My Father In Law – Part Seven

Well the moment of truth came about. Brad told me his Dad & uncles were coming to visit. I knew that he was suspicious about my being pregnant again, especially after during the time of the month I was most fertile I was visiting his Dad. But I thought maybe it’s for the best. Well the day came. Brad had arranged for the k**s to stay with his Mom and then, Doug, Uncle Cal & Uncle Ben arrived. What was a surprise was my husband; Brad also invited my Mom, Maureen over. I was seated on one couch with Brad’s two uncles on either side of me. My Mom was on the other couch with Brad and his Dad on either side of her.
Brad started things off by asking his uncles if they liked my swelling belly. They grinned and said I was surely fertilized well. He then said, Thank you both for doing her. I was surprised he just said it like that. He said he expected that his Dad would have them use me after he (Doug) had done such a good job giving me my daughter. He looked at his Dad & me and said, yes, I know. When Kim was visiting you I suspect you also had her well used by your friends & probably took her to your club where she also became your wife & love slave. His Dad nodded yes. Well I can’t blame any of you. Kim is a hot and horny little thing who needs to be continually filled up. He then told his uncles why don’t they lift my blouse and enjoy touching their creation. He also mentioned that my nipples probably needed a good sucking too. With smiles on their faces they lifted my top up over my head. They quickly popped my bra open and started to squeeze my breasts & nipples. It didn’t take much but I was hot and horny and wanted them to use me in front of my husband.
All through this my Mom sat very quiet listening. I think in her own mind she knew what was coming next for her. Brad & Doug had had their hands on her legs and they had been rubbing, each time moving her skirt higher & higher. It was already up far enough to expose her pussy. My Mom is not the type to wear panties. Doug began unbuttoning her blouse. Then he told her to lean forward, she did. He unsnapped her bra. As he was pulling it off her he looked at the size & said to Brad. 40G, Wow your mother in law has got some real beauties. At that point they both pushed her back on the couch & started to suck on her nipples, my Mom was moaning & groaning, they asked her if she wanted them to fuck her. She replied by begging them to screw her good and hard. They stood her up and stripped her. Then they both undressed. They had her sit on the couch and Doug told Brad, go ahead son, you be the first to stuff your cock in her mouth. Brad did not hesitate. He stuffed it in while his Dad held her head while she took the full blunt face fucking he was giving her. After awhile Doug said my turn, Brad pulled out and Doug rammed his tool in her mouth. He held her head tight and gave my mom one hell of a skull fucking. While he was doing it he mentioned to Brad that I enjoyed this type of skull fucking as well. I was amazed how easily my Mom took Doug without complaint. I guess like Mother like daughter is so true. Doug stopped and sat on the couch. He told Maureen to straddle him with her back to him. She did and he pulled her down onto his cock. Once she was fully impaled he told Brad to lift her legs up and to join him in her tight little hole. Brad laughed and said it won’t be little for long after we all fuck her and stretch her. As he entered her he lifted her legs up and pushed them back pinning them to her shoulders. Doug was holding her by her big breasts while Brad planted a kiss on her and rammed it in all the way. Both father & son had a great time with my Mom. When they stopped she was well cummed in. For the rest of the night the men alternated fucking Mom & I. At one point in the evening both my Mom and I had had all four of them in either one of us at the same time. By the time they were done my Mom & I were covered in their cum. Not to mention our mouths, pussy’s & butts being loaded. But we both loved what they did to us. When the evening was over my Mom and I told them that we loved what they did to us and we were looking forward to them taking us again, either individually or jointly. We were there for their pleasure. What can I say; Mom & I are two very horny little sluts.

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2 years ago
Daughter and Mother, so very much alike. And the more dicks, even simultaneously, the very merrier the cunts (as in female persons), and their pussies.
2 years ago
great story...would love to read more!
3 years ago
so sexy
3 years ago
This is so hot and sexy and erotic i have just one auestion what about Brads mother is she the same way
3 years ago
Wow, but with 40G tits there's nothing little about your mom. Love to hear more about her...
3 years ago
very good & you thought it was hidden from him
3 years ago
Wow, Niceeee... Waiting for more ;)