superbowl sunday

i have this straight man who lives in the same small city i live in. i've been servicing his big thick cock for a few years now. on a few occassions he has offered my throat to a few of his friends. this was the first time he did so.
it was superbowl sunday when he called and invited me over. i told him the game really held no excitement for me, but if he would let me nurse on his uncut cock while he watched the game i would be right over. he agreed.
when i arrived at his home, he greeted me at the door totally nude. when i walked in i went to my knees and was going to enjoy my self. he stopped me and told me to get undressed. i did this gladly and tried again to get his cock in my throat. i love to feel it grow down my throat and then explode in my throat when he feeds me his cum. but he still wouldn't allow me to have his cock. he told me to follow him into his den and crawl on my hands and knees.
while this was unusual, i complied. when we turned to go into his den i was surprised to find three other big hairy bears already in the room naked as well.
my friend introduced me as the throat he had promised and ask if anyone would like to have their cock sucked.
a big red bear was first to my throat. he slid his soft cut cock in my mouth and held my head in place as he began to stroke his cock in and out my throat. i grabbed ahold of his big hairy ass to make sure he didn't get away. it didn't take long before he was rock hard and i was enjoying the feel of his big head entering my throat. he f***ed it fully down my throat and began to skull fuck me. i was in heaven. then with a loud growl he let loose a torrent of cum. i was having difficulty in keeping up with the volume of cum. it was leaking from the corners of my mouth no matter the speed i was swallowing. when he finally let go of my head and withdrew his cock, he grabbed my face lifted it up to look me in the eye and told me how well i had done. "better than my wife's pussy!" he said. i was happy.
one of the other bears who had been watching was sporting a hard on. i didn't even ask, just crawled over and began to enjoy his cock. he too enjoyed skull fucking me and giving me a big load from his nuts.
all in all i think i got about 10 loads from those 4 men. i do know that i had cock in my mouth the entire game. to this day i can't tell you who played in that game nor what the score was. all i can say, anytime any of those men want to use my throat, they can and do. we have had many gatherings at my friends house since then.
sometimes they play poker while i stay under the table taking care of which ever cock is hard.
what can i say, it is a dream come (cum) true. cock, cock and more cock all for my pleasure.
90% (12/1)
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2 years ago
Wow now that was a story had me rock hard and dreaming.
2 years ago
what was it that gave it away???
2 years ago
What a cum slut you are! Fantastic.