My Father In Law – Part Eight

Doug is visiting Brad and me again. As a special for the k**s Brad’s Mom is took them for the weekend.
Actually the special treat was for me. The three of us went out to dinner to a nice cozy place know for its dim lighting and the fact it was known as a lover’s hangout. You can see all sorts of foreplay there. It was romantic and both Brad & Doug made me feel very special especially when I danced with either of them. I wore six inch heels, a short dress that barely covered my butt. Of course no panties as usual. The front of this dress was low enough so the half bra I wore just about showed my nipples. I know Brad & Doug were both enjoying the view. After a few hours there I was really horny and during my dances with my husband & his Dad I knew I had them both horny. I suggested we go home and continue our good times where only the three of us would enjoy whatever we did.
When we got home Brad told me to go in the bedroom and to get undressed and lie on the bed. I did as asked. I was lying on the bed totally naked when the bedroom door opened and Brad & his Dad walked in. I saw them both looking at me with smiles on their faces. Brad said “Well Dad, why don’t we get undressed and make Kim a very happy woman?” Doug replied, Good idea, let’s. I knew I was in for a night of hard fucking. Brad got on the bed and told me to straddle him; after he had his tool in me I could feel Doug behind me. Brad said, Dad, slip your cock in her pussy with mine, she’s nice & wet. Without any preliminary feeling about I suddenly felt Doug’s big cock ramming into my pussy. I screamed, but once he was in me it felt so good. Having both my husband and his Dad ramming my hot wet pussy like battering rams was a wonderful feeling. Thank goodness I’m only in the first months of my pregnancy from Brad’s uncles. For hours they took me over and over, my pussy, my butt & my mouth. All the time telling each other that I was a truly fun fuck and they should have shared me years ago. When we finally fell asl**p I had Doug’s cock in my ass & Brad’s in my pussy. I awoke still having Doug’s big cock up my butt, it was enjoyable sl**ping with him in me. Doug started pumping my ass when he awoke; I guess my using my anal muscles to squeeze his cock did the trick. Brad awoke to our making love, He put his cock to my lips and told me to be a good girl and suck a load out. I enjoyed sucking my husband while his Dad pumped me. As Brad was cumming in my mouth he pulled his cock out and sprayed my face telling me I looked adorable with cum all over my face, his Dad agreed, said I was extremely beautiful with my eyes plastered shut with cum. They both laughed as Doug also began to cum in my ass. The rest of my day was spent being used by the two of them, if one of them wasn’t using me the other was. They took great pleasure in taking me together, as I did having both my two husbands enjoying me..
By the end of the day I was well plastered with cum. They kept me nude all day, the only things they let me wear were my high heels and lipstick. They said that is all a little cum slut needs. I know as the days go forward I’m going to really enjoy the relationship the three of us have. Being the lover of my husband and his Dad is a nice thing.

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1 year ago
I can't help myself...every story, every photo I just want to cum, on you, over you, in you, with you and all your assorted lovers!
2 years ago
Every fucking male relative with a swinging dick seemed to have gotten into Kimmie's cunt hole! What a joyous story-ending this makes! And with a set of twins produced in the process; so much lust and pleasure, even jerk-offs and masturbations for the audience/readers.
3 years ago
This one icredable storyi loved it onscale of one to ten ten being increable it a ten thanks
3 years ago
lovely story!!!
3 years ago
And they lived happily ever after...except I wanna hear about the mothers-in-law! Please?
3 years ago
well you have your mom involved how about brads mom too
3 years ago
Love it