Evening at home

I love to gently kiss you on the lips as I slowly move down your neck with light kisses as my hands moves down the center of your back resting on your hips. My mouth moves down to your shoulders as I slowly bring my hands up your arms and partially lower you blouse. I take my index finger and slowly trace al line down from the crook of your neck down the center of your chest, I continue to lower your blouse until your breast are exposed. I lean in and softly kiss you again, as the tip of my fingers tracy small circles on the underside of your breasts. Slowly kissing my way down from your mouth to your neck I finally reach your beautiful breasts. While still gently touching the underside of your breasts my tongue lazily draws circles around your nipples. I move from one breast to the other, never allowing my tongue to touch your nipples. As your breathing becomes more labored and heavy, you bring your hands up to my head running your finger through my hair, trying to f***e my lips onto your stiffing nipples. Instead I flick my tongue out and catch the tip of your nipple while my hand cups your other breast and slides up to massage your nipple between my fingers as I take your other nipple in my mouth. As my tongue and finger continue to dance over your nipple you are now scratching my back and I hear a slight moan escape your lips. I continue to lower you blouse over your hips and kiss my way down your belly. I run my hands down to your ass where a squeeze your cheeks together. As I drive my tongue into your naval I run my hands up and down the length of your jean covered thighs.
I bring my hands around and undo your jeans buttons and slowly tug them down over your hips exposing your panties. As my finger tips lightly run up and down the back of your exposed thighs, I bring my mouth and tongue to kiss your panty clad pussy. You pull the back of my head in tighter as you now moan with pleasure. and your knees start to buckle.
I stand up and guide you to the bed where you lay down I pull your jeans off completely. all you are wearing
are your panties and socks.

I move down to your feet and roll off each sock. I than massage the bottom of each foot. As I continue to massage your feet I bring them up to my mouth I suck and lick each toe as if it were a little cock. I work my way up your legs and thighs kissing licking and gently biting my way up. When I reach the top of your thighs I spread your legs wide, as the crouch of your panties fold into your now moist pussy. As my head goes down to the exposed sides of your pussy lips I my tongue darts out and licks and suck your uncovered pussy while my hands reach up an plays with your nipples. Your are getting more and more excited as your legs shoot up in the air like a V, and your hands are pushing my face deeper into your now dripping pussy. As your moans get louder and faster I pull my head up, much to your dissatisfaction. However I completely peal off your soaked panties and toss them on the floor. I sit you up and you pull off my shirt and unbuckle my paints. you then pull down my shorts exposing my throbbing bouncing cock. You reach out and grab the base of my shaft and hungrily put onto your hot wet soft mouth. You send shivers through my body as I let out a deep sigh Ahh... ahh... ahhh... ohhhh. I never felt any thing so good before. You continue to blow my with incredible skill, causing my head to spin with pleasure. I finally draw my cock out of your disappointed mouth and you have this cute pout expressing on your face. I climb into bed and we get into a 69 position with you on top. You lower your wet pussy onto my waiting tongue as you take my cock back into your mouth. My nose is buried deep into your pussy as my tongue is squarely over your clit. As we rock back an forth I can feel the your orgasm building your mouth comes off my cock as you continue to pump it in your tight griped hand. You are now fucking my face with more passion and energy than I have ever experienced before.
I am just trying to keep up with you as you are bucking and thrusting your hips into my face. All of a sudden your body stiffens as you cum hard and wet. You lay there on the bed for a long while enjoying the afterglow of your orgasm and catching your breath. After several minuets, you look over and notice my cock is still hard and almost purple with anticipation. You rollover and grab it by the shaft and give me the most amazing blowjob I have ever had. I pull you up and we kiss deeply as you lower your pussy onto my dick. We fuck slowly as you rotate your hips causing my cock to move and stretch the inside of your pussy while driving me crazy pleasure. We continue to fuck like this for what seems like an eternity. As our passion build we start moving faster and faster your hands are now resting on my shoulders as your hips are moving like a blur and my hips are trusting up into you as fast as
I can move. We are both reaching our orgasms as the same time. As we are both about to cum you reach around and grab my balls and I reach up an squeeze your nipples, as we both fall into heap on the bed where we lay there stroking each other until we ...............

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very good