Early morning fuck

My name is Jon, I woke up early one monday morning when I was a teenager at about 3 am with a raging boner feeling wide awake and horny.

I didn't know what to do about it so I got out of bed in my boxers and no shirt I had about an 8 inch cock fully corked sticking out of boxers. I walked over to my parents' room, I stood by my mom's bed. She heard me tip toe in and said with her eyes closed "What is it honey?"

She opened her eyes and saw the predominant bone in my boxers. Her eyes widened, she lifted her sheets off. For sl**ping she wore a see through night gown which gave me an amazing view of her 34DD natural tits and her cunt. My mom was blonde haired, fit but still had a thick ass and nice thick tits, she was nice and short too with a hairy unshaved cunt. Her body is similar to darla krane's. This didn't help mush with my raging boner. She sat by the side of her bed with her hands on her cheeks in shock "jesus christ have you grown" she whispered as my dad was still sound asl**p. She asked "Why did you come to wake me up with this?"

I whispered "I couldn't get rid of it and I can't go to sl**p." I couldn't help staring at her big tits.

Still with wide eyes in shock she said "Alright then." She got up, stretched out her arms, walked pover to me grabbed my cock with one hand and whispered "Come with me, and be quiet we can't wake your Dad up."

She guided me out of the room with my cock down the stairs to the tv room and closed the door. Every step of the way when I felt her hands against my pulsating cock I couldn't control my excitement. I was like a jack rabbit during mating season.

I watched as she yanked her night gown off and revealed her immaculate tits and body. She rubbed her puss a little bit and then asked me too come over. She said "lick my cunt honey." I shoved my face into her hairy pussy. The juices of her pussy enveloped my tongue. I also licked her pubic hair and fingered her which really was kinky. Than I stood up and just started making out with her and rubbed my cock against her belly and grabbed her fat ass. It was so passionate, our tongues interlocked and we both made our love for one another clear.

Finally, after about 10 minutes making out, she said "Let me suck my boy's overgrown cock." I stood up straight hands behind my back as she bent over and said "All this porn you spend all day watching better help you."

And I said "Oh, it will Mom."

She wrapped he warm mouth around my cock and played with the tip of the cock with her tongue. She gasped for breath and said "oh my god, it's so long and thick."
I said "Oh my go Mom, you can go so deep, you're unreal." I could feel the precum flowing out of cock. With every deep throat.

She said "mmm, this tastes so good." She then started licking the tip and sidewalls of my cock with her tongue and proclaimed "so fucking tasty! I want it in my pussy now" She stood up and used the sofa in the room to bend down on. She said "Fuck me doggystyle baby."

I guided my cock into her fat pussy and yelled "shit it's so wet" I started slowly and then gradually sped up.

As I started pounding her with my meat she yelled "Mmmm baby, yes!, yes!, yes!"
I could hear the claps from my body impacting her ass as I thrusted. I pulled my cock out and told her to get on my cock and ride it. She said "Taking charge, I like it, you fucking turn me on you dirty pervert." She rode me with her tits facing me and bouncing as she slid up and down. Her ass clapped and bounced as it hit my legs. Her thighs wer looking so sexy, flexed and muscular. I pulled her toward me and held her against my body so I could fell her warmth and tits against my chest. I grabbed her fat ass as it bounced up and down. As she fucked me we started making out again.

She pulled out and turned herself the other way so I could see her thick ass. She leaned forward and put her sexy legs together as she rode me (so hot!!!). She said "this is much better than your internet porn isn't it?"

I responded "Hell yea! your pussy is dank." Then I got up not taking my cock out of her and fucked her standing up, grabbing her boobs, protecting her and guarding her. This was my favorite position. We were one my cock in her pussy, me gripping her with passion and love. This is when I proclaimed "I love you mom."

And she responded "I love you baby, don't ever leave me, I want you forever." It was the deepest connection and love I have ever felt.

I laid her back on the couch and fucked her missionary style with her strong legs up in the air. She rubbed her clit while I pulled my cock in and out of her wet pussy. She and I both moaned. I felt like my cock would burst soon. She said "I want you to pull out and cum on my stomach and tits for me, baby. Come on those milky tits that fed you."

I said "Yes, mom" I kept fucking her and then yelled "I'm gonna blow my load!"
I pulled my cock out and dropped the biggest load I've ever dropped all over my Mom's stomach and tits. I gave a huge sigh of relief and felt so confident and proud.

She said "You're such a stud, you're a regular pornstar that's the biggest load I've ever seen." Then she picked some of my cum up with her finger and tasted it. And she said "It tastes amazing too, I told you eating all those fruit and vegetables would pay off."

I said "they sure did. Mom, I love you" I looked at the clock it was 6am by the time we were done. My mom and I cuddled up on the couch in spooning position and went to sl**p. She didn't even wipe the cum off of her.

Later that morning my Dad was looking for me to get me up for school. He found me and my mom sl**ping covered in cum together naked on the couch.

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3 years ago
excellent so hot & sexy
3 years ago
And how long were you in the hospital after that?
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
good story will there be a part 2?
3 years ago
Good job