Service with a Smile

The night is cold and bitter as the rain spears downward in the dim street lights as the puddles gather and thicken growing deeper from the downpour coming from the rain gutters of the tall buildings of the city washing away it's filth the slung body on my shoulder gets heavier as i stand there in the cold wet night air in some ways it feels good in others it's like trying to tell which way the rain comes in the darkness

The door before me opens sliding up making the squeaking noise that wakes the neighbors at night causing them to bitch to the landlord in the days I sl**p they complain a lot it gets on my nurves I think I'll kill them and get it over with but the laws are against me since I'm a furry humans don't like us they fear us yet in the same respect they annoy us so I'll let them live for now

Inside my room I have the sl**ping form on my bed stark naked and still sedated I get my things from the closet a ball gag some straps ankle and wrist the blindfold and the earphones to keep her from hearing my voice the guy is going to be here in the next few minutes with my payment just one of many ways I my living I checked him out with my cop friend but I still get the feeling that it's going to backfire on me but if it does then I know who all to kill it's not my first human kill there have been others but the police are getting closer that is till I move again

The light knock on my door tells me he is here ten thousand dollars is a lot of cash it will help in my move from here stepping to the door I open it just a bit letting the chain extend as the ball slides into the cock giving that added protection from the door getting kicked in if it were the cops the man in the hall was a tall human he had that air about him of death and human bl**d closing the door I slid the chain bit out and the cock away opening the door wider i could hear the neighbors fucking in their bed they weren't quiet even during the day

The man stepped in pulling an envelope from his rain streaked overcoat and put it into my paw we said nothing to each other as he picked up the young human girl from my bed and walked out with her looking back at the restraints laying there on my bed I thought it was a good night to get paid so much I didn't want to hang about for the cops to show up and bust my hairy ass over an a*****ion going to the closet I pulled out my sticky roller express (you know the big ones that you get at costco for sixty-five bucks?) I start rolling it on the floor picking up any shed fur and dust getting my blankets and things into the hall and down to my car I start the engine thankful I had it overhauled

A new start in a new town that's what I needed the four hundred thousand that I saved from all those jobs would keep me from being broke in small towns such as New Heaven here they not only allowed furries but furries were able to eat with humans one of many fur friendly townships there were even human/furry relations a bit odd but if they can do it then so can I kind of thing the drive through town was quick as I drove up to the Furry Inn and parked in the lot I would get a room here no I wouldn't kill humans here or steal them in the night there was no need for it here and I wasn't going to get paid for either one

"Here for a room I'm guessing." said the nice looking woman behind the counter

"Yes if it is possible I would like to stay a while more than three days?" I asked her

"Oh sure it's totally ok that is why we have other places to choose from." she said smiling even more

I had the feeling she was checking me out not that she seen me someplace but the look her eyes told me she wanted a good furry fucking and I was on her list not that there were slim pickings to go from but the fact I was new in town in my room I laid out my things razor toothbrush combs and whatnots setting them up in the bathroom ajoining my room I then laid down for a nap

The knock at my door stirred me but I kept motionless I could see it was the human woman that signed me in she was stepping lightly toward me not an easy feat to do with a furry but I let her get closer laying there with out cloths was the norm for me it was better that way in cases like this her hands made their way over my furry body till she came to the right place right at my cock her hands worked at at it coxing my pecker out into the cool evening air her face inches away as my cock grew to it's full length of f******n and a half inches long and at least five inches in girth the head might be just a bit to big for her but she did what she could with it

Feeling her hot wet mouth on my cock head was a welcome feel as she slid her hands up and down the shaft I did what I could to keep from purring or crying out in pleasurable extasy she was good at it and I mean damn good at giving head to a furry of my size not that I was the biggest and well hung of the furry clans but I wasn't small either just a bit average I would say she kept sucking my prick like it was going to give her food of life as my balls tightened up and the cum started rushing through my dick to her mouth the first spert hit the back of her throat with such f***e it made her gag but she kept her mouth on the head and drank every drop of cum I had in my balls

I lay there watching her though slitted eyes panting from the joyful head I got from her as she whipped the white cum from her chin that escaped her lips I decided to purr from it she looked at me and smiled then lifted her dress as she lowered herself onto the still tender head of my cock getting her tight wet pussy over the head and part way down the shaft of my meaty cock I could feel her heat from her juicy cunt as she slid down till she couldn't go any farther as half my prick was nestled inside her the other half was exposed to the night air raising up on my cock she started to stroke it getting her juices to coat the full length she then took off her skirt and top letting me see she was fully naked as well

Sliding down upon me she wiggled her hips and I felt the head of my cock slip into her whom as she slid all the way to the base of me as all f******n and a half inches of my cock was deep into her tight thin body the look in her eyes was pure bliss as my cock head rested inside her baby place she then started rocking up and down upon my thick cock I could see my dick slide in and out of her whom as I was pushed back through her cervix causing her belly to bulge out I knew she couldn't last long at this rate so I let her do all the work she may not have been a furry but she sure as fuck did her damnedest I started to feel the stir in my nuts again knowing I was going to cum and cum I would it would be enough to make her belly distend as she was filled with my seed and i knew she would get pregnant from it

I caught the glimpse of another form in the room I didn't look to much but I knew it was a furry female she just stood there fondling herself I let my hearing pick up her whimpers as her fingers slid in and out of her sloppy wet snatch the human woman on my cock was allerted to my nut sack as it tickled her ass and I started cuming deep into her whom and yes sure as fucking hell it made her belly blow out like a balloon it felt as if she was milking me of my seed till it stoped spirting into her

Raising up off my cock she held her hand against her overly filled crack and squatted over a bucket she brought with her and let my cum spill from her like a waterfall the furry female went to her and slid her whole paw into her vagina and into her whom letting the semen spill out into the bucket making her belly push it all out the rest of the way the furry female then pulled the hose from the woman and proceeded to fist her very deeply even into her whom making sure it was all out pulling her arm and paw from the woman it sloshed a bit more cum out as the woman squirted from the act

The furry female then stepped to my bed and started lowering herself onto my still hard cock I knew she would be able to take my full f******n inches with ease but I didn't know how deep she could take my thickness she felt tight but not like a virgin furry and certainly not as tight as the human female no this furry woman was a maniac on my cock as she bounced up and down with such vigor that my dickhead popped into her whom through her cervix she then got her feet under her and proceeded to fuck my ever loving fucking brains out

I knew I was getting closer to blowing her insides with cum but she didn't give a fuck she was in it for the shear fuck of it and she knew it just like she knew I was awake through the head job and the first fucking cause a furry can tell the difference if your asl**p or awake I knew my time was near my nuts told me so she kept bouncing onto my cock making it push deeply into her whom her pussy grew tighter and wetter as she rode me harder and faster

My eyes flew open and my mouth gaped as I came so hard no sound came from my throat I was in such orgasmic distress that it was a blissful feeling as my semen splashed into the furry woman's whom as she sat down upon my cock with such f***e my nuts felt as if they followed my cock and hips it was enough to catch me off guard that in my exhale I forgot to breath in all I could do was lay there and rock up and down as my eyes bulged in their sockets and my ears burned at the tips as the feeling ran down my back and into my spasming asshole

I took in a breath that sounded as if I were coming up for air from a really deep pool dive gasping and coughing I looked up at the furry woman still on my cock buried deep into her whom the only thing I was able to say during gasps was "Fucking wow!" through the cough

She too raising up with her paw over her filled wet pussy walked to the bucket squatted it and let my cum squirt from her pussy and whom the human woman there like the furry was for her slid her whole hand and arm to her elbow up into the furry woman's whom making sure all of my cum was out and just like what was done to her she too fist fucked the furry woman's pussy and whom till she squirted into the bucket

I lay there for what seemed like a year with my still hard cock in the night air as they both licked my dick clean the furry woman was able to suck my cock into her throat if she hit the wrong angle she would gag but it got me hard again the human girl did her best with just the head I was about to cum and I let them know as they helped me to my side pointing my cock into the bucket I seen it was a five gallon bucket I knew i came a lot but not enough to fill five gallons as spert after squirt of my cum went into the bucket I started feeling the effect of real sl**p about to take over me I lay there both the furry and human on either side of me I peeked at the window and it told me it was getting onto morning I let myself doze off into a deep sl**p possibly the deepest I had ever been in
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9 months ago
Very nice! quite creative and definitely caught my attention. I would like to see more chapters. Keep up the good work.
1 year ago
great & yes more
1 year ago
I have to say you could definitely do more with this story. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, far from it; I'm saying that this would be the purrfect idea (sorry i liked the pun) for a ongoing series. The fact that the main character is a former human sex trafficker opens the door for more porn to be developed around this world. Also i enjoy the Noir style of storytelling. I don't know about the other assholes that won't comment but you definitely get an A+ from me
2 years ago
come on ppl at least make a comment