if there was a problem, the General's first reaction
was to strike Charlie and ask questions later. Gunny
was more of a dad to Charlie. Charlie then told his
father that he had spent a good part of his early
years fighting of the fagots that hung around his
mother. She was a fine concert pianist and probably,
after the divorce, a lesbian. Charlie also said the
only reason he had joined the Marines was in the hope
that his father just might love him. If Charlie had
done what he wanted, he would probably be a great
artist today. Charlie even accused the General of
sabotaging his wedding by sl**ping with his wife's
s****r after the rehearsal. Indeed the General had
done that and the result was a remarriage and the
birth of Charlie's half-b*****r. It is my
understanding that the General stood there in silence
while Charlie did this number on him. There were a
litany of other wrongs. The only real father Charlie
ever experienced was his Grandfather Putnam. He was a
curious old man in my opinion. Charlie spent summers
here on the Cape with him. Charlie said his father
asked if Charlie was finished after several minutes of
silence. Then the General walked to Charlie, took his
hand and asked for Charlie to forgive him and told him
that he loved Charlie; had always loved him and that
he knew he had not shown it or ever said it. The
General also acknowledged that he had been a failure
as a Dad. I think they both had very intense moment
then. They were in a new place, I believe. The
General decided shortly after that to return to
Washington so that he could be a better father to his
son Alex. He had that kind of power in the Corps.

I wanted to know more about Tran so I asked. "I
married after I joined the Corps. My wife was the
daughter of the General's steward. We have 4
c***dren; one son is gay as you probably know. He is
the one with the health club in Boston; our
recruiter." The other three are doing well and live
away. I do not see them often enough. Tran smiled
and continued. My wife died of cancer about 10 years
ago and until she died I was never with anyone else.
I served most of my career in Washington; the last
several years working for Captain or General Charlie
by then. I was aware of the relationship between Paul
and Rod, and then the relationship which came to
include Charlie and David after Rod's death. I wanted
to join them but I had promised. After my wife died
there was no longer a reason, so I have man sex now.
Is there anything else? "With Carlos?" I asked. He
smiled, nodded and said, "and with Paul, David,
Charlie and the others." I shook my head. We sat in
silence for some time.

Mike came down and said that everything was going to
be fine; Charlie had a concussion, that the cut in his
arm had nicked a vein but done no nerve damage. He
went on to say that they had emptied him out and
filled him up. I guess I look puzzled. "Dad, we
stitched him up, pumped his stomach and gave him
transfusions. The sedative that Tran gave Charlie did
not mix well with the booze and it was the fall that
did the damage." He laughed. Tran did too and I
guess the good news released lots of pent up emotions
in all of us. Mike went back upstairs. Then Tran
suggested that when Carlos came that they would fix
Charlie's room and that I might get some food together
as Paul would be there shortly and all of us would
need to eat. I asked if he thought I could be trusted
in the kitchen. Tran laughed and said, Captain
Charlie says you are an excellent cook!" By then
Carlos was standing in front of us looking rather
grim. Quickly, Tran told him the 'good news' and we
all got busy.

A short time later I heard the helicopter approach and
flipped the lights on that lighted the field outside
the kitchen windows. The next thing I saw was a human
form sliding down a rope not 15 feet from where I
stood. It could only be Paul; rather a dramatic
entrance. I went to let him in and was greeted with a
huge bear hug and a full mouth on mouth kiss. He told
me that he had talked to Mike just before he landed
and then he grabbed me again and pulled my ass hard
with his hands so that our crotches were strained
against each other. "Dad, I've got a hard on for
you!" and then he roared with laughter. "I wish I
had a camera; you should see your face." I reacted; I
took my hand and clutched his cock, hard, very hard.
"Woooah!" he gasped.

"It's not nice to fool Father Nature!" I teased back
and then I pulled his face down to mine and stuck my
tongue down his throat. "There, That's all you'll get
from me, Sonny Boy. Now get out of my kitchen so I
can finish up."

I'll not bore you with the other details. We all
gathered in the kitchen to eat after Mike and the
doctor had secured Charlie in his bed. They both
thought he would be feeling pretty good by the morning
and Tran would spend the night in his room. "I asked
if that also meant in his bed. After a moment of
silence, Paul spoke out. "No, that's my place." Tran
then took Carlos by the hand and said that seeing that
he was not wanted that he and Carlos had better things
that they could do. We all chuckled. I was told to
leave the kitchen as it was; the crew would be in
first thing in the morning. The doctor nephew who was
Bruce's son, Tran and Carlos bowed smartly and were
laughed out of the room.
I reached for Mike's hand saying, "Michael, we have
better things that we could be doing too." Paul shook
his head and said "I guess I'm the only one who won't
get any tonight." Mike and I each blew him a kiss.

I barely made it inside our place before Mike started
taking off my clothes and then his own. I let him.
"I'm not sure I have the strength for all this!" I
laughed. Mike picked me up and carried me to bed.
His strength constantly amazed me. He put me gently
on my belly and began a massage. He started with my
ears, then my neck and worked slowly across each
shoulder and down each arm. He pulled each hand up
individually and then sucked gently on each finger.
Then with his tongue, he played with my spine as his
hands worked my thighs, ass cheeks, and then my
calves. I felt his hot breath and then his tongue
enter my ass crack. I turned over quickly; my cock
stood straight up.
"You are driving me crazy; I'll that cum that way if
you want me to but I think I have a better Idea."
With that I rolled on top of Mike, I lifted his legs
and spread them and then with my own tongue, I began
to bathe his belly, cock and balls. After several
moments, I pushed his legs back further exposing his
boy hole to my tongue. He was sweaty but clean; I had
come to like that special smell. Finally I summed up
the courage to do it; I rammed my tongue into him.
Mike moaned with pleasure; his cock leaked all over
his belly. I gathered it in my hands and applied it
to my throbbing cock and with my mouth juices already
at the gates of paradise, I reared up and thrust
myself into Mike's hot, tight boy hole. We fucked
each other back and forth for just a very short time.
All of the pent-up emotions in each of us brought
early climax and we both exploded loads of cum at the
same time. Mine went deep into Mike's gut and his
sprayed all over both of us. I collapsed onto his
beautiful, firm body and I kissed him. He kissed me
back and then I promptly fell asl**p.

I heard Mike get up just about dawn. I stirred a bit
and he told me to go back to sl**p and that he would
bring me breakfast in bed after he and Paul had done
their exercises. I warned him, "Be sure its only
exercises you do with that Marine."

Mike laughed; "Yeah Dad, he told me you made him
promise. We need to talk about that."

Trying to sound stern, I answered, "There will be no
discussion on that boy. I set the rules here."

"Yes Sir!" And with that, Paul left. Some time later
I woke again and began to watch Paul and Mike through
the window. I saw Charlie come up behind them. I
grabbed my robe and ran outside. The boys saw my face
and turned to see Charlie just about next to them;
their concentration had been so intense that they had
not heard his stealthy approach. Paul began to
explode at Charlie.

"Be quiet, Major! I need to talk to Bill." Charlie
took my arm and quietly said, "Get me the hell inside
before I fall on my face." I did just that and told
the boys to continue what they were doing, that
Charlie and I would be fine. A look passed between
the Marines and Paul was silent.
I took Charlie by his arm and we went into my home.
Charlie then said softly, "Take me to your bed; I need
to lie down. I'm OK; don't look so worried. I'm just
weak from the loss of bl**d; I'll be fine in a
I put him into my bed and he then pulled me down next
to him. "Lie here beside me but don't look at me
while I talk. Please, Bill?"

He began with an apology which I insisted was not
necessary. I told him that I did not think I would
have survived the last 18 months if it had not been
for him. He raised up, bent his head over mine and
kissed me; this time it was on the lips. Charlie laid
back down, stared at the ceiling for s few minutes and
then asked how much of his life story Tran and Paul
had told me. I did not lie; I said that some things I
had remembered on my own and had asked explanations of
each of them. "I don't care what they told you, Bill.
I just don't need to repeat any of the gory details.
It's all stuff you needed to know." he went on.

I asked him then about his wife and son. You go right
for the jugular, Billy." I looked over to see tears
begin to stream from his eyes. "I did that to my own
son." I asked him what? "I beat him when I caught he
and Paul in bed together. I beat him. He did not
fight back. My wife came in at the end; she pulled me
off of Roddy. It came out then that she had known
about Paul and my son for quite some time. I was just
as angry at her and almost struck her. Rod stepped
between us and being the Marine that he was, asked if
I would like to hit him again?. Billy, I turned and
left. About an hour later I heard a car; it was my
wife's. My wife, Paul and Roddy walked out to it. I
called to them; I asked them to please wait. I gave
them an apology; I meant it from my heart. My son
shook my hand as did Paul. Neither of them said a
word. My wife turned away from me; she would not look
at me. They left for the airport and a flight that
ended in tragedy. Paul returned with the car an hour
or so later. By then I was half d***k. He began to
pack his things, saying he would move into a hotel.
We talked then for several hours; he agreed to stay
in the Marines and to stay with me. I continued
drinking that night. I was still half d***k when the
word came about the plane crash. A few days later, I
received a letter from my wife; it was found in her
handbag. She wrote it on the plane. She loved me,
Billy. She forgave me and told me that Roddy did too
and that we would all talk when I returned to
Washington. I did not deserve that forgiveness; not
then and not now. I did to them what my father had
done to me. Paul kept me alive then and for almost a
year after that. I drank heavily but he protected me;
very few in the Corps new what was happening to me.
One night, just a year after the crash, I lost
control. I started on Paul. Did he tell you we wound
up in or on his bed?" I nodded. "Then you know the
rest." He stopped.

I became aware of laughter from the shower. The boys
had finished. The door opened shortly and two
beautiful, wet, naked men carried in breakfast trays.
They asked in unison, "Coffee, tea or me?"

It was a tension breaker; one that Charlie and I
needed. We laughed and each of us patted the bed. As
one, they put down the trays, pulled back the quilt
that I had covered Charlie and me with, and climbed on
top of us. Paul eased himself onto Charlie and Mike,
with more enthusiasm, ground himself down on top of
me. He whispered in my ear, "I'm yours alone, sweet
old man. You can do whatever you want to these two,
but I'm yours alone."

I was in a semi-state of shock. This was just about
one week from my first sex with Mike and now I found
myself in bed with him and 2 other men. There was a
bit of guilt, perhaps a flash of shame, and sprinkle
of embarrassment but any doubts or regrets vanished
quickly as Mike continued to slide back and forth on
top of me. A combination of lust and love took
charge. The fact that my best friend was laying naked
next to me and about to fuck a magnificent Marine, a
man that I had also had sex with added to the
intensity of feelings. I began leaking pre-cum; it
mixed with Mike's; there would be little need for any
KY. The heat of our two cocks rubbing hard against
each other was intense. Paul looked over at me and
winked; I laughed out loud. Then Mike giggled. He
turned to face Paul and there faces began to inch
towards each other. "Hey Son, pay attention here!" I
gasped and with a free hand, gently pushed Paul's head
down towards Charlie's. I managed to get out the
words, "My buddy here needs all your attention, boy."

Once again, Mike and Paul caught each other's eye and
then they rose up in unison. They each reached behind
and centered a dad cock at their rings and giving each
other a nod, they then screwed themselves down onto
two throbbing posts at exactly the same moment. This
must have been planned during their exercising. With
Paul counting cadence, Charlie and I were serviced by
two young studs.

"Remember buddy, I bet you 10, I'll win!" Paul
moaned. For the first time, Charlie and I made
deliberate eye contact. We had both avoided it till
this moment. We realized at the same instant that we
were part of a contest. It seemed that Mike and Paul
were fucking us not only out of love and lust, but
also as part of some weird bet to see who could make
his lover cum first. The two boys were locked in eye
contact. It also occurred to me that they might be or
were mentally fucking each other. There was a brief
moment of angry jealousy that passed through my mind;
but the whole thing was so damn erotic that I gave any
negative thoughts. I figured that I owed Mike the
freedom to explore sex mentally but not physically. I
grimaced at my own selfishness.

"Looking at Charlie, I grunted, "I can last longer
than you can! I'll bet you $20."

"Your a beginner, Billy Boy, just a beginner. "I'll
show you how it's done." With that, his hands went to
Paul's waist and Charlie, with his 10" cock still deep
in Paul's ass, lifted Paul and then turned him so
that his back was to Charlie's face. Charlie's hands
then went to Paul's shoulders and he began bending
Paul down and Charlie then began to twist so that in
just seconds he was fucking Paul in the dog position.
I'm not sure how it was managed. I could see
Charlie's magnificent, hard muscled ass just inches
down and beside my face. I took two fingers put them
at Mike's mouth.

"Wet em!" I told my beautiful fucker. He did and
then I began toying with Charlie's ass ring and very
full scrotum. I pulled down gently. His balls were
the size of medium eggs; they were much larger than
mine. I then softly circled his ass ring with my wet
finger, teasing it. I slowly inserted one finger into
Charlie's rectum till I found his Prostate and I began
to massage it gently but firmly. My finger went in
deeper and deeper and I increased the pressure and
speed. "I play to win, friend. Never forget that."

"You are a damn cheater and a fraud. Where did you
learn how to do that?" Charlie panted at me. "Not
fair, not fair Billy. You had best never forget that
this old Yankee always gets even." He laughed and his
ass muscled tightened hard on my finger. I doubted
that I could pull it out even if I wanted to. I could
not move my finger in and out but I could press and
release and this I did with ever increasing speed.
Mike was watching me and could see my fore-arm muscles
tense and relax. He began timing his rise and fall to
the muscle impulses he was seeing. Mike's goal was to
make me cum before Charlie. Paul gathered what was
happening from the conversation that passed between
Charlie and me; it was difficult to understand as
there was much groaning, moaning, hissing and rapid
hard breathing going on. Paul worked his ass all the
harder in his effort to Take Mike's $10.00 All four of
us were getting closer and closer. I watched as
Charlie's balls were squeezed tighter and tighter by
the constricting muscles that were getting ready to
expel his baby makers. I willed myself to relax in an
effort to delay my own climax. Mike sensing this,
bent down and stuck his long curled tongue into my
mouth. He fucked me with his tongue and then he slid
his lips over to my ear and began chewing. This was a
sure way to speed up my climax. Charlie's thrusts
into Paul's ass were shorter and faster and I knew he
was damn close. I sensed a brief second of relaxation
and tore my finger from his vise-grip ass muscles and
slapped his ass several times; not as hard as I could,
but hard enough to make his flesh burn. This did it.

Charlie screamed out several times. I was surprised
by his loud use of the "F" word; it was not the
language of an officer and a gentleman. I said just
that in a very loud voice. Charlie turned his head to
look at me, fire in his eyes and a grin on his face.
I"m gonna fuck your ass for this, Billy Boy. Some day
soon I'm gonna fuck you." He then continued, " I'm
cumming! Take it all up your Marine ass, Boy, take it
all." With that, I also gave up the ghost and sprayed
the inside of Mike's boy cunt with rope after rope of
hot dad cum. My use of the "F" word rivaled that of
Charlie's. Mike did not climax and I guess Paul did
not either. Charlie fell backwards onto the bed and
Mike turned around. A limp cock slipped from his
battered ass and he slid it under his ball sack. Mike
did the same with mine.

"Double or nothing, boy stud. I'm up $10 on you. If
I cum first you owe me $20," Paul whispered. He began
stroking his thick, long cock.

"Your on, old man." Mike retorted. I wanted Mike to
win. I quickly pulled myself from under him, turned
sideways and took his beautiful cock into my mouth. I
tightened my lips and drew back on his cock head,
pulling on it. Before Paul could make a move, Mike
began moaning. "AGGHHHhhh. Agghhhhhhhhhhhh.
His boy juice rocketed off of the back of my throat.
I pulled off of him and looking at Paul, I stuck out
my cum covered tongue, offering it as proof. The rest
of Mike's juice coated my face. I did not care. Paul
bent over and licked my face and sucked on my tongue.
He took Mike's cum into his mouth and rolled it on his

"We won, we won." I gloated. "I'm a poor winner but
a great cock sucker."

Paul began climaxing all over Charlie's hairy chest.
He let himself down gently on top of Charlie and
spilled the rest of his thick cream against Charlie's
beginning to get hard again cock. I heard his whisper
softly in Charlie's ear; "Your the winner, Sir. You
are always the winner with me. I love you Dad, I do."
The two marines then exchanged a wonderful,
sensitive, soft, sensual kiss.

I looked up at Mike and he knew I wanted the same from him.

Mike bent over me and whispered in my ear, "You are
the real winner Dad, and I do love you so much." I
held him tight to me. I wondered how I could have
grown to love a stranger, a young man, in such a short

"Well, doesn't this look cozy!" Carlos giggled. Mike,
full of embarrassment, rolled over quickly, slid
between Charlie and me, thus covering his ass, while
Paul turned over slowly so that Carlos and Tran could
see his big cock. He then git himself in between
Charlie and Mike. The four of us had smiles on our
faces by then.

"I hope you brought breakfast. What Mike and I cooked
is stone cold." Paul spoke in his command voice. Tran
turned quickly and entered my bedroom with a box of
Dunkin coffee and bags of bagels and cream cheese.
Tran and Carlos situated themselves on the foot of the
bed. Damn, this was one hell of a breakfast picnic.
I said it out loud without even thinking. It broke
the tension and we all laughed. In a short while both
Charlie and Paul stood without any hesitation in their
nakedness and Paul asked, Charlie and I are going to
use the shower, would any of you care to join us?"
Carlos needed no further encouragement and immediately
got naked. I think Mike and I were a bit surprised; I
know I was. After a moment or two, Uncle Tran joined
them saying, "Captain Charlie, wait. You will need to
cover your bandage. I'll take care of it."

I looked into Mikes face and saw puzzlement. "Are you
OK with all of this?" I asked. He then frowned and
finally a slow smile came across his handsome boy
face, "Yes, Dad, I think I am. Are you." I thought
for a moment or two. "Most of the time I am. When
you call me DAD, I like that but it also gives me a
little guilt. I would never be able to do this with
you if you were my own son." Mike asked if I wanted
him to stop calling me that. Without any thought, I
said, "No! I'm getting used to it and I think of you
as a lover, as a friend and then as a son."
"I guess I would put us in the same order." he
responded. With that, we kissed again.

I then asked Mike if he wanted to have sex again with
them or with Paul. "Charlie doesn't like me. Have
you noticed, he won't look me in the face, eye ball to
eye ball. I catch him looking at me and then he turns
away quickly. I could have sex with Paul very easily,
but, that would be like opening the gates. I'm still
not sure I'm gay Dad, or if I want to be gay. What
you and I do now is for love. It wasn't the first
time. Since then, it has been. If I have sex with him,
it will be for its own sake, it will be gay sex. I
know you had sex with him over the weekend. I asked
and he did not lie. You need to know that I'm fine
with it. I know it was not like what you and I have
If I thought it was, I would be hurt; but I'm not. If
you want to join them in the shower, go ahead. I
really don't mind."

We could hear soft moans and groans coming from the
bathroom. Mike's hand found my cock and he began
stroking gently. I returned the favor. This time,
the making love was slower, easier, more gentle and
loving. Not that the other was bad, let me tell you;
but I liked this better. The symphony of sounds from
the bath encouraged us and we were quickly on our way
to a second mutual climax. It was less intense than
that of a few minutes earlier, but it was private and
very, very good. I took both cocks in my hand and
using the lubrication that nature provided, I stroked
us both together. Our tongues intertwined and moved
finally in unison. Thrusts matched the ever
increasing intensity of my hands. Mike rubbed his
hands across my back and then down into my ass crack.
He played there for a few moments and then I felt a
long finger poke its way past my ring muscle. I
tensed and moaned. Quickly he withdrew his finger.
"Don't, don't stop. That's all I want you to put in
there, just your finger." I groaned. Mike went back
to finger fucking my ass and soon found my prostate.
He could feel my cock pulse harder against his. "You
like that Dad, don't you!" he whispered in a low, sexy
voice." I stuck my tongue further into his throat in
response. My hand was now moving as fast as it could;
I was close to cumming and so was Mike. Our breathing
shortened and we moaned against each other as the
first ropes of cum shot out, mingled and ran down
between my fingers. Mike took his other hand from my
chest and wrapped it around mine,; slowing down the
speed of the stroke. "Damn, that was hot!" I
whispered into his ear and then I stuck my tongue in
it. "Dad, if you do that again, we'll never get out
of this bed and i have work to do." Then we heard
"normal" voices and Mike yelled for them to leave the
water running. He climbed out of bed without any
hesitation and paraded naked into the bath. This was
the first time Carlos and Tran had seen him completely
nude. Comments about his package, and the huge lots
of cum dripping from his hand and cock were
complimentary and I heard Mike thanking one and all
for their admiration. he did not bother to explain
that we had commingled our assets. I laughed to
myself, turned over and went to sl**p.

Some time later, I woke to find Carlos kissing my
cock. I was uncovered and hard again. In fact, I
think that I was hard all the time.
He sensed that I had come to so to speak and looked up
at me without taking his mouth from my tool. I put my
hands on his head, pushed myself further into him,
smiled and said, "Just do it." He reached up and took
my hands off his head and wound his fingers into mine.
He placed them out flat on the bed. "Lie still, Mr
Bill. I'm going to give you a blow job like you have
never had before, Latin style." His tongue then began
to lick, tease, twirl, dart, penetrate piss slit,
circle and then lick again. It was in a frenzy.
Sometimes i was deep in his throat and them my ever
expanding mushroom cock head lay just on his lips. He
made a r trilling sound that vibrated my whole being
even though it was just my cock that was feeling it.
Sensing that I was close, he switched action to my sac
and began working my balls. I'm not all that large so
he soon had both of them in his mouth. How he
managed, I'm not sure. It felt so damn hot. My hands
were clutching and unclutching the sheets with ever
increasing frenzy. My body was bucking up and down of
the bed with a mind of its own. I began using
language that I used before only in anger, Boy bitch,
Suck my cock, suck all of it. Lick my balls, boy.
Tongue my Dad prick. Eat my load."
I think I called him a man cunt too. My words seemed
to encourage him. Soon he was plunging his face down
onto my pubes, his nose was burred deep. Then his
lips were just at the tip and his tongue probed my
slit. I could not take any more. I took his head in
my hands and began fucking his face. there are no
other words for it. I held myself deep in him till I
felt Carlos begin to gag and only then did I let him
come up off of my cock. I then f***ed myself back
into his throat. This only happened two or three
times before I once again exploded. The sensation of
cumming was hotter. It was very hot. I guess that's
because there was very little left for me to shoot out
of my cock. I yelled, I screamed. It was all so
fucking intense. Carlos had worked his body so that
my legs were between his and he was pumping his cock
against my calf muscles. As I shoot some cum deep
into his throat, he covered my legs and began to slide
easily there. It took me several minutes to catch my
breath. I finally was able to ask, "What changed? I
thought you said you would wait till Mike was not in
the picture?" I laughed softly. "Why wait when I
could get what i wanted right now." Carlos answered
and then he slid up on me dragging his cum with him.
He kissed me. I hesitated for only a moment and then
I kissed him back. "Yeah, why wait?" I said.

"You going to tell Mike?" Carlos asked. I thought for
a moment. and then told him not unless Mike asked and
that i would not lie. I did not want to upset him or
make him think I loved him less. I added that I was
getting to be such a pig. "Ok then; I'll tell no one
what happened. You go shower and join them at
Charlie's. I'll clean up here. They sent me down to
get you."

I was at Charlie's in just a few more minutes. I
looked at my watch; it was after 3:00. I had slept
another 4 hours. Mike and Paul were working in
Charlie's office and talking to Dave on the phone.
Charlie was sitting alone looking out over the ocean.
We sat in silence for several minutes before he spoke.
"I'm going back to Washington with Paul. There are
some things there that I need to do. I'm also going
to see a doctor." I asked if he were ill. "No. I'm
going to see a psychiatrist. It's something I should
have done years ago. There's only one I trust. She's
Bruce's daughter and Tran's niece. She's very young,
maybe 30, but she is brilliant and a damn fine doctor
according to Dave. She does work for the Corps." I
sat quietly and then asked if he knew what he was
going to be looking at. "My anger, my relationship
with my father and my son, and with y..." He went
silent. He began again, "I'll be gone till
Thanksgiving. I'll be back for the holiday. Mike has
agreed to cover some of the physical and martial arts
classes here and what he can't do, Tran or his son
can. He's a good boy, Bill. He wants to earn his own
way. I think he also is going to do some work for the
defense department at a lab in Cambridge. That
depends on a security check and some other tests. It
may well mean that you'll see less of him. It's
important work. I think Mike needs to do it and I
want him to. I trust you'll not object or stand in
his way."

"Especially not if it's something you want him to do
and if you think it's a good thing. Charlie, I trust
you; I trust you with my life, my being. Damn it man.
Last night you scared the shit out of me. I was
afraid you might..." I could not continue; tears
filled my eyes. Charlie took my hand in his huge
strong one. "I feel the same way about you, Billy. I
feel the same way. Everything will be fine; deep down
I know that. I'm positive of that." we were

"Hey Dad, did Charlie tell you the good news? I've
got a job; I've got two." Mike was as happy as the
proverbial pig in @#%@! I f***ed a big smile, stood
and hugged him tight to me. I warned him that he
needed to save some time for me. He began talking to
Charlie. This time, they were eye ball to eyeball and
i was glad to see that.

Paul stood behind me. He said softly. "I'm proud of
you Dad. You have to give him some freedom. And,
Carlos and I will be sure to take good care of you."
He laughed. I mentioned that his long distance
minutes had best be unlimited. "I'm in Cambridge once
a week."

The conversation between Charlie and Mike was quite
formal; Charlie was hardly relaxed in Mike's company.
Finally I asked how soon they would be leaving. Paul
answered by saying that he had a meeting in Cambridge
on government business early the next morning and Tran
would be driving them to Charlie's place, a company
suite, late that afternoon; they would fly military
out of Bedford after that. Gathering my whits, I told
both boys that I needed to talk to Charlie alone and
asked that they leave us. As the did that, I called
out, "You both can look but there's to be no
touching!" With a big grin, Mike answered that my
wishes were his command, at least for the next few
days. "Smart ass k**." I muttered,

"When we were finally alone again, I began, "Charlie.
I just had sex with Carlos. It was very exciting and
it was kind of rough. I think that's the term you guys
use. That was after what we all did in bed just a few
hours before. "I'm sacred, buddy. This is all new
territory. What the hell is happening to me? I don't
want to treat Mike like that; but Carlos wanted it
that way. Do you know why?"

"Charlie snorted, "You guys? I think the pronoun you
wanted is WE!" Carlos is a great partner in bed. He
and Tran have an agreement much like Paul and I do.
We are emotionally attached and it goes a bit beyond
friendship if you want the truth; it's a form of love,
I suppose,
Some of us like a bit of "rough sex" as you called it.
I think it's more a masculine, man to man thing.
Part of it is "Can you stand the pain?" I suppose.
When you get in that mood, when you are using a man at
his request, you only have to think about pleasing
yourself. I guess the receiver gets off on being
"abused." Part of it is based on combat experiences
for me I think. When Paul takes me, there is that
thrill. I do like it that way myself, now and then.
You know I'm mostly an in charge kind of guy." He
laughed softly. "Man to man for me is cleaner, more
powerful. I guess it's part of the b**st, the a****l
that lurks inside all of us. I can use almost all the
f***e within me. If you did it that way with a woman
it would hurt her; might almost be called ****. Sure,
I've met women who like it hard and fast. My Snow
girl is one of them as you have seen. Her s****r, the
one you play with, likes it in a more normal fashion.
As to what is happening to you, your like a teenager
in heat; all of this is new and exciting. I'm pretty
sure you will calm down and it will begin to fall into
place for you. You are not the kind of guy to worry
about what is happening to you. I think, as you
indicated by what you said, you are more worried about
hurting Mike. I doubt that you can do that
physically. He's had some excellent martial arts
training; he's been schooled by an expert and that's
one thing we need to find out about." Charlie paused
a few moments and then went on. "You are in love with
Mike. I assume you were in love with your wife a long
time ago, You know that the emotion can last forever
and it can last a few days," Looking away from me,
"I'm betting that what you feel for Mike will evolve;
it will always be love, but it will be a different
kind of love eventually. That's what happened with
Paul and me. It's partly an age difference thing;
he's going to want to have new and different
experiences is my guess. I know you well enough Billy
boy, you are a survivor. It will hurt; but you will
grow too. Lets see, the last part of that question
was about Carlos. Carlos will be with us for some
time yet. He was an abused c***d and he was thrown
away by his mother; he was a boy prostitute when we
took him in. He loves sex, by the way. He takes
great pleasure in pleasing and he likes older men as
you can tell. Will Carlos always like rough sex - I
don't know. Look at his body next time. He's one of
the finest male specimens I've ever seen; he's so
tough physically and mentally. His emotional
development is going to be guided, believe me. Carlos
is a keeper. I mentioned Tran's niece. Her name is
Jeanne, by the way. When Jeanne and I are done
cleaning some cobwebs from my psyche, she's coming to
Boston to work for the corps and for me. Carlos will
be a project for her. Jean's field is gender
identification in part and also helping those who are
gay or homosexual to begin liking themselves. Tran's
son, his real name is Jake but we all call him Jock,
was the motivation for her to begin specializing in
this field. If Mike comes to work for the government,
Jeanne will be talking to him too. I want you to
agree to that and I want Mike to be absolutely;y open
and honest with her. We have to know that he can not
be blackmailed. What else?"

I sighed. "So it's OK for me to have sex with Paul,
with Carlos, even with Tran someday? It's OK for me
to do that and still ask Mike to be faithful, to have
man sex with just me?" I sounded incredulous.

"I think that's for the best right now and I think
Mike believes that too."
I stood and walked away and then back again. I looked
at Charlie, and then turned my back to him. "Out with
it Buddy. What else?"

"If you were not leaving, would you and I have sex?"
I turned to face him; my face was burning. I knew I
was beet red.

"Would you like that?"

"Probably yes, but not the way you and Paul or you and
Carlos do it. I don't think I would like that," I
barely whispered.

Charlie stood and walked over to me and the he was
behind me. His arms went around me and he hugged me
to him. I could not see his face. "When the time is
right, when the time is right..." His voice was
husky; he said no more. I felt his lips on the back
of my neck and then his tongue was playing with my
ear. I turned and I tipped my head up and I kissed
him. I kissed him hard on the mouth.

"I'm going to miss you like crazy, I know this is
something you need to do, You kept me going this last
year; I owe you my life. I love you Charlie." He
kissed me back.

"Billy, you don't know how strong you are. You are
one of the most masculine, strongest men I know. Even
if you did not have strong faith in yourself, I did.
You need to have the same faith in me now." Charlie
did not say anything else; we heard the door open
behind us. Carlos told us that he had a late lunch,
early supper ready. Charlie looked at him saying, "I
suppose you want one or all of us for desert?" I
blushed again.

Carlos looked at me and then wiggled his ass and acted
like a girl. "Why shucks, General, Sir. Anything
either you or Mr. Bill might offer will be greatly
appreciated." He then patted my crotch. "Mr Bill,
don't worry. I would have told Uncle Tran or Charlie
or both. I don't keep secrets like that from my dads.
I shrugged; I had much to learn about this "brave new
world." The meal was strangely quiet. Mike kept
looking at Carlos and I could not read his face. I
wondered if he knew that Carlos and I had done it; I
decided that I would tell him later. It was decided
that Charlie and Paul would drive alone so that they
would have use of wheels and that Tran's son would
bring the car back the next day. It was quickly
loaded and I avoided looking at Charlie. I was afraid
I would cry. Damn, I did not cry; I was on an
emotional roller coaster. Somehow, Mike knew.

"Dad, don't be so upset. I'm here for you and the
General will be back again in a few weeks. Paul told
me what's happening. He really needs some
professional help. It will be OK." Saying that, he
hugged me and suggested that we say our Good Byes and
leave quickly and quietly. We did as Mike suggested;
a brief hugs and handshakes were exchanged all around.
Charlie whispered in my ear, "Semper Fi, Buddy,
Semper Fi." Mike took me home.

I suggested that we walk along the beach; it was not
cold and the late afternoon sun caused brilliant
contrasts on the waves and on the salt marsh behind
us. I told Mike what had happened between Carlos and
me and that I was full of questions about what was
happening to me and to him and to us. "Bill," he used
my name,"I can't answer for you. I've had some
in-depth psychological training and I'm not sure about
myself. I know what's going on between us is real and
that it's good; it's right. I don't know about
tomorrow or next week. We need to meet each day as a
challenge and work through it. I don't mind what you
did with Paul," and laughing softly, "Carlos is a
little different though. He's direct competition. He
could fall in love with you. You just be careful
there; I don't know if you have enough for the two of
I let him know that he would always be my number one
son and that I had no intention of getting emotionally
involved with anyone else. "What about the Snow
girl?" Mike asked. I wondered how the hell he knew
about her. I muttered that people around here talked
too much.
"Aww Dad, it's really fine with me. I guess I'm just
a liberal guy. You can put that beautiful cock of
yours into anyone or anything you want but tell me
that if you begin to fall in love that you will tell
me." I made that promise. Mike took my hand and we
went home.

We went to bed early. Love making later that night
was slow and easy, soft and gentle. We each took the
other deep into our mouths. I was amazed at how easy
it had become to do this; I had to stifle a laugh at
myself. It would have destroyed the mood and Mike was
intense in what he was doing to me.

Tran woke us early the next morning. He came to be
sure that Mike was up and ready for his first day on
the job. While we both dressed, Tran told Mike that
he thought that there were two or three of the
"students" that might challenge Mike's authority or
might try to test his leadership. Mike seemed not to
be worried at all. There were 12 young men there when
we entered the gym. Tran introduced Mike and
explained that he would be leading the training and
martial arts classes for a month or so. Mike, wearing
his belt, walked to the front of the room and Tran and
I went to the back of the room. All but two of the
trainees, they were in the back row, fell into place
and stood formally and bowed to Mike. These two just
looked at him. Mike ignored this and began to go
through a series of movements. I had no idea of what
was happening; I had not attended one of Charlie's
early sessions. I usually joined in the swimming or
exercise segment. The two resistors just stood. Mike
walked up to the bigger of the two. He was as tall as
Mike and several pounds heavier; he was probably
stronger and in perfect physical condition. Mike said
directly to him, You will respect the traditions here;
you will respect the master."

"Make me."

In a split second, the speaker of those two words, I
think his name was Carl, was flat down on the floor,
Mike had his crotch pressed hard into the guys basket,
one of the Carl's arm's was twisted sideways and
Mike's hand was around his throat. "I can make you do
anything I want you to do. If you so much as breathe
the wrong way, I can make you die." The other
students stared. "The rest of you face front; Mike
said, "This is a private matter." All did as they
were ordered to do, including the boy standing next to
Carl. Mike increased the pressure on the guy's
crotch. Mike had an expression on his face, a look in
his eyes. I had seen it before but not on Mike's
face. It was the look I had seen on Charlie's face
when he had disciplined Carlos; it was exactly the
same. I knew then, for sure, that Mike and Charlie
were closely related. Mike began to slowly pump his
cock against the guy on the floor. Mike, releasing
his hand from Carl's throat, told him to turn over.
The sound of tearing fabric filled the room. Several
of the others there turned to see Carl's naked ass
exposed. "I'll not say it again, you will all face
front or face the same punishment." I wanted to
leave; part of me did. "Leave your face on the mat
and raise the rest of you up on your knees," Mike
continued. Carl hesitated. Mike taking Carl's balls
in one hand and squeezing them, spoke loudly enough
for all to hear, "I'll rip these off of you if you
fail to do as I tell you." Carl fought the nausea and
took rapid, deep breaths. Mike's 8" long, now steel
hard prong had escaped through the bottom of his
shorts. Kneeling behind Carl, he centered it on
Carl's ass ring and with one massive thrust, buried
himself in Carl. One loud, body wrenching scream
echoed through the gym. I ran from the gym; Tran
remained fixed in place. It was only a matter of
seconds before Mike caught up with me.

"Dad? Dad, please come back inside. I could hardly
look at him. I'm sorry Dad." Mike was almost in
tears. "I need you with me; I need you." I shook my
head. "I'll apologize; anything. I need your support
in there."

"I don't understand what you did. Why?" I asked.

"I don't understand all of it myself. I've read
several times that the Ancients did that to their
vanquished. He challenged my manhood. I wanted to.
The urge came from deep within. Part of me is so
ashamed and part of me..." He was quiet. I had some
understanding of the primal urge; had I not done
almost the same thing to both Paul and Carlos? I took
Mike's hand.

"You will do what feels right. I can't tell you what
to say or do."

We walked back into the gym. Tran was standing before
the boys and they were following his every move.
Carl, standing naked, did as the rest. When Mike
walked up to the front, Tran bowed and quickly joined
me at the back. He bowed and as one, all of those
present, including Tran and I, acknowledged the
teacher in a similar fashion. Not a word was spoken.
I had difficulty keeping up with the class and my
concentration suffered because of the naked ass that
was not more than 8' in front of me. It was a
magnificent piece of man flesh. There was just a bit
of redness at the ring; it was visible only when Carl
bent all the way over. After 20 minutes, Mike bowed
once again and the students began to exit.

Tran stood quickly in front of Carl and hissed,
"You will stay." Mike came to us and stood directly
in front of Carl. Tran again spoke softly, "You will
apologize to the teacher, you will beg his
forgiveness." Mike raised his hand as if to cancel
Tran's order.
Tran spoke so that everyone could hear, "The
traditions will be observed."

Carl did as he was told to do; he bowed deeply from
the waist and in a quiet voice, "Teacher, I am sorry I
questioned your authority. It will not happen again."

Mike bowed and answered, "I regret loosing my temper."
The two men looked at each other. Strangely, Carl's
face registered desire; his 7" cock stood straight

Tran turned to the others standing there and clapped
his hands once.
"Carlos and I will lead you on a run. We need to let
fresh air clean our minds."

Carl spoke first. "I would like you to finish what
you started, Teacher. It will be my first time."

Mike looked at me with a question in his eyes. "I
think you need to finish this alone." I turned to go.

"Please Dad, stay with us. Do you agree Carl?"

"As you wish, teacher." Carl turned and bowed to me
and then to Mike.

My shorts were tented and Mike's hard cock was once
again outside the hem of his shorts. "Wet it form me,
then." Mike whispered. Carl bent over and took Mike's
cock head into his mouth. He gaged almost instantly.
I told him to do it slowly. Carl's tongue began to
explore Mike's shaft. My fingers wandered on their
own over Carl's beautiful body. I began to tease his
ring and then I pushed one finger into him. He moaned
and then tightened his sphincter muscle and pushed
back on my finger. He groaned again. The vibrations
caused Mike's cock to grow even larger. I could see
by his face that he was fighting back the need to cum.
I took my finger from Carl and then inserted two. He
gasped and sucked in air. Mike pulled his cock from
Carl's mouth and it bounced against his face. I
continued loosening up Carl's ass. I slapped his
cheeks once and used my hand to turn him. Carl stood
straight; he was about my height. Mike took his wet
cock, pre cum oozing from his slit, and placed it
against Carl's ring; his hands he then used to grasp
Carl's waist. i took Carl's face in my hands and drew
him to me. I pushed my lips hard against his mouth
and my groin hard against his groin. I pushed him
back onto Mike's cock. Carl screamed; it was not as
loud as before. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and
in moments his tongue began to dance against mine.
Mike and I found a rhythm quickly. The two of us
balanced each other's thrust and Carl was the object
between us. His moans were those of passion. Mike's
hand came up onto Carl's head and he pushed it to my
shoulder and then he wrapped his hand around my head
drawing my mouth to his. Mike's tongue parted my lips
and his thrusts there matched those of his cock in
Carl's hole. Mike held my head in his big hand. His
tongue and cock pounded relentlessly for only a minute
or two more and then gasps of release and pleasure
racked his body. Thoughts of his ropes of cum
spurting into Carl's no longer virgin ass made me join
him in this moment of release and I spread my seed all
over Carl's cock and belly. With that, Carl released
his load on me. He pulled his face back up and there
was a trio of tongues dancing. I think it was Mike
that held us all standing; but in a minute or two, all
three of us lay intertwined on the floor. Hands and
mouths explored body parts and openings. I turned to
see Carlos watching from the doorway; he was jerking

"Get over here Carlos. Get over here."

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