Mistress Rules: 1st time in pantys

True Story. (This is my first so please take that into consideration lol)

I was home from college, and my girlfriend at the time was the domminant type. She would set me tasks to do, such as taking pictures of myself in a public place and sending it to her. It had been three weeks since being home, and I was desperate for some fun. So I asked my mistress what I could do for her. She replied that I should go into a nearby relatives room, search for lingerie/toys/porn, and ring her when I had found it.

I waited until the coast was clear, she had gone out, and entered the room. On the floor were pieces of underwear, thongs, boxers, leggings. I rifled through the cupboards quickly, searching high and low for any signs of sluttiness. Then under the bed I found the bag.

The bag was a leather hold-all. In it was an array of sexual aids- a black basque, stockings, a pvc bra and thong set, heels, dildos of varying size from 8" to 10" and different thicknesses. There was lubricant, handcuffs and erotic playing cards, mainly of black men with huge cocks. They were sticky too.

I quickly phoned up my mistress. She instantly said, strip off, put on the stockings, the pvc bra and thong set and send a picture of yourself to me. I quickly hung up, took my clothes off, pulled on the stockings carefully, slid up the thong and fastened the bra. Now by this point I had a throbbing boner. I am about 8" and found it difficult to stay in the thong. Also the end of my cock was seeping with precum. Added to that, the fact I was sweating incase there was a shock return of the owner of these aids.

I took the picture and waited for the call. I answered, she said well done boy, now lick each dildo up and down one by one. I did as i was told holding the phone to my ear. Then she ordered me to take the veiny 10" black monster and throat it. She had done this in person to me before but this was a new rush, as i gagged down the phone.

My cock was about to explode at this pointwhen thankfully she said to start wanking my dick. She ordered me 2 send her a picture of sum dirty underwear and demanded i lick the stained gusset. Her final demand was that I bend over andsuck the head of my own cock and taste my precum. This was customary now after we realised that with enough stretching i could tald the head of my cock in my mouth and suck. I did this with ease as she listened. She told me to put my cock away and get changed putting everything back where it belonged. I did this perfectly and returned to my room. Desperate to cum, I stroked my cock to the point of orgasm but refraining at the last moment until I gained permission.

Then the text came, remove the pvc thong, and spunk all over it, careful to catch every drop on it. I raced in knowing it would only be a matter of minutes before the owner returned. I pulled it out and immediately spunked over and over again, 8 large spurts in total, enough to plaster a face, and throbbed in ecstacy. My last command was to photograph the evidence, send it to mistress and then clean it up.

I performed all of this and returned to my room, sweaty and exhausted. The relative entered her room 5 minutes later, so not so much of a close call, and with no idea of what had happened. But all this left me with the knowledge that they were very kinky indeed and I knew how to find them from then on.
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