Older Lovers

Warren pulled his car into a parking space outside the McDonalds, turned off
the ignition and just sat there. His hands gripped the wheel as he thought,
"This is it. Do I really want to go in and meet this guy?"

His mind flashed back to the beginning, to the first ad he'd ever placed on
the net. "50yo, bi married man looking for another bi married for talk,
friendship and whatever might follow. Felt the urges and attractions for
another man for years. Write me and let's see what happens." He read and
reread it, then pressed the SEND button and sat back to wait. Within a few
days emails began arriving, some interested others desperate. The desperate
he sent a simple, "no thanks" and didn't reply to any more messages from
The others he began writing back and forth until he narrowed down the list
of best choices to three. He told them he had a place and he'd like to meet
them for coffee. Just to see if they clicked. Now he was sitting outside
wondering if he would find another guy had stood him up. So frustrating.
"Well, here goes nothing," he thought as he pulled out the key, opened the
door and stepped out.

Warren walked to the door and opened it. He stood for a moment looking
around for another older man. Nobody. Probably stood up again but he was
willing to give his "date" another few minutes. Walking to the counter he
ordered a cup of coffee then moved to a table to sit and wait and wonder.

He had only a few minutes to wait when the door opened again and another man
walked in. Like him, this man also seemed to be looking for somebody. When
he looked at Warren, their eyes locked and both smiled. Warren rose and
extended his hand. The other man gripped it and they greeted each other.
"Hi, Warren." "Hi, Gary." Then Gary bought a cup of coffee and joined

At first the conversation was about stuff...the kind of things two men talk
about when they are waiting for the other guy the break into the subject.
Warren made the first move by saying, "I started playing with cock when I
was a boy, about 13." That seemed to do it, and Gary responded that he'd
begun thinking about cock but didn't have the chance to do anything about
it. So the two men talked until Warren asked, "Would you like to try
today?" Gary smiled and said, "Sure."

The two men walked outside. Gary said, "I rode my bike over can we put it
in your car?" "Sure!" replied Warren. Gary unlocked his bike from the post
and walked it to Warren's van. He opened the hatch for Gary and put down
the seat so that there was room to slide in the bike. Then they got into
the van and Warren pulled out of the parking lot, and onto the street.

After a short drive, Warren pulled up at his house. "Is it ok for me to
just walk in with you?" Gary asked. "Will the neighbors notice anything?"
"Not at all," said Warren. "They don't notice one of us walking into the
house with other people." They locked and closed the doors of the van and
walked together into the house.

"Go on into the f****y room, Gary," said Warren as he locked the door. Gary
followed Warren's pointing finger and walked ahead. In a moment Warren
joined him and led him to the couch.

"I like to be completely naked when I suck a cock. Do you mind?" he said as
he rose and began stripping. Following Warren's lead, Gary began to undress
as well. "You can put your clothes on that chair," said Warren. "This way
we won't have to sort clothes when we dress again.

When they were both naked they sat down on the couch and began to fondle
each other's hard cocks. "You've never sucked cock before?" asked Warren?
"No. Never. But I want to real bad," replied Gary. "This is your chance,"
said Warren spreading his legs slightly so Gary could get to his cock and
balls. In response, Gary leaned over and lowered his head onto Warren's
cock. Warren leaned back on the couch, spread his legs wider and let the
wonderful erotic feeling of Gary's lips and tongue work their magic. He
moaned in pleasure and his hands moved to Gary's head. His hands found
Gary's mouth and the cock that extended inside. He stroked Gary's head as
he felt wave after wave of pleasure roll over him. He realized he was
nearly at climax so he whispered gently to Gary, "Better come off before I
shoot." Gary reluctantly released the stiff rod that he had been devouring
and sat up. "Man, that was so good." "You'll be getting more, believe me.
But now it's my turn," said Warren as he pushed Gary back against the couch
and leaned over to suck.

The two men went back and forth on each other, bringing each almost to a
climax then backing off to let the other suck until they could no longer
wait. Warren lay back against the couch as he watched Gary kneeling between
his legs as he feasted on the 6" rod that protruded from Warren's crotch and
extended into Gary's mouth. Gary was new at this and not used to taking a
full six inches into his mouth. At least not yet. The time would come
though. Warren talked to Gary telling him how good it was to feel his mouth
around his cock and how good Gary was. He stroked Gary's hair as he talked
and then whispered, "I'm cumming, man." He arched his back as his cock shot
cum into Gary's sucking mouth and Gary swallowed it. Warren remembered the
first time he had sucked a man to completion and the taste of his cum. Gary
handled Warren's load and drank down every drop.

Leaning back from Warren's cock, Gary smiled and said, "That was so
amazing." Warren smiled and said, "Wish you'd started earlier?" Gary
nodded as he rose and took his place next to Warren on the couch. Warren
leaned over and put his mouth on Gary's.
Gary opened his lips and allowed Warren's tongue inside where he tasted his
own cum. Their mouths remained together for a long moment before Warren
moved back and smiled. Then he leaned over and his mouth enveloped Gary's
hard cock. He began to suckle the stiff rod as he moved his head up and
down on the shaft. Up to the his cock head, pause, then all the way down to
where his shaft joined his crotch. Warren was skilled in deep throating and
demonstrated it well. He could hear Gary's ragged breath as he took in the
new sensations of man to man cock sucking. Hearing the moans and sighs
Warren sucked harder and faster until he heard Gary gasp and thrust his cock
into Warren's mouth. The cum shot out filling Warren's mouth. He swallowed
until no cum remained then finished sucking Gary until his cock deflated and
he was soft.

Warren sat up and smiled at Gary. "How was that? Better than your wife?"
Gary smiled back and nodded. "It was great. Best ever." The two men sat
next to each other on the sofa talking about this experience. Then it was
time for Gary to go so both dressed and went back to the van. Warren drove
Gary back to the shopping center and dropped him off. They shook hands and
agreed to continue to chat by email. Then Gary hopped on his bicycle and
pedaled off. Warren turned his van back to the street and went home. He
knew there would be more times like this.

The doorbell chimed. Warren clicked off the video he was watching and
stood. He walked to the door. It was difficult for him to move so casually
since he knew that his lover was on the other side. But still... he fought
back the urge to rush to answer.

Now his hand was on the doorknob. He turned the knob and opened it. Gary
stood smiling just outside. Standing naked with the door fully open, Warren
invited the him in. Gary entered quickly. And the door closed behind him.

They faced each other and without a word embraced. Their lips met; their
tongues intertwined and they kissed long, deeply and hard. Time away had
not been easy on them and they happily shared their first emotion after
their long separation. They held each other closely and lingered in their
first meeting of flesh. Reluctantly they parted and smiled. Wordlessly,
then Warren took Gary's hand and led him to the bed.

Warren sat on the side of the bed leg drawn up under him and leaned back on
extended arms. This gave Gary a complete and open view of Warren's cock and
balls. He watched anxiously as Gary stripped. The shoes came off then the
shirt and finally his pants slid down and the other man stood naked as well.

Warren reached over and took Gary's penis in his hand. He held it and
examined it as though he had not seen it. It had been such a long time
since he had held Gary so intimately as this and he wanted to savor each
moment. Gary's cock was not quite erect. Warren pulled on it gently and
Gary moved toward him. Now the two were face to cock. Warren bowed his
head slightly. He began to lick then kiss Gary's enlarging tool. Oh, god,
but this was so good. To taste the musky flavor of a man's cock was as good
as it got. As Gary's beautiful rod reached its full length Warren scooped
it into his mouth and with a sigh began to suck it. Savoring the taste and
perfume of his lover, he pulled and suckled his cock happy again to be
tasting this wonderful flesh..

The sensation of penis in Warren's mouth once again was a relief from the
long separation. He sucked fully and gratefully, glad once again to satisfy
himself at his lover's manhood. Savoring the waves of erotic pleasure that
washed over him, he took the balls hanging beneath and cupped them.
Enjoying the their feel as he massaged them again. His hand slid between
Gary's legs then Warren's finger sought, then found, the hole between the
cheeks. He inserted his finger. And probed. It had been such a long time.
Too long!

Now Warren released the object of his lust and looked up at Gary who had
been stroking his hair and moaning. Gary sat and they embraced then kissed
again. As their tongues found each other, their hands roved over each
other's naked body finding warm flesh submitting to each touch.

Now Warren fell back onto the bed. Gary leaned down, his mouth taking
Warren's rigid penis into his mouth. Warren rolled to his side and moved up
one leg. Gary's movements matched as he raised his head to take Warren's
thigh under his head. Now he stretched out and began to satisfy his male
hunger on the cock in his mouth. Sucking quietly, his tongue roving over
Warren's hardened head, he tasted and lapped at the slow drip of precum.

As waves of passion enveloped Warren, he knew that the moment was near. He
quickly moved to find Gary's erect cock and slipped it into his mouth. Now
both men suckled the other finding sustenance in their first and very
special blow jobs after such a long separation.

Suddenly it happened as they both came. Cum shot from each hard and horny
cock into the others mouths. They drank greedily until the explosions
subsided. Then they simply sucked until both cocks shrank.

Gary came off Warren's cock as did Warren. He turned and lay in Warren's
arms. For a time they lay wordlessly, their minds going back over the
intensity of the last moment and relishing the feelings they both had.
After a few moments one spoke and the mood changed from introspective to
talking. Both agreed it was so nice to be together again. Then Gary had to
leave. He rose and dressed quickly. Warren rose and walked him to the
door. They kissed one more time and Gary was gone.

Warren stood by the door for a moment thinking of the last hour and how
quickly it had passed. Smiling he went up the stairs, with visions of
Gary's naked body in his head, to dress and resume his daily life. Male sex
is so good!
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I luv to play with you, you make my cock so hard!
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We love good cocksuckers