My Hamster Friend

She sits there on her porch on the hanging cane chair and the laptop on the small desk in front. It's a bit cold but she doesn't mind. She is a 32 year old full bl**died married woman from India. She is on her laptop surfing the net..when someone pings her. This guy is me "HypermatiC"...she asks me to fill up my profile and make it complete. I do that. and then we have a thing leads to another we have regular chats now, which are properly steamy and dripping with sex and sexual innuendos.
We are on first name basis with each other now. She always asks if i am coming to her town ever...I reply if she is coming to mine.And that's just that.
But time turns and one day I am in her town.I call her up and ask her to meet up.She is afraid and has trepidation because of her husband, who by the way is on his way to the office. Yet eventually she agrees to meet me at my hotel. I am all gearing up for the meet. After all we are meeting for the 1st time.I shave my balls so that I feel confident about her liking them(licking, if luckily it comes to that).I also shave my armpits, take a shower, comb my hair smartly and waitin my bathrobes.
35 minutes later, my doorbell rings.I rush to the door and have look through the keyhole.There she is I could just make out her enhanced forehead with vermilion on head (customary for married Indian women)through the door's hole.I open the door and there stands the most beautiful sight infront of a white salwar and matching shoes, hair done into a beautiful bundle stands she. I feel like a fool in the bathrobe now.While I am busy ogling at her, she pushes the door in and comes into the room.
She sits on my bed and then she tapped the place by her side, signalling me to come and sit.We look at each other for a moment and then she starts to pull me to her.I grabbed her from her back and we had a full blown lips on lips... tongue on tongue action.Meanwhile my right hand was fondling her left breasts from above her salwar suit. She didnt even try to stop. Rather she slid her hands into my bath robe. She played with her fingers inside my robe.She touched the tip of my penis, then caressed it a bit and then grabbed hold of my balls. During this time my left hand was trying to get down on her.I slid my hand to lower her trousers.I could now see her maroon see through panties. I playfully twisted two of my fingers on her panty, just above her clit. At that very moment she grabbed hold of my throbbing cock in her hands and started stoking me.I also started to pull her salwar top up, revealing her perforated black bra to my hungry eyes.I could have glimpses of her tightened nipples through that bra.This made me even harder and I started gyrating. She pulled my bath robe completely off and saw my shaven balls.She loved the sight and kissed me again while holding my balls in one hand and my penis in the other.I couln't control my self and I pulled her maroon panties off.This revealed her slightly brownish pussey ,with a taft of pube, on the top portion to me.I put my fingers on her clit once more and she spread her legs.Hers was a wet and warm place inside.I took my fingers in and out and she shivered when that happened.Then she pushed my head down wards towards her pussey to lick it off.
Then I put my tongue to work...

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2 years ago
u r lucky yaar...