To be 13 again

I remember i was 13 and school just got off I invited a black girl who was also 13 who i was desperately in love but she was really shy so i invited her to go for a walk at this time i knew something was going to happen as she called me back and said id love to go to the park with you!! so we met up and talked about whatever had happened each of us in the last couple of days, she got really thirsty and i forgot my money so we snuck into the park pavilion and I poured her a glass of Pepsi which we stole from the fridge she drank it and said wow that's pretty bad ass of you and i said well your thirsty you must get thirsty a lot being that hot she looked shocked at me and said are you making a move on me? I walked up to her and said ya but id rather be making moves IN you she pushed me back and said i don't think i'm ready i said i've had the biggest crush on you since grade 7 she was in her bathing suit and i saw she was wet so i said i know you are excited so how about we go back to 1 of our houses she said well ok i am ready we went to my house and we went to my room she took off her bikini top and i took off my pants and shirt she took off her bikini bottoms and it was just the holy grail of all pussy's she said to me light's on or off i said to her whatever you like she kept them on and i said come here lay down and she walked over i started kissing her slowly and as i went down i kissed her nipples her naval and the i started lick her vagina i remember it tasted like fruit a papaya i think and as i started licking her clit it engorged so i sucked on it and she screamed in pleasure i stopped because i thought i hurt her i so said are you ok? she looked at me and nodded a sexy ass nod i kept licking she pulled me up to her mouth and said i wanna taste we started making out and she went down on me sucking just the tip at first she got more courage and deepthroated it and came back up and started laughing as she put her hair behind her ear and said this is fun i smiled she continued and i said to her ready? she nodded the same sexy ass nod she got on top of me and cradled her pussy between my dick and balls so my dick was rubbing against her pubes and she put it in i remember not using protection so it was intense she went up and i just went OH MY GOD its so tight she said oh my god its so big I remember lasting 13 minutes she told me she came 4 times only because i asked her i only came once in her mouth and she said swawwow? and i nodded and she did i was surprised she didn't gag or anything she said we will have to do it again sometime in that same summer we had sex 20 times!! *TRUE STORY* (we are still dating)
72% (11/4)
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4 years ago
Lucky boy with a girl, who comes easy at first try.