Remmie and Rambo

Mr Hardy had just came home from work and meet his wife Remmie in the kitchen cooking.He said good afternoon to her and they kissed.Rimmie told her husband Dick tht whole day she was a bit horny,which was so strange.Dick laugh out loud and said like you was feeling for me hmmm,well I am going to take a shower come and join me.Rimmie smile and said just give me a few minutes the stew is almost done then I will come,before Dick left the kitchen he reach in to his wife underwear ,saying to her let me see if it is wet.

He start rubbing on her clitoris then he put 9ne finger in her pussy as he did that he notice horny horny his wife was getting so he added two more fingers pushing them all the way in,Rimmie started to moan holding on to her husband tight and kissing him on his neck.Dick was getting so horny now that he push his thumb into her ass which made her more crazy and horny now.As she was about to pull out Dick'd dick he said not here when you done come and meet me upstairs.

Now Remmie was hottt and horny all she wanted was to get fuck,as she waited for the pot to finish she started to play with herself,she took off her underwear dropping it to the floor same time Rambo came in the kitchen and pass by the underwear and he smell it,Rimmie didn't notice that Rambo was watching her play with her pussy and he was smelling it and getting horny too.Rambo walked up to Remmie and took a sniff as to make sure it was that he was smelling.

He push his nose between his master wife legs but Remmie was so so hottt and too horny,so she allowed Rambo to lick her.As Rambo lick her she started to groan from the sweet feeling she was getting from his large tongue she open up her legs wide to accommodate his big head.Rambo was working his tongue well and Remmie was enjoying it so much that she forgot the pot on the stove.Rambo was licking her deep push his big tongue deep deep inside her,she started to rub his head she her husband call out Remmie Remmie are you coming up now,she jump pushing Rambo her new found lover away,pull down her skirt,pick up her underwear and turn off the stove .

I am coming Dick as she watch Rambo big cock which was outside now.As she walk up the stair she asked herself"what the hell was I thinking to let Dick dog lick my pussy,oh fuck it felt so fucking good"then she Remmie and she replied yess I am here all wet and ready for you Dick as she took off her clothes.They both shower together having a little oral sex then Dick fucked her in her ass and pussy.They soap up and rinse them self.Dick yes Rimmie can you suck my pussy again of course honey,lets dry off and go to the bedroom.As Remmie and Dick was about to go to their they notice Rambo in the hall way,as they pass him he growled at them.

Remmie watch him in his eyes and thought about what had just happen down in the kitchen and she felt something run through her body ,she wanted Rambo badly to feel his tongue licking her,going deep into her sending shivers up her spine,which made her pussy started to pulsate so hard that when she reach in the room and when on the bed as Dick was about to lick and suck her he saw her pussy jumping.He laugh out and said to her,wow you really horny today honey want my big dick and tongue bad.Remmie just said yess darling so treat it good for me.All the time she was thinking about Rambo.

Dick suck,lick ,rub,finger and fuck Remmie pussy good and hard,while all that Remmie could think about is that she have to get Rambo to lick her again.After Dick had finish doing his thing with Remmie he got a call from work,his boss needed him right away,he kiss Remmie and said sorry honey I got to go now so he shower and got dressed.Remmie smile as Dick went into the shower because she was going to get her chance with Rambo and no one will be there to stop her from getting what she want so badly now,she open her room door to see if Rambo was outside the door and she was right he was there he listen to her while Dick had his way with her.

Remmie smile at Rambo and he barked at her soft and gentle.Dick got dresses and left the house.Remmie followed her husband downstairs while Rambo followed her,she locked all the doors and windows so no one will be able to see,hear or come in to the house while she was with her dog lover.When she was finish locking up,upstairs she and Rambo went straight to her room,she took off her robe and laid on her bed opening her legs wide enough for Rambo's big head to fit as he lick her pussy well,Remmie was on cloud nine enjoying every minute of it,she was moaning ,groaning and whining from the sweet pleasure she was receiving from Rambo.

Feeling she never got from her husband,she rub his head as he had his way with her pussy.Remmie started to moan louder louder now as she was close to cumming from the sensation Rambo tongue was giving her.He licked and licked then like flash of light Remmie bawl out Rambo Rambo and then she cum all over his face,Rambo licked her clean.Remmie was tired now so she roll on her belly to rest leaving her legs hanging off the bed.Now her ass was up in the air which gave Rambo free access to her pussy hole if he was going to mount her.

But Remmie never thought about that,all she wanted was to get licked by Rammbo and she got it,but Rambo was now hot ,horny and ready to bred his new found bitch.Rambo was a big dog and when he was on all fours he was higher than the bed,making it very easy for him to mount Remmie in the position she was in.She was so tired that she just laid there letting him lick her,he f***e her legs little wider but Rimmie did mind so she even open it much more for him which he like very much.With one leap Rambo was up on the bed,over her and penetrating her pussy with a powerful f***e too.

Before she could move Rambo was inside her pumping away and enjoying his new bitch pussy,Remmie bawl as he pump away because it was painful his cock was big and getting bigger as he pump her pussy.After a while all the pain over come by pleasure and sweetness.Remmie was feel so good that she started to whine back on Rambo making his cock go deeper in her till he was tie to her his knot was inside and getting bigger till it was no way that he could come out of her now.Rambo shot all his hot sperm into me pussy while pumping away then he stopped all movement.

Remmie try to move only to realize that she was unable to get loose of Rambo ,his cock and knot had grown so big that he was unable to get loose.Remmie was worried now studying if her husband came home and meet her like this what would he do.Same time the phone rang ,hello who is it? Remmie asked.It's me Dick honey I will be a bit later hoped I would of finish sooner but it is taking much more time to finish the job ok,that alright darling ?I will be in bed waiting on you ok and hang up the phone.Oh oooh Rambo thing are just working out for us,I love how you made me feel,from now on we will enjoy each other body ok Rambo my dog lover and I will be your bitch.

After 10 minutes Rambo knot had gotten small enough to slip out of Remmie pussy and out came all of her lover doggy sperm too messing and wetting her bed.She now had to clean it up before her husband got home,as she clean the bed Rambo clean her pussy making her smile.When she was done off to the shower to clean up herself of all trace of Rambo.As the water flow over her body all she could think about was how she was cheating on her husband with his dog which she love so much now and glad that she drop her underwear in the kitchen and had her legs open otherwise she wouldn't off know how good it felt to get an oral sex and to get fucked by a dog.

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2 years ago
I enjoyed it
2 years ago
far too confusing and poorly written to be any good