My Father In Law - Part Four

After making love this morning Doug told me today was going to be a very special day. First he took me shopping.
He took me to a shop that has all very sexy & erotic clothing & shoes. When I asked him if there was anything special he wanted to see me in he said yes. He told me they had a sexy little bride’s outfit he would love to see me in. I smiled and said OK lets try it on. The skirt was short and came a little below my butt, the top very nicely showed off my breasts, actually the top replaced the need to wear a bra and additionally could be pulled down to reveal my breasts. Doug also had the saleswoman bring me a white garter belt & white nylons. Last but not least to complete the out he asked her for 7” high heels. After seeing me all dressed up Doug said only one thing was necessary to complete the outfit. He took me over to the cosmetics section & picked out a red creamy lipstick for me to wear. He then said I was ready to become his bride. I giggled and asked when & where would we do that. He smiled and said that was the next surprise for me. So all dressed up as a sexy bride we drove to a private club. We entered through the rear door. The man who answered the door smiled when he saw me with Doug. He congratulated Doug on his choice. Doug smiled and said that I was also his daughter-in-law. The fellow grinned from ear to ear. We went down a flight of stairs to a large room that looked like a wedding chapel of sorts. There were three other girls there similarly dress like sexy little brides. I say girls because they looked like they were late teens or early twenties. Once we arrived and sat down the man standing in front said it was time to begin. We were four couples standing before him. He began at the far end first asking the man for their nuptial statement which I realized were not what is normal in a wedding. He went down the line, when he got to Doug and I Doug handed him a piece of paper. He began to read. Do you Kim take your father in law Doug as your lover, husband & master to serve his pleasure with him and whomever he pleases? I looked at Doug knowing how badly I wanted to please him and I said I DO! He then asked if I willing did this and was I willing to let men use me as their toy & slut. I saw Doug’s smile and I again said I DO! He then announced that I was now Doug’s wife, lover & slave. Everyone there started applauding and cheering. Doug took me closer and kissed me. I put my entire being in that kiss for I realized that I was his.
We then went around the room with Doug introducing me to his friends. They all kissed me rather passionately on the lips, many violating my mouth with their tongues. Each one telling Doug I was a nice little catch and their desire to try me. Doug said he had no problems with anyone using me. With that one of the guys came up behind me and lifted my skirt bearing my naked ass, he then unzipped and took out his cock he told me to bend over, as I did I felt the head of his cock probing for my butt. Without any niceness he grabbed me by the waist and shoved it into my dry butt, I let out a scream and almost everyone started laughing and congratulating him on taking me dry. Well I wasn’t dry for long his pre cum was coating my innards quite quickly. He then pulled me up by my shoulders and reached around front and pulled down the top to my outfit fully exposing my breasts. The he took my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed the hard. The immediately got hard and erect, my nipples are about 3/8 on an inch thick and a little over a half inch out from the front of my breasts. I have found over the years that once a man starts squeezing and playing with them I lose any & all inhibitions and lose any control I might have had. I was now helpless to stop him or what he did to me. My pussy was dripping wet. He moved me to a couch by continuously shoving his prick in and out of my butt. At the couch he had me knell on the seat and he pulled his cock out and then shoved it in my pussy. My pussy lips offered no resistance. I wanted him in me. And I wanted him to fill me up with his hot semen. At tat point Doug went behind the couch took his cock out and asked me what I wanted more than anything else. I told him I wanted him in me and I wanted him to show everyone how he can fill my belly with his cum. I begged him to skull fuck his woman. And he did so. This event went on all night with me being shared and used by Doug and many of his friends. From what I could see at times the other three brides were getting used as I was. Later, on the way home Doug asked if I enjoyed myself. I told him it brought me great pleasure to please him and his friends. He had released a new woman in me. He laughed and said that the other three girls also expressed that feeling. He also told me that they were one was the daughter of her newly wed husband and the other two were the nieces of the men they married. He then told me that he and his friends take great pleasure in turning young women into hot horny little sex toys. I smiled and said, I know I’m glad you turned me.

Soon I’ll tell you more of my pleasing my father in law.

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2 years ago
A good dose of incest and lust, I suppose, goes rather well with having two husbands.
2 years ago
3 years ago
I want to be her ;)
Hope your write more such sexy stories
3 years ago
very good