Brad took me to meet his friend, Don. He stood six feet tall & had a bulge in his pants I couldn't ignore. Don asked Brad if he was sure that he wanted me made wider. Brad said I was nice & tight but he wanted me only enjoyed by those men who had big cocks like him & his Dad. Don then asked me if I want the biggest pleasure of my life. I smiled & said YES! Don led me to his bedroom. He undressed me while telling me how much he was going to enjoy stretching my pussy wide so only the biggest of men would give me pleasure. He said I was going to be very happy when I started to only want big men in me to satisfy me. First he had me use my lips & tongue to get him nice & hard. Then he lubed me up with K-Y lube. As he started to insert his big cock in me I screamed as he started to spread me. I felt like he was ripping my pussy apart as he shoved it in. It was an unbelievable feeling it hurt like hell at first but the longer he rammed it into me the more my pussy muscles started to relax & accept his wonderful cock. While he was fucking me he told me we would be falling asl**p with his shaft in me. That way my pussy muscles would stay relaxed and no longer tighten me up as much as they normally did. He said that after a steady diet of his big cock my pussy would have a constant opening of at least one inch. He told me I wouldn't be able to hold a one inch cylinder in my pussy. I would need someone at least three inches across in me to feel their cock & I would not really be satisfied with any man less than three and a half inches in me. That's going to preclude my getting any satisfaction from a large number of my usual lovers unless they shove their cocks in my pussy two at a time, which can be very pleasant for me. But the thought of from now on being satisfied only my big cocks or two at a time is still a pleasant thought. I looked forward to sl**ping with Don in me almost as much as I looked forward to the amount of cum he would, could & did fill me up with. Don was totally awesome he knew what to do & say to drive me insane with pleasure. I've been fucked by many men but Don has got to be the best. I lay there experiencing feelings I never had before. I have always loved having big cocked men in me & this man was giving me thrills that words can not describe. Once he was done with me I will be looking forward to more & more of "The Big Cock Experience" like never before.
62% (18/11)
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5 months ago
tell more
1 year ago
Not bad, but more detail. This almost felt like a preview of stories to come.
2 years ago
Big fuck tunnels pussies is something many men fantasize about, but in actuality don't relish.
3 years ago
So did your cunt shrink back to normal? Or did Don bust your cunt for good?

3 years ago
my cock is bigger then your wrist
3 years ago
this was good did kim by any chance take don iun the ass that would be an interesting story
3 years ago
Nice!!! Nothing better than a huge, gaped open pussy.
I'm thrilled to pop your cherry on comments for this story!
5 Stars!!!