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[Story] Husband's revenge

Linda's GPS announced her arrival at her destination as she pulled off the side road and coasted across the car park toward the front of the warehouse. Lifting the hood of her shell jacket over her head to protect her from the rain, she grabbed her canvas bag from the passenger seat and darted outside, avoiding the waterlogged potholes as she ran toward the building. The steel roll-up door in front of her was open a few feet, and she ducked under it and into the warehouse, shaking herself to rid her of the water.

Inside, the building looked smaller than she'd imaged it would be. A small off... Continue»
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[Story] Caught in the act

It was dark. That was good. Dark suited her purpose.

The thin latch gave way easily on the first blow, the sound muffled by rag. Anne slid the window upward and climbed inside. She was in an annex just off the kitchen to the left. It was black in the house, but she'd been there before as a guest. The layout memorised, she inched toward the living room feeling her way along the wall. Round the floor hall table with the lamp, felt carpet underfoot. Not far to go. The case of rare coins was on the far side of the room. Over ten grand's worth in coins just sitting there under glass. Not for lon... Continue»
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[Story] Morning surprise

It was a Saturday but the two c***dren had got up early to go to a friend’s house for the day. Lindsey had been married for four years and loved her husband deeply but had so little time to devote to him these days as the k**s monopolised most of her time. She’d risen ahead of him this morning to see the boys off, but she could hear him scampering around upstairs, meaning he’d be coming down for breakfast in a moment before starting the day proper. There were plenty of chores on his list of jobs for the weekend – she knew this because she’d put them there – but they could wait. Lindsey wanted ... Continue»
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