I sucked my friend off. part 1

We were in the changing rooms at our local pool,just having showered my friend and I walked to the cubicals with towels around us chatting about our night out plans.
We walked in to separate cubicals which were just partions bolted to the wall and no doors, still talking to my friend I pulled my towel off and started to dry myself.
As I was drying myself and chatting to Mark I popped my head around the partion to ask him a question. He was drying himself with his back to me one leg up on the seat,I could see his balls swinging as he dried his leg,his ass was in full view,Im not gay but this view started me getting a hard on I watched him as he swapped legs on the seat and dropped his towel,still with one leg on the seat he bent over to pick it up revealing his anus and balls my cock shot right up now i was as hard as ever.
I started to wank as i watched him getting dry,he turned around and seen me looking at him but he could not see my hard cock due to me being twisted around the partion.
He smiled and sat in the seat with his legs slighly apart,his toned taned chest was still wet and water drops were running down his chest to his flat stomach,he lowered his head to dry his short blonde hair,still playing with my cock i watchrd as his semi hard cock moved side to side as he dried his hair.
He stood and asked me to dry his back handing me his towel as he turned to face the wall his legs slightly apart he leant forward with his hands on the wall.
I tried to hide my hard cock as I started to dry his shoulders,looking at his pert ass I ran the towel down his back slowly towards his ass,as the towel got to the base of his back he turned to face me. shocked I pulled the towel against my hard cock to hide it from him,I glanced down at his cock which was as hard as mine now,9" with a small ball sack,he took hold of the towel and pulled it away revealing my hard 8.5" cock, precum seeping out he dropped the towel and took hold off my throbing cock which made me gasp for air.
Moving his hand up and down my shaft he sat on the seat so his face was infront of my cock,mmm precum he said as he lent forward and run his tounge across the tip of my shaft, I shuddered with the feeling of his tounge on my cock he wanked my shaft a bit more until more precum appeared this time he stop wanking me as he bent forward and ran his tounge around the end of my cock squeezing my balls at the same time,then he slid his lips over the head of my cock ans started suck it back and forth,each time he moved my cock in his mouth he took it deeper,my legs were shaking and my breath quickened he started to suck harder and harder with his hand still squeezing my balls.

OH MY GOD. . . I gasped. . . .fuck. . . fuck. . . suck it hard. . . .

OH.....Oh. . . .

Then he stopped pulled my cock from his mouth and let go of my balls. . .

To be continued. . . .
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1 year ago
Fucking tease...haha
1 year ago
Finish please
1 year ago
Good start
1 year ago
Lovely experience, hope there's more