My Father In Law – Part Two

Well it has been almost a week I’ve been at Doug’s house and every day & night has been pure bliss. I have been one very well fucked daughter in law. If it hasn’t been Doug it has been one of his friends. My second night there he took me to a party. Most of the men were older but the women were mostly all younger. I guess it’s true that experience counts. After a couple of hours at the party and a few drinks later the host invited Doug & I to join him in one of the rooms. When we entered I knew what I was in for. There at the far end of the room was what I would describe as a wooden stock for holding a head & hands so one couldn’t escape. At the bottom was a small platform with bindings to hold an ankle or foot. Our host smiled at me and said he’s heard from Doug that I enjoyed physical pleasure. Smiling I said yes I did. He then asked me to take my dress off. I looked at Doug and he nodded. I did as I was told. They then led me to the stocks. I wasn’t wearing panties or a bra, so my host saw exactly what I had to offer. He asked me if I would put on some more lipstick for he enjoyed a creamy lipsticked mouth giving him pleasure, I complied. He then lifted the top of the stocks and motioned me to place my head and hands. As he lowered the top I could still move my head a bit but my hands were securely in place. While he was fastening it shut my father in law was spreading my legs and attaching the bindings to my ankles so I could not bring my legs together. At this point my host rolled over a large comfortable looking stool which he sat on. Pulling himself closer I could see that it was the perfect height for him to roll it right up to my face so I could give him a blowjob. He then asked Doug if he would like to take me from behind. Doug declined saying he would have me when we got home. Our host then asked if Doug would send in some of their friends so they could enjoy my butt and pussy. He said it would be his pleasure & he should have a good time using my mouth. Doug also mentioned I loved swallowing lots of cum. He said by the time we left I would have a belly full. Doug left and our host inserted his cock in my mouth. He then told me to suck him good and hard. And I did as I was told. As I sucked and tasted his salty cum other men entered the room and shortly thereafter entered me. It was at least two or three hours that I stood there bent over having big hard cocks shoved into my pussy or butt. Every one of them dropping a big load in me. I lost count of the men and the number of loads shot into me. By the time they were done cum was covering my ass & pussy and dripping out of both holes and down my thighs & legs. My host had sat there and screwed me in the mouth the whole time. He was a good nine inches long and whenever he was ready to shot a load he would grab my head and hold onto my ears and shove his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat so all his cum would shoot into my belly. Once or twice he would pull it out and spray my face. My eyelids were plastered shut from the dried cum goo he had shot on my face. I could not open them. I felt like a bukkake slut. About one o’clock in the morning Doug had reentered the room, the only way I had realized it was by hearing his voice. When they released me from the stocks I could not stand by myself. I had to be held up. They put my dress on me and Doug led me to the door, I asked if we could stop in the ladies room so I could wash my face and unstick my eyelids so I could see and he politely said no. He wanted me to go to bed to be loved by him while having a lasting memory of what I had had done to me. My father in law was teaching me a new way of life and I could not resist or refuse him. In the morning after he made love to me he led me into the shower and said it was time to get cleaned up and to be ready have another fun filled day.

More to cum.

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2 years ago
Fucking story has me with such a hard on, not even enough time by the story's end to finish my jack-off!
3 years ago
I love how its written
3 years ago
oh what happened next?