GF Tells story of a Past Anal Creampie

So there was this dude I was talking to...well actually we were just fucking there was nothing BUT a physical attraction. We use to have some pretty raunchy phone sex while he was working over night and one night I actually went to his job (he did security for a hotel overnight) and fucked him in the laundry room but that's not what this story is about.
So one night he called me and we got into it as usual and I decided to let him come over my house so we can get busy.
When he got here and we came up in my room and got right to it. He pushed me back on the bed spread my legs and went right to eating my pussy. He was licking my clit flicking it with his tongue and then he started kissing it. I could feel my entire body tingle. He started sucking on my clit and I damn near lost it. I grabbed the back of his head and started grinding my pussy against his face harder and faster until I exploded all in his mouth. I calmed down and got ready to return the favor but he pushed me back got on top of me and slid his dick in He laid all the way on top of me wrapped his hand around my neck and grind his hips deep and slow but kind of f***eful...then he stopped pulled out and made me close my legs he straddled me and slid his dick back in while he was sitting on top of my legs. His dick was rubbing against my clit every time he thrust in and pulled back out. I was loving it. He was completely in control I couldn't even move and every time I said anything he told me to shut the fuck up. He wanted complete control and I was fine with that.
Once he got enough of that he stopped got up and told me to turn over so I did, and got up on my knees but he pulled my legs out from under me and pushed my back until I was flat on my stomach he straddled me again and slid his dick back in from the back. He was actually sitting on top of me but his dick was inside of me until he slid out. He started fumbling around tryna get back in (or so I thought) until his head tapped the entrance to my ass and I jerked and was like NO! He was like I'm not I'm not then proceeded to slide every inch of his dick in my ass. I let out a moan/yell and he reached around and grabbed my neck again and leaned down and whispered in my ear You know you want me in this ass... he slid in and out real slow at first and I kept acting like I didn't want it because I could tell that was turning him on. The more I fought the deeper he went and the more he told me to "shut up and take this dick in your ass" he grinded and grinded in and out until I could feel his body started to tense up and he rammed his dick deep inside my ass and I could feel it throbbing as he shot his hot sticky cum deep in my ass hole. I felt it deep inside my ass i was so full of his cum. He pulled out when he was done and I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, then came back in my room and kicked his ass out. I ain't never talk to him again after that. You wanna fuck me in the ass you ask first!
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